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Why Do We Need Faith

In Mark 11:22 Jesus said, " Have the faith of God ". For whom or what are you using your faith? What are you expecting in your life now?

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 ---Rickey on 10/6/06
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Interesting Pharisee. The other night I spilled boiling hot soup on my fingers. Immediately I was like "why God, I am Your child and this shouldn't happen to me". Ran my hand immediately under cold water and guess what -- no sign anything had been there!
---Helen_5378 on 6/11/07

I had a thought, Pharisee. Set aside cause and effect and accept the fact that we do gets bumps and bruises (usually self-inflicted) and what do you have? A Father who LOVES to comfort us so that we can comfort others with that same comfort :)
---Linda on 6/10/07

I bought a large coffee and was running late for work, the dew was fresh, no one around, and I took a corner harder than I ought.

The cup seemed to leap out of the cup holder, and I got angry and I said "why God" as I beat on my steering wheel. coffee EVERYWHERE and no time to clean it up...OUCH. Add two hours of sleep and now no coffee, and you feel my pain.
Some call it cause and effect, but my God can make that cup stay if he wants. Knowing God is involved in every detail is faith.
---Pharisee on 6/10/07

Without faith we can nothing. We need faith. We have faith in our car's that they will start, faith in our jobs that we won't get fired. But when it comes down to having faith in God when trouble comes, faith suddenly disappears. Why can't we have the same faith or more faith in God as we do in our material things. I am preaching to myself as well.
---Rebecca_D on 10/9/06

That was exactly my point Toby, God allows the bad things that happen and here for my striving and poor attitude I suffered.

I've seen it enough times to know that God can and does protect us even from natural law when we suffer for the right reasons.
---Pharisee on 10/8/06

Pharisee,Hi. It seem like you were in haste, not concentrating on the job in hand,poss breakiing the law by speeding,as you were late.Then your 1st reaction was to get angry,
and question Yahushua for your mistake.Was it his fault you were tired, late and grumpy?It appears you set a cause and effect into motian and wore the outcome.If it wasnt that maybe just time and chance.Go well with the next cup and remember the lesson, thats what its all about.
---Toby on 10/8/06

First it is not my faith, but His. He has given me a portion of that faith for my salvation & His glory, His manifest presence in the life that He offers & makes available to me. I exercise His faith to receive all that heaven offers for my acceptance. My expectation & persuasion is in that which the Father has promised, He will also perform.
---joseph on 10/8/06

So, When the MOUNTAINS come in YOUR LIFE, and YOU just Can't LOOK Past it in the Natural it is in the SPIRITUAL REALM YOU know that GOD, Already made a Way of ESCAPE. You have to BELIEVE Nay in all THINGS FAITH will MOVE any OBSTACLE before you like DEATH, ABUSE, HOPELESSNESS, BETRAYL etc. IN the END have FAITH in GOD!!!
---renat3893 on 10/7/06

Pharisee -- God COULD have kept the cup in the cup holder, but why spoil all the fun?

Seriously, I've never felt that God's role is to protect his children from every bump and bruise. God knows every detail of my life; but I sure don't know every detail of His plan for ME. He's not obligated to give me what I want. But He showers me with blessings I never asked for! I'm persuaded of His love for me. He wants the best for matter how it looks from here. My job is to listen to HIM and learn.
---Donna2277 on 10/7/06

Without faith it is impossible to please God,Hebrews 11:6. Faith is the thread that holds my entire life together and experiencing the outcome of faith gives me hope. Faith is the substance of the things I pray for,it gives them life. Faith is the foundation of my Christian walk and coupled with love of God it is my stay. Faith is Christ expressed and God obeyed.
---Darlene_1 on 10/7/06

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