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Committing Suicide A Selfish Act

In most cases isn't committing suicide a selfish act?

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 ---Becca on 10/25/06
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Ok correct me if I'm wrong here but are these blogs for people wanting advice or for people to get on here bring up a situation and others to judge the people that have those situations? Isn't it true that noone is to judge another but to love everyone like their brother/ sister?? Who are we to judge anyone, their situation, or the reasons behind them?? I have asked for advice on here but never would I want to be judged. I am just a "baby christian" but this just doesn't seem right for "Christians" to be judging. Judgement day will be here soon enough and it won't be us doing the judging.
---Jennifer on 3/6/09

It's certainly perceived that way by others.

But many suicidal persons are under the delusion that others would be "better off" without them. This is totally untrue, of course, but it seems like reality to many contemplating suicide.
---Donna66 on 3/5/09

God knows and understands what a person in great depression is going through. Nowhere in the Bible does it directly say committing suicide is a one way ticket to hell. It is murder yes, but can't even murderers be forgiven and Christ-like. I truly believe that God knows the heart, and in the end a suicidal victim will be judged like all of us will be judged who have fallen short. To God, a sin is a sin, and no sin outweighs the other. Suicide is definitely wrong and dangerous to your relationship with God. By doing it you are saying God can't even help me through this. You are lacking faith and trust in him. However, who's to say you would go to hell...that's up to God at that point. Would you really want to chance it?!
---Bruce on 3/4/09

frances008 mentions that some drugs have been known to cause suicidal thoughts. Some drugs have also rescued people from these very thoughts. That's a strong clue that biochemistry plays a role. Satan, who came to kill, steal and destroy, can take advantage of a biochemical dysfunction.

He tells a person that others would be better off without them (never that someone might be heart-broken)...that there is no other way out (never that "this too shall pass").. that God will relieve their suffering by death (never that HE is sufficient for their life) To a suicidal person these lies are truth.

And when that person recovers from depression, he may be truly incredulous that he could consider such a tragic and permanent act.
---Donna66 on 8/19/08

Is it selfish to commit suicide? It is right? Because people love you and you are hurting them?

You ask if the suicidist is selfish without reflecting on how selfish it is to expect someone to continue on with life when they do not want to, entirely for someone else's benefit. There's your selfishness.
---Richard on 8/19/08

Be warned people, there are 'medications' that I have had experience of, which make you feel suicidal every minute of every day. They are mind control drugs. The doctors are experimenting on innocent people. Children on Attention Deficit drugs, and teenagers on antidepressants can be made to commit suicide by the drug. Situations can force people into suicidal depression. Do not judge. Some suicides are set-ups too. The relatives never can be sure unless there is a note.
---frances008 on 3/28/08

When someone does such a thing, Its not always a matter of Tut,Tut... "Selfish Person" I see it as Grossly "SAD" and a poor waste of a Precious Life. We Know and serve a migthty God who above all our opinions sees knows and understands, so in return we can say we who know him do so "ONLY" by His "GRACE and Mercy" and by his stripes we are healed. Help to share the Goodnews of the Gospel, Then we can say it is well with My Soul.
---Carla5754 on 3/28/08

Regarding the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill" and suicide: I don't think we can really take this commandement like that because what about when a solder kills an enemy or killing in self defense? Thats killing, just like suicide is killing, but that kind of killing certainly isn't a sin, is it?
---sue on 3/28/08

Actually, murder is the taking of an innocent life. If it were the taking of life in general, then some of the consequeces of breaking the law (stoning to death, etