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Care For Widows And Orphans

I want to know where it says in the BIBLE that the church and the elders of the church are to take care of the widows and fatherless children.

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 ---Dianne on 10/8/06
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Yes I have been helping an orphan now for 17yrs she is also handicapped with bi-polar and cant become a us citizen, now I am disabled and lost my job and need help for my orphan that ive been taking care of all these years she is precious to me and needs someone whome truly is a believer to step up to the plate and help this situation till I can get back on my feet. mighty warriors of God are u out there,giving this sacrificial help to this person is the greatest gift and sacrifice you may ever make that truly moves the heart of God in your lifetime. please help! angels and soldiers of Christ!
---john_carey on 3/9/14

The widows and the fatherless are your weak and helpless people in this world who does not have anything, foreigners, too. [Syria]. When a nation and its leaders take care of such people, God promises a blessing [Jerm.7:5-7]. The person or nation that does not is cursed [Jer.22:3-5]. The church also has such responsiblies in this [Acts 6:1, Job 31:16, Psa. 94:6]. We as a nation should help others in need. God expects this because He has blessed this nation more than any other.
---pat on 10/18/12

Would God be mad at us if we gave/helped a widow or orphan rather than a preacher who claims limited resources, but asks you give to support his salary and building project? Jesus named the scribes "who devour widow's houses," and the people who had surplus but gave to the Temple instead of the poor widow. Why was she in poverty? God's interest is not our buildings but PEOPLE! Jesus showed that Temples are not important but lives created in His image/likeness. The two mite widow probably went home and died from starvation because they didn't see the value God made in a widow versus the Temple. The Bible says deacons are to serve but when we see a need not being met, do it in LOVE--"Against such there is no law."
---Scott on 10/18/12

'Spirit. are they yours.' Scrooge could say no more.

'They are Man's,' said the Spirit, looking down upon them.
This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both,
and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy,
for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the
writing be erased. Deny it.' cried the Spirit, stretching out
its hand towards the city. 'Slander those who tell it ye.
Admit it for your factious purposes, and make it worse.
And abide the end.'

'Have they no refuge or resource.' cried Scrooge.

'Are there no prisons.' said the Spirit, turning on him
for the last time with his own words. 'Are there no workhouses.'"
---NurseRobert on 12/18/11

being a orphan is a big problem but God cares for them.
thanks and keep on playing for the orphan and give a hand of assistance.
---jared_ogechi_orandi on 12/17/11

James 1:27 is where it references this. It's also in 1 Timothy, but you can type in

"care for the widows & orphans"

like I did & get references.
---Robin on 8/2/11

This is an challenge for the men who are in the body of Christ.

We need to become active in helping the widows and the orphans in our community. James 1:27 says this is "pure religion before God" to help them.

Each of us knows single women, single mothers, elderly, within our church and neighborhood who need our assistance around the house, around the yard, fixing things, encouraging, listening, etc, etc, etc. All we need to do is offer.

We need to put down the TV remote, stop watching so many sporting events, and get busy. You don't need to be organized. If you find men willing to help, then go before your church and offer your services to the congregation. Just get started. Your service is needed.
---Mark_Eaton on 7/27/10

I introduced a Christian lady to jail house ministry. She was completely taken aback with the response she received from the ladies in prison. She was very excited and asked me very seriously why the churches were not engaging in prison ministries? My reply to her was that "they don't pass collection plates in prison" !!!
---mima on 7/26/10

My husband was a mainline church minister. He died and pension stopped. I try to live on social security. I asked the church for financial assistance and they refused...saying they had no money. The regional committee on ministry also refused stating they had no money. I can barely make ends meet on social security.
---nellie on 7/26/10

yes, I agree as some interprets as literal meaning. Materially, we need those while our physical body exist. I do agree charity work, and helping others too. But more often, the bible is spiritual book so more on spiritual meaning.

If we give someone to eat (bread), of course that person tomorrow he/she will be hungry again. But if the Lord gives him WATER or BREAD his soul will live.
---ROSALIE on 12/10/09

The Bible says we are to only help the widows who don't have family to help them, 1 Timothy 5:16 If any man or woman that believeth have widows,let them relieve them,and let not the church be charged,that it may relieve them that are widows indeed. 1 Timothy 5:3,4 honour widows that are widows indeed. But if any widow have children or nephews,let them learn first to show piety at home,and to requite their parents,for that is good and acceptable before God. Not all widows qualify for help. Sometime people throw rocks at the church when they have no reason to. Some people just expect too much. As for Orphans our denomination has an orphans home and before school each year our ladies group raises money to send to buy clothes and school supplies.
---Darlene_1 on 12/7/09

ROSALIE: "When the bible speaks of the Widows, fatherless, poor, orphans, Prisons...More on spiritual meaning."

Yes, but there is also physical needs. What did scripture say about someone in need and you only blessed them and sent them on their way. Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," "encourag," and "comfort." Living a christian life is a 24/7 lifestyle - not a once a week pep talk dished out by denominational "churches." What we DO to help others gives glory to God for faith without works is dead faith.
---Steveng on 12/7/09

When the bible speaks of the Widows, fatherless, poor, orphans, Prisons...More on spiritual meaning. The Fatherless, Orphans UNSAVE need Jesus as their father, The Widows means unsave, needs Jesus as "Christians married to Christ", Poor means unsave "needs Jesus as FRIEND, Prisoners were unsave under chain of SATAN, needs JESUS to set them free, Nakedness represents sin, Water represents Gospel...
Matthew 25:36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.
---ROSALIE on 12/7/09

Hello All,this blog is similar to the blog i started ("should the church...)i beleive we as a body should be supporting those within the "family of God"who need support financialy.
sadly a high percentage feel differently,and i beleive by ignoring this scriptural truth the body must be missing blessings,disobedience is "sin".
If the body is able to support "such as these"through tithes, but sends them to the world for support,it seems ""to me" at least a form of theft.
---beany on 12/7/09

According to the old testament, child without a father, regardless of age, was considered an orphan.

