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Daughter's Halloween Costume

I think Halloween is just fine. I am going to dress my daughter up as a little goblet. Why do Christians get upset about this holiday?

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 ---Susan on 10/11/06
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**I am going to dress my daughter up as a little goblet.**

Why are you dressing up your daughter as a drinking vessel?

Oh, well. At least it's original.
---Jack on 12/24/07

Jesus DID keep the law of Moses perfectly. He DID NOT violate the Sabbath. This is a misconception among even Christians because it appeared to the religious people of the time that He did. However, the Jews had ADDED to the law of Moses many, many restrictions and became very legalistic. Do NOT forget that the Word says the Sabbath was made for man, no man made for the Sabbath.
---Crystal on 11/2/06

Donna, It wasn't I who said that Jesus kept all the feasts. We can't make statements concerning the Lord without having scripture to back it up. I was only stating that one must have scripture to back up statements if we say that Jesus DID something. Indeed the Bible doesn't record Him attending many of the feasts. We know for sure that in type, he hasn't kept the Feast of trumpets. I'm looking forward, as I'm sure you are too to that day. Can we at least agree on that. In Christ, Jason
---jason on 10/29/06

Jason -- I was taking exception to the form of the question you asked both Crystal and me: >> You say Jesus kept all of the Feasts in the Bible. Please give me a scripture refrence for all 7 please.<<
Scripture doesn't record every single feast Jesus attended (or not).

Moreover, from a logic standpoint it's a question IMPOSSIBLE to answer. Let's say you tell me that November always follows October. Perhaps I disagree. So I say to you, "prove it!"
(Please don't become a lawyer!)
---Donna2277 on 10/29/06

Donna and Others, The Feast Of trumpets has yet to be kept in Christ's time of fullfilments. This wil come at Rapture. I didn't know that your blood pressure could get that High! I thought we could pick each others brains and see what each could do for help. Looking forward to your response.
---Jason on 10/28/06

If ANYthing, I think halloween kinda makes fun of the devil.
---sue on 10/28/06

The 7 Feasts:

1. Passover (Exodus 11,12,13)
2. Firstfruits (Lev 23:9-14)
3. Unleavened Bread -7 days after Passover
(Ex 12:15-28)

4. Pentecost (Lev 23:15)
5. Feast of Trumpets - Civil New Year
(Lev 23:23-25)
6.Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement
(Lev 23:26-32)
7. Feast of Tabernacles (or Booths)
(Lev 23:33-44)
---Donna2277 on 10/28/06

Jason -- I think the burden of proof is on YOU to provide evidence that He VARIED from the EXPECTED pattern. You're obviously very anxious to tell us of that 7th feast that Jesus didn't keep. So, OK, TELL US.
---Donna2277 on 10/27/06

Crystal, Jesus did not keep the Law of Moses perfectly. He did many things on the sabbath that were forbidden in Moses' Law. Where is your scripture to back up that he kept the law of moses perfectly?
---jason on 10/27/06

As a Jew, Jesus kept the Law of Moses perfectly. We know this. Even though there is only mention of six, we can rest assured that Jesus kept all seven feasts.
---Crystal on 10/27/06

Crystal, I now ask you the same question. You say Jesus kept all of the Feasts in the Bible. Please give me a scripture refrence for all 7 please. Thank you. This will help me in my studies. I can find but 6 that he kept. Where is the 7th?
---Jason on 10/26/06

Halloween promotes devils, ghosts, witches and dismembered bodies, scaring others by threats and that is why Christians should not participate in its celebration. P
---Pierr5358 on 10/26/06

Donna, I in no way am trying to be gruph. I just wanted you to see how important it is to be able to back up every statement we make. There is no doubt that there are scepticals who read our blogs. It is absolutely neccesary that we are telling historical and Biblical truth. I'm not trying to demean you. I believe you are sincere. Thank you for your honesty. Most people wouldn't admit it. Thank you.
---Jason on 10/26/06

Donna, you are such a sweetheart. It is apparent to me that Jesus lives in your heart. As a Jew, Jesus observed all the feasts and festivals. There is not one instance in the whole of Scripture where He failed to do so. Jews celebrated the Harvest, and we are not going to be caught up in legalism by these folks. Jesus warned the Scribes and Pharisees about observing the law outwardly, while their hearts were far from God. Same thing here...
---Crystal on 10/26/06

