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Take A Lie Detector Test

Would you be willing to take a lie detector test (known as a polygraph test) in order to find out if the machine would confirm your believing in the Lord Jesus Christ?

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 ---mima on 10/25/06
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Once a person is truly born again, you will know in your heart you are saved. We are new creatures and old things are passed away and all things are new. 2nd Corinthians 5:17. if someone says they are saved and they don't change, they probably aren't saved. I'm not passing judgement but just telling what the bible says.
---shira4368 on 6/2/14

The only way one can TRULY believe in Jesus and God is if they personally have a spiritual experience or epiphany that they know in their heart is divine. Therefore I think a large percentage of "Christians" are merely pretending to believe in order to cover the doubt they have in actuality out of fear of the consequences they are told they will suffer for not believing. If these consequences are actually true, then those pretending to believe will suffer the same fate as non-believers. Also, think about the term "believe" and "faith" wouldn't a more appropriate terminology be that you "know" that God and Jesus are true and real? Saying you believe fundamentally shows that one is covering an internal doubt
---Nikola_Wesla on 6/1/14

I believe it to be kinda silly by it being a machine, But I wouldn't mind it. You cannot trust those machine. So all I can say is, If I did go through with it, It had better show that I am a true woman of God or else, I do not know what I would do. Mabe Kick a bucket or something.
---catherine on 6/8/07

At first I would jump all over that opportunity. Then I realized that God knows my heart, and knows that I'm His.
---Lynn on 6/8/07

I don't need a machine to do that. If people can't see God living in me, they are blinded. Jesus said that we would know them by their fruit. can a lie detector test which fruit you bear spiritualy? No. But I too know for a fact that tests are for real, my husband is a Police Officer and you wouldn't believe the lies he has heard. Ex=, Oh no Officer, that's not my drugs, they were just there. Yeah Right. Watch COPS lately buddy?
---Rebecca_D on 10/28/06

Rachel , This is true, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God is the "Truth Detector".
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/26/06

**This illustration proved to me a polygraph doesn't lie!**

The polygraph may not "lie", but it can be fooled.

To give an example, if a victim of rape or other sexual abuse is asked questions about the experience, frequently, because of the emotional reaction such questions cause, true answers cause reactions on the machine associated with lying.
---Jack on 10/26/06

The Holy Spirit is the real lie detector.

---Rachel on 10/26/06

The reason I ask this question was because years ago I had occasion to be asked to take a polygraph test. A friend of mine had a great deal of money stolen from his house. I took the test, passed and after passing told the operator of the machine that I did not believe that the machine worked. Okay he said we have something for Smart boys like you. Continued--
---mima on 10/26/06

Part #2-whereupon the man handed me 10 cards with numbers on them. He then announced that he would leave the room at which time I was to look at one of the cards, and when he returned to the room he would tell me which one I had looked at. I did so the card I looked was number five.
---mima on 10/26/06

Part #3-the operator came back into the room, I of course was still hooked up to the machine. He ask was it number one, no I said. Number two, no I said, number three, no I said. Number four, no I said. Number five, no I said. Immediately the man said it was number five. He then showed me the chart and showed me how he determined it was number five. This illustration proved to me a polygraph doesn't lie!
---mima on 10/26/06

I couldn't care less what a machine might think. No, I would not take a lie detector test to confirm my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.
---Helen_5378 on 10/26/06

What would be the point?

Contrary to common believe, a polygraph test is NOT acceptable as evidence in any court in the USA.

Why? Because it has not been absolutely determined that a person cannot successfully lie to the lie detector.

Now you have a paradox: What if the person did not "really believe" (whatever that may mean)--but had convinced himself that he DID "really believe." The Polygraph would not find a deception.
---Jack on 10/26/06

A lie detector test is to determine if one is lying or not. But I am more interested to know how would you phrase the question so that the machine would be able to determine if you are lying or not. Take note too, that the machine is not that RELIABLE.
---Bebet3754 on 10/25/06

They would need a Truth detector to confirm in whom I have believed.
---Linda6563 on 10/25/06

Yes, though I do not know how far they are reliable.
---aurunoday on 10/25/06

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The question is ridiculous. why should I need a lie detector test to confirm my own faith?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/25/06

That's kind of an odd question...why would you need to take a test to confirm what you believe? If you believe it, you believe it, that simple.
Are you maybe implying this would be used for persecution in the future? If so, they wouldn't need to take a test. I'd tell them myself.
---Kate on 10/25/06

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