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Is This God's Best Mate For Me

How do you know the one that you want to be with is the one that God wants you to be with for the rest of your lives?

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 ---bruce3376 on 10/16/06
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That is wonderful Ashley...may the Lord continue to bless you and your wife. Thanks for sharing that, it encourages me to see how God blessed you by being faithful to Him. I am in that position now, just trusting and being faithful to Him and keeping myself from participating in any of the world's ways and I know that in God's perfect timing, He will provide a mate for me, just as He did for you. Be blessed!
---Holly4jc on 8/26/07

question: how do we know our mate is the right one. I was married before. nothing but misery and pain. after my divorce I found my current wife. She is everything I could ever ask for. She is not a religious fanatic and supports me in every way possible. we've been married for eight years and have never had an argument or disagreement about anything. we live in perfect harmony with each other. I wouldn't have her now, if I followed the world in wickedness. God blesses those who obey and love him only.
---ashley on 8/26/07

con't: that is what separates true disciples of Jesus Christ from the phonies professing his name only. Before I met my wife, I was tempted by many women to indulge in pleasures of the flesh. I never indulged them even once. Knowing it would hurt the Savior, I excused myself and went home. Because I obeyed God and didn't give into satan's temptations God blessed me with my true soul mate. Eight years later, I thank God every day for giving her to me.
---ashley on 8/26/07

Birds of a feather flock and fly together, MikeM.
---Kelly on 8/25/07

listen up! What you must understand it ONLY Andria and I determine who goes to heaven, and who is in a 'cult. As far as I know, right now its only her and I will be going to heaven, when she clears it with managment.
---MikeM on 8/25/07

It was Marcia that was so concerned, how did that translate over to Andrea's worry. But yes, you are one and the same.
I'm not an angry cult member and I'm not an adolescent with arrested development. I was a concerned blogger, wondering why linda Kathr was smothering out all of the blogs with her temporary religions and temporary people.
I wanted JohnT., and other credible bloggers to come back. Why, because they're not out to dupe the boards.
---Crystal on 8/24/07

Donna I understand what this does - there someone that follows me around too. I think that there are adolescents with extra time.
The one that gets me is Crystal its either a kid or an angry cult member.

We should be able to report abuse on this site - all other sites have that.

Msnbc has a thing where you can close the window.
---Andrea on 8/24/07

Are you sure all this self reassurance you give yourself is not about a midlife crisis. Fifty will soon be here, looks are fleeting sweet parakeet. Then what will you have?
---DePuTy on 8/19/07

This is so funny, I can't help to share my laughter. We all got new computers at work. I left the IT guy alone to do his job, came back, he was still at my desk, he gave me his phone number and said "If you ever want a friend to talk to." See markH, Deputy, etc., if men can just be friends with women, this world would be a much better place (versus what you do MarkH, MarkB, Deputy). Try not to operate in anger anymore, it's dangerous ground.
---Donna on 8/17/07

#1 of 2 MarkH, I know who you are. Why don't you email me and let's take this off the board? I do NOT want a man. I gave up on that after I was so mistreated by you know who. I am sadly disappointed that you have used this board to bash me, call me a liar, attack my responses, and attack my time of worship in God's presence and call it demonic. What is that deep seeded rooted anger deep down inside of you? Please let Father God heal that anger in you. Father please heal this person I ask in Jesus name.
---Donna on 8/15/07

Augusta on 8/13, I guess we can expect the most bizzare on a Christian site. The devil doesn't care much about nonChristian work but he seems to to be very active around here. Anywhere where God is doing a good work, he will be there trying to undermine things and that is exactly what is happening right here. I've seen him in other areas of the site as well. We all need to pray for the site and EVERYBODY associated with it. God is doing a good thing here. Praise God!! LOVE !!LOVE!LOVE!!
---jody on 8/14/07

Donna, you don't tell the truth. It's not me that matters or any of the bloggers.
But you want a man so badly that you can hardly stand it. At some point, honesty wins, without it - all is a big flopperoo.
---Mark_H on 8/14/07

Augusta # 1 "You're, right, holly4jc, that would be ideal but not very practical. I don't see the mods having the time to do that level of monitoring"
But I think they can.
If you click on the writers name, you will see his previous postings.
And they only seem to be grouped together if they come from the same IP address.
---alan_of_UK on 8/14/07