Jason, Sorry, for "tone of AUTHORITY"... It was more an expression of impatience,since we left the blog topic. My only interest was to encourage Crystal. As for Jesus celebrating all the feasts,I assumed growing up Jewish, he took part in the feasts..if not,sorry. As for children and Succoth,I had references, once, when I taught it. One book (a children's book, no doubt) said that children liked helping build the booths and sleeping outside. Sounded likely to me...but no big deal.
---Donna2277 on 10/26/06

Yes Jack and properly so.

Jack I have a question that maybe you can shed some light on. Why do you think the translators used the word easter in Acts 12:4 for what obviously refers to the passover? I ask you out of respect for your obviously vast knowledge of such perplexities.

Thanks in advance for your answer sir.
---Josef on 10/26/06

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Donna, sorry I struck a liberal nerve. I thought this was just conversation. But since you've taken a tone of authority, now I will ask you to prove your case. Where is your documentation that the "Harvest" festivals of Christ's days involved children that took an active and usually enthusiastic part? Where is your Biblical proof or even opoinion that Jesus kept every feast recorded? I'm looking forward to your answers.
---jason on 10/25/06

Donna, for the record, I have absolutely nothing against a Harvest Festival involving fun activities for children. I'm not even totally against having it on October 31st thoug I wouldn't advise it. What I am against is trying to fit Jesus and His experiences into situations that have no Biblical basis whatsoever. Sorry but I believe that we should be certain of consistancies before throwing out ideas.
---jason on 10/25/06

Jason, The Feast Jesus has yet to keep depends on your interpretation of prophesy. Unless you are a prophet of God, it is a matter of opinion. I NEVER said that HARVEST FEASTS in JESUS day were like ones today. "Harvest Festivals" of today are yet to be defined. Succoth was a harvest celebration, a time of rejoicing in which children took an active and usually enthusiastic part. I think you just like to argue...over nothing.
---Donna2277 on 10/25/06

I agree of all except you tpyology. The feasts or as you would say festivals of the Bible were nothing like a harvest festival of today. You also haven't mentioned the one feast Christ has yet to keep.
---jason on 10/25/06

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Jason,I,too,have studied the feasts. Succoth occurs in Sept.or Oct, five days after Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).It is a drastic change from one of the most solemn holidays in the year to one of the most JOYOUS. Unlike Yom Kippur. which was a Fast, it was a FEAST (same word derivation as "Festival") Prophetic interpretations have Jesus returning on the Feast of Trumpets,RoshHasana, OR Feast of Tabernacles. Regardless, He DID celebrate Succoth while He was on earth as did all Jews of His day.
---Donna2277 on 10/24/06

Donna, The FEAST of Tabernacles wasn't a Festival it was a RELIGIOUS Feast that was required to be obsereved along with the six others. They didn't have cake walks, and hayrides. Not saying I'm against these things,just that it's a far stretch to try to say that Jesus attended Fall or Harvest festivals. I have studied the feasts along with when and if Jesus kept them. Do you know where the scripture is that prooves that Jesus kept this feast and are you aware of the one feast that He has yet to keep?
---jason on 10/23/06

Ah -ha! That's my point, Donna. I knew it would take someone with a little smarts to pick up on that. Thank you. Exactly! Hence, why we celebrate the harvest...
---Crystal on 10/23/06

Crystal -- Jesus did participate in a harvest festival... long before Halloween was invented . It's called the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles.

The Feast of Tabernacles is a week-long autumn harvest festival memorializing the time Israel spent living in tents in the desert before God led them out to the land of promise. It is also known as the Feast of the Ingathering, Feast of the Booths, or Succoth
I don't say Christians should observe Jewish holidays, but we should know that Jesus did!
---Donna2277 on 10/23/06

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I believe Jesus would participate in a Harvest Festival, just like he participated in many celebrations during His time. He would not hesitate to give thanks to God for His provision.
---Crystal on 10/23/06

Jon -- I think Jesus would use the occasion to win souls back from Satan. (lots of methods He could use). When Satan tempted Him in the wilderness, He didn't just turn His back and IGNORE the temptor, He spoke the Word of God and put Satan in his place.
---Donna2277 on 10/22/06

Christians are upset with the holiday of Halloween because it is not of Jesus Christ, but as a symbol of Satan. Next time you are faced with a tough question, ask yourself this, "What would Jesus do/say/think?" If one truly wants to follow Him, he must be dead to self accept the desire to do His will and whatever He wants. You must be willing go places you don't want to go for His sake and if it means not celebrating a fun holiday, so be it.
---Jon on 10/22/06

Josef--that's why the name for the Feast of Christ's Resurrection is PASCHA in most European langauges and all the Eastern churches.
---Jack on 10/21/06

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Holloween? Everyone has an opinion. I do not go trick or treating with my children, but I do prepare treats for those that come to my house. I put a Bible quote on the treats and a little note that says,"Jesus Loves you." Christmas, my children and I make a cake and decorate our whole house and we have a birthday party.
---mary on 10/21/06

Laure Your question concerning the easter bunny was answered quite nicely by Jason & is fact "The Rabbit IS a symbol of reproduction. The Egg IS a symbol of fertility. The "goddess" whom easter is named for is the goddess of fertility and reproduction". For all concerned, Satan has his counterfeit of every Holy Day, give them nor him any place in your life & mind. What ever you do I word or deed do it all to the glory of God & these subtile deceptive will find no place within you.
---Josef on 10/21/06

Sue --I speak from experience. In Detroit (or any good sized city) you will find that most pediatric injuries seen in the emergency room are due to auto accidents, falls, and whatever would be expected from hyped-up kids running around in the dark. The hospital often will x-ray "treats" free of charge, to detect foreign objects, but few are ever found.
(The main dangers of Halloween are spiritual or psychological...not seen in an ER)
---Donna2277 on 10/20/06

Eloy, THats horrible. I'm going to do just what you suggest. I live near Detroit....I'm going to visit a hospital and see how many kids were harmed for "satanic reasons". Horrible. But the thing is, I'm over 50 and I've never known any child hurt during halloween for satanic purposes, and Detroit is a pretty big city.
---sue on 10/20/06

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Susie - I did not say that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were true! They are purely fictional. However, Santa Claus at the very least does have its roots in reality. Where the Easter Bunny came from is anyone's best guess!
---laure5759 on 10/20/06

On Halloween many are purposely injured and killed, mostly children, for Satanic purposes. Visit any hospital ER on haloween in a large cosmopolitan city, and you'll see the damage. When my sister went trick-or-treat, and brought her bag of goodies home which she gathered from neighboring towns, I found a sharp razor blade in one of her apples. I shuddered to think what would have happened had she bit into it and swallowed it. We called the police, but she couldn't remember which house gave it to her.
---Eloy on 10/20/06

"Thou shalt not bear false witness." Please tell me the part about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny that is not a lie!!!!!
---Susie on 10/19/06

Bruce: I look beyond people struggling with a language. When a person hangs around an ethnic group for a few years, that person still understands the person who is speaking/writing no matter how bad the English. There are some things you understand with the mind, there are other things you understand with the heart.
---Steveng on 10/19/06

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It doesn't matter what it represents to you or me. What is the facts. The Rabbit IS a sybol of reproduction. The Egg IS a symbol of fertility. Th "goddess" whom easter is named for if the "goddess of fertility and reproduction". It has NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ. Not for my kids NO WAY!
---jason on 10/19/06

Goodness, what an argument! Perhaps you should realise that you are discussing a topic, not attacking each other! I can assure you that, as a child who grew up with halloween, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, none of the above have influenced my belief in God. Halloween I do not like to celebrate, and I do not BELIEVE in either of the other two. However, there are important messages in both, which perhaps we should teach our children, instead of cutting them out altogether.
---Laurel on 10/19/06

To me, Santa Claus reminds me of the ancient Bishop who would take gifts to poor children. The giving of gifts is an important reminder of the Gift that God sent us in Jesus Christ, who's birth we celebrate at Christmas time, whether or not he was actually born on that date.
---laurel on 10/19/06

The Easter Bunny who brings the Easter Eggs introduces a symbol - the egg - to remind us of the new life that is ours through Jesus death on the cross. No, I do not worship EITHER Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. They are merely illustrations that have become ingrained traditions in the celebrations of the respective holidays.
---laurel on 10/19/06

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As for Halloween, I dislike all the 'decorations' in the shops at the respective time of the year, and would never dress my kids up in them - when I have children. However, if it was harvest time in South Africa, which it is not around Halloween, I would be only too pleased to celebrate God's goodness and provision at this time. What on EARTH is wrong with providing an alternative to evil? What is God???
---laurel on 10/19/06

Isn't it possible that the person making the mistakes is struggling with English as a second language. They could be extreemly educated and qualified in their native language and still struggle with another. This is a world-wide site after all.
---Bruce5656 on 10/19/06

Not that it matters, in a worldly way, you can tell a person just by the words they use and how they use them, even if they make a ton of spelling and grammer mistakes. Do you agree? Mind you, though, I'm not perfect. Far from it.
---Steveng on 10/18/06

Steveng -- Sounds like you may be about my age (maybe younger). What's a well-educated person like you doing throwing out accusations like "It's very obvious that you don't truly know how the mind works, let alone the mind of a child" toward people of whom you know little or nothing?
---Donna2277 on 10/18/06

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Donna: Not that it's important, but I was California state certified to teach college. Subjects were accounting, business management, English, oral and written communications, and personal development. Also, I've been working with children for over thirty four years. In fact, the children I knew back then have grown and am now tutoring their children. Gosh, did I just reveal my age?

Rebecca: The subject of this blog is Halloween. Christmas and Easter, well, I have a few words against them, too.
---Steveng on 10/17/06

Steven; so it is okay for a person to teach a child about Santa Clause and the Easter bunny but shouldn't teach them or take part in Halloween. That don't make sense. How do you know what a demon looks like Steven? who would dress their child to look like a demon. is a puppy custom a demon? all of the other holidays even christmas is a pagan holiday. What you think is wrong may not be wrong for everyone else.
---Rebecca_D on 10/17/06

Steveng -- what makes you such an expert on the workings of the human mind and children especially? You may disagree, but you don't need to demean everyone else in the process.

We're keenly aware that the world (and the schools and the media) are trying to indocrinate our children. That's WHY we present them with a wholesome, godly alternative!
---Donna2277 on 10/17/06

Ok, kinda off the subject, BUT candy does NOT decay teeth. Plaque left on the teeth causes decay. Children can have candy, they just have to have parents who remind them to brush and floss daily. Of course, a few parents aren't too good about this either, so anyway...
---Crystal on 10/17/06

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It really doesn't matter how we "feel" about Halloween. What matters is what the Bible says about dressing like demons. If you think that Halloween is just a day of fun where kids use their imaginations and get candy, "think" again. It is Paganism at it's roots. I have been to a number of foreign countries and have seen first hand the intertwining of Paganism and Catholocism in this day of Satan. Save your kids, keep them home this year! The candy will only decay their teeth anyway!
---jason on 10/17/06

The candy will decay their teeth but the experience might decay their mind!
---jason on 10/17/06


Thank you for your opinion. It is not mine, and I will raise my children to acknowledge and serve God. He is the God of sowing and reaping. We reap the Harvest and thank Him for it. His bounty is everlasting! Hallelujah!
---Crystal on 10/17/06

Donna, Rebecca, Julie, Crystal...

It's very obvious that you don't truly know how the mind works, let alone the mind of a child - even if you may already have a couple of them. Why do you suppose God commanded the parents to talk to their children morning, noon and night - from the time we wake up, as we travel the roads, and at bedtime? The world is indoctrinating your kids whether you like it or not, when you are aware of it or not.
---Steveng on 10/16/06

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Same goes for bunnies or eggs at our church services. First Easter in the church, we had a couple who wanted to bring all that pagan stuff to the kids. We told them it was not going to happen. We had a wonderful service at church which talked about the resurrection of Jesus Christ...not bunnies and eggs.
---Susie on 10/16/06

God ordered His people to hold and celebrate feasts and festivals. There is nothing wrong with them in and of themselves. Halloween does NOT glorify God. The Harvest definitely does bring glory to God. Thanks, sisters, for your support. Reveling in God's provision and celebrating His Harvest,

---Crystal on 10/16/06

Amen Sista!! kids need to know why they dont celebrate halloween. so we teach them about it and then find good to do.dressing up as a flower and thanking God for them is a good turn around from the garbage halloween promotes. we praise God at our harvest parties and pray over kids who dont know the Lord.the book the pumpkin patch parable is wonderful illutration of being saved. the farmer is God and we are the pumpkins. i recomend it. we also have "not scared" stuffed crows in our games.
---julie3367 on 10/16/06

Because they watch too many freddy Kruger or Jason. I honestly don't see a thing wrong with dressing your kids up. We had a Halloween party and there were parents there that were lost. They came to our church the following Sunday and the wife got saved. Susie I'm a Christian and I take part in this holiday. You take part in Christmas? Jesus wasn't born December 25th. What is the difference in buying gifts and handing them out and buying candy and handing it out? Nothing.
---Rebecca_D on 10/16/06

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Halloween doesn't glorify God. That doesn't mean an "Harvest" party for kids CAN'T.
And kids NEED to understand why they are not to celebrating Halloween--I mean, they hear and see everything about Halloween. What's the worst that can come from an "alternative" party? It might make the devil really mad if you celebrate God and share the Gospel instead? So ignore it or rail against it as you desire, but don't give a hard time to those who want to turn things around for THEIR kids.
---Donna2277 on 10/15/06

Again, Scripture says to do everything for the glory of God. Can you honestly say, deep down within your heart, that Halloween glorifies God? Or does it glorify the dead?

As for other substitute activities during that time, ask any child why they are having the party. Most, if not all, children answer because they "cannot celebrate Halloween." Their thoughts are still Halloween. And it's the child's thoughts Christians parents are suppose to be protecting.
---Steveng on 10/15/06

NO kid's parties during the season because neo-pagans have popularized an autumn celebration of the occult? Apply the same rule in winter and in spring because "Christmas" and "Easter" have pagan origins.

One group forbids "birthday parties" because Herod's ended in the beheading of John the Baptist.

If the host of a party calls it a Harvest Party, to me, it is! Maybe Crystal has read Rom 12:21 "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good."
---Donna2277 on 10/14/06

It is obvious that the person who posted this blog is not a Christian. That's why the question "Why do Christians get upset about this holiday?" This is just one of satan's little demons trying to rile the Saints of God. God is still in control. The best way to handle Halloween is to go on with the day as if it were any other day. No Harvest Festival (Halloween Party in disguise).
---Susie on 10/14/06

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**If she says she doesn't celebrate Halloween, who are YOU to tell her she does! **

Someone who knows the meaning of words and can see through pretense. THAT'S who I am.

If they are not observing Halloween, why is their "Harvest Festival" close to it?

And if November is too cold, why is this "Harvest Festival" so close to November?

If they admitted they were simply having Halloween under a different name--which they are doing--it wouldn't be so bad.
---Jack on 10/13/06

EMG -- In The U.S., we have a Thanksgiving holiday, too. It doesn't come until the 3rd Thurs of November. It is supposedly in remembrance of the first harvest feast of settlers to the U.S. and a time for all to thank God for blessings. Sadly, the weather is usually cold and celebration centers on FOOTBALL. October weather is usually more pleasant.
---Donna2277 on 10/13/06

Because I am in the U.K. perhaps Harvest is celebrated differently from you in the U.S. Here it is a thankgiving to God for providing all that has been harvested and is celebrated on different dates by different churches, but usually in the period of September to October. Harvest times vary across the U.K. because of our weather anyway. It has absolutely no connection with Hallowe'en as far as I know.
---emg on 10/13/06

What a LOT of ROT! We celebrate the Harvest. Let's see. October - Autumn - Fall. Time to bring in the HARVEST - fill up the barns, can foods, make preserves, lay up in store. We thank God at this time of the year for His bounty and the kids will tell you themsleves that we do NOT focus on Satan and his dominion. We take the focus OFF the devil and place it on God, our Provider. You can criticize me all you like, but I'm much more concerned about what God thinks of me.
---Crystal on 10/13/06

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Crystal should know what it is she celebrates! If she says she doesn't celebrate Halloween, who are YOU to tell her she does! If she doesn't glorify the occult, why NOT have a party for children?

