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Infants In Being Evil

I need help with two things in the Bible: "Brethren, do not be children in your thinking; yet in evil be infants, but in your thinking be mature." (1Corinthians 14:20) and isn't there a verse that say's: "to enter into heaven we must have faith as little children"?

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 ---sue on 10/21/06
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As far as reasoning and knowledge, don't be as little children. I'm not aware of any Scripture stating that we have to have faith as a little child to enter into heaven. "Except you be converted and become as children you shall not enter into heaven"
I believe the conversion here is to be born again,as a new creature, a babe in Christ.
---john on 6/2/08

Sue to me this says that as adults we should be mature, particularly spiritually.
However we should be as sinless as an infant. Its worded funny but just means an infant is not evil and that is how we should be.

Mk.10:15-'Verily I say unto you,whosoever shall not receive kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.'
Also see Luke 18:16 & 17. God bless.
---NV_Barbara on 6/17/07

#1 MikeM, I know we have had this discussion before & I know we do not agree but I have to ask you. You, as the creation, just who do you think you are telling the creator what is 'sick' and how big He should be and how you believe He should deal with His creation? I question your arrogance and how you tell God He should be and what He should do.
---Ryan on 10/22/06

#2 MikeM, Rather than reading the bible for what it says, you read it so it means what you think it should say. Do you say the same thing about all the gentiles that were born before Christ because they were born with no hope and had a one way ticket to hell (Ephesians 2:12)? May God open your eyes to His truth and open your ears so you may hear the voice of the good Shepherd my friend.
---Ryan on 10/22/06

Your problem is you are not taking it in proper context look at 1 Corinthians 14:6-24. Paul is admonishing the Corinthians about Tongue Speaking, saying I do it more than any of you; but I would rather say five words that people understand to teach then 10,000 words in tongues. Then tells them to quit acting like babies and grow up in their Christian understanding; and the discourse continues.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/22/06

In the past, and present (I hear them on the radio) I know of people who consign baby's to hell, the result of original sin. What type of God would this 'theology' render God as? This is of course sick, God is bigger than that. As a child hearing this I wondered if the angels singing in heaven was loud enough to drown out the screams of a million burning babies. Thankfully, only a small percent of fundamentalist teach this.
---MikeM on 10/22/06

Sue ::1 corint 14;20.this chapter refers to the Gift of Prophecy & tonguesThe different types of Tongue speaking in the spirt.Verse 21-25Infants are devoid of Evil& childern have less understanding as compared to an Adult.:Matt19; 14 refers to children .
---Emcee on 10/22/06

Thank you! God bless all of you for your help.
---sue on 10/22/06

#2 sue, Don't get confused children may not know the difference between good and evil but they are not sinless and they are not innocent of sin (Romans 3:23). This is the main reason the Messiah could not be born of the seed of Adam for it was through Adam that sin entered the world, not woman, and it was the promise to woman that through her seed Satan would be defeated.
---Ryan on 10/21/06

#3 sue, There are three occurances in three of the gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke) Where Christ says 'Hinder not the little children to come unto me, for such will inherit the kingdom.' He is speaking specificaly of the humble qualities of children not to mention their eagerness to learn from their fathers and there dependence upon their fathers. These are the qualities that the spiritual children of the Father should also exhibit.
---Ryan on 10/21/06

A scripture nearby that has been "mine" for many years is very similar to the one you quote. 1Cor13:11, "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things". Our mature thoughts should be of God, it is through being childish in our walk evil enters our lives.
---mikefl on 10/21/06

#1 sue, Pharisee did a great job of explaining the scripture. We are to be infants in the ways of evil, in other words we do not feed our flesh and become mature in the ways of idolatry, drunkeness, immorality, sensuality and all that is evil. We are instead instructed to mature in our Spirit through the power of the Holy Spirit.
---Ryan on 10/21/06

When your blessed with the Holy Spirit you are re-born from above. Every inclination to evil is clear and causes deep distress whereas you may not have blinked before.

The ways of evil are dead to your affections. Remaining infants in evil practice, not letting again the old sin roots take hold of your thoughts and actions.

Mature in your ability to reason and quote scripture while having perfect assurance that Jesus is Lord of all and in control. Children have trust in their parents.
---Pharisee on 10/21/06

**isn't there a verse that say's: "to enter into heaven we must have faith as little children"?**

No, there isn't.

The verse says, "Unless you are converted, and become as a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

You are conflating it with "If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed..."
---Jack on 10/21/06

Paul is telling us that we should not think like children, yet, as far as evil goes we should be like children - innocent. But in our thinking we should be mature.
---Bruce5656 on 10/21/06

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