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Is Kissing Ok While Courting

Is it ok to kiss while courting.

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 ---lucia6569 on 10/17/06
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Kissing is fine but be Quick to let it go no
on to long.
---TIMOTHY on 2/15/10

Romans 3: 20 tells us that as sinners we come short of the glory of God. However, we have an advocator, a righteous judge who truly judges and corrects...or forgives us from all our unrighteousness. Christians who are courting before marriage, please be warned: kissing is like a master key that unlocks a strong door, once done, it's done, and your innocense is robbed.If you are a christian contemplating marriage, do not settle in for a lustful compromise of patting, caressing, clandestining in bodily contact (or perhaps kissing). These must be avoided as much as possible with the Lord's help. Wham! Don't play with fire!!!
---jungle on 2/13/10

Mabe a little peck.
---catherine on 2/12/10

You know what it is Eloy it's is just that but then I get so tired of people okaying even the most sincere tiny winy bit of contact even suggest a relationship as long as parents are in the home and then my friends telling me several month later, Guess what? and you know what is coming! What can I say.
---Carla on 2/11/10


Are you saying that in the 1950s and earlier, all Christians got married without any courtship at all - sight unseen or via arranged marriages?!
---StrongAxe on 2/11/10

Carla, Christians kiss sacredly. When I kiss my mother or sister closed mouth on the cheek, it is sacred. But if your standard is not expression of love whatsoever then that is your own principle, and not those of others. Some believe in no touching, no holdiung hands, and no kissing on the cheek, but others accept all of these and do so sacredly.
---Eloy on 2/10/10

No, kissing in court is inappropriate and the judge may find you in contempt.
---ralph7477 on 2/10/10

Kissing should be out of the question there is no need to have that sort of contact before marriage. Even a kiss closed mouthed gives place to taking things a little further.

However If you tell someone not to kiss.... Sure as the sun following rain even if it's not immediately afterward the temptation become greater and kissing can lead to some couples committing sin.

In a world such as we live in the best advice is keep it sacred and PUBLIC.
---Carla on 2/10/10

I think after walking a girl to her door and then kissing her closed mouth on the cheek when saying good night is okay, but then also not kissing is equally ok. Fast girls are a turn off to me, for I think couples should at least get to know each other's names before running around all the bases. Going slow is very good advice.
---Eloy on 2/10/10

Actually, early Christians and Jews did not have Courtship. They simply got married.
---JAMES on 2/9/10

I think it should be noted that the idea of Christian "courtship", as we know it today, was first championed by the cultic leaders and movements that sprang up in the 60s and 70s, and is the method of choice for finding a mate in every spiritually abusive and cultic movement.

If we go into something feeling doomed to fail, we'll probably fail. If you kiss a woman with the mindset "I won't be able to control myself", well, you probably won't be able to control yourself. Others CAN control themselves, and shouldn't be looked down upon or judged for finding strength and discipline through their faith in Christ and being so bold as to kiss the woman they're dating.
---lewis on 2/8/10

Sure you can. You can rob banks, steal cars, and eat too many donuts. I said a goodnight kiss at the door. We all know a mere peck or handshake is exactly where Christians draw the line. That's why we have so many women coming here after the fact of marrying unbelievers. Beforehand, "I know my beliefs will pull him in, I'll be a good influence, he'll get saved." Eight months later, "why did I ever do that?" "I was better off single, I hate the old man I'm married to."
---R.A. on 11/14/06

I think you need to decide how far too far is and then never go past that point (if you think kissing is getting pretty boarder line you are probably right) I think we should control our physical contact more because once you touch your lips together, there is a rapid progression into the areas of intamacy which should be left to marriage.
---Jared on 11/14/06

Just as a note of encouragement, my wife and I courted for a year and was engaged for six months. Our first kiss was our wedding day. It was well worth the wait.
---Joe on 11/14/06

RA...I strongly disagree, you can do a whole lot of sinning with all your clothes on. And let's not "draw lines", once a person makes a boundary it becomes the temptation to cross. Courtship is about getting to know a person that may be suitable for marriage. Use the time to know them as your closest friend, that is what marriage is about. The physical stuff will come later. Treat them like they're your brother or sister, because until you say I do, that's exactly what they are in Christ.
---Joe on 11/14/06

