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Can A Democrat Be A Christian

Could a Democrat be a Christian since they support abortion in mass scale.

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 ---Lee on 10/13/06
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Thanks for your patience. I would love for us to connect and have a meaningful discussion. While I have problems with black liberation theology and even liberation theology (especially as applied in South and Central America), I will engage you in a discussion on this subject. Based on my understanding, the theology links "Jesus of Nazareth" with the OPPRESSED and not with the oppressors! The oppressors can be BLACK or WHITE! Do you agree or disagree based on what you have read on James Cone? Was "Jesus of Nazareth" oppressed or was "he" an oppressor?

Let us connect the dots and get rid of some silly (really STUPID) RACIST sentiments on this site! Again, what is RACE?
---I_AM_I on 10/14/08

I have already voted by mail, for Ralph Nader.
---johannes on 10/13/08

I_AM_I on 10/13/08:

I'm being patient because we are evidently not connecting the same dots here.
Book Excerpts are what I listed. Written by J. Cone. Followed and taught by rev.wrong. Indoctrinated 20 years into nobama.
Excerpts are actual written statements in word form printed in a book. Book was written in 1970. Reprinted "A Black Theology of Liberation", in 1980, you would think they would have p.c'd it a little. But, no. They are proud of it. The website at rev. wrong's church alludeds to it for guidance. What you say, and what you write are usually different. In this night from day or black an white.
---Trav on 10/13/08


Is there no situation where you would not consider an abortion to be a "sin"?
---atheist on 10/13/08


Stop being LAZY and go listen to Cone directly in those videos I previously mentioned. You can get a transcript of the interview with Bill Moyer online. After you are done, come explain to everyone what Cone means by the excerpts you have been posting. You are appealing to RACIST sentiments unless you explain them to us! What does he mean by "Jesus's cross" being similar to the "lynching tree" used to hang Blacks? What does he mean by "Jesus" was Black?
---I_AM_I on 10/13/08

You criticized black liberation theology and James Cone but you have not done your research! ---I_AM_I on 10/10/08

Ha, incredible. I listed book excerpts,from the scuzzy wuzzies. But, the names these American imposters these too are linked to would be enough to out them from the closet.

The website of Wright's church, Trinity United Church of Christ, refers inquirers to the writings of James Cone for a better understanding of the church's beliefs.
Here is couple more from j.cone.
Whiteness is the symbol of the Antichrist. Pg. 8
Christianity and whiteness are opposites. Pg. 41
---Trav on 10/13/08

Is this a serious question? Abortion is no longer a "Democrat issue." There are a large number of Republican politicians that are pro-choice as well. Former presidential nominee Fred Thompson is a great example of this. The Abortion issue is NOT a Red/Blue issue!! Its not even a Christian/not Christian issue!!! Its a SIN ISSUE!!! People of all walks of life, political parties, and religious denominations are pro choice and as such, sinners. Lets stop focusing on the party and start focusing on how the candidates feel. Anything else is reckless and nieve.
---Robert on 10/12/08

I'm sitting here with my mouth open trying to figure out why any one would want to pigeon hole someone as Islamic or Buddhist or even Christian... It is one of the reasons that I do not attend church. The countless hours spent on sick rhetoric trying to twist the Bible to fit a certain purpose... It is so sad. Extracting some passage and throwing away the rest of it. Jesus took on all who would seek him out and had no measure to meet him. Taking Barack at face value, is not something that the deranged mind or antisemitic mind of Hannity can twist around.. That coupled by the rest on FOX news who parrot the fair and Balanced lie compares of any communist regime. It is so sad that Christianity in America has lost its empathy for all mankind.
---Britt on 10/12/08

Anyone that calls upon the name of the Lord,repents and believes in the work of Jesus on the cross can be a Christian,maybe,after having a relationship with Jesus and living in the word their position on abortion would change.
---ron on 10/11/08


I am no trying to convince you about Obama or McCain! You criticized black liberation theology and James Cone but you have not done your research! Instead of accepting RACIST propaganda, go to the source! If you are too lazy to research this, how in the world will you ever research the origin or history of Christianity, which began BEFORE Jesus of Nazareth?
---I_AM_I on 10/10/08

Trav you are right about the parables but Scripture did not cause the blindness or confusion in the hearts of those who would not hear.
---Elder on 10/8/08
Technically,you're right too.
But... cause of confusion on this site is the men of old, mistranslating certain words in scripture.
Add our blindness,disinterest of fact.
Making scripture confusing in that it will not link with Prophets.
IS,why you don't see prophets mentioned on this site.
Prophets do not prophesy things stated by a lot of posts.
One reason for this is:
Corinthians 13:11 For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known.

