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The Rich Man Went To Hell

In the story of Lazarus and the rich man, what caused the rich man to go to hell? Could it possibly be his neglect of the poor?

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 ---mima on 10/18/06
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mima, The rich man is a actual man who is in hell right now(he died AFTER the flood,we know this because he spoke of the "prophets"). "Proper names" were given when Jesus spoke of this. Jesus said Lazarus' name, but didn't feel it necessary to give out the "rich man's" name. The rich man went to hell, because he rejected God's Truth(like everyone else who goes there) his life, his fruits reflected that he didn't want God.
---Mrs._Morgan on 2/21/08

First of all let me say that I believe this story to be a PARABLE not to be taken literally.
So he only went to hell FIGURATIVELY!
As for the reason I think you are correct. He "looked down" on the poor! The lesson: remember that in God's eyes, the poor, the orphans and the homeless are special and we should help/visit them. P.
---Pierr5358 on 10/27/06

Elder ... You will need to work out what I mean on that other blog
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/27/06

Elder, humor me. Talk baby talk to me and tell me my answer. Joh 6:63 Its the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.
Your words have no hope, because they only seek fleshly answers to understand the things of the spirit. Do you think my interpretation of this parable is going to change your mind? I dont think so. If you cant understand why the name Lazarus is used, how will you understand the rest of this parable?
---Billy on 10/26/06

Billy, I answered your question in examples but that is not shallow enough for you.
I even gave you the benefit of any doubt that anyone may have had yet it is you that have not even tried to answer the question I posed to you.
So again, If this is a parable, what spiritual truth is Christ trying to teach when using, A Rich man, a Named man, flames, torment and all the other things?
Is Revelation 19:19-20 and 20:1-15 just a parable also or just symbolic? If symbolic what is the symbol?
---Elder on 10/26/06

Elder; "while I was playing?? hmmm.Maybe I was playing like a child,asking questions like Mat 18.3 "why is the sky blue daddy?", does God really burn people alive? When I was a child on the farm,a hired man came in from the barn with a handful of baby mice,opend the top of the stove and threw them in alive,I was devastated and cried at this heartless and cruel act. Mercifully they died in seconds,but this has stayed in my mind all these years.
---1st_cliff on 10/26/06

Anonymous, I am a he not a she. Join the chat an penpal section of this sight and pull up my profile and youll see my picture. My user name is billy9637. And yes Im a dumb country boy that doesnt know anything.
---Billy on 10/25/06

(1). Elder, Your just trying to be redickulas. I can see that you want answer my question about whose rule of thumb it is that a parable cant have proper names. I had given the similarities of the five parables, and you can choose to see it how you want to see it. Even if I went into detail of what the rich man and Lazarus means, "and I can" this still wouldnt sway your beliefs in this matter. Im sure you dont want to keep wasting your breath and neither do I.
---Billy on 10/25/06

(2). Elder, youve not given me anything solid to cause me to see this in a different light, and I know I havent given you anything either. So no sense in continuing. Im sure well butt heads in other issues, God bless
---Billy on 10/25/06

"Anonymous" ... why do you hide behind that name? Are you yourself, or someone else? How are we to know whether you are Anonymous, or another Anonymous, or yet another.
There have been many Anonymice, and you should adopt a personal name so we don't get you confused.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/25/06

Billy has left this personality, but she will be back, shortly.
---anonymous on 10/25/06

Cliff as always your post are figments of your imagination and involvement of things that are not healthy or truthful. You noticed that I didn't say cultic this time.
If you take the time you will see that Jesus said fed my lambs and sheep. Why was that?
Your problem with me is that I did learn something while you were playing.
---Elder on 10/25/06

Cond #3
Billy said, "They are parables that are reporting spiritual facts, not literal events. A beam isnt a beam, an eye isnt an eye, sheep are not sheep, silver isnt silver, cloths of purple arnt cloths of purple, flames are not flames, a gulf isnt a gulf."
He has said what he thinks they are not maybe now he will say what he thinks they are.
Did Jesus use a "spiritual fact" to teach about something that didn't exist? Why was Jesus called a Great Teacher/Master?
---Elder on 10/25/06

cond #2
When asked about the Revelation references they say "Revelation is only symbolic."
They never tell what the "symbols" or the "Stories" in the "Parable" are trying to teach.
What could Jesus be referring to in Luke if He was using a story to teach a Spiritual Truth?
Cond #3
---Elder on 10/25/06