Anyone out there who has ever just kissed knows what Kissing leads to. All have fleshly desires. SOME Christians have better control overthemselves than others. I trust my daughter but that doesn't mean I trust all the boys out there. It's better to not even flirt with it. As a matter of fact it's better not to touch a woman. You can't steal the bacon if your hands not in the frying pan!
---jason on 10/22/06

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It's just a kiss...
---Angela on 10/22/06

Look at it like this.If you Kiss a young lady while dating, (I believe dating is wrong also but beside the point) remember that you may not marry this girl. You might be kissing someone elses wife to be. Do you want someone kissing your wife to be?
---jason on 10/20/06

Donna ... I was reponding to this comment from you:
"As C. S. Lewis pointed out, there may be times when a husband needs to encourage his sexual instinct and desire.**
Jack, where is this in scripture? I thought the Apostle Paul said to abstain from every form of fleshly lust"
This certainly seems to indicate that you don't think a man should be encouraged in his desire for his wife.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/18/06

Mrs. Morgan is Right on!!!

alan8869_of_UK ... Do you really mean that a husband should not desire his wife, or have sexual feeling for her?

Alan, "Courting" means they are NOT husband and wife yet. They aren't married yet.

Pharisee-Anything quoted as truth that is outside of God's word is truth mingled with a lie. I know you know that. CS Lewis isn't to be quoted because Jesus said, "Thy word is truth," No CS Lewis's words. Amen?
---Donna9759 on 10/18/06

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I don't believe it's okay to smoke Marijuana if you "don't inhale", nor do I believe most people can smoke cigarettes without getting addicted. I find it rare that a woman or a man can be in a "courting" relationship without considering sexual involvement. If that is the case, kissing is not a handshake. It is a preamble to a physical relationship. Each person must decide if they can be true to themselves, their partner, AND God.
---mikefl on 10/17/06

Donna Jack didn't say anything untrue.
---Pharisee on 10/17/06

It depends on the kind of kiss! A quick peck on the cheek is harmless but those long lingering ones on lips is asking for trouble. A quick hug is harmless, but those long lingering hugs may lead to problems. God says take heed, be careful.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/17/06

Donna ... Do you really mean that a husband should not desire his wife, or have sexual feeling for her?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/17/06

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It depends on the couple. Men tend to me more easily aroused than women, so godly men should know their limit and draw the line before whatever excites them sexually. Women can kiss without being aroused as they tend to be more "romantic" and think it is sweet to kiss. They normally require a little more than a kiss to become excited. A godly woman will respect the man's boundaries and vice versa.
---Crystal on 10/17/06

**As C. S. Lewis pointed out, there may be times when a husband needs to encourage his sexual instinct and desire.**

Jack, where is this in scripture? I thought the Apostle Paul said to abstain from every form of fleshly lust. So which is true? What CS Lewis said, or what the Apostle Paul said? Just curious.
---Donna9759 on 10/17/06

If all your clothes are still on. Purists will tell you they didn't even have a good-bye kiss at the door. I say lie, you fry.
---R.A. on 10/17/06

It is when marriage[or dating] is based on sexual attraction that problems arise, I feel. Much more important is the respect and knowledge of whether the potential mate is a God-fearing person.."Do not be unequally yoked". Great sex...too bad my life was ruined when I found out about..perversions, alcoholism, anger tantrums, mean-ness etc.
ANYONE you date is a potential marriage partner! Really see them that way.
---Rebecca_Ann on 10/17/06

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I think if a couple is courting, sexual desire is already there. In fact, it's part of being a human above the age of puberty.

But another part of being human is controlling sexual and other desires.

Sexual desire is something God put there, and is not sinful in itself. As C. S. Lewis pointed out, there may be times when a husband needs to encourage his sexual instinct and desire.
---Jack on 10/17/06

There is nothing what wrong with kissing while dating.

Review your American history, beds in colonial America had previsions for bundling boards so there could be intimacy with out intercourse during courtship the, Amish still practice the costom.

Do an Internet search on (((Bundling) AND Colonial) AND America)
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/17/06

That depends on yor defination of "courting."

For a realy good book on courting I suggest Boy Meets Girl by Josh Harris
---Bruce5656 on 10/17/06

No, and I want you to know why.

It creates a physical bond that clouds our judgment. There's quite enough emotion in spending time with one who lights your fire, very meaningful and precious.

If you add physical contact you set something in motion you ought not finish, so why start it?
If a anyone claims they need a kiss to stay around let em go or buy em a dog.
Dogs love giving kisses.
---Pharisee on 10/17/06

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