We all see darkley.
---Trav on 10/10/08

I_AM_I on 10/8/08:

You seek to defend or convert me to nobama. Can't be done in any of my lifetimes. His fruit is rotten on the tree. 20 years is testiment.
Can't go to utube and get all your info truth. Can go there and hear Hannity interview rv wright. Who states to know him, read James Cone.
All three are atrocity's. Lower than my dog. Pick someone defensible. Ron Paul for example.
---Trav on 10/9/08

Elder ,
you have got to bury your ideaology in holiness. If Christians don't take the time to utter the truth what hope is there for the world?
Obama was not a guest on MTP on Sep 7 and has never uttered any such drivel about his belief in Islam or the good old U S of A.
Biden was the guest and two-years of transcripts shows Obama made no such statements on MTP or any other program.
Christians should avoid such mud slinging that brings no glory to Christ Jesus.
There is far too much anger in your responses to Trav and that should concern you.
Every candidate gravitates toward some type of mushy Christianity when its election time. Maybe the question should be holiness and not simply Christianity.
---larry on 10/8/08

Trav you are right about the parables but Scripture did not cause the blindness or confusion in the hearts of those who would not hear.
---Elder on 10/8/08


I am reporting back.

While I have serious problems with this theology, as previously stated, I sure hope your understanding of James Cone and his theology are not based on those quotes. Along with the You Tube video previously mentioned, I have watched the 2-part video of Bill Moyer's interview with Cone wherein he explains that "Jesus's" cross is similar to the lynching tree used to lynch Blacks. Both the cross and the lynching tree represent OPPRESSION to him, and one of his book is entitled GOD OF THE OPPRESSED. To him, oppressors = WHITES and BLACKS (e.g., Justice Clarence Thomas). To Cone, a White Jesus who is used by Whites to oppress is an oppressor. Watch the videos and let us continue!
---I_AM_I on 10/8/08

Elder states: The confusion that someone possesses is not because of Scripture. If this confuses anyone that tells me a lot about them.
---Elder on 10/7/08

Sir,may be dicussing the same thing, truth is truth. This site is testament to confusion about scriptures. As stated, tells some things. Christ did not speak to all. Men teach he did, they are confused. Not understanding,can be confused.

Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not, and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.
Matthew 13:12
And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:
Mark 4:10
---Trav on 10/8/08

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Trav, The confusion in the churches and peoples lives is not caused by the Bible.
Why would someone be so dull of mind to think that Truth causes confusion?
The confusion that someone possesses is not because of Scripture. Scripture is a light unto our path but men love darkness rather than light. Men/mankind that walks in darkness is bound to be confused. It is because they refuse to follow the Word of God not because they do.
If this confuses anyone that tells me a lot about them.
---Elder on 10/7/08


Where did you hear Barack comes from Burak/Buraq? Can you cite a source?

In both Hebrew and Arabic, the root letters BRK (which gives rise to words like barak, baruch, etc.) means "bless". Also, in both languges, the letters "k" and "q" are completely different. In fact, in Arabic they are pronounced differently ("k" with the tongue against the teeth, like in English, but "q" with the tongue against the roof of the mouth - similar, but distinct).

Words that differ in this way would be as unrelated as English words "cat", "cot", "caught", "coat", and "cut" - similar sounding, but totally unrelated in meaning.
---StrongAxe on 10/7/08


"A Christian" BEFORE the invention of "Jesus of Nazareth (J of N)" was someone who followed the mythical or mystical "CHRIST," which originated from ancient Egyptian "theology" or mythology about a dying and resurrected godman. This MYTH then spread throughout the Near and Far East.

Paul is talking about this mythical Christ more than he is talking about the "gospel Jesus." After J of N a christian became a follower of a so-called historical godman and Pauls "Christ."

I am NOT a christian, although I was baptized a catholic. Those early church fathers/apologists whom you criticize are responsible for the modification of the myth you believe!
---I_AM_I on 10/7/08


I just watched a You Tube video of James Cone using his own words. I did not hear those words. I am still trying to find your exact quotes but have only been able to find parts or pieces. I am still searching. Time to go watch the silly debate.
---I_AM_I on 10/7/08

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NurseRobert: "No, abortion is NOT the answer, you will never get that arguement from me. But, until you change the mindset you will never stop abortions."

True, unfortunately that will only change the hard way. Meanwhile, pray for God's grace to change as many hearts as possible.
---Luke65 on 10/7/08

Nurse are these personal attacks on someone? I am surprised at you...... (remember Good for the goose.......)
---Elder on 10/7/08

Personal attacks?? yes, probably, and ones I shouldn't make. It is difficult, however, when he makes statements like that..

Dudley, I apologize, I was rude.
---NurseRobert on 10/7/08

I_AM_I: I won't post anything cannot back up. Do we forget nobama was a member of this theology 20 years.
Juicy James Cone excerpts below. Pages listed.
Black theology will accept only a love of God which participates in the destruction of the white oppressor. Pg 72
Black theology must realize that the white Jesus has no place in the black community, and it is our task to destroy him. Pg 134
If Jesus Christ is white and not black, he is an oppressor, and we must kill him.Pg 111
The true prophet of the gospel of God must become both "anti-Christian" and "unpatriotic." Pg. 55
There are plenty like these that are more wordy if you need. Yes, either misinformed or in full agreement. I allowed for ignorance.
---Trav on 10/7/08

The Bible has never confused anyone.-Elder on 10/6/08

Have you ever read what is written on these blogs?

Or is there a "fundamental" difference in the the Christian definition of "confusion" different than mine?
---atheist on 10/7/08

Never thought I could agree with Atheist on much. Fundamental reason I could not totally believe myself, like Atheist is the confusion in Churches. I started believing when I found the scripture agreed with my experiences. Like below.
But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.
John 10:11
---Trav on 10/7/08

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atheist: "The Bible has never confused anyone.-Elder on 10/6/08

Have you ever read what is written on these blogs?

Or is there a "fundamental" difference in the the Christian definition of "confusion" different than mine?"

God is not the Author of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33), in this case, disobedient Christians are:

"I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, THAT ALL OF THEM MAY BE ONE, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us SO THAT THE WORLD MAY BELIEVE that you have sent me." (John 17:20-21)

So God is telling us that we share culpability for atheist's incredulity.
---Luke65 on 10/7/08

Yea we need to remember the past to not repeat it in the future.
Obama has some new ideas like,
The American flag is a symbol of oppression just like the National Anthem. He states that the anthem conveys a war like message. What with the bombs bursting in air and all.
He goes on to say, "The now anthem should be replaced by something less parochial like, I'd like to teach the world to sing. Then I might salute it."
He then reports, "That if elected it is my intention to DISARM America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. WE as a nation of warring people should conduct ourselves as the nations of Islam, whereas peace prevails.
(Senator Obama- live- Meet the Press 7 Sept 08)
---Elder on 10/7/08

Do we remember that Obama has claimed to not be a Muslim? Why does he continue refer to how good Islam is and the "good" results that come from that (False) worship?
He stated, "My wife and I have attended many flag burning ceremonies in the past. She disrespects the flag. Now as I am about to become President I have put aside my hatred. We as a nation have placed upon the nation of Islam an unfair injustice. My wife and I look forward to becoming the country's first family. Change is about to overwhelm the United States of America."
(Obama Meet the Press 7 Sept 08)
Now this is what Obama said himself!
---Elder on 10/7/08

I am, you just must get someone to translate for you.
I said former Muslim. I do know that Matt 7 says we shall know them by their fruits.
If you believe that Jesus is a "mythical created godman" you need to take that up with Him when you meet Him. And, you will meet Him as He is, All Mighty God. Your early "church fathers/apologists" were just as mixed up as you are. The only difference is that it happened to them earlier than it did you.
As far as Wright is concerned I know what I have heard him say himself. Do you think he is a liar?
What is your term of "A Christian?" Are you one?
Now you see these are easy questions for you. You shouldn't get confused answering them.

---Elder on 10/7/08

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"the Big Dud spews....
No, but do you apologize for making dumb remarks...."
---NurseRobert on 10/6/08
Nurse are these personal attacks on someone? I am surprised at you...... (remember Good for the goose.......)
---Elder on 10/7/08

"The Bible has never confused anyone.-Elder on 10/6/08
Have you ever read what is written on these blogs?
Or is there a "fundamental" difference in the the Christian definition of "confusion" different than mine?"
---atheist on 10/7/08
Atheist I have been reading these blogs before all the people here now ever posted one.
God is not the author of confusion and neither is the Bible. People are confused because they must like it that way.
The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible. But like so many who refuse to believe, most do not really search the Scripture for the Truth. Now you are going to ask What Bible? Why the one that gives you the Truth. Now that is not so hard to figure is it?
---Elder on 10/7/08

Very nice Luke....

Ok, the law of the land is changed. Abortions are no longer legal. Now, tell us.. How are you going to stop them? Is Big Mother going to step in?

What are we going to do with the unwanted babies? What are you going to do with the 14 year old raped by her father? What are you going to do to break the cycle of poverty that leads to this.

No, abortion is NOT the answer, you will never get that arguement from me. But, until you change the mindset you will never stop abortions.
---NurseRobert on 10/7/08

The Bible has never confused anyone.-Elder on 10/6/08

Have you ever read what is written on these blogs?

Or is there a "fundamental" difference in the the Christian definition of "confusion" different than mine?
---atheist on 10/7/08

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The OP asked:
"Could a Democrat be a Christian since they support abortion?"
Why ask the question if the answer is obvious? I know Christian democrats who oppose abortion. True the party "allows" it, but so do Republicans who are opposed to a constitutional ammendment to "end" all abortions since at the end of the day, their position of "let the states decide" defaults to a "pro-choice" position. To be fair, you must ask: Can a Republican who allows "pro-choice" be a Christian since we have abortions in mass scale in our country? The only party with a true "pro-life" position today is the Constitution Party.

---obewan on 10/7/08


YOU WROTE: Blk Lib Theology want to kill Christ again and all you whitey's. Read James Cone.

WHAT? I did not find where he says to kill whiteys or Christ. Are you sure you are talking about Black Liberation Theology? Although I have problems with this theology (for example, it keeps people -- black, white, yellow, red, brown, green and any other SILLY phenotypes that you have been brainwashed to believe -- mentally enslaved), it does not support what you claimed!

YOU FURTHER WROTE: There are uninformed people on this site that actually will vote for nobama!

You are not uninformed, right?

God bless.
---I_AM_I on 10/7/08

DDM: Right on! B.O.'s fingerprints are all over our current financial meltdown.

I looked up the origin of the name Barack and found that it came from "Burak (Buraq)," the legendary mule that flew Mohammad to heaven. So he's named after a mule. Figures.

Kitso: Good to see you back again!
---jerry6593 on 10/7/08

Atheist & Elder,


That is really funny! Thank you for the laugh. I needed it!


So Rev. Wright is not a *Christian* to you, correct? Now you want to make him into a *Muslim.* Whether, Muslim or Christian, he and the others (Palin, Obama, Biden, McCain and Muthee) I mentioned are confused because they have been taught to believe in a godman that the ancients CLEARLY knew was MYTHICAL! Even several of the early apologists or church fathers knew this! You should research Christianity/Chrestianity BEFORE and right after the creation of *Jesus of Nazareth.*
---I_AM_I on 10/7/08

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NurseRobert: "Tell us, Luke, what would YOU do to prevent abortions?"