Either God does or does not punish the wicked as He said.
When people assign Luke 16 to being a "Parable only" they always try to down play what is being taught as Cliff does.
Cond #2
---Elder on 10/25/06

Cond #2
Ch 16:19-31. In v14 Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees. In v16 He speaks of the Law, Prophets and John. The Pharisees knew John. He spoke of Adultery in v18, was that a Parable?
In v19-31 Jesus speaks of Lazarus and Abraham also. They knew them both. Jesus never indicated that this was just a Parable. If so were the references to the Prophets existing just parts of a parable also? Did John and the Law exist?
Is Luke 19 a Parable also? The name of Zacchaeus is used.
---Elder on 10/25/06

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Many say that because it is a Parable it doesn't have to be taken literally. You still have to look for what truth is being taught.
Let's look at some verses in Luke.
Ch 15:3-32, stated in v3 it is a parable. No proper names used.
Ch 16:1-13, no proper names used.
Cond #2
---Elder on 10/25/06

(1). Lisa, good to hear from, I do injoy talking. First ill go into how this parable contradict of being A literal interpretation. If this parable is taken literally, well find more than just a few major problems with the rest of Gods revealed Word. Ill only list a few to prove my point.
1. "Now the poor man came to die and he is carried away by messengers into Abrahams bosom". Ecc. 3:18-21, and Ecc 9:4-6 disproves this as being an event that can happen.
---Billy on 10/23/06

(2). Lisa, 2. "Now there was a certain poor man." Being poor is no virtue! In fact the Scriptures have a lot to say about poverty. Prov. 10:4, Prov. 13:4, Prov. 6:10-11
3. "Yearning to be satisfied from the scraps which are falling from the rich mans table." Its no virtue to be begging for bread, besides, if Lazarus is a godly man why is he begging food? Psa. 37:25
---Billy on 10/23/06

(3). Lisa, 4. Here is Scriptural proof that when a person dies he returns to the dust. Messengers or angels dont take dead people anywhere when they die. The "resurrection" is yet future (I Thes. 4:15-18).
5. How can Abraham be alive in the first place if the scriptures that ive give prove that the dead can not live except there be a resurrection? 1Co 15:29-32, Hope this proves my point, God bless Lisa
---Billy on 10/23/06

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Elder; Learn something here and now: Jesus said to Peter "If you love Me feed my Sheep"(3 times)The populace were mainly illiterate and incapable of feeding themselves(spiritually) The Rabbis of the day (dressed in purple) were "rich" in that they had acsess to God's word(spiritual food)and viewed the common folk as leppers (full of sores and begging at their gates)So they were given "just crumbs"..#2
---1st_cliff on 10/23/06

#2.. A change took place ,hence the simultaneous "death" of the two.The "learned"Rabbis were no longer the "feeders of God's word so immediately attempted a "compromise" (a drop of water too Cool" the heat) because now ordinary people were in Abraham's bossom (a position of favor with God that the Rabbis assumed they had)Remember the jostleing for position at the last supper for the "bossom" position with Jesus...#3
---1st_cliff on 10/23/06

#3.."Go warn my "brothers" the RM says,the answer "they have Abraham and the prophets" (scriptures) the "truth" is there!The "gulf" was established so no compromise is possable. Learn from this parable it's all about "feeding the sheep" The Rabbis were rich in their own eyes loveing the "greetings in the market place(to be called Rabbi) and the chief seats at any function" Do you see any of these "rich men" today?
---1st_cliff on 10/23/06

Billy, I have wanted to answer you on this blog about parables, and I believe Elder is correct in his example. I have looked at the hermeneutics studies on how to check what is a parable and what the purposes for them are. A parable is something placed alongside something else for the purpose of comparison. The typical parable uses a common event of natural life to emphasize or clarify an important spiritual truth.
---lisa on 10/23/06

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2. parables reveal two basic purposes, one, to reveal truth to believers (Matt. 13:10-12; Mark 4:11). And also to cause a lasting impression often far more effectively that ordinary explanation. For example Christ could have said, "you should be persistent in your prayer life" very simple. But Christ instead used a parable and told them of a widow who kept begging an unjust judge to help her. After Christ said what He said,
---lisa on 10/23/06

