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Marry After Having An Affair

Five years ago my finace and myself had affairs on our spouses. I was separated at the time she was not. We are both divorced and have been so for some years and now want to marry. We both knelt and asked God for forgiveness we both know it was wrong. Does the Bible say we can't?

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 ---Kenny_James on 10/12/06
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The answer is yes, you can marry, but another question is raised. If you both cheated on your spouses at the time for each other, what makes you think you won't do it again once you marry her. Have you made a promise to God that he can destroy you instantly if you stray again to obtain his forgiveness. that is what you really need to consider. are you willing to lay down your life if you commit adultery again and hurt her. if the answer is yes, then go for it. if the answer is no, stay single.
---ashley on 6/30/07

NO! People are to marry and be given in marriage until Jesus comes again. Nothing wrong with that.
---harold on 6/30/07

Just because you've asked for forgiveness doesn't mean that you've seen your sin the way God does. Seeing it from where you are and where you will be is two different things.

I've been where you are and have remarried too. There's not a day that goes by that my heart wishes to make old hurts vanish, but it's impossible now.

Yes I am forgiven but that forgiveness cost Jesus his life.
---reconcile on 6/30/07

The Lord gave me a word on this very subject the other day. When the woman at the well met Jesus, he did not tell her to wait until her ex-husbands died before she started serving Him and telling people about Him. He did not tell her that she needed to prove herself before she could serve Him. She was forgiven and she was responsible for many people in her city being saved.
---Susie on 10/14/06

By some postings on here one might think that God forgives, but doesn't forget. All our sins are forgiven, not just some. And as far as reconciling with ex-spouses, that is most times not possible as the ex has remarried. Do you cause another divorce so that you can reconcile with the ex? I don't think so. Get married as God has forgiven you both. And keep on serving the Lord and stay married.
---Susie on 10/14/06

You are not free to remarry since you caused your divorces. You should seek to reconcile with the spouses you left. If they are not willing, then you should seek to serve the Lord as a single person.
---Madison1101 on 10/13/06

You're forgiven, but not free to marry. Please read what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage. Mark 10-11:12.
In reality, you'll will do what you want.
---wayne on 10/13/06

Jesus died for our sins. If you have asked for forgiveness and truly repented, YOU have been washed CLEAN, by the blood of Jesus. If you remember when Jesus forgave someone he told them to "sin no more". If Jesus has taken up residency in your heart, He has cast out your sins. The only accusing you are hearing, or feeling now is from Satan. He does not want you to accept Jesus gift to you.
---Dottie on 10/13/06

Marrying the person you were committing adultery with against your spouses is sin.
---Eloy on 10/13/06

That was an awesome answer, reconcile. That should knock anyone off their feet considering an affair. The damage doesn't stop after remarriage. It goes on and on. Thanks for sharing.
---Raine on 10/12/06

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