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Should We Honor A Request

When in a non-Christian home should we accept the householder's request not to mention our beliefs when other non-Christian guests arrive? Are we failing God if we accept this or is this His way of telling us He will not be accepted there? Would we be casting pearls before swine if we did speak up?

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 ---emg on 10/15/06
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I belive the only resemblance of an OX to a mule is its feet which by praise are not cloven.What a blessing.
---Emcee on 6/3/08

You'll never know if you'd be casting pearls before swine unless you speak up. That's the only way to find out if anyone is willing to listen. I'd follow the Spirit, if He moves you to speak, then speak. If He doesn't, than dont. :-) Most of all, witness with your behavior...let others see your good works and glorify God in heaven. :-)
---Todd1 on 6/2/08

Answer to "?" IS!
I'll give you the Words that Saul/Paul gave to Peter when he got up and left and CAUSED many others to get up and leave WHEN the Prominent Jews Showed up to the Party.
You Bend W/the Wind,And it's NOT to be so with the Children of God!
A little of my words in that, But IT'S Sound Words.
You can read about it in the Bible to get the Exact Words.
Same meaning though.
I'd Leave & dust my shoes off, No one shuts this OX up!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/2/08

I don't think the word of God was up for Debate W/the D's or Jesus, Although Many Tried too.
They had a more sure word of Jesus,
And IF not for ALL the Misinterpretations for the Last 2000 yrs. WE wouldn't be Debating IT Right Now, Either!

ALL this Debating HIS Words has taught me 1 thing, We've Fallen From SOUND DOCTRINE.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/2/08

While I strongly believe in witnessing to everyone, I feel we must as believers and witnesses be "listening out" for what the Holy Spirit says to us. I have never heard an audible voice but I have heard many times that small inward voice telling me what to do. Sometimes the Holy Spirit says keep talking, and sometimes the Holy Spirit says stop talking. Continued
---mima on 5/31/08

I just moved into a new neighborhood 7 months ago. A couple next door are not Christians. Their daughter and son-in-law is. When I met the daughter at a birthday party she told me how much her parents loved me. They do NOT want anyone talking "religion" to them. Yet I see true joy in seeing me. Then yesterday the man let lose a cuss word and immediately changed it. He has never done that before, in fact at times it seemed he would deliberately see how bad he could talk.
---Gena8493 on 7/26/07

Continued: When the husband had a heart attack last month, she seemed grateful that I was praying for them. Neither one was raised in church and now they are elderly. I think people do not want to hear how much we know about anything, including the Lord, until they know how much we care. I have honored their request not to talk "religion" but I still pray for them and love them.
---Gena8493 on 7/26/07

Interesting question! Once after being invited into a home to speak to unbeliever, unbeliever threatened my life. Once while witnessing to a man I felt something or someone pull me back by the shoulders, the pull was very strong, almost made me fall. As I recovered and straightened up the Holy Spirit said to me, stop talking he will not accept your witness. Continued
---mima on 7/26/07

If said relatives swore,told off-colored jokes & came to your home for an event, would you ask them not to talk that way in your home? Would that reveal God's Word? Prov.9: 7-10,15:1,12. In their home & honoring a request not to speak of your faith is showing respect for them in their home. Actions do speak louder than words at times. Perhaps, that would open dialogue pertaining to their behaviour in your home. Thru prayer & the Word will you truly know God's wisdom for YOU in your situation.
---Linda on 10/18/06

Susie, he said the unsaved person is a close relative. I have stayed in unsaved relatives' homes overnight. There was a time when my entire family of origin was unsaved, except me.
---Madison1101 on 10/17/06

Donna: You make an excellent point about the potential for problems if certain people have religion thrust in their faces. Good point. It could blow up in the Christian's face.
---Madison1101 on 10/17/06

IMO you are not failing God. He may be telling you just to be quiet for now. God's TIMING is perfect.

