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Are Churches Too Large Today

A book I read deals with the structure of the church, and suggests that a more appropriate structure for today's society is a small (20-member) organic house church-type setting. I find that many of the problems with the church originate from the existing structure of the church. Any thoughts?

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 ---laure5759 on 10/23/06
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the church I attend is very small and has a very limited ministry but as we grow more in numbers and talents, we can then create new ministries. So a small church has its disadvantages. A huge church, on the other hand, often does not employ most of the talent available and can be harder to manage.
---elee7537 on 9/27/12

Thankfull,for being alive,feel better,my comment maybe not so,much the bldg.,how many folks,but,I have a theory from experience if ,opinin the church seems to often, often too! Take on the personality ,unfortunately,bad of the leader(s). I said one time,If the head is sick soon the body take on the illness...seen it happen too,many's not easy being a leader,it really is a position that God has to have a special call and it is not just a job, it is a special asignment. Only God can.give,help and commend,not to be played with like it was a game.
---ELENA on 9/27/12

ive attended a church of 500 this past year i had a few bumps in the road so much for gal 6 10 most avoid me like the plaque oh we will pray for you and blah blah
good night all as i head for my tent with my water bottles please pray for me and my almost healed arm from a fracture that i can get back to work and find a proper living space God Bless Im done with big churches
---chris on 9/25/12

This is so neat.I love this website. As a Catholic, I had no idea that this was an issue. Catholic-needs a building. We copy the Jewish style of structure. Our church is built under guidelines. Altar facing East. Relic- Martyr in top layer of the altar. Tabernacle which the Jewish people store the Torah(sp?)word of God. We keep The Eucharists inthe Tabernacle for Eucharistic adoration.(worship of Jesus)Candle in a red candleholder burning 24/7. Our size is determined:population of Catholics in the area.
---Nicole on 4/24/08

It imperative that you learn more about home churches where only six to ten people meet daily to truly strengthen your Christian walk on a personal level. In a building church, you are just another pew warmer. Another face in the crowd. And you are only hearers of the word and rarely go out into the world to apply what you learn.
---Steveng on 4/23/08

Are you people Christians?

You people are implying that a church is a building, a denomination, a non-profit organization. What nonsense! Christ is not coming back to join with (marry) a building, a denomination, or a non-profit organization. He is to return soon to marry Christians. The 'churches" mentioned in the Bible are LOCATIONS of groups of Christian. The time is soon when Christians will be forced to meet in homes as in China.
---Steveng on 4/23/08

My thoughts are: Amen! The remnant is the small group, saved until the end. Organic house type, yes The Holy spirit really is pouring out in this blog..
---Lynn on 4/23/08

Form follows function. The present general shape of churches has to do with patterns of worship.

The problems with modern Christians is a PEOPLE problem--spiritual issues--and not the arrangement of buildings and spaces.
---Jack on 5/5/07

Large churches and small...both have a place. To me the ideal church is one of 50-200, but thats just a preference. I remember a time when, after being hurt in a small church, a mega church was balm to my soul. I could come and be fed but without personal involvement. No one required anything from me and I expected nothing from anybody. Eventually I moved on, found a new church "home", but I think a lot of the mega church is in a state of meets a temporary need.
---Donna2277 on 10/28/06

Church size shouldn't be the focus, the focus is preaching the Uncompromised Gospel Truth of Jesus Christ, having ALL the gifts of the Spirit(not counterfeits) in operation for the discernment, order, and edification of the Church, winning souls for the Lord. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/28/06

The theory is that the group splits into either two or more smaller groups, which are then allowed to grow, and so on. People are not asked to leave. But the focus is on getting away from 'organisation' (structures, money, etc) to organic - not disorganisation - so that growth is encouraged. So that new Christians are not threatened, but welcomed and discipled.
---laure5759 on 10/27/06

