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Main Priority Of A Church

I realize the church has several responsibilities, but which one of the following should be the greatest priority?

A. Evangelize and win the lost
B. Nurture, teach the church family
C Outreach to others; basic necessities food, shelter, etc
D. Other

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 ---Sandra on 10/9/06
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I would simply argue that people are God's greatest priority and therefor people are the church's greatest responsibility. A good parent raises a well balanced and healthy child. Is it education, social skills, responsibility, nutrition or maturity that is the parent's main responsibility?

I say it's all of the above or D other!
---Caughtthinking on 7/23/08

I love these!===== Ofcourse, we do not want to see anyone die and go to hell. However, it is out of our hands. I believe that I must go with D. I believe the main duty of the church is to help the ones who are already saved to do something to help this world. Far too many Christians that are already bought by God's Blood, are doing absolutely nothing. And these people believes that they are going to go to heaven anyways. Don't count the family farm on it.>>Is all I can say. The world is in one BIG MESS. If something does not change---------
---catherine on 7/6/08

I think that B would be my answer. It is to build up the body and teach us how to reach out to the lost and witness and bring souls into the kingdom.
---Madison1101 on 7/3/08

The church at large has lost its purpose. The great commission goes unfulfilled. Evangelizing and winning the lost should outdistance all other church activities. Yesterday I heard a wonderful sermon about this that I feel certain fell on steel ears.
---mima on 8/9/07

You know where is Praise and Worship and bring sacrfice to Christ? I believe all of these are individual responsibilities not church responsibilities. When Moses, Solomon, and Abraham built their temples, they were designed for worship because they housed God's glory. Modern ministries in Western Culture teach come to church and get, I sincerely think that it should be more giving.
---Vee on 10/15/06

Robert you are wrong here, which is unusual from my observation.
Read 1 Cor 12;28, Eph 4:11-12.
So you see that many aspects are necessary to both reach the lost AND build up the saints. If the church only cared about the lost, then there would be no need for a church or for us not to forsake the gathering of our local Christian assembly.
---Okebaram on 10/15/06

Jack, said it best. It's like the members of a body, they are all important and have their equally "important function."
---Dottie on 10/11/06

Which leg of a chair has the greatest priority?
---Jack on 10/10/06

A. Witness (evanglize) and reach the lost. this should be our main priority. If not then something is wrong somewhere. then B, because if not taught we couldn't do C or D.
---Rebecca_D on 10/10/06

Robert. You say the ONLY priority of a church is to preach repentance? Surely you must believe the rest of the great commission that we are to teach people to obey God. And don't you think we should be baptizing people? What about giving themselves to fasting and prayer and taking care of the needy? Were they being disibedient doing those things? Heb 6 even tells us to leave those elementary teachings behind and go on to perfection.
---john on 10/10/06

Robert , God Bless you my Brother in Christ, there are just a Few (as usual)on this blog that really believe in serving the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. You would be an excellent catch BTW in regard to those saved women out there who are seeking a godly mate.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/10/06

The ONLY priority of the Church is to preach repentance to the people of God IN TRUTH.

Lies will never allow anyone to pass the Judge and gain access to the Father's eternal kingdom.

If ye are not one, ye are NOT mine" and thus, saith the Lord.

This disunited forum is in need of repentance on many issues.

TRUTH: Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of the living God, and the Holy Ghost witnessed this to me.

---Robert on 10/10/06

The greatest priority of the church should be to act as a hospital for the spiritually wounded, whether spiritually dead, depraved, unknowledgable of who they are in Christ, etc., and once the Body of Christ gets the healing they need, then the church can evangelize the neighborhood, the area around them, etc., How can we win the lost when the Christians are suffering so much they can't reach out to the lost?
---Donna9759 on 10/10/06

Many in the Church, go out to find lost souls ... but there still are some right in the Church who do not know who they are yet. And The canral Christians are left to themselves - avoided - because they don't get it yet. They are rejected because they are carnal. No one has stayed to walk with them and encouraged them till they understand. They are pushed aside - to go find some more lost soul!!!
---Linda3939 on 10/10/06

All of the above are true and good! But, it is not just finding the lost and telling them about Jesus. As the body of Christ, the Church is also responceable to each other to encourage each other to find out who they are in Christ and yeild to Jesus. ENCOURAGE-COMFORT each other as we make the tranformation. The Church body supplys that which is needed "to each other" Also a big part.
---Linda3939 on 10/10/06

If believers aren't adequately equipped (Eph. 4:12), how can they evangelize or disciple effectively?

The church Ive attended for 20 years is moving toward the seeker church philosophy. The purpose is a very good one, but Im really struggling with it. One by one, our spiritual leaders and teachers are leaving. With the absence of teachers, it feels like some of our vital organs have failed.

It seems to me that a church cannot do anything effectively unless the body is healthy.
---Sandra on 10/9/06

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greetings,the greatest priority is that responsible men and women should teach their family is to have a personal relationship with their Father.many find God above looking down upon but it is not heard much that God is a true Father who ,although is unseen to the eye is very much felt in the heart,who lives in them,piloting their ship,hearing every thought and loving the day when his child will mature into a true son or teach that the wisper in the mind is not the wind upon the housetop
---earl on 10/9/06

The area of the church would determine which of those 3 would be most important. We could go into a new area and A would be more important than B. Maybe a rich area wouldn't have any C people. D should be "Make disciples". A church should be involved in all 4 or it would be disobedient to the great commission.
---john on 10/9/06

To accept and love each other as Christ accepts and loves us.
---Ryan on 10/9/06

Acts 6:4 But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.
---Pharisee on 10/9/06

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I have always said, one need should never be neglected for another. All these needs must be met simulatneously according to the capability of the church provided by the Lord. A & B are impeccably necessary for a church to perform in order to be Christ's bride and meaningful. C becomes vital as well as soon as the church starts having the resources. However, I believe A & B to be more important, but not an alternative, for C.
---Okebaram on 10/9/06

Part 2 of 2

We need to have more Adult Church School programs using the Curriculum's that your denomination has developed. A lot of time, effort and resources was expended in their development. Train your church school instructors so that they know how to use the support material in the packets and insure that you have audio visual support equipment available and people trained in using them on you church school staff.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/9/06

Part 1 of 2

The purpose of the church is to make Gods message relivant to today population; that has every thing to do with packaging and presentation skills. Pasters and teachers who can't do that are missing the>
The second area is growing Christians in maturity from milk to the meat of the gospile. This is where Adult Church School programming come into play.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/9/06

The greatest priority of any church should always be to evangelise and win lost souls into the Kingdom of God. If a church is not doing this, then it is not church, but something else. The purpose of being saved is that we may tell the whole world that Jesus died for their sins on the Cross.
---Helen_5378 on 10/9/06

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