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Women Made To Stay At Home

Should women be made to stay at home and take care of domestic duties versus going to a work environment meant for men?

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 ---John_Tutie on 10/15/06
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It's like closing the stable doors after the horse has bolted!

I don't think that one can say women should be made to stay at home if things were different women should choose to work rather having to.

If things were as God intended women would work more from the proverbs woman understanding but that's more of a gift rather than a way of life in today's society.
---Carla3939 on 12/18/08

I am a working single mom. Have been since my children were born. This is because my daughter's father died, and my son's father said he was only going to do the minimum required no more.(you can't raise a family on $10 an hour). Because of my life's situation, I have always said that being a working mom is no excuse to be a bad mom.
I also found that God's word says this too.
The Proverbs 31 woman does it all. She works to help her husband, she provides the things that her family needs and she is a crowning glory to her husband and she puts God first. I see no reason why a woman can't do these things. I do everyday even though I am not married. Imagine what life I will have when God blesses me with a husband!
---ginger on 10/21/08

MIC: Your anger is directed at the wrong person. I said the same thing you are saying.You need to wake up or shut up!
---Robyn on 10/11/08

Robyn:-"No church or Pastor has the right to tell you how many children you and your spouse can Have"With due respect to your breaking Heart.Reverse the situation God reads your mind and does not give you children or Takes them away what would your heart feel then?after all He did say Increase and multiply did he say how you really thing you have that Right of Control.Yes If Jesus stood in that pulpit and said I want you to have as many as I choose to give you,what would your answer be then.REMEMBER THIS "Thy WILL be done on Earth as it is in Heaven"He is the author and Giver of life.
---MIC on 9/22/08

Gioia: My heart broke when I read your post. No church or pastor has any right to dictate how many kids you and your spouse will have. The nerve of a church like that or a pastor! I would be outraged at something like this. Who will take care of these kids and provide for them but you and your spouse. So you should be the ones to decide how many kids you can afford to have an take care of. You need to put yourself on a schedule and get organized. You do have a sizable situation to deal with. God bless you hon
---Robyn on 9/21/08

Genesis shows us that life will be tough.But he/she who maintains Belief his obedience to God will have life eternal."The riches of today are NOT the riches of tomorrow"We all start small except a few with a silver spoon in their mouth.
---MIC on 9/21/08

I'm a home omom mother of six and is such hard work sometinme i wish i had planned my life different But we were in a church where birth control was phoibited and here i'm stuck with my kids no mor in that cult broke and my husband always complaining about our struugles and mistakes
taliking about jail in your mind
if was not for the lord i'll be gone crazy
my kids are a blessing but as of now is sad that i'm not able to buy all the necessary thing the need soo for some one who want to start a family get counsel and debt free before you start and stay strong or you will not make it even if yo have 2
---gioia on 9/20/08

That's not what society says is best or the times we live in, but I think Christians should take their direction from Christ through the Holy Spirit.

I'd rather struggle with money and have children that know they're loved.
---Pharisee on 9/19/08

I would love to stay home and take care of things there. I rather the man to go out and work. But I do not want to be forced to stay home, or go to work, for that matter. I would like a choice.Some women have been forced to work, even marrieds. I have not. I thank God for that choice. I believe women do better in the home as homemakers.Not saying they cannot fare in the workplace.
---Robyn on 10/13/07

I rather think that any man who tries to make a woman stay home will meet with much opposition. We prefer carrots to sticks. Any singleton thinking that enforcement would be their lot after marriage would probably opt to remain single. John Tutie, is there a particular reason for the question?
---emg on 10/5/07

Who ever said the environment was meant for men? No one should be made to do anything they do not want to do, including staying home to be the good little wifey. Some women are better moms if they do not stay home and some are better if they do.
---debra on 2/21/07

Plenty of women are forced to work just to pay bills because in our economy one income is not always enough to support a whole household. It is a Privelage for a Woman to be able to stay home and live on one income. It is a joy for her to be able to settle into domestic bliss...if it be possible.

