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Can Females Wear Pants

Is it a sin if a female christian wears loose female pants to church.

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 ---Patie7587 on 10/13/06
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I found a story called "Olgas Visit to Hell" on the Internet. Apparently, a 19 year old Russian girl went to hell in the 90's. Satan accused her of wearing that which pertains to a man and she could not stand in front of Jesus and felt unholy wearing pants. Also, she saw many Christians on the broad road grabbing things from Satan ie., makeup, Jewelry etc., almost on top of each other to grab it. She thought it was a joke when she was told pants are wrong and never believed it, because church told her it was ok, and the girl in the choir sung in pants therefore, it must be ok...she said it was lies..
---Anonymous on 5/3/09

The woman (both in the natural and as the church) should not wear the breastplate of judgment to judge her fellow saint. Her husband is the judge of the quick and the dead.
She should not wear the mitre of HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD either. His Holy Spirit seals her and makes her holy as does his blood.
Just as she should not wear that which pertaineth unto a man listed above he will not wear her righteousness, or filthy rags.
Both would be an abomination.
But, she can wear pants.
Just as men can wear skirts.
I hope this helps.
---Frank on 2/2/09

I believe that this is another case of whether to go dancing or not. Should be strictly a matter between the believer and her God, Jesus Christ.
---catherine on 1/31/09

Just as there is appropriate dress for a wedding, a funeral, an interview, the meeting of a queen or president...shouldn't we dress our best when meeting in the house of Our Lord and Savior? I don't think God looks on the outward appearance but shouldn't we always be our best for Him?
---Connie on 1/31/09

I attended a Spirit filled church in California located close to the beach. They had six services Fri-Sun evenings. Close to 3000 people came through the doors. It was a great church with good teachings and offered many types of ministries. When they got to crowded they would plant a new church. They are still doing it! I think if they would have adhered to a strict dress code, that some of these things would have never taken place. I don't recall any mini-skirts or real short shorts, but they loved to worship the Lord! If you are the only one wearing shorts or loose pants, I would advise against it. But its your decision.
---Bob on 1/30/09

if a person knows they should wear dresses and skirts instead of pants then its a sin if they know that you should wear skits and dresses and they are in pants its still a sin but not necessarily a sin counted on them because lets face it they don't know I mean we have many pastors now a days that just explain it away because really dress code isn't in the Bible but neither is smoking
---debbie on 1/29/09

no..I wear jeans to church.
---melanie on 6/30/08

No. The only dress code the bible requires for us is modest apparel and put on the whole armor of God.
---Pam on 6/28/08

A man ... Bearing in mind my paunch, there's no need to move to a hotter country ... in fact it would not be a good idea, for I would then not be able to cover it
---alan_of_UK on 6/18/08

But Aman the selection process means I have to view the horrors to select the very few (male & female) who look half decent.

I am too psychologically frail to stand it.
---Warwick on 6/18/08

Are we talking underpants or overpants?

I vote we all wear underpants...not to loose, and not too tight!
---kathr4453 on 6/18/08

Alan, you're living in the wrong country, man. Move to a hotter destination and hope for the best.

Warwick, you'll have the right to pick and choose.
---A_Man on 6/18/08

Warwick .. You are right ... I went to the gym today and whilst showering afterwards I saw myself in profile ... what a paunch.
At least when clothed it is held in by my belt!
---alan_of_UK on 6/18/08

Mary ... feverishly heated?
They will get a bit cold if they go to a typical English church with no clothes on!
---alan_of_UK on 6/18/08

Aman I cannot agree, the thought of all those acres of flesh exposed would be too much for me.