Harvest celebrations pre-date Halloween by thousands of years.The Jewish feast of Tabernacles also occurs in the Fall. Will you tell the Jew it's a Halloween celebration.
---Donna2277 on 10/12/06

Besides, Scripture says to do everything for the glory of God. Can you honestly say, deep down within your heart, that Halloween glorifies God?

As for Harvest Parties, it's still associated with Halloween. It's a Halloween substitute, making children believe that they are missing out on something.

And woe unto anyone who teaches children to sin.
---Steveng on 10/12/06

Halloween has and always will be associated with the dead, the macabre, the spooky, the devil and anything else that is haunting. And every year its getting bloodier and more gory. It ignites intrigue with the supernatural. God commanded us to stay away from even the appearance of such things (3 John 1:11, Deut 18:9-12, Phil 4:8, Matt. 18:6). But, unfortunately, no matter how many verses I quote, you will still disobey God. What a pity.
---Steveng on 10/12/06

**We do NOT celebrate Halloween, we celebrate the Harvest season. **

Saying you don't doesn't really mean that you're not.

Why have the "Harvest Festival" so close to Halloween, then? Hmmmmm?????
---Jack on 10/12/06

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What does Belial have in common with Christ? The apostle Paul asked this to the church at Corinth. A Christian has nothing in common with the devil so why celebrate one of the devil's holidays? Since the bible tells us to Be Ye Holy, For I am Holy says the Lord, is celebrating halloween holy? I don't think so. Would you do it if Jesus were in town?
---Donna9759 on 10/12/06

Steven and Jack,

You are both very much entitled to your own opinions, BUT that doesn't mean that those opinions have to be mine. I think it is the wise parent/church who gives children an alternative to the world. God commanded His people to celebrate many feast and festivals in the Old Testament. We do NOT celebrate Halloween, we celebrate the Harvest season. Our focus is on God's provision for His people. We celebrate the Fall season and His abundance. Wrong? I don't think so.
---Crystal on 10/12/06

we first have to remember that harvests festivals existed before this did. also if the satanists decided to have a mock celebration or ritual on december 24th, would we no longer celebrate christmas or have dinner on christmas eve? and as far the yoga. you can practice the physical without adopting the eastern philosophy.what God made good,man capitalizing or adapting to his systems of belief does not make it ungodly.God made it first.
---bill on 10/12/06

Just because other Christians are doing it, it doesn't mean it's right. You may think putting on a costume of Moses will make things good, but I tell you that in the mind it is still a frightful night. Most children (teens and Adults) will still dress up as ghosts and goblins. Halloween is catching up to Christmas as the most celebrated holiday. And consider the Ouija board, it's still a game, right? But there are a few that end up in a mental institution because of it.
---Steveng on 10/11/06

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Mixing Christ with worldly religions can be disastrous. God warned us about mixing his doctrine with pagan doctrine. Even if you use the pagan event (such as Halloween) as a witnessing opportunity by giving out tracts or crosses in their bags, you are mixing no matter how noble your cause. You encourage kids to dress up in costumes or indulge in foods not right for our bodies. Why not practice yoga in church, isn't yoga good for your body? Let's all breathe in the Holy Spirit.
---Steveng on 10/11/06

Satan, in his increasing arsenal of God denying games, is happy when just one person turns his back on God or starts to question His Word. He must be doing cartwheels upon the tips of the flames of Hell and crying out in hysterical joy when a small percentage of people who are Christians are disobeying God's command that we should not partake that which is evil - or even the appearance of it.
---Steveng on 10/11/06

**My old church had Harvest Parties on the Friday closest to Halloween **

**Our church has a Harvest Festival every year at this time**

In other words, these two churches had Halloween. They just didn't call it that.

Halloween by any other name is still Halloween.
---Jack on 10/11/06

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