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Can You Pray A Wrong Prayer

Is it true that Christians can pray wrong prayers for fellow Christians? If so what is Gods' view towards that?

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 ---mbabazi on 10/18/06
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Amen to Jody's blog.
---Nicole on 5/5/08

I do not pray for every one and every thing that people ask me too, but instead I use discernment and I will pray for what I will pray for.
---Eloy on 5/5/08

I believe God answers all prayers.One way or another. It may not be the way we want sometimes, but he does answer.
---Robyn on 5/4/08

Yes. He doesn't answer them. Rachel^^^
---Rachel on 5/2/08

Unless your motives are not pure (ie.for selfish gain), it would be impossible to pray a "wrong prayer".Wrong motives would only hurt you. If your motive is LOVE and you are praying in Spirit and truth, God honors and blesses all attempts to help a brother and will help the brother in HIS way. A safe prayer is always "Your will be done", and Gods power is released to do what that brother needs whithin Gods will. You cannot hurt your brother with prayer.
---jody on 6/4/07

God hears all prayers of His people. He certainly wants us to pray for other people. The view from God is that His will be done. There is no other way. I will say this most assurenly: God's will will be done. By His people and the worlds problems. So for all Gods people, chin up and don't worry.
---catherine on 6/4/07

God can not answer any prayer he chooses because only he can see the motivation and condition of the person who prays, and the one being prayed for.
---Pharisee on 6/3/07

Yes, we can pray wrong when we pray according to our flesh and not by the Spirit. James 4:3 "When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures."
---cristina on 10/23/06

Okebaram, thank you so much for the compliment. :)

God bless.
---Kay on 10/22/06

Kay, thank you! You answers tend to be mature and educated. You said it right again.
---Okebaram on 10/22/06

I'll give you an example of wrong prayer. "Lord, that skunk I work with is so mean, give her another job." Ha, God laughs, no way. So Raine works side by side, for years with unsaved woman. Prays and prays for woman, day Raine leaves, woman never even says Goodbye. Wrong prayer - give her a kick in the rear. Right prayer - Lord, touch her heart.
---Raine on 10/22/06

the question is, "What is wrong prayer?" Never heard of that one b4. God knows our hearts and what were going to ask. Praying means just a conversation with God. But am not sure what a wrong prayer is? Every utterance we give God, He will understand by reading what is in our hearts while we pray.
---mmadm on 10/22/06

Jack, are you calling God a liar then? Why is it so impossible for you to believe TRUTH? If Father God reveals something, why do you challenge it as if you are the only one who has the answer? All I said was: ask Him (Father God) HOW we should pray in a particular situation. Don't assume you know what to pray for a person.
---Donna9759 on 10/20/06

***Therefore, there cannot be "wrong" prayer,***

If scripture tells us, "He works ALL things after the counsel of His will." Then if you are praying for someone and it's not His will, then that is a WRONG prayer. The error of Christians today is that they pray for what they want, not what He wants, that's WRONG prayer.
---Donna9759 on 10/20/06

**From that point on, I had a new revelation from Father God,**

Anytime I hear those or similar words, I know that something false is likely to be said.
---Jack on 10/19/06

"Your Father knows what things you need before you ask Him."

I think that God has enough sense to know how to answer anyone's prayer (sometimes it's "no"), and that furthermore He has enough sense to see the purpose and disposition of the one who prays on behalf of another.

Therefore, there cannot be "wrong" prayer, unless you are praying that evil or misfortune strike someone. That is not a prayer but a curse, which we are forbidden to do.
---Jack on 10/19/06

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Thank you Pharisee. From that point on, I had a new revelation from Father God, ask Him HOW we should pray in a particular situation. Don't assume you know what to pray for a person. Ask the person, "What do you want me to pray for you for?" Then ask Father God, "Should I pray what they want me to be praying? If not, you tell me Father what I should be praying for that person. Amen?
---Donna9759 on 10/19/06

to pray wrong is to pray no blessings for the person.
the wrong prayer is the prayer of the devil.
if you pray wrong you are not of the Lord.
because a person with a right heart pray right.
if you pray weak it cannot be wrong since a right prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit.
the Bible said...the Spirit help our spirit to groan or to pray hard in the name of Jesus.
---lan on 10/19/06

Yes, I believe that we can get caught up in our own fleshly desire and end up praying for something against God's plans.
For example, a person praying for her boyfriend to get saved so that she can marry him. That prayer is self seeking.
---Kay on 10/19/06

That's a great Testimony to God's faithfulness and God centered prayer Donna, thanks
---Pharisee on 10/18/06

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First, we, being only human, could never comprehend God's thoughts.

Second, He doesn't listen to what our mouths utter, but what our heart says.
---Steveng on 10/18/06

We are told to "pray for one another" and I think God is pleased when we do. I don't always know what's best for another Christian, but I don't worry about praying "wrong". Would God allow harm because a fellow Christian prayed "amiss"?. I hardly think so! Sometimes the Holy Spirit tells me how to pray or I pray in the spirit. Other wise I pray for what seems best to me/them and commit them to God for His will to be done.
---Donna2277 on 10/18/06

I believe Christians pray wrong prayers all the time, by wrong prayers I mean prayers that are not according to God's will. "He works all things after the counsel of HIS will, not ours." Find out what His will is by asking Him, Father what is your will for this person and how should I pray for them." God doesn't answer prayers that are prayed outside of His will.
---Donna9759 on 10/18/06

Hope this helps you out a bit. When my mother became deathly ill with a rare muscle disease, I asked God, "How should I pray? Should I pray and ask you to take her home to heaven? or should I pray and ask you to heal her?" He began to give me many many scriptures on healing, I read them to her day and night and she is healed. It was HIS will for her to be healed, but I also had a living word from Him to pray for her the way I prayed.
---Donna9759 on 10/18/06

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I know many of you are going to say it's God's will for everyone to be healed, but is it really? Isn't it better to be in heaven with Jesus, walking on streets of gold, not having to deal with shoveling 2 feet of snow, not having people betray you, not hurting, not crying, etc., So isn't heaven better than earth?
---Donna9759 on 10/18/06

All prayer must be directed by the Holy Spirit, we must listen to what the Spirit is saying, those who are obedient to God, the one's who are truly being led by Him, will know how to pray, when to pray,and in those times that we don't know what to pray, He will pray for us, make intercession for us. Many times the Holy Spirit says "don't converse with that one", walk away, just pray for them, This has happened to me recently, I just obey what the Spirit says!
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/18/06

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