Considering how bad most of us look 'au naturel' I am convinced clothes are a blessing from God.
---Warwick on 6/18/08

LOL!! :D Thank you, "A Man"--we sure needed the injection of humor into this feverishly heated blog! :D
---Mary on 6/17/08

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The day women start going to church without clothes, I'll start going to church every single day :))
---A_Man on 6/16/08

Frances ... Yes!!
---alan_of_UK on 6/16/08

LOL. As if Jesus cares whether you have clothes on or not. He is interested in the heart, not the outward appearance. Didn't the great Saint Francis preach in stark nakedness, or at least take off all his clothes and set out without anything that belonged to his father? Clothes are only protection for the skin and body in cold and hot climates. Also modesty comes into it. After that there is nothing to worry about.
---frances008 on 6/15/08

Was Exodus 28:42-43 meant to be an eternal rule?
---alan_of_UK on 6/14/08

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De 22:5 about women shouldn't wear things that pertaineth to a man. This is referred especially to ornaments and head-dresses. Both men and women wore undergarments or tunics which was bound by a girdle. One had only his tunic on only which referred to as naked is in 1 Sam 19:24. Some wore two tunics the outer one called the outer garment, a mantle. Isa 3:22. So to say that it is a sin for a woman to wear pants, is just silly and foolish.
---Rebecca_D on 6/14/08

I disagree with the majority of you. It is actually against the BIBLE to wear pants. Read Exodus 28:42-43. Then look up the definition of breeches in any dictionary. THEN read Deuteronomy 22:5. Its very plain actually.
---Debo on 1/9/
AGREE. Also, in Revelations the abominable will not enter heaven. I wear only long modest skirts. Too risky.
---anonmymous on 6/14/08

It is "that which pertaineth unto a man" and not "clothing, aparell or pants."
That which pertaineth unto a high priest, breastplate of judgment) King,(ruler) captain (he who guides our "ship" and husband (final say in all matters).
The breastplate of judgment, righteousness, the clothing of His glory.
Those rebellious members of the bride that judge others and preach when not called by God are wearing that which pertaineth unto a man.
---Frank on 3/28/08

In simplicity and in the natural, or by nature:
Men need no bra and women need no male athletic supporter.
---Frank on 3/28/08

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Dan, No, people just needs to grow up, and grow in God. The reason why people are looking down on others is because they are childish and need a lesson on love.
---Rebecca_D on 3/28/08

The Bible "never" says women can't wear "pants". It say for a woman not to wear "men's" clothing. Men wear every kind of clothing women wear including in the Bible days they wore skirts and dress like clothing.So what "What can a woman wear? A bra?" Because it's the "only clothing" men don't wear. Because men wore skirts does that mean women can't?
---Marie on 3/27/08

What we are really looking at here in reality, is a woman who dresses like a man. Which is called cross dressers.

You go and buy a shirt out of the women's section and 1 out of the men's, what would you do?

1.Throw both shirts away because men wear shirts?

2.It doesn't matter they are both shirts?

3.Wear the woman's shirt?
---Marie on 3/27/08

I don't believe that a true christian would judge a person based on their clothes. just an aside on 'tight' vs. 'loose', my mother an old fashion conservative preacher's wife gave me a guiding phrase, "God made beauty to behold, just don't be holdin' that beauty."
---dan on 3/27/08

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No true Christian who has the fear of God in them, is going to look down on anyone! dan! Still we cannot, must not, ignore the sins of its people. We need some people in the body of Christ who knows something. God can help.
---catherine on 3/26/08

Some christians look down on women in general, does that mean women shouldn't be in church?
---dan on 3/26/08

No it isn't a silly question, because some (alot) of people will frown upon women for wearing pants to church. I feel this decision is between the woman and God. I don't wear pants to church because I don't feel right wearing pants to church. I think that a woman shouldn't wear pants to church due to respect for the Lord, but it isn't wrong for them to do so. A woman can worship in pants just as a woman can wearing a dress.
---Rebecca_D on 3/26/08

Here is my opinion. Personally I do not wear pants at all. It was simply conviction for me. Very personal. I think that reguardless of what you wear modesty is of the upmost importance. If your personal conviction says its wrong than it is wrong for you to do it. Just opinion thats it opinion.
---Mikki on 3/26/08