---Reiter on 11/6/06

Notlaw, I understand and agree with what you said, but that has nothing to do with a persons value, which is what I was commenting on. Education or lack of it do not alter someones TRUE value, not monetary. God shows no favoritism. By the way,I have a degree, yet chose to stay home for many years.
---Christina on 10/17/06

Pharisee,"I was merely trying to illustrate that life doesn't need to be empty just because we have responsibilities" I agree, in fact having responsibilities, especially the gift of children, makes ones life more full. The idea I object to is that one's life is empty without an education, or "success"...If I misunderstood, I'm sorry. I DO wish to understand where you are coming from, and have benifited from your posts.. My comment was not meant to be a personal attack. Be Blessed
---Christina on 10/17/06

I stay at home because I chose to. I am able to work, but me and my husband both feel right now my place is at home. When things were tight I thought that I would have to go to work, but things worked out to where I could stay home. When my daughter goes to school next year, I will either go to work or go back to school and become a RN. If a woman can stay home and has little ones they should want to stay at home. but not all feel that way.
---Rebecca_D on 10/17/06

Jack, there are ways in which the stay-at-home mom can bring in money for the family. But I won't go into all the details.
---Kay on 10/17/06

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Christina, I didn't intend it to be offensive, and I didn't mean to imply that someone without an education is a nobody.

I was merely trying to illustrate that life doesn't need to be empty just because we have responsibilities.

Why are you so easily offended? Isn't it better to try and understand where the writer is coming from and offer helpful insights.

The ball is in your court.
---Pharisee on 10/17/06

** I personally believe that if a woman is married and has young children at home then she ought to work from the home.**

This would be ideal, but present social and economic realities require two incomes--and not always is homeworking (thank you Mary Pride) practical.
---Jack on 10/17/06

Christina, unless you are going to be satisfied with a minimum wage position, you are going to need a good education. A Bachelors Degree in almost anything. Human Resource people in most companies trash applications and resume for better positions of candidates that are not college graduates. And you can have graduate degrees and still get cut when your position is outsourced over seas. That just the way it is in a competitive global society.
---notlaw99 on 10/17/06

I love that Proverb about the virtuous woman, who manages her home and does business from home too. Reminds me of Ebay, or freelancing. Our economy and standard of living is so extravagant. People could have a decent life on one income, but not nearly as luxurious as most Americans live now. We live on an extremely small income. Everyone would be shocked if I said what it is. Im not telling, because I dont want to give anyone a heart attack lol!
---bev5537 on 10/16/06

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This is really funny question. We live in America which is still the land of the free. Nobody should be made to do anything that they don't want to do in this country! But, personally I think the world would be a lot better if women did stay home and take care of their home and children full-time.
---Susie on 10/16/06

John, sounds good to Just kidding. Your words "be made to" by that do you mean be forced to? NO. Of course NOT. I haven't met a man yet that can support me. I'm 47 and even when I was married, I had to support us. He went to school to learn a trade and I worked to pay the bills and eat. A work environment is NOT "meant" for men. Bite your tongue. Why shouldn't a woman work, this is 2006, remember?
---Donna9759 on 10/16/06

Norma: ***** versus going to a work environment meant for men?*****

John Tutie wrote that jobs were meant for men. He also did not specify married women. His words were general and sexist and seem to say that all women should be at home, as the work world is meant for men.

John Tutie, are you referring to all women, or just married women?
---Madison1101 on 10/16/06

Madison, some people have to work at home in order to bring in an income of some kind. No, it's not the same thing as working outside and having benefits, but a person can work just as hard. Also, you mentioned about single mothers. Yes, they do have to go out and work; but, I think this question is a general question referring to married people. If I'm wrong somebody correct me.
---Norma7374 on 10/16/06

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Pharisee, your statement "No one has said 'be a nobody and don't get an education'" implies that someone without an education is a nobody. This is offensive. I don't believe God sees anyone, regardless of education or lack of it as a nobody. I know this is offtopic, but could not let it pass.
---Christina on 10/16/06

Kay: Those stay at home jobs are not as competitive as real careers, such as teaching and they do not have medical benefits or retirement plans. No stay at home job could compete with my salary and benefits.
---Madison1101 on 10/16/06

Its possible for a stay-at-home mom to earn a paycheck. There are many at-home jobs out there.
---Kay on 10/16/06

Personally, I see no reason why a woman should not work outside the home if she wants to. In todays society it sometimes takes two paychecks to make ends meet. If we as women are to be help mates then why not help in this area as well? Our mate should not have to bear this burden alone. I worked for 35 years before retiring, and my husband and I agree it was needful at that time in our lives trying to raise three sons.
---barba5758 on 10/16/06

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No one has said 'be a nobody and don't get an education' God hasn't.