3. along side that He taught the lesson of the parable; if an unjust judge who cares nothing about a widow can be swayed by persistent begging, how much more will a loving heavenly Father answer those who consistanly pray to Him. Christ used both next to each other. In many ways, parable are also use effectively in Scripture to confront believers with wrongdoing in their lives. Here is one, Peter asked the Lord, We have left everything to follow you! What then will there be for us? Jesus assured peter
---lisa on 10/23/06

4. assured Peter that they would be amply rewarded for their service, but just to make a bigger impression on him, Christ went on to tell the Parable of the Laborers. In this context it can be seen that Jesus story was a gentle rebuke to Peter, a rebuke of self-righteous attitude which says, "See how much I have done (I was not unwilling to give up all and follow you as this young man was). I should certainly get a large reward.
---lisa on 10/23/06

(2). Elder, of course your name wasnt in the passage, I was being being funny. I had better stay politically correct means it either makes me look stupid, or that you cant read between the lines. And answering your question, are these just parables or reporting the facts? They are parables that are reporting spiritual facts, not literal events. A beam isnt a beam, an eye isnt an eye, sheep are not sheep, silver isnt silver, cloths of purple arnt cloths of purple, flames are not flames, a gulf isnt a gulf.
---Billy on 10/23/06

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(3). Elder, to take this parable literal will take away from the spiritual meaning of whats trying to be portrayed. Ive told you why It is a parable. For you to say other wise would be calling Jesus a lier. And yes there is a lake of fire after the white throne judgement, but there is also no life till there is a resurrection. We dont go to heaven or hell right when we die. So tell me whose rule of thumb that goes against scripture that says a parable cant have proper names?
---Billy on 10/23/06

(1). Elder, You gave the definition to what a parable was, and I gave book,chapter, and verse of the five parables that Jesus spoke from Luke 15, to Luke 16. And that Jesus spoke in parables to the multitudes, and without a parable he didnt speak to the people. You dont take this into consideration to determining that the rich man and Lazarus is a parable. You would make a good politician by the way you try to drow us away from this point in scripture to keep from having to admit that this is a parable.
---Billy on 10/23/06

Cliff, Billy why don't the both of you tell the rest of us how you determine if something is a parable or a true event?
I am an easy sell. Just show me.
Parable= derived from the Greek word "paraballo" which means; to lay by the side of or to compare, a likeness or similitude.
So again what similar thing was Jesus trying to teach?
---Elder on 10/23/06

Cond #2
All through this chapter we see of the whoreing and punishment. Read v 36-49 see that God judged them to show He is the Lord.
Just a parable or reporting the fact?
Let's all play along with you and Cliff.
If these are a parable as you say what are they trying to teach?
You both are trying to down play the message that is in these passages that by claiming they are less than fact.
---Elder on 10/23/06

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Billy you might go by a title given in your KJV but I go by the Word.
Eze 23:1-4
v1 the Word of the Lord came
v2 there were two daughters
v3 they committed whoredoms
v4 their names were
(For your understanding Billy elder is not a name here, it means the oldest. Sorry to burst your little bubble.)
v5 Aholah played the harlot
Cond #2
---Elder on 10/23/06

Cliff I have answered your question time and time again. You have either forgotten or you now lie. Which is it?
The problem is I haven't answered the way you like. Now you think you have new readers and you can lead them astray.
What you try to do with Luke 16 and the entire NT is to make it of no effect because you say it is not true.
Like Billy any truth you don't accept is symbolic or a parable.
---Elder on 10/23/06

Elder, Ezekiel 23, is a parable that uses two proper names, Aholah the elder, and Aholibah her sister. Well, it even has your name Elder. At the top of the page, of my KJV bible it tells me [Ezekiel 23], that this is a parable, "Parable of the two sisters". This should be sufficient proof that a parable can have proper names.
---Billy on 10/22/06

(1). Elder, Here are the five parables.