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this is a rather silly question..think back to Christ's days..what were they all wearing? Women and men were wearing the same attire..they wore today, men and women wear pants ..we have pants for men, and pants for women..please, stop this silly arguement..grow up i SHOULD SAY
---operator on 3/26/08

I'm so greatful that so many people are attempting to find the truth. i haven't settled on the issue. I do understand the we are to remain modest but there is also the definition of pants these days. There is the idea of dressing as a lookin like a man in your dress and there is a new deifiniton for pant so how do you feel wearing pants that are modest not overly apparent and that aren't manly... is that wrong too?
---Whit*Bits on 3/20/08

I disagree with the majority of you. It is actually against the BIBLE to wear pants. Read Exodus 28:42-43. Then look up the definition of breeches in any dictionary. THEN read Deuteronomy 22:5. Its very plain actually.
---Debo on 1/9/08

The priests wore breeches which are a sort of pants.
But then all Christians are called priests and kings unto our God in Revelation. Including the women.
This blog is about a joke and a shame as it strains at a gnat and swallows a camel.
Those scriptures have serious spiritual meanings to go along with the carnal ones which cause them to weigh the thoughts and intents of the heart and make it manifest at the throne of God.

---Frank on 10/1/07

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Andrea ... You are quite right ... pants are not in the Bible, even for men! Had men worn them they would probably have been reagarded a freaks if not worse. Men wore robes then, which are more like dresses than pants.
What a nonsense this argument has become.
---alan_of_UK on 10/1/07

pants are not in the Bible.

I'd think judging by how much is revealed in today's dresses - it would be more modest to wear pants. Of course God is looking at your heart - so a modest dress is better then sexy pants and a clean heart is better then a judgmental spirit.
---Andrea on 10/1/07

Alan, based on Carla's fears, I recommend you to ignore my suggestion and stick to your old Oxford ictionary.
---Caring on 10/1/07

I love the old fashion bible/books they have more truth and facts in them all these so called new versions, very much like a Chinese Whisper holding some truths but not all truth and they are even known to omit original meanings and paragraphs.
---Carla5754 on 9/30/07

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Alan, that's an old version of Oxfort that you have. You have to look at the latest revision :))
---Caring on 9/28/07

Alan, that's an old version of Oxford that you have. You have to look at the latest revision :))
---Caring on 9/28/07

Bless the Lord for Alans ictionary He He...
Thanks for that one I was being lazy to look it up but I knew it didn't mean discontinued not this side of the world anyway!
---Carla5754 on 9/28/07

If the bible says women are not to dress in men specifc clothing, and I know God is talking about obedience connecting to the sin's of this world. Remember just because we are saved, it also means from sin. So Shun the very Appearance of it, meaning be careful of nothing. We may be shown up for our wrong doing it don't mean continue ingnorant in them. Caring will you look up Ignorant too?
---Carla5754 on 9/27/07

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Caring ... In my Oxford English ictionary, Common sense is defined as ""normal understand, good practical sense in everyday affirs, general feeling (of mankind or commununity)"
Hope that helps
---alan_of_UK on 9/27/07

I see nothing wrong with a woman wearing jeans and my wife's jeans are not good for men because they have some fancy designs that are not made for men.

Who cares what one dresses as long as the dressing is decent.
---Caring on 9/26/07

God is more interested in our inner man. if that is in order then the outward appearance will be too.
---amy8445 on 9/26/07

Whether in church or out of church, a women should not wear the apparall of a man. She should look like a women and a man should look like a man. God made us different.So we might glorify the church. God mad man and then he made women from the rib of man. lets learn the meaning of Godly perportion.Man,women children.Rightly dividing the word
---Shelia on 9/26/07

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Betty2 - and for you then it would be sin.
If I thought it was sin to not go to church every week then if I didn't go - it would be a sin.

where the word is not explicit - it is up to conscience sake.
---Andrea on 9/26/07

Carla said: "Let common Sense abode!"