I have also heard the interpretation that any woman whose husband had abandoned her and their children was considered a widow,and a true widow whose husband had died was considered a 'widow indeed.'

It was make perfect sense from a practical and biblical standpoint that a wife whose husband had abandoned her and their children offering no support, would be considered a widow. Actually, a woman in this situation
in these times would be worse off financially in the U.S. (No insurance, no death benefits, the stigma of abandonment.)

---Ruth on 12/5/09

You certainly weren't asking for much, and you had done a lot of the "heavy lifting" (buying the house, the paint, etc.) yourself. My question is, If you are a Christian yourself, do you serve in the church where you're a member? It's an excellent way to get to know people and it has the side benefit of helping you to 'get the word out' when you have a need. If you feel that your needs were being ignored, I'd suggest going to the leadership in your church and asking if they could help. Sometimes we DO have to go to the top in order to get things done, even if that isn't the way God intended for it to work. I'd give it another try, and will be praying that you get results this time. Sometimes persistence pays off!
---Greg on 6/29/09

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My child and I would qaulify under the "widows and orphans" catagory. We get ignored and ostracized, rejected, etc, a LOT.

For instance: I could really use some practical help in painting the inside of an old, old house I bought (yay,we wont be homeless, ever again) I even bought the paint supplies, the paint, etc. I CAN'T FIND ANYONE TO HELP ME PAINT..some were supposed to come on Sunday and help paint, they were no shows.

I was not asking for money. I have a LOT of health issues....I am under alot of stress due to that and the bad neighborhood I currently live in which I need to move ASAP. but the painting needs to get done...

I am sitting here asking myself "where are the Christians at"???
---Hanna on 5/12/09

If you are reading this, you are rich: If you either own a computer or even just have access to a computer and the internet, you are rich. Knowing the English language is wealth too. Every church has something to offer widows and orphans--even if they have nothing material. At the very least, a church that is dirt poor can offer prayers and manpower in meeting the needs of its community. What would Jesus do? He would share what He had, which is what He surely expects us to do.
---Francesca_Williams on 10/26/08

Even the OT. had provision for the care of fatherless, widows, and needy people. Deut. 14.
---john on 3/17/08

(James 1:27)"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world".
---Mrs._Morgan on 5/26/07

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Ramon has already pointed to James 1:27.
I would like to remember Ps 82:3
Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy
Ps 68:5 A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.
God Does not need us to express His love and care to them, He has chosen to let us do it for Him. It is not a choice, it is a responsibility.
Praise God that someone took that seriously when I was a fartherless boy.
---Edmond on 1/10/07

I think 1 Timothy 5 may be helpful for you.
---Paul on 1/10/07

We are to respond to the needs of widows and orphans. To whom much is given, much is required. The lowest form of charity is to take away the dignity of the receiver. When we give, we are to do so in secret. Money is another instrument to bless others. 2 Cor 13:5 "Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Prove yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you? ---unless indeed you are disqualified."
---Rachel on 10/12/06

What about the poor woman who gave her last bit of money to God? Giving is about the heart, and when one gives to the Lord, he makes sure their needs are provided. I have a problem with hoarding my money, not for luxuries, but because I have an ungodly fear of not being able to pay our bills or get the things we need. My husband is a giver. He doesn't fret over such things, and I'll tell you. In all his giving, we have never gone without.
---Kate on 10/12/06

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Oke ... It was you who first quoted Matthew 25.
You introduced the word IF. Did Jesus say "IF"?
You know He did not.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/12/06

Alan, are you saying that a church is ungodly if they do not have the resources to take care of the less privileged. Or don't you know that there are small, local poor or persecuted churches and Christian gatherings in some areas that cannot do such?
---Okebaram on 10/11/06

Okebaram ... Where in that passage is the word "IF"?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/11/06

The church is called to love, and that means that IF they have the resources, they should take care of the less privileged, the poor, the sick, hungary widows, orphans, etc. See Matt 25:31-46
---Okebaram on 10/10/06

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Yes, Christians are to do this in both the NT and OT.
---Mikey on 10/10/06

Dianne. Please read James 1:27. James gives two principles that define the content of true and pure Christianity. In NT times, orphans and widows and widows had few ways to support themselves; they often had no guardian or helper. Believers were expected to show them the same care and love that God exercises toward the fatherless and widows (Deut 10:18; Ps 14:9; Mat 6:32).

Today among our brothers and sisters in Christ are those who need loving care.
---Ramon on 10/9/06

#2. We should seek to alleviate their distress and thereby show them that God cares for them (Luke 7:13 etc). Both the Church and the believers are to take care of the widows, fatherless children, the poor, etc. Jesus said "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven".

Thus those who dont care of poor are not doing the will of the Father. Those who do shall enter the kingdom of heaven.
---Ramon on 10/9/06

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