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Adam And Eve Walked By Faith

Did Adam and Eve start to walk by faith after they were kicked out from the garden?

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 ---Linda3939 on 10/13/06
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Ashley - ("When they exited the garden, they knew he was real. they didn't need faith.") -- I disagree. I believe that Adam and Eve did need lots of faith after the Fall. Everything changed the moment Adam sinned. They were no longer the same and no longer walking and talking with God. It is hard to imagine but the changes would have been astronomical. From then on in they had to live strictly by faith that God was still there. The closeness was shattered by their sin.
---Helen_5378 on 8/22/07

Christian - ("God clothed them also...would like to see comments on that
---christina on 10/14/06") -- God killed little animals, probably lambs, to clothe Adam and Eve with. This is the very first blood sacrifice in the Bible. The clothing of the animal skins was a forerunner to the Temple sacrifices which in turn were a foreshadow of the one true Sacrifice Jesus Christ the Lamb of God on the Cross. Adam and Eve went to Heaven because of this.
---Helen_5378 on 8/22/07

The bible states in many places, as Jesus stood amongst them, they heard a voice from heaven saying "This is my Beloved Son." Jesus didn't throw his voice to amaze those around him. His father spoke. Adam and Eve walked and talked with God every day. When they exited the garden, they knew he was real. they didn't need faith. their children needed faith. they had not seen him themselves in person. doesn't anyone here read the bible anymore.
---ashley on 8/22/07

greetings,it is understood that the voice in the garden was real but jesus said that no one has heard God's voice or seen his shape.who taught adam and eve who God is and his commands to them?since they were given rules to live by who taught those rules to them so they will have belief and faith in God?
---earl on 8/21/07

greetings,for mikefl,jesus explained his Father's voice is not from his mouth,for if it was then all that heard jesus was hearing God's is true that jesus speaks the words that his Father asks him to (revelate God to man).jesus identified his Father and he are one ,true,but jesus never said,'if you hear me you have heard the Father.'i agree that spiritually jesus and his Father are one but the actual(cosmological) voice is not the same,as jesus said that it was not with no hidden meanings.
---earl on 10/24/06

Earl, I believe the scripture John10. It can be answered many ways. The first is Jesus IS the word of God. He is God's voice & has always been. Another is to see those who He spoke to had no revelation of Jesus's ministry, therefore could not "hear" God. It is revelation Jesus is God. We can't comprehend God as He is, so we try to see Him as a human. I believe all who came from Him are a part of Him & will go to Him. WE hear His voice.
---mikefl on 10/23/06

Of course they did Linda! Scripture bears this out: 1.) Eve's testimony regarding what the Lord had done for her regarding Cain's birth & later Seth who replaced slain Abel. 2.) By teaching Cain & Abel (C&A) how to respect God with their offerings.

What did C&A talk about? Maybe Cain was complaining (raising Cain) and Abel was trying to console & remind him of what daddy Adam had said about the necessity of doing that which pleases God? Whatever, Cain clearly didn't want to hear it.
---Leon on 10/22/06

greetings,for mikefl,ive read your post and understand your words.again,do you have a explaination for jesus' statement? do you will you comment that jesus did not specifically state"ye have neither heard his voice at any time"?is this a revelation from jesus or is this something other?in this specific matter is there any thing but the truth ?
---earl on 10/22/06

Earl, You may correct me again here but in Gen.3:9-10,"Then the Lord God called to Adam & said to him, "Where are you?" So he said, "I heard Your voice in the garden, & I was afraid because I was naked; & I hid myself". etc. Then see also the several hundred other verses throughout the Bible where God speaks to the people and the prophets.
---mikefl on 10/21/06

greetings,for mikefl,would you like to explain what jesus did explain when he said no one has heard(his Father) God's voice at any time?
---earl on 10/15/06

Adam & Eve spoke with the "Voice" of God in the Garden just as Moses did and the people in the wilderness before they said it hurt their ears. Note that God let Moses see His "Glory" as He passed (on the mountain). Jesus is the Glory of God. Jesus is the Voice of God (Jn.1:1,14). By faith He did not forsake Adam & Eve. By faith He has not forsaken us. The same Voice is heard from the Holy Ghost today. One Voice, different dispensations.
---mikefl on 10/14/06

I think it is interesting to note that even after the fall, God spoke to Adam and Eve. He still loved them, and wished to have them reconciled to Him. God clothed them also...would like to see comments on that
---christina on 10/14/06

Adam and Eve, walked out of the spirit, right into the natural when they sinned against God's word. Therefore, they had to walk by faith just as we walk by faith today. The only difference is that Jesus is are sacrificial Lamb, so there is no need to kill innocent animals for the remission of our sins. The debt is paid.
---Chantay on 10/13/06

I completely agree with Helen's answer. We will sat down and talk with Adam and Eve in heaven.
---mima on 10/13/06

greetings,for ryan, do you think jesus' revelation is true revelation in that he spoke truth when he said,"ye have neither heard his voice at any time nor seen his shape"?is revelation that which man does not know and or may not know the truth of and is revealed?i.e.the voice in the garden?i do concede they did experience regularily the voice in the garden whereas we today experience the indwelling spirit,the guardian angel,the spirit of truth and the revelation of jesus
---earl on 10/13/06

Linda, I am with you in wondering whether Adam and Eve went to heaven or not!
---Okebaram on 10/13/06

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earl, no I am not saying that at all. How God has dealt with hummanity from creation to now has changed several times, this in no way suggests that God would violate His own word concerning respecting persons.
---Ryan on 10/13/06

greetings,for ryan are you saying that God 'is'a respector of persons(man) in relation to experiencing him in b.c. age over a.d. age?
---earl on 10/13/06

Faith is a belief in things unseen. Adam & Eve saw God. They walked and talked with Him in the garden. Even if you don't believe they saw God in a physical sense you must concede that they had experiences with God that we, in this age, do not experience. How could they have faith in someone who they knew personally by their own experiences with Him in the garden?
---Ryan on 10/13/06

Adam and Eve did walk by faith after the Garden of Eden. They believed in the Blood Sacrifice for forgiveness of sin. I believe they both went to heaven because of God's grace when He clothed them with the animal skins which were symbolic of Christ's Sacrifice of Himself on the Cross.
---Helen_5378 on 10/13/06

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If they were saved in the end it would be because they walked by faith. If they were not, it would be because they did not.
---Bruce5656 on 10/13/06

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