Thank you, Ktisophilos (if that's your real name!), but I will answer his question:

I've always voted for pro-life politicians (since 1984, when I was 18), I'm currently praying and fasting along with the 40 Days for Life campaign, and yesterday I participated in the Life Chain rally here in the San Fernando Valley. And you can add to that, if you will, the fact that I've been preaching on this blog the Truth about the abortion issue. And, God-willing, I will continue to do these things and hopefully more.

May God have mercy on our wayward nation, which has grown fat and forgotten the One who redeemed us.
---Luke65 on 10/6/08

the Big Dud spews....FANNY & FREDDIE, Him and B. Frank, C. Dodd and a list of others have caused this financial MESS we're in today,
and our oil & energy crisis we're in was/IS
caused by the Dems.
And I don't apologise for protecting our country and it's people!

No, but do you apologize for making dumb remarks such as this? Who has been running this country for 10 of the last 12 years???

Who is in bed with big oil?

Who was part of the Keating 5 that cost this country Billions??

Nope, it wasn't Obama...
---NurseRobert on 10/6/08

Barry(Barack)Hussein Obama,
has MANY ties to MANY radical groups!

His work as a community(whatever it was),didn't help 1 white person, and just take a look at some of those communities now.

FANNY & FREDDIE, Him and B. Frank, C. Dodd and a list of others have caused this financial MESS we're in today,
and our oil & energy crisis we're in was/IS
caused by the Dems.
And I don't apologise for protecting our country and it's people!

You all need to read the story about this guy, Barack:Meaning "Blessed" AS he likes to be called, should scare the living daylight's outta you!!!!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/6/08

atheist: Your sense of humor make me chuckle. You didn't write for Monty Python at one point did you? Gary Larsen?

You have the same sense of irony about you that GOD puts in scripture. Last shall be first, first shall be last.
This one one of my favorites below.

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty,
1 Corinthians 1:26

The ear that heareth the reproof of life abideth among the wise.
Proverbs 15
But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes.
2 Timothy 2:22
---Trav on 10/6/08

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Nurse Roberts the liberal spruiks:

"Tell us, Luke, what would YOU do to prevent abortions?"

What a crass argument. So someone shouldn't object to slavery, rape, murder, theft unless he is personally prepared to do something about it?
---Ktisophilos on 10/6/08

"ive heard "if you support Obama, you then support Abortion""

And rightly so. Obama promises to sign the "freedom of choice" act that would invalidate all prohibitions such as parental notification laws and would force taxpayers to fund abortion whether they CHOOSE to or not.

Obama even voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, and ranted against the Supreme Court upholding the ban on partial birth abortion.
---Ktisophilos on 10/6/08


"Well then, McCain's original stand on abortion was that he supports an abortion in case of rape, incest and harm to the mother. He also supports fetal cell research and did not want to overturn Roe V. wade."

This was deficient.

"so, if we vote for McCain, do we also support abortion."

Here it would be the lesser of two evils: one who would in practice ban about 90% of abortions (McCain) and one who would allow even more abortions by permitting the grotesque partial birth abortions (Obamessiah).
---Ktisophilos on 10/6/08


"and yes, you can be a democrat and not support abortion."

How, when the Dem platform is open slather on abortion?

The right to life underlies all other "rights".
---Ktisophilos on 10/6/08

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Larry is ignorant. The Republican party was formed to abolish slavery. The Dems were the party that defended slavery, and later provided the KKK, and promoted the Jim Crow laws and the segregation. MLK was a conservative Christian and Republican.

Liberal churches also loved eugenics in the 1920s and 1930s.
---Ktisophilos on 10/6/08

I_AM_I on 10/3/08: Wright is not mild, he is a James Cone Clone. You have to take an oath to belong to this church. Blk Lib Theology want to kill Christ again and all you whitey's. Read James Cone. Muthee is probably just trying to drive any thought of nobama winning out of Palins head. Use a witch doctor to drive a witch doctor away. I do agree the world is going mad. As testament- There are uninformed people on this site that actually will vote for nobama!
---Trav on 10/6/08