God has said something to young Mothers however, and that is to love your children in light of the Father's foreknowledge and care, not measuring how many grilled cheese sandwiches have been slapped together over the years, presuming we've done all we can.

Jesus says we are profitable when looking for what we haven't done. Luke 17:10
---Pharisee on 10/16/06

The reason this question is so sexist is because 50% of marriages end in divorce, leaving a lot of single mothers out there. Who will support them?
---Madison1101 on 10/16/06

I personally believe that if a woman is married and has young children at home then she ought to work from the home. Notice how I said "work" at home. Being a wife and mother is a full time job in itself.
---Kay on 10/16/06

Jack, I agree "it's a sad commentary on our society when this must be done just to survive.' Sometimes this, (necessity) is the case, but all too often in USA it's not really about survival since so much that americans have is not necessary. Much is considered to enhance the "quality' of life, this of course is very subjective, but if more had Jesus, they might realize that He is sufficient, and He is our true quality of life. After all, life comes from Him, He gives it and more abundantly...
---Christina on 10/15/06

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What a sexist question. I am divorced. Who will support me? I thank God my exhusband insisted I get a college degree and start a career 20 years ago. When he left me I was well established in a career where I could support myself, and also contribute to my youngest's college education. I have since gone to graduate school and now have two careers, with one full time and two part time jobs. All of my kids are grown. Why should I stay home all day? I can't believe such sexism still exists today.
---Madison1101 on 10/15/06

To this eternal truth is giv'n, that God will force no man to heaven.

Mothers should be encouraged to stay at home and care for their children, but the should NEVER be made to stay at home. In truth if husbands were paid a living wage for a fair day's work, mothers would not be forced to enter the workplace in the first place. The fact is that here in CT. it is essential to have multiple wages coming into the home, just to pay the mortgages on their ridiculously priced homes.
---Robert on 10/15/06

I don't think a man has the right to make a woman stay at home. I think a woman should stay at home and raise her child at least until that child goes to school. If a man makes a woman stay at home, there is going to be big trouble in that marriage. The problem in this day and age is couples keep having children and going out to work to keep up with the Jones's, as the old saying goes; and, let someone else raise their children. A woman without children needs an outlet of some kind.
---Norma7374 on 10/15/06

The bible is very much a chauvinistic book. Women were bought sold and traded like so much chattel!Was it a good system??Emancipation for women is relatively recent in the west. In Saudi women are still not allowed to drive (but woopee, they can ride a riding mower) I personally believe in freedom for both sexes
---1st_cliff on 10/15/06

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Instant over defensiveness implies men want 'em young, barefoot,pregnant, & uneducated ('cept fer cookin-n-cleanin'). That is not true. A wife is equal to the husband. The load should be shared every way possible.. that's where the Bible comes in. We have equal but different responsibilites in family placement. Then it's between the man & woman. The answer I give your question is to pray about placement in God's word. Many times both work to pay bills. Too often both work to have things.
---mikefl on 10/15/06

**Proverbs 31:10-31 tells what a virtuous woman does,she cares for the household,buys land ,plants a vineyard,sells merchandise to stores.**

And absolutely nothing she does here requires that she leave the family property to work in someone else's place of business.

I'm not saying anything against wives working outside the home as such, but it's a sad commentary on our society when this must be done just to survive.
---Jack on 10/15/06

I think husbands should discuss thease with their wives prior to marriage see where each other stands in views. I, myself,stay at home,but will work when & IF emergancy arises& my husband agrees.
---candice on 10/15/06

During American Revolution it was women who kept businesses going while men were fighting. Women during World War Two kept factories-busineses running while men were at war. Make a woman stay at home,no,a woman has as much right to work at whatever job she is qualified as a man. Proverbs 31:10-31 tells what a virtuous woman does,she cares for the household,buys land ,plants a vineyard,sells merchandise to stores. She's a selfemployed businesswoman dealing with men. Women ministered with Apostles too.
---Darlene_1 on 10/15/06

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