Augusta # 2 So, if I wrote and used the same name as you use, whlist that name would appear at the end of the post, if we click on the name, only that post would show, not those that were genuinely from you.
---alan_of_UK on 8/14/07

Deputy, MarkH, MarkB, markH, chipper, etc., I have never ever ever used any other name. Are you that unhappy Deputy, MarkH, MarkB, etc., that all you do is attack Donna on this board? Seriously, your anger surpasses your love for the Lord Jesus. Don't you love the Lord? Then why spend your time attacking people? We all love you and are praying for you. I'm sorry you are so angry that you can't let things go.
---Donna on 8/14/07

Donna, does any of this resonate with on any level? After all, I've used many of your names.
---Mark_H on 8/14/07

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Ummm, ummmm, excuse me, my name used to be Donna, but I am many marks on the blogs. I probably have a crush on a mark or that's the name of my new hopeful mate.
Mark, mark, all I can think about is Mark, he is the love hopeful prince I hope to snag and reel in. No catch and release for me, I'm going to hang on this time.
---mark_B on 8/14/07

That's exactly what God has been telling me Helen...from now on...just ignore them, do not feed into their craziness and seeking of attention, even of the negative variety. And God was also reminding me that when people threw wild accusations at Jesus, He answered not a word. God bless you Helen!
---Holly4jc on 8/14/07

"It would be great if you can only get ONE name ID per IP address "

You're, right, holly4jc, that would be ideal but not very practical. I don't see the mods having the time to do that level of monitoring.

The difference on my other board was simply amazing though. We finally figured out the reason for the dramatic change: Immature people don't have the patience to go to all that trouble constantly switching from good guy/bad guy accounts. ,o
---augua9846 on 8/14/07

AlanofUK - Hi, responded to you earlier, but it was not posted, so here goes again. I think that maybe the best way to handle the multiple users is to just ignore them. They never hang around for long anyway. They feed off us noticing them and making comments. Let them be.
---Helen_5378 on 8/14/07

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I am all for that Augusta...I would love it if you had to use your registered name in order to post a blog...too bad they don't require that as well as do away with the "anonymous" postings. It would be great if you can only get ONE name ID per IP address (your on-line address that tracks your computer) because your IP address never changes unless you go to another computer. I think that would be great!
---Holly4jc on 8/13/07

"Should we have an agreement that we only use one name each?"

Most discussion boards have eliminated the anon posting feature and require the user to post with their registered name. When they did this on my other board it helped alot. I've never understood why they haven't done this here since it is suppose to be a Christian site. The only conclusion I can draw is that the admins don't mind nasty posts as long as they support their own beliefs.

Perhaps mod will shed some light.
---augusta on 8/13/07

Hi Alan of UK...using more than one name is called being "immature" and "childish" as well as that person being someone who is tossed about like the waves. They are unable to commit to letting people know who they are and what they actually take a stand on. They are inconsistant and cowardly, lacking commitment to their convictions. Thanks for using your same names when posting Alan of UK and Helen..I for one appreciate it!
---Holly4jc on 8/13/07

Helen ... You probably won't get an answer from "Mark H", because he wrote in fact under the name "mark h"
There seem to be many Marks & marks here, with and without various suffixes.
Would it not be nice if they each identified themselves clearly, and kept to the same name? It seems as if some of them (if there are more than one) are just playing games, or being stupid.
---alan_of_UK on 8/13/07

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Touche Helen! :-) :-) :-)
---Holly4jc on 8/12/07

Should we have an agreement that we only use one name each? Otherwise t only gets confusing, as to is this guy "pete h" the same as previous "pete b"
There's really no need to use multiple names unless you want to artificailly bolster support for your own point of view.
Incidently I am always ...
---alan_of_UK on 8/12/07

Plotting/planning penpal girl isn't very honest with herself. That's why she may be waiting for the wrong mate, again, and not even know she's been duped.
So until "Waiting for my Date/Mate" becomes honest with herself, instead of wanting someone to enable her disfunctional view of relationships - they will continue to elude her. She enables and wants enablers around her. A cycle that needs to be broken. But only honesty will get her there.
---DePuTy on 8/12/07

While I'm here, I send you (((hugs))), (((kisses))), (((love))).
Peace. God Bless. Amen. Amen.
---Sheriff on 8/12/07