Your host didn't tell you WHY the request. e.g.Uncle Billy flies into a rage anytime religion is discussed or Aunt Agnes (who has been very depressed)will launch into a long discourse about her fathers death, Cousin John just got out of the psych hospital and still thinks he is God!. Honor your hosts request. You don't want to spoil future opportunities to witness. Pray and observe.
---Donna2277 on 10/17/06

emg, Who do you love more, the relative or Christ? They are the ones that are rejecting, not you. Your tongue is free to praise the Lord 24/7, and you are Commanded by God to share your faith. Either the relative gets with the program, or they'll remain lost and damned according to God. Pray for them but know that you are right, and the relative is wrong, and as time passes the relative's time becomes shorter for the opportunity to choose the right, that is Christ. Please read Luke 14:25-35.
---Eloy on 10/16/06

A silent witness is a dead witness. Every opportunity you have, let your let shine brightly, and never let any flesh quench the Spirit.
---Eloy on 10/16/06

What are you doing in non-Christian homes for an extended period other than to witness to them?
---Susie on 10/16/06

Your testimony can be shown without speaking. Take an interest in the other people at the gathering. Love them as Christ loved them. Listen to them and empathize with them. Find out how to continue the relationship with them after the gathering. Befriend them. You don't have to tell them a thing about Christ with your words. Your actions can speak much louder than words.
---Madison1101 on 10/16/06

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If you don't speak up how can you witness to the lost? To me if you do this, you are a shamed of God. I would have enough respect for them not to down their beliefs. If the subject of Christ come up, have an adult conversation. If someone gets mad over one's beliefs then they are the ones that need to grow up.
---Rebecca_D on 10/16/06

Christianity is more than a belief. Christianity is a living testimony to the one true and living God. Christianity is not lipservice sermons it is a way of being. You are a light that banishes darkness. If your friend is asking you notto engage in theological discussions that is fine if they are asking you to extinguish your light in their home that is impossible. BE a Christian. Christianity is evidenced by what you are not what you say.
---Ryan on 10/16/06

** you see, when someone rejects my Christ, then they are rejecting me, for Jesus is my friend and my God.**

What makes you think this person would be rejecting Christ?

He (or she) may be rejecting a certain attitude frequently shown by some Christians to those they don't consider spiritual enough.
---Jack on 10/16/06

Madison, Eloy, Helen - I appreciate what you say and these same thoughts have all gone through my mind. All your suggestions are good but they are less easy to put into action when the household being visited is one of close relatives, and that is where I have this problem. It is a dilemma and needs much prayer before and during each visit. Thank you all.
---emg on 10/16/06

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The second commandment says we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. To alienate a friend because they make this request is not loving. Win more flies with honey. Love them to the Lord, don't shove Him down their throats.
---Madison1101 on 10/16/06

We ought to obey God rather than man. I doubt that I would want to stay if that were requested of me. I would not allow myself to succumb to such a request. I would politely tell them that if that is the case and they do not want Jesus, then I cannot be welcome either.
---Helen_5378 on 10/16/06

you see, when someone rejects my Christ, then they are rejecting me, for Jesus is my friend and my God. I take Jesus everywhere I go, and if somebody doesn't like it, then that is there problem and not mine. And if they cannot welcome my Jesus in their house, then I will not be welcomed there either.
---Eloy on 10/15/06

No, you obey God rather than man, and God Commands you to share your faith. If the householder disrepects your freedom to express your Christian faith, then leave his house and wipe even the dust off your feet from his place, and go share your faith with many others that need to hear you.
---Eloy on 10/15/06

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emg: I have been in situations such as you describe. I speak in general terms. "What are your hobbies?" "I am spend most of my time involved in activities at my church." "Really, what church is that?" "I attend _____. I would be happy to discuss this with you in private at a later time." Respect the host, and leave the door open for future discussions with that person. If they wish to learn more, they will seek you out. Pray for that type of opportunity.
---Madison1101 on 10/15/06

2. The two most controversial subjects are politics and religion, both of which we can choose to not mention ourselves but when others do, do I sit silently whilst others discuss such things - because the host has requested I do not discuss these? I'm never sure what to do in these situations but I have been given the 'evil eye' on one occasion when I just answered something that I was asked.
---emg on 10/15/06

My own problem here, which I could not fit into a 50 word question, is that although I respect the wishes of the host in whose house I might be, there can be occasions when other guests will ask questions e.g. do you have a hobby, what do you do in your spare time? etc. Do I upset the host/hostess, ignore the question, make-up something or take this as a possible lead from God?
---emg on 10/15/06

In a circumstance such as this it is best to honor their request and not lose what could be a good friend. I think a lot of times our words and actions reflect what type a person we are. When my mother became a SDA she flew from Chicago to San Diego to try a convert a childhood friend. She lost that womans friendship. My mother drove away a lot of people this way, including my father. Just before he passed away he did join the church because he wanted to and not because of her.
---Norma7374 on 10/15/06

