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Brother's Wife Having An Affair

My friend's brother's wife is having an affair with the other brother. What type of advice do you have?

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 ---Jenna3498 on 10/21/06
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It is rather sad and unfortunate to practice immorality as a child of God. Adultary is greatly frowned at in the Bible so it is wrong to look lustfully at your brother's wife.
---Ndim_Bernard on 3/17/08

Stay out of it. The more you stir in do-do the more it is going to stink.
---Rebecca_D on 6/14/07

These responses surprise me! I'd hate to be the brother and no one tell me that my wife and brother are having an affair! Wow!The longer the affair goes on, the more volatile it will become. Someone could easily get hurt in this deal!
---Annie on 1/9/07

I wouldn't give any advice. I would certainly let the husband know what his wife is doing, advice can sometimes backfire on you. If I was married and my husband was running around on me I would want to know. Maybe there is something that he is doing that is making her want to stray. Just pray about it and for them.
---Norma7374 on 1/6/07

Interesting how all these "Christians" are advising to stay out of it. That's how our society has gone downhill over the years, because Christians don't stand up for what's right. If something is wrong it's wrong and honesty is the best policy in every case.
---Lisa on 1/4/07

Be there for your friend. Be someone he/she can talk to. Try not to judge the situation yourself since you are only getting hearsay evidence. Suggest to your friend that he/she pray for the brothers and if necessary the friend should talk to the brother allegedly having the affair. And then make a more informed decision.
---grace3869 on 11/19/06

MYOB--but pray for them.
---Jack on 10/21/06

You don't know this first hand, so the first thing you should do is tell yourself that it may not be true. So there is no action you can take.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/21/06

I would pray that she gets heavily convicted and stops the affair. Pray for the salvation of all of them too.
---Helen_5378 on 10/21/06

Don't judge those outside the church. Be a living testimony of Christ in the presence of everyone.
---Ryan on 10/21/06

I say, stay out of it.
---R.A on 10/21/06

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