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Mark H - At least Holly is being honest, and she is using just the one name, which is what I do too. The fact that you whinge about people using different names trips yourself up.
---Helen_5378 on 8/12/07

Holly, why not respond to the answers rather than the names?
The situations remain the same, whether the names change, right Holly?
---mark_H on 8/12/07

The Moderator is familiar with the usual email addresses and probably with those who have several accounts.
Have you noticed that no one posts a question for the Moderator after they all starting coming across the blogs? That was interesting. There are no secrets. The Moderator knows how many names you're using.
I think thou does protest too much, Holly.
I find it sooooo interesting.
---Crystal on 8/12/07

Speak for yourself MarkB...I do use my real name and never use another name. Just because YOU are deceptive, it does not mean the rest of the world is too. Some of us do actually fear the Lord more than man and realize that you may be able to fool some of the people, but you can never, ever fool God. He sees all and He expects us to act in integrity and truth at all times. As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!
---Holly4jc on 8/12/07

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There is a way, by e-mail addresses.
But I suppose there are several that also have several e-mail accounts.
The only reason you're upset is because some of us have figured out all of of your names, including your new ones.
---markB on 8/11/07

1) I agree with you Alan...perhaps there is a way that the moderators can authenticate who is who. This is all so ridiculous, being accused of being someone else by the others who DO come in as quite a few other names when all the while, they are actually guilty of this behavior themselves. If someone were really discerning, they could recognize the ever so slight different styles of writing, punctuation, or repetitive use of certain phases that differentiate people or on the other hand,
---Holly4jc on 8/11/07

2) point to the fact that two or more names being used on here are actually the same person. And all the accusations have a common theme even if the names are that are being used to hurl them are different. These type of people are not here to give testimony of and glorify the Lord Jesus, they are here to be the accuser of the brethren. What a shame, because I am on this site to give Glory, Honor, Praise and Testimony of my precious Lord Jesus, to share my love of Him with others...
---Holly4jc on 8/11/07

3)...and to let people know that Jesus is truly Lord of all. I am not here to attack people, yet I am constantly attacked...but that's's to be expected when you speak truth and lift up the name of Jesus. Jesus was attacked and wrongly accused and many, many others throughout history have been attacked for His name sake. So I anyone is being falsely attacked and accused, then you are truly blessed! I pray blessings upon those people right now in the name of Jesus!
---Holly4jc on 8/11/07

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Matthew 5:11
Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake."

Exodus 20:16 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor."

Matthew 5:44
But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.

And Lord, as You command...I pray blessings upon all those who are speaking falsely...bless them Lord!
---Holly4jc on 8/11/07

Alan, you sound paranoid now. No one using common sense uses their real name.
There are so many people using multiple monikers, but you would have to really pay keen attention to put it altogether. I've watched you answer the same person in 4 or 5 different ways, and it went right by you.
---markB on 8/11/07

The only thing you have to go on is scripture. She needs to be Christian. And look for the qualities listed in the Bible. Otherwise, you don't know. Remember,when dating,people are putting their best foot foward. Also Allan of UK I guess you have recovered from your paranoid breakdown of 2006 as you seem ok now. I am genuinely glad. You were out there! Welcome back. Luv in Him and Blessings
---jody on 8/11/07

markB ... thanks for your serious response to my lighthearted nonsense.
But why don't you call yourself something else?
You have accused me of multiple blogging as Alan and Alan of UK, but now you seem to be doing it yourself as various different marks. Or perhaps there are more than one?
Moderator ... is there no way you can police against these bloggers with multiple names?
---alan_of_UK on 8/11/07

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Alan, no need to explain it to you, others have tried, you don't get it. So carry on.