I looked up the phrase "common sense" in the dictionary and it says "discontinued".
---Caring on 9/26/07

What makes me have to chuckle is the fact that we concern ourselves with the most trivial things in life and the most serious things go unchallenged. Let common Sense abode! If your going to wear your husbands/wifes clothing as acceptable for Godly worship then this should be taken up by the mebership (If you are a known memeber of your church). Leave (strangers) alone unless you are familiar with them or in charge of all new comers concerning their salvation!
---Carla5754 on 9/26/07

The bible says seek out your on salvation with fear and tremling.Im not going to take the chance I will wear dresses .i don't belive in wearing slacks but i had rather see a women wearing slacks than some of these women that wear there dresses up to there yes mam and show everything up top also
---Betty2 on 9/25/07

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Jen, e-mail me over the ChristiaNet e-mail system and I will tell you. My name is Miche4368. There are so many, I don't have enough room to explain them all here.
---Michelle on 9/24/07

Did Jesus wear pants (or trousers as we call them in the UK)
If we men nowadays wore what Jesus and His disciples wore, many of you, (including linda, who made ridiculous denouncement) would condemn us for wearing "what pertains to a woman"
---alan_of_UK on 9/24/07

Jeans are jeans to an extent.
Levi 537 jeans actually have stronger belt loops because of the rivets than men's. The only difference outwardly is the red tag on the back pocket.
Why would supposedly women's jeans be made stronger and more durable than men's?
If a man wears them because they will last it is nothing but jeans.
If he wears them to be effeminate it is sin.
Few could tell the difference anyway.
---Frank on 9/24/07

What people should worry about is the spiritual aspects of what they show the Lord.
When we (the church, bride, woman) try to obtian salvation by our works alone or judge others we are wearing that which "pertaineth unto a man."
He is the Lord and the mitre of HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD is his and not ours.
He wears the breastplate of judgment.
---Frank on 9/24/07

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Linda said: "It definitely IS a sin for a woman to wear pants. The Bible says that women should NOT wear that which pertains to man."

My wife steals my shirts, t-shirts, sweaters jackets and shorts all the time and no, she is not committing a sin. I don't see anyone wearing long garbs like Christ did besides, 2000 years ago, men and women used to wear long dresses.

Linda, wake up - it's 2007.
---Caring on 9/24/07

Further to my previous post, neither my wife or myself wear shorts for church but we wear each other t-shirts/sweaters/jackets in church. Well, she wears my jackets but I don't wear her pink or baby blue jackets ,))
---Caring on 9/24/07

We could get carried away with foolishness with this.
Women's unmentionables called boyshorts with a faux fly are sin if the woman wears them if the thoughts of her heart are to belike a man.
Men wearing ballet tights are just as bad when they dance around in an effeminate manner acting like girls.
Nature should tell us how to act and what to wear. It should correspond with the body we have and a heart fully trying to please Jesus without getting legalistic or just plain stupid.
---Frank on 9/24/07

Recently I was in a Southern Baptist Church by invitation of a member(the man wanted me to hear his pastor). There was a new visitor to this church she was a middle-aged lady who had on shorts, not short shorts, but shorts. I heard many comments about this,but the thing that caught my eye about thic church was the fact that they had the NIV Bible in the back of the pews. Knowing what I know this concerned me greatly.
---The_short_were_Mima on 9/24/07

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Some people strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.
Doesn't nature itself even show a person that a man has nothing to be held in a bra?
The thoughts and intents of the heart are what the word makes manifest.
An after shower wrap is just a wrap for a man.
If the man wears it to be a skirt with an effeminate heart it is sin since he is trying to be effeminate.
As a wrap it is a covering but as a skirt it is a woman's garment (in his heart.)
---Frank on 9/24/07

NO it is not a sin. That is if God approves. I believe that God expects different things from some of us. I live a pretty strict life. What may be a sin to one may not be a sin for another Christian. With one Christian, God may forbid eating pork, whereas another Christian may be allowed. Do you see my point? Drinking wine is another good example. Lets do not be so legalistic.
---catherine on 9/24/07

