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I Curse Because Everyone Does

I am a Christian, but I don't always show it. Sometimes I swear, but it's because everybody else does it and I feel stupid if I don't. I tell God I will try to stop, but then I do it again. Does God still love me?

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 ---amanda on 10/4/06
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Some people feel cussing makes them feel grown-up(kids,teens etc...) when they do it. Cussing also makes some people feel powerful when they do it. Actually they feel weak and powerless so this is why they begin to cuss.It gives them the strength and courage to stand up to the person they may be cussing at or just to blend in with others.It is a poor choice when we choose to cuss. Especially for Christians.
---Robyn on 1/16/08

Amanda::Just a reflection, I take it you are with the "IN CROWD" If they leap over a cliff into FIRE would you Follow.? Swearing stems from a, limited Vocabulary.Its a practice of the very young,immature and becomes a Habit.Habit is addiction caused by repetitive use of your own making.Antidote Say "NO" make up your mind Jesus will help you .I had the same addiction in my teen years but got rid of it,so can you.Blessings with the Help of Him who teaches us perfection.
---Emcee on 1/16/08

Yes God still loves you brother. he always will. Read 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. We humans tend to sometimes do as those who are around us do. Paul said that he did as those around him did, but he never gave up his walk with Christ. The enemy knows what buttons to push and will push them every opportunity he gets. You're doing exactly what you should be by praying. Sounds like you know what to do. God will release you from it if you will. Just be careful and keep on praying. God Bless D.
---Dennis on 1/16/08

God loves you. He did before the foundation of the earth and still does. Be careful who you hang out with and what you feed your soul.It ll need discippline on your part.
---pkay on 1/16/08

try not to do what every one else if doing be yourself....
---irene7395 on 5/28/07

I was in the army reserves for seven years and I learned every curse and swear word there is, but I chose not to use them and was respected as a Christian. At times, others even cleaned up their language around me because they knew that I did not value worldly foolishness - I did not ask them to change and never gave them a hard time, just witnessed by example.

If you are going to be a sheep, you need to chose your shepherd wisely.
---lorra8574 on 5/24/07

Amanda::Bad habits die hard. I do believe 99.9% used profane language at one time or another.Its when you recognise the defect & willingly want to do something about it you extend your Vocabulary to words more to your liking & EDIFICATION.learn those adjectives instead of the base repetitive ones that are the norm,show that you are moving up& out God bless you in your endeavour.Bad words are dumb & filthy & you will one day be satisified with yourself Like I am.
---Emcee on 5/24/07

Bad company corrupts good character. God still loves you!! You will have to account for the words you speak though. Get other Christian friends. Bless you.
---jody on 5/24/07

Sweetie, being a Christian is not easy. God loves you. He blesses you when you are obedient. He has convinced you that this is wrong. So, pray that He will help you to stop He can bless you. Recognize that satan is trying to give you a false sense of guilt and shame too. he is trying to make you feel uncomfortable about being good. Eternity is a lot more important than fitting in. God has plans for you that are better than the BEST ones you have for yourself.
---Amy9384 on 5/24/07

God loves us no matter what. He does not like the sins that we do, but he still loves the sinner. This is why we have to continously pray to God and ask him to bridle our tongues and to forgive us for our sins. There is an old hymna that says Lord Keep Me Everyday, and it says to keep my tongue to speak thy praise. Would you Deny Christ if others Did? we have to give an account of our own sins.
---jamea on 10/17/06

"If" you feel stupid because you don't curse when everyone else around you does, remember that ANY idiot can use profanity, but a really intelligent person can use proper speech even when no one else is/does. I say this bluntly because I too have a problem with stopping my cursing. I started cursing when I was a rebel against God, and got so regular with it that I have trouble controlling it. I NEVER curse now because everyone else does, but, I still do it occasionally.
---tommy3007 on 10/10/06

God still loves you, and he always will no matter what you do or say. He is just wondering are you serving him or the world? You can't have it both ways. Do you love God enough to stop swearing, and chose new friends? If not, then the problem lies within you. One can't straddle the fence and expect God to bless them. You need to choose God or the world.
---Rebecca_D on 10/9/06

The Father will always love you.

You don't "tell" God anything, you confess what you know to be error by the truth He gives you to embrace, embrace that truth & it will set you free. Ask His forgiveness for what He has obviously convicted you of, then forgive yourself.

In the words of Forrest Gump "Stupid is as stupid does"
Adherence to the voice of the Father within will make you aware of where the stupidity truly lies. Feelings are fleeting, character endures.
---joseph on 10/6/06

amanda, let the Holy Spirit convict you of this sin because it is not holy and acceptable in the sight of God. Would you swear if Jesus were standing in front of you? I don't think so. Do a study on the word mouth and let the Spirit of the word change you. Look up all of the scriptures that talk about our mouth, our lips, our words, speech, etc., and write them down, meditate on them every day and let the Holy Spirit use those scriptures to purify you.
---Donna9759 on 10/5/06

If you are right on the inside, it will show on the out side.

But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.
---Rev_Herb on 10/5/06

Yes, God still loves you, but maybe it is time you find friends who will help you grow closer to Jesus. Let your friends know know you are a Christian, just tell them. Are you involved in a youth group?
---bethie on 10/5/06

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That is the most pathetic excuse I have heard for cursing, everybody does it!
If your a Christian, you have no choice but not to follow the common hurd, try setting a lead for others to follow.
Yes, if I`m angry I say things I hate, but I don't use them in common language.
---mike8384 on 10/5/06

Moderator has a great suggestion. I've heard of peer pressure but this is a pretty silly Case.
---mima on 10/5/06

An old preacher once remarked that the next to the last thing to get saved was the wallet.

The last thing was the mouth.

The Letter of James talks about this very problem.
---Jack on 10/5/06

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