So what happens if new souls are added weekly or monthly, ask people to leave? Granted a medium sized church is ideal, but unless you have the funding and staff to split and have another body of believers meet somewhere else, what can you do? I don't attend a mega church, but I see little difference from my last church that had approx. 500 members. We had groups that met seperately for bible study, fellowship and various classes. Our pastor was spread pretty thin, but was known by all.
---NV_Barbara on 10/25/06

Bethie, my thesis is that there is a maximum size beyond which a group is non-beneficial. People can get lost in a crowd of more than 20 persons, and therefore we should have small churches. I too went to a similar-sized church, but there are still people who get lost.
---laure5759 on 10/25/06

"And the same day there were added unto them about 3000 souls" ACTS 2:41, sounds like a large crowd, Jesus at one time taught at least 5000, remember they were all fed with 2 fish a loaf of bread. I do go to a small church, we have roughly 75 people. I know every one including the Pastor very well. If we are doing the job Jesus told us to do...go out and tell people about Him, should not all our churches be large? Shouldn't we be bringing in new people every Sunday?
---bethie on 10/25/06

I've been to large churches and small churches in basements of buildings. I prefer the smaller ones. It's more intimate. Isn't that how it was in the book of Acts? Also, the large churches I've gone to for 4 years and then another for 6 years, I never really got to know the Pastor very well. I once heard a preacher say that people in large churches are so busy doing things, they forget the real reason they go to church.
---Donna9759 on 10/24/06

I believe that problems in the church center right up on what is being preached there. If the Cross is being preached then everything else will fall into place. Super large i.e. mega churches today almost always preach a false gospel, which Christians are going after in their droves. Even Jesus did not draw crowds that large. It is wholesale apostasy.
---Helen_5378 on 10/24/06

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Large churches are popular with those in ministry principally for the sake of money. Lord's churches also are popular with some churchgoers because they can hide themselves within the church numbers. Many people believe, and it may be correct, that large churches tend to have less converts in ratio to their numbers than small churches.
---mima on 10/24/06

Jack, I don't think you are paranoid.

The picture is of a church that, when it reaches around 20, it splits, and each side of the split grows again, and so on. That there is a flow of leadership (pastor, elders, etc) that moves between the groups, monitoring doctrine, and holding together. That the small group provides a comfortable setting for discussion and sharing/caring.
---laure5759 on 10/23/06

Cute Jack.. Look up the word remnant.. No pride here, maybe in your town. And paranoia will destroy ya..
---Lynn on 10/23/06

** The remnant is the small group, saved until the end. **

In my hometown was a little group called Faithful Few Spiritual Church.

Do I detect a bit of spiritual pride in their name, or am I just being paranoid?
---Jack on 10/23/06

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I don't like big churches, because you wouldn't be able to get to know the Pastor and his wife on a personal level. If the church is too big, one man can't do it all. He can have Elders but a church should have only one Pastor and that Pastor should have only one church. The church I go to has around 30-40 people. We all know eachother. I can call any of the members for anything and they will do what they can to help. You can't find that in churches now a days. All people is thinking about is themselves.
---Rebecca_D on 10/23/06

We are never going to be a big church because we are planning a split. The elders of our church have been raised up to take care of the sheep. We will support the new congregation until it's self sufficient. Large churches are not capable of giving the proper attention to each person individually. I'm not a house church fan because most leaders there are self appointed,easy come, easy go affairs. Just my observation. Sorry to offend anyone.
---john on 10/23/06

My church has only slightly more than 20 members as does its sister church with whom we share a pastor. People bemoan these small numbers, especially when they hear of churches with hundreds, or maybe thousands of members but I'm not so sure we should feel that way. We all know each other well, our pastor knows us all by name and our families and understands our needs. Can members of mega churches say that? Our main problem is the lack of young people coming in and I pray that this will change - soon.
---emg on 10/23/06

We are in the process of building a bigger church since we have outgrown the one that we are in now. It's going to seat 300 and I think that is way to big. The bigger the church is you can't keep in touch with everybody. The town I live in is very small and there are only 3 non-denominational churches that have the same beliefs. I think if the church is to small you may be shutting out new converts.
---Norma7374 on 10/23/06

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