It depends on "how loose" loose is? If you mean "baggy", or if you mean loose like pants "falling down" and crying out for a belt to hold them up.
---Eloy on 9/23/07

No church has the authority to impose a dress code on the members. The preacher can and should teach on it because he is the messenger of God.He is compelled to preach the Word of God. Hearing the Word changes lives not restrictions and legalism.Prayer also bring changes.
---Robyn on 9/23/07

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In recent years it was very difficult to find a decent length skirt unless you were handy with a machine and getting full length clothing in Britain has just come into the fashion making it easier if thats what you like to wear. I'd much rather someone in a suitably fashion pair of pants/slacks/trousers made for their right size than what used to roam upon the pulpit in the early 80's 90's. which many older women complained their spouses eyes were lead astray at some of the sights LOL
---Carla5754 on 9/23/07

If one cannot go in love to a sister that is not suitably dressed and be able to explain that their dress code is not acceptable with reasonable concerns then one should concern ones self about being a role model rather than a dictator of wearing pants only. when female pants are are CLEARLY not made for MEN. We are still allowed our own liberty in trivial matters which do not cause a brother or sister to stumble out of ignorance to garments decently designed for women.
---Carla5754 on 9/23/07

I know two middle-aged women who were turned away from a church because they were wearing trousers (they were visitors). I'm guessing that the ones who will be held to account are more likely to be the ones who did the turning away than those who wore the trousers.
---RitaH on 9/23/07

what kind of visions do you have, Michelle?
---Jen on 9/23/07

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WHY ALL THE LEGALISM Is it wrong for women to wear pants come on Just how will my husband wear my type of trousers or indeed I wear his The fashion of the world is all about promoting breasts showing your assets off like never before and decent women don't do that Ladies suits are not worn by saved men visa versa Ive never seen a saved person cross dress Of course one can wear a pair of slacks pants or trousers made for women Just don't go annoying a particular denomination if thats not their dress code
---Carla5754 on 9/23/07

Part2- to all those legalist out there who just read that and are about ready to condemn me, let me tell you I am a born-again, spirit filled, blood bought believer in Christ. I have my name written in the Lamb's book of Life and I know whom my redeemer is. Get a load of this one too- I prophecy, have visions, dreams and I interpret them all! I also interpret others. I usually don't tell people this but I will this time to prove this point.
---Michelle on 9/22/07

Would God give gifts like prophecy to someome who was in such an obviously deep spiritual sin such as wearing pants? Would God bring me into such a deep intimacy with him every time I worship if I was a harlot bound for hell because of my pants. I wear pants to church and yes, I even wear them on stage when I sing in the choir- oh my goodness, call the other pharisees now! Get he stake out of your own eyes before you judge others.
---Michelle on 9/22/07

No it is not a sin, but it depends on the church dress code is what the women wears. Jesus looking for the lost not what u are wearing. He even said What is on the outside defiles the man, but what defiles the inside destroys the soul and heart, something like that I know I word it wrong. But I hope u all got what im saying.
---ANN on 9/22/07

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O and another thing Jesus and God is my only judge and if us women who choose to wear pants, then I'm can beat Jesus will tell us, But like the Bible says, He who is without sin cast the first stone, and Im in a sinner's body even though im a Christian so, im not going to Judge nobody on what they wear or don't wear Are You?
---ANN on 9/22/07

God looks at the heart, although we are not to dress trashy, wearing pants won't send a woman to hell. Jesus was talking about how the pharises would clean up the outside but inside be full of dead mens bones...again I beleive it is the heart that matters to God.
---amy on 9/22/07

There is no difference in women wearing pants and men wearing dresses.
---Linda on 9/22/07
In this case men should be wearing tunics like they wore when this was written Which is more then a little ridiculous and not worth debating.
MY pants are not my husbands.

Judging by the exterior is superficial!
---Andrea on 9/22/07

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