I_AM_I, it is very apparent that you know very little about prayer or the Bible. The Bible has never confused anyone. You say the named people need help but you suggest they "Put away their Bibles."
We can also see that you know nothing of the "former" Muslin, Pastor Wright, who for 20 years spewed hate messages to Obama and his wife.
You feel sorry for Palin. I feel sorry for you.
---Elder on 10/6/08

Truth: Rev Wright is a foul mouthed racist disguised as a preacher of christianity. Obama attended Wright's church for many years and proudly proclaimed his agreement with and attachment to Wright until the truth about Wright came out.
Truth: Palin's pentacostal church had a VISITING preacher, Thomas Muthee, who has a mixed past. Muthee "blessed" Palin. He prayed for protection from witchcraft and that she might have a successful campaign and change Alaska for the better.
Whats the difference here? The first shows Obama's lack of judgement and character. The second shows nothing objectionalbe about Palin,only about a visting pastor.
---grant on 10/5/08

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NO! A REAL Christian knows the word and will not sway from it. There are lots and lots of people who claim to be Christian and going through the motions, but there is no change in the heart.
---dayce on 10/6/08

trav --

If everyone you mention is confused about Christianity....and they put their Bible away, as you suggest...what should they do to clarify their understanding of Christianity?
---Donna66 on 10/4/08

Tell us, Luke, what would YOU do to prevent abortions?
---NurseRobert on 10/4/08

Sorry, But double-minded Hipocrits(as you call yourself) won't enter the Kingdom of Heaven, "A" good unbeliever is just as dead & lost to God as a believer that won't walk the walk...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/4/08

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Nurse: As I've explained before, my morality is also based on the will of God - as revealed in His Word - particularly the part in His own Handwriting in stone. You know, the Ten Commandments. You too?
---jerry6593 on 10/4/08


I think many here have seen that tape. Muthee also ask god to remove any impediments in Palins path.

Many here would like to see her as President. Muthee might be able, with his witch doctor skills, to help her get there with god's help...

Then she can appoint him Secretarey of State and Defense. He can visit all the bad heads of state, cast out their demons and witches and make them good. As Secretary of Defense he can build the Remote Demon Casting Out Device to stop the enemies' armies in their tracks.

Peace is at hand...
---atheist on 10/3/08


Rev. Wright is mild compare to Sarah Palin*s modern day WITCH-HUNTING African pastor, Thomas Muthee!!! Have you seen the video of him chasing witches from inside of Palin? Have you researched Muthee? How could any serious (not puppet!) foreign heads of state not laugh at Palin after her witch-chasing video?

You should research black liberation theology! You will know you are doing a good job when you come across the wickedness of the current occupant of the Vatican!

BTW: Rev. Wright, Obama, Palin, McCain, Biden and Muthee are all CONFUSED on Christianity! They should put their bible away! It is the cause of their confusion! Of all of them, I feel sorry for Palin the most. She really needs our help!
---I_AM_I on 10/3/08

For me this party has its problems as well. But,future leader being Anti Christ, Anti American is taking it to the extreme end. I cannot tolerate either one especially in the order given above. The question would not even be a question if the demo pres wannabe....had not marked his self. I'll mention again his oath in membership to wrights Black liberation theology for twenty (20) years. Read James cones book and you will understand. Now if you are black and agree...or if you are white and agree with James Cone, J wright, obamanation. Be brave enough to stand and testify. At least we know what you uphold. I've stated mine.
---Trav on 10/3/08

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StrongAxe: ""Party of Death" overstates the case."

It's their platform, they can live with it.

Okay, I have to do this: Why don't you take your strong axe to the Democrats' abortion plank!
---Luke65 on 10/2/08

Now, tell us, Jerry, what is YOUR morality based on?
---NurseRobert on 10/2/08

Jerry.. thank you, that wasn't so hard, was it??

My morality is based on a belief in God and his will for us.
---NurseRobert on 10/1/08

this question sounds to me that the Republican party is sinless & holy.

why don't we ask a question regarding the GOP.

can a republican be a christian since they support war that kill women & children, lie, steal, & cheat, promote torture to govern a country?
---mike on 10/1/08

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I'm not Jerry....but, a non Christ believer can have morals. Christians do not have morality cornered.