1. "What man of you, having a hundred sheep..." (Luke 15:3).
2. "Or what woman having ten drachmas..." (Luke 15:8).
3. "A certain man had two sons..." (Luke 15:11) This is the popular "Parable of the Prodigal Son" which ALL scholars admit is a parable.
4. "A certain man, who was rich, had an administrator..." (Luke 16:1).
5. "There was a certain rich man.." (16:19).

---Billy on 10/22/06

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(2). So now that ive done my part, can you tell me whos rule of thumb is it "though totaly unscriptural" that says a parable cant have proper names?

Mat 13:34 Jesus used parables to tell all these things to the crowds; he would not say a thing to them without using a parable.

If you can do that for me, then I might tell you what the parable of the rich man and Lazarus is talking about.
---Billy on 10/22/06

Elder, still know answer to my question? Whose rule of thumb is it that proper names exclude a story from being a parable? I say its a parrable by what the scriptures say "Mat 13:34" , can you do otherwise? I believe if you go back and read, this was the fifth of five parables that Jesus told to the people, one parable built upon the other. So what are we going to say, the first four are parables but the last one isnt. Go figure.
---Billy on 10/22/06

Elder; I've explained the "parable" of the RM&L to you in past posts,without comment from you! Could you answer me this one question,truthfully? That everyone who does not believe what you do is a "heretic" and in danger of living forever in a fire (hotter than boiling water 212F) designed and maintained by a "loving God"? for no other purpose than to inflict pain!
---1st_cliff on 10/22/06

Billy God is a spirit and so is Satan.
You show me one other "Parable" that uses a proper name for an individual involved in it and I will further dissect your question.
We cannot ignore other passages when trying to determine what God is meaning.
---Elder on 10/21/06

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Elder, why dont you answer, and tell us whos rule of thumb it is that a parable cant mention identifiable persons or us there name. Either way Matt.13:37 mentions the Son of man in a parable, Mark 4:15
mentions Satan in a parable, Matt. 15:13
mentions God the Father in a parable.

Mar 4:13 And he said unto them, Know ye not this parable? and how then will ye know all parables?
---Billy on 10/21/06

Is that Lake of Fire in the Revelation a parable also?
What other things do you think that Jesus said are parables?
Now about the other question what was Jesus trying to teach if Luke 16 is a parable?
---Elder on 10/20/06

Why would anyone think that Lazarus the beggar was the brother of Mary and Martha? Was their brother ever a beggar? When their brother died Jesus raised him from the dead. When the other Lazarus died, whether this was a real event or a parable, we are told that he could be seen by the rich man in the bosom of Abraham. I see no connection.
---emg on 10/20/06

Elder, This parable proves nothing of the sort that there is a fiery hell for disobedient souls. Just as much as Luk 6:39-42 is a parable also. And as I said in my earlier post, have you ever had a 2x4 in your eye? The minute you make a parable a real event, its no longer a parable. You cant do this with Luk 6:39-42, so the same would go for the rich man and Lazarus Parable. Also, whose rule of thumb is it that proper names exclude a story from being a parable?
---Billy on 10/20/06

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Kay tell me why this Lazarus could not be Mary and Martha's brother? What do you know?
If this is a parable this is the only one in the Bible that does use proper names.
A Parable was an illustrated story that taught a spiritual truth. So what was Jesus trying to teach.
1 there are people going to Hell
2 there are people in Hell
3 they can't get out
4 their desires are unfulfilled.
People can call it what ever they want but they can't excape the Truth of what it teaches.
---Elder on 10/19/06

Mrs Morgan, whose rule of thumb is it that a parable cant have proper names? And you say that the story sends a loud and clear message of its meaning. The only message that anyone sees is the story it self, not its deeper meaning. No parable is literal or historical. The second we make a parable literal, it ceases to be a parable.
---Billy on 10/19/06

The parable of the Sower (Matt. 13:3-23)

"And when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side; and the fowls came and devoured them up."

This parable isnt teaching horticulture. Its about "the word of the kingdom" and how different people receive it. Birds dont literally devour the words of God.
---Billy on 10/19/06

Parable of mote in brothers eye (Lk. 6:39-42).

"Now why are you observing the mote in your brothers eye, yet the beam in your own eye your are not considering?"

A beam is a long piece of timber. How is it possible to have a long piece of timber in ones eye?I know people who could fit it into their mouth, but eye, never. This parable is about morality, not body organs and building materials.

