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The Silver Ring Thing

Is 'The Silver Ring Thing' still a big thing in the U.S? It was brought over her( UK) about 2 years ago and made a few headlines (and some ridicule from certain quarters) and was welcomed in some churches but does not seem to get a mention now?

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 ---emg on 10/22/06
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The SILVER RING THING actually commes originally from convents in Europe, where sisters in training will ghet an engagementring with Jesus (silver). and this ring is replaced with a golden ring the day of theyre final vows. id est. the day of their marriage with Christ.
If this helps for youngsters to stay holy before the Lord, why should it not be good?
---Andy on 3/20/09

If you have never heard of it you won't have an answer for me. A search would tell you what it is all about but I can find no up-to-date information about it, hence the question.
---emg on 11/29/08

I never even heard of it. What are you talking about?
---Jack on 12/1/07

I cannot answer on the USA, but I can say that it is big in SA for the past two years. I think it is a good idea and a vow/promise between an individual and God about staying pure untill marriage. I think parents should encourage their teenagers to do this even though the Christian media doesn't ant more.
---Junia on 4/18/07

What's the silver ring thing?
---Julie on 4/16/07

The WORLD ridicules this idea, of course. As I understand it, the ring is given to the girl by her father. Often He takes her out on a "date" to a nice restaurant, pehaps gives her flowers and talks to her about her value to God and how she should be treated by a young man. Then gives her the ring.
My father never so much as gave me a compliment. If he had done this, I think I would have kept the promise at any cost! Dads don't realise what they mean to their daughters.
---Donna2277 on 10/23/06

It was only ridiculed by the press I think, not by Christians. As far as I remember the boys had the rings as well as the girls. I just wondered if this idea was still operating. I thought it was an excellent idea personally.
---emg on 10/23/06

I've never heard of this, but I find it interesting that only the girls had these rings. What did the Christian boys do?
---Susie on 10/23/06

Whats to "ridicule"? I think thats a pretty good idea.
---sue on 10/23/06

Donna2277 Yes that is exactly what I am asking about. Thank you.
---emg on 10/23/06

I think the question is referring to a "promise ring". This is given to young girls of teen age as a promise to themselves & God not to engage in sexual activity until they're married. My 3 neighbor teens got theirs from their father when they became 16. They took it seriously & each one married a fine Christian young man. I hope the tradition carries over into my family. I have two beautiful grandgirls aged 11 who have protective parents. One family is not Christian & they are in my prayers!
---Linda on 10/22/06

Are you talking about a ring worn by young girls and women as a pledge to save themselves for marriage? It was popular in the U.S. a few years ago.
---Donna2277 on 10/22/06

well i have never heard of it starange but is it a name of a cult or what ever pls tell me soon i am waiting on u
---nkwenti on 10/22/06

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