Donna understands in every possible way.
---markB on 8/11/07

This is very simple. God actually wants you to pick the one YOU want. If she is a Christian and you really really like her, then follow the old wise saying :"Love God and do as you please." If you love God, then you always do what pleases him. God of course knows who is good for you and brings you two together.
---bryan_shaw on 8/11/07

I reckon all you "people" are the same person!
MarkB is MarkH is Holly4ic is Donna9759 is MarkN.
I don't think they are, but maybe Janine, Crystal, Michelle and StevenG are in the joke as well?
All done to amuse or bemuse the rest of us?
---alan_of_UK on 8/11/07

In fact i sometimes have this sneaking feeling that the whole of these blogs are written by one person, including all the arguments and counter-arguments, all the refutations!
All there to keep me occupied reading and contributing.
So the only genuine one is me ... otherwise it is the one other person, or maybe a team.
But perhaps I am in the game as well, or even maybe I am the only one and I write everything.
---alan_of_UK on 8/11/07

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There is this philosophical theory that I have read that everything is in the imagination ... all we experience, all those whom we meet, all we read.
So when I say "we" I mean "I", because I am the only person/thing in existence, that everyone and everything else is just a figment of my mind.
Including the article I read postulating that idea, and including my parents and you lot.
Could be?
Funny the things people come up with sometimes. isn't it?
---alan_of_UK on 8/11/07

Oh Alan, what on earth are you (am I) on about?
Get a grip man, and get back to the serious subjects.
On the other hand, just who is who here?
I know for one that don't have multiple identies here, and am only ...
---alan_of_UK on 8/11/07

Ever notice how people who are engaging in a certain behavior always accuse others of doing that same's usually out of guilt and to take the focus off of their own bad behavior. Like when a husband is cheating on his wife and accuses HER of cheating on him, taking the focus off of him. This is usually because 1) he knows he is guilty and 2) he thinks since he is doing this, she must be doing it too. He is very paranoid since he knows he is the one in the wrong! It's so very obvious!
---Holly4jc on 8/10/07

Donna, it is that immaturity that comes through the blogs, that no doubt is coming through other areas of your life. You really don't need to pray for and exalt yourself here, really, it makes me cringe.
---markB on 8/10/07

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Donna, you always encourage yourself with the gift of discernment when the going gets tough.
I do remember the day you told Ryan, Donna is smart, Donna has discernment. Ooooh sooo funny.
---markH on 8/10/07

I just want to Praise the Lord!! Thank you Jesus for Your revelation knowledge and the gift of discernment You have given me to see past the obvious. Thank You that You have only the best in store for me in EVERY area of my life!!! I just want to praise You!!!

Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

And I pray You bless my sister Mark too!
---Holly4jc on 8/9/07

"The best online marriage tip I would like to give is the same tip the Apostle Paul gave, "It is better to remain single as I am." If only everyone got that revelation that Paul got, there would be alot less divorces today, amen?
---Donna9759 on 12/13/06"
---MarkN on 8/9/07

"Why is it so important to you for him to commit to marriage to you right now? You sound too anxious. If you want to follow Jesus, do what Jesus said to do. If anyone marries a divorced woman, she is considered an adulterus woman. Mark Chapter 10.
Paul tells us that if you are divorced, then you are to remain single. You only have a right to re-marry if your spouse dies.
---Donna9759 on 1/17/07"

Why is it that you don't follow your own advice?
---markN on 8/9/07

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Some people can't handle the truth.
---Crystal on 8/9/07

Is it markH today, Donna?
Childish fit throwing will not help your career or your search for the right man.
We are known by the words we speak. I've read Donna's words for over a year. Immaturity doesn't stop on a blog, it carries over into every area of your life, career, relationships. It can make the difference between success or failure.
You've let it all hang out, Donna. I'm going to respond.
---markB on 8/9/07

Gee...and I thought that Satan was the accuser of the brethren.

:-) :-) :-)
---Holly4jc on 8/8/07

Holly Donna, whoever you decide to be today, it's all the same.
---markB on 8/8/07

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Mark really crack me up when you keep insisting I am Donna...let's just hope (for your sake) that God is also laughing. I have not even dated in 11 years! But, that's can keep being delusional...God knows the truth. Everytime you make your accusations, it just heaps blessings upon me and I'm all for that!

Matthew 5:11
Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.

I am blessed..thank You Jesus!
---Holly4jc on 8/8/07

Isaiah 54:17
No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me, Says the LORD.

Nehemiah 13:2b
However, our God turned the curse into a blessing.

Psalm 105:15
Saying, Do not touch My anointed ones and do My prophets no harm.