They do have mercy cornered. From the only GOD.

The most moral person is not or will ever be totally moral. You for example. Ha. Me for example. double ha, ha.

I like the bumper sticker, "Yes, I'm a Hypocrite, difference is, I'm a forgiven Hyprocrite."

No mercy.
---Trav on 9/30/08

Nurse: Now focus this time... YES!

OK, It's your turn:

Upon what is your personal morality based?
---jerry6593 on 9/30/08


My comment was also a rhetorical jest (hence the smiley at the end) :)


"Party of Death" overstates the case. the Democrats have never had a "pro-abortion" policy. They do not encourage abortions - rather, they are "pro-choice" - that is, they want the mother to have the ultimate choice (which is NOT the same thing). It would be equally "accurate" to call the Republicans the "Party of Death" because they promote war.

Name-calling may make one feel good for a while, but it is rarely conducive to any kind of meaningful or constructive dialogue.
---StrongAxe on 9/30/08

.strongaxe, I do not place Jesus in any political party, he is the Most High God, therefore he could be a DemoPub or a RepubliCrat...I jest.
---Eloy on 9/29/08

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Why can't a Democrat be a Christian? There are plenty of Christian democrats! While I am personally opposed to abortion, I don't vote on one issue. I'm not a democrat because I believe in personal responsibility and I believe that the democratic party leans toward encouraging many to be dependent on the government when it is not necessary. I once worked with a single mom with two kids who didn't qualify for medicaid because she made too much money at less than 9.00 an hour. Others stay at home, make babies and collect a check. I would much rather my tax dollars go to someone who is trying!
---HappyLDS on 9/29/08

Can anyone who isn't Jerry be a moral person?
---atheist on 9/29/08

Amen, heavenlybaubles. Amen.
---Mary on 9/29/08

StrongAxe! You're killing me, my brother. You keep straining out gnats and swallowing the camel. If you think that the Party of Death can solve our problems then you haven't heard the Scriptures. Which is not to say the Repubs can, or will, but when you know that one political party proudly stands for the murder of innocents in their platform, and the other party courageously stands for the right to life, including a human life amendment to the Constitution, and you don't know what the outcome of any of these problems will be, then I would simply do what God commands: Choose Life.
---Luke65 on 9/29/08

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Can a non Christian be a moral person?
---NurseRobert on 9/29/08

i can only say this as i stand a Christian and a Democrat...i am a daughter of God and a mother to a special needs child, this is where my personal passion and beliefs derive from...

ive heard "if you support Obama, you then support Abortion"

so, i ask this of those who agree with the above statement..."if you support McCain, do you then support adultery?" McCain left his first wife and children after returning from war...he personally committed adultery

is one sin heavier than the next? i have been taught that a sin is a sin in Gods' eyes...when will we as Christians learn to not judge and leave that to our God
---heavenlybaubles on 9/29/08


Yes, God CAN do whatever he wants. However, the fact that children are killed by abortions, and children in third world countries die of starvation and disease, and many innocents die in wars and natural disasters indicate that God does NOT rescue everyone from their predicaments, but rather leaves most people to their own devices for the most part. (See Luke 13:1-5)


Does this mean that Jesus was a Democrat? :)
---StrongAxe on 9/29/08

strongeaxe: "For example, millions of unborn babies surviving to be born will be of little benefit if millions more will die due to hardship because the economy is so bad..."

God, the Creator, the giver of life, is bigger then that and able to make a way where there seems to be no way. I've seen it in my own little life. He's God, our provider, who gave manna and caused water to flow from a rock. Our reasoning can limit
---christina on 9/29/08

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Nurse: What question have you asked that I have not answered?

You have not answered mine.

Upon what is your morality based?
---jerry6593 on 9/27/08

Jesus rode into Jerusalem upon a donkey, not an elephant.
---Eloy on 9/27/08

Is it idolatry to put ones trust in a politician, Democrat or Republican? It would seem so. All politicians make ethical compromises and at the end of the day will do only what will maintain their own power.
---Kim2u on 9/26/08

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