Does everyone get the picture?
---Billy on 10/19/06

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Okebaram, I cant believe that im going to agree with you again. Yes this was a parable. Heres the scripture.

Mat 13:34 Jesus used parables to tell all these things to the crowds; he would not say a thing to them without using a parable.

Jesus never spoke a word without a parable comming out of his mouth. So, was this a parable, or will we call Jesus a lier?
---Billy on 10/19/06

Elder, Anyway one looks at it, the message is clear, you know what I mean! Man is given a space and time to come to God, but after death, he no longer has a choice.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/19/06

Kay, The Bible mentions more than one "Lazarus".
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/19/06

Kay,(I.)In regard to Lazuras(the beggar)(Luke 16:26-31) he mentioned "the prophets" there were no prophets "Before the Flood"(yet Noah and his family still found God!).Because Noah's generation(Before the Flood)Didn't have prophets,the Written Word,or Calvary, God felt like they didn't have a "first chance", so one of the things that Jesus did (in Spirit)while His body was in the grave, was to preach to the souls of Noah's generation ONLY (1 Peter 3:19,20),...
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/19/06

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Kay, (II.)....(Eph. 4:9,10). Many have made a private interpretation (2 Peter 1:20) of this "one time occurance" in regard to "Noah's generation", and have created a false doctrine of purgatory out of it, it's just not true. Every one that died AFTER the Flood , and went to hell are still in hell( because they had the prophets, the Written Word, and later Calvary ).
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/19/06

Okebaram , I disagree with you on that. Once again "proper names" were given, Anyway you look at it, the message is loud and clear.

Mrs Morgan, just because one proper name is given doesn't mean that the story isn't a parable. "Lazarus" shouldn't be confused with the Lazarus who was the brother of Mary and Martha. Please supply the scriptures that say that the rich man was some dude who died after the Flood. If the Bible doesn't teach it, we shoudn't preach it!
---Kay on 10/19/06

Jesus spoke in parables. This story of the rich man and Lazarus, was an example of what can happen, what is going to happen. The Love of money is the root of all evil. And the rich man didn't care about the poor all he cared about was himself and his belongings. A parable is a comparsion of earthy things with heavenly things, an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.
---Rebecca_D on 10/19/06

I agree with Okeberam and Jack as concerning the parable. As a matter of fact the covetousness uncaring spirit of the self righteous pharisees prompted the parable. However I agree with Mrs. Morgan as to the reason he ended up in hell, his lack of compassion & love for the less fortunate attested to the fact that his mind nor spirit was not open to the Fathers guidance, or the inspiration provided him through the law & the prophets.
---joseph on 10/19/06

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Mrs Morgan, where does it say that the rich man and Lazarus story was an actual situation? And where does it state the the rich man is some guy who died after the flood?I believe it is simply a parable. And who is this Lazarus person? Certainly it isn't Mary and Martha's brother.
---Kay on 10/19/06

Okebaram Mrs. Morgan gave you the complete Truth.
Would you explain how you think this is a parable?
Would you explain what a parable is?
If this were a parable what is it trying to teach?
Answer these things and you will see the truth also.
---Elder on 10/18/06

Anyone, someone tell me, if this passage were a parable would that make it untrue?
---Elder on 10/18/06

Although the words given do not say any singular sin it does seem to imply a fat cat lifestyle that was entirly self concerned.

We shouldn't be fooled to thinking that it was so less common back then, the apostles taught at length about the love of the world.
---Pharisee on 10/18/06

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Okebaram , I disagree with you on that. Once again "proper names" were given, Anyway you look at it, the message is loud and clear.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/18/06

Mrs. Morgan, where did you get that from? it was a parable not an actual event. In the parable Jesus was showing the emptiness of riches when it come to salvation. Money is good on earth but it cannot save any person or make a distinctionin heaven. Also Jesus demonstrated selfishness as sin in that the man would rather give his dog excess food that spare Lazarus necessary food. So Mima, you are right.
---Okebaram on 10/18/06

**. The rich man went to hell, because he rejected God's Truth(like everyone else who goes there) his life,**

God's truth includes concern for the needs of the poor. This is a theme that runs throughout both Testaments.
---Jack on 10/18/06

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