Proverbs 3:30
Do not strive with a man without cause, if he has done you no harm.
---Holly4jc on 8/8/07

Donna Holly,
Why don't you visit with a counselor.
You might learn some things about yourself that would help you be the "right" one. There's a reason patterns keep repeating themselves. You're looking for someone to be the "chosen, right one", and until you become the "right one", the wrong ones will keep coming your way.
I can remember alot of things you've said for over a year now.
---markB on 8/8/07

How men take advantage, you invite them over for dinner because they don't have the money to take you out or for whatever reasons.... how people take advantage of you.
But when I think of your age and your responses, they don't match. If you're going to come here most every day and let it all hang out, I'm going to respond. When you throw a fit because others can see through it, I find that very childish, also.
---markB on 8/8/07

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People mature at different ages, but there is arrested maturity. That happens because of abuse. Those people stay the same age for an entire lifetime, unless they are willing to a good hard look at the aftermath they've left behind them. They create storms, they enter into other peoples storms, they live for storms, but there's always a mess somewhere to clean up.
---markB on 8/8/07

At the same time, they look for someone else to clean it up, the right person.
But arrested maturity doesn't attract the right person, they attract someone who is also very immature. Until your maturity catches up with your age or you do something about it, you may hook up with another "wrong" one, and wonder, why me?
---markB on 8/8/07

I have two younger sisters, one an electrical engineer, the other is a civil engineer. One 39, one 45.
Immaturity carries over into the workplace, it doesn't stop with men/dating woes. I cringe at the thought if they acted so immature on the job. Men would kick their professional opinions to the curb.
For your career and relationships, Holly Donna, find a counselor who will be honest with you. It won't be what you want to hear, and you may throw additional fits, but it's time.
---markB on 8/8/07

Amen Donna...I have been single for 17 years, praying and waiting on the Lord for a mate. I have met a few interesting Christian men throughout the years and the first thing I do is ask God if he is the "one" that He has chosen for me. I also ask God to take that man out of my life if he is not the one. Almost immediately, the man disappears. I know that when the "right one, the chosen one" comes along, he will not disappear when I pray that prayer, he will stay and I will know.
---Holly4jc on 8/8/07

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I asked God, "Lord is he the one or should I wait for another." I asked God that when I met my husband. Also, if you are following Jesus, obeying His commands, and in a love relationship with Jesus, and you meet someone, you will be able to tell if he or she is the one that God has chosen. Just ask God, "is she the one? or should I wait for another?"
---Donna9759 on 8/6/07

It is NOT superstition to seek God's will in choosing a mate! We are supposed to seek God's will in all things, especially important life decisions. God is our Father. He wants us to come to Him with all our concerns.
---Michelle on 10/25/06

God is the author of peace and wants us to live in peace. If He gives us something or someone he will put our mind at ease and we don't have to wonder whether or not.
---janin5863 on 10/17/06

You don't.

Most Christians today are awfully too busy to hear the whisper of God let alone asking if he or she is the "right one." For thousands of years before the 1900s, marriages were arranged and yet surviveded the long haul. Why? They only married people of their own faith - that God and Jesus is above them, above the family. Once you truly understand that, everything will fall into place and your marriage will survive.
---Steveng on 10/16/06

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Marry in haste & repent at leisure:Marriage is a choice & a contract to enter into it at random is detrimental to your welfare. Time helps set the concrete & so does time in marriage.Study each other & learn to RESPECT. Avoid danger signs in each other. A contract made is to be Kept, then you will understand Pauls words in 1Corint 13;4-13. By the grace of God mine stood the test of time 54years
---Emcee on 10/16/06

Marry in haste & repent at leisure:Marriage is a choice & a contract to enter into it at random is detrimental to your welfare. Time helps set the concrete & so does time in marriage.Study each other & learn to RESPECT. Avoid danger signs in each other. A contract made is to be Kept, then you will understand Pauls words in 1Corint 13;4-13. By the grace of God mine stood the test of time 54years
---Emcee on 10/16/06

Bruce it's time for a reality check. God is not in the business of picking "mates" Do your homework pick one that you're comfortable with,and shoulder the "responsability" Does God tell you what car to drive what cerial to eat for breakfast? get a grip! this is borderline superstition! 50% of marriages end in divorce,this would not be so if they were all "God ordained"
---1st_cliff on 10/16/06

** How do you know the one that you want to be with is the one that God wants you to be with for the rest of your lives?**

Ask God. He'll tell you: either directly or will get the message through somehow.
---Jack on 10/16/06

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