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**She's loud and wants to be the center of attention.**

This is precisely what I mean by being obnoxious in the Name of Jesus.
---Jack on 10/15/06

Mrs M Are you prepared to answer this question which I asked you elseewhere?:
On the matter of the Divinity of the Blood of Jesus, why is it that you reckon His blood to be more divine than Christ Himself? Why do you worship the Blood more than the Risen Christ?
What saved you, His Sacrifice for you, or the blood spilled in that sacrifice? Surely the Sacrifice includes the Blood, and the Blood would have been nothing without the Sacrifice?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/15/06

It is that person's home,as a Christian you are bound to respect another's rights. It is their right to run their home as they desire. You may not agree but you have no right to change it and will only come off looking obstinate. That will not win souls to the Kingdom of God. Go if you please, showing all loving respect,especially the hosts. A Quite and meek spirit speaks volumes more than loud rebellion against the hosts.
---Darlene_1 on 10/15/06

mima , sister penpal me at "narke4934", God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/15/06

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You should accept the request seeing you are in their house. Obviously you won't be going there too often. The householder probably has had big arguments about religion before and doesn't want repeats. There are still ways you can be a good example like offering to help and being friendly. Have a kind spirit about you and do the best you can in the situation you're in. Pray before you go and ask God to open some doors.
---john on 10/15/06

(II.)...even some Christian's reject Him, because they reject His Truth, so the Truth is not in them(the devil can be very subtle), God said come out from among them and be ye separate(God changeth not),God's true people are a separate people,a peculiar people(1 Peter 2:9),it's the DIVINE SINLESS BLOOD OF CHRIST JESUS, working in our life and in our souls, that makes us peculiar to the world(strangers in a strange land), partaker's of His Divine Nature(2 Peter 1:4).
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/15/06

(I.)I don't want to be in any one's home(even blood kin folk) if they don't respect the gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ. Some unbelievers are very blunt about this, they say don't speak of Jesus, so I don't feel "welcomed in their home", because Christ lives within me and they are so harshly rejecting Him....
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/15/06

I recently got a VERY nasty email for talking to my Brother's children about Jesus.

I don't regret it, but now I am not welcomed. They are getting older and the times we live in are getting more dire as the days progress.

Love says, don't let them march to eternity without the Lord.
---Pharisee on 10/15/06

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Witnessing is best accomplished in public hence my witnessing at county fairs and public Parks. If I encounter any resistance whatsoever from the person I'm witnessing to I immediately stop. When witnessing in Mexico I always stay on the street or in public parks. Many people bring friends or children for me to witness to, but if the frieds or children don't want to be witnessed to I try never to push the situation.
---mima on 10/15/06

I have a friend that turns every event, meeting into an opportunity to witness about Jesus. Food stores, etc. She's loud and wants to be the center of attention. Now I love this lady, and I stand by her. But she loses friends like flys drop off in the fall. People literally run from her in the parking lot, I've watched. I've told her, but she's hardheaded. Don't bull your way in, Jesus knocks. If they are good enough to ask you over, by all means, please respect their wishes.
---Raine on 10/15/06

I have been to a gathering, where there was a Christian who whatever the topic of converstion was, turned it round to make a "Christian" comment. eg, if it was about the weather, there would be a reason for the bad weather ... God's punishment etc.
Even asa Christian I found it rather irritating... and to my mind it was not good witnessing.
Perhaps your friends are afraid that this might happen.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/15/06

With cold weather coming(I live in Missouri) I will soon be starting to go south in order to continue witnessing. If I go into Mexico I will be using an interpreter of course. An interesting side note to this is, if I abruptly stopped talking my interpreter will look at me very strangely and when I tell him that the Holy Spirit is speaking to me he will say how strange but he also will stop talking as there is nothing to interpret, and so it goes.
---mima on 10/15/06

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Being obnoxious in the Name of Jesus builds nothing but resentment.

Imagine if you had a Wiccan friend visiting you, would you think it a reasonble request to ask that he not mention his beliefs and practices before your non-Wiccan friends?

The householder has a right to say what people may say and do under his own roof.

If you don't like his rules, don't go to his house.
---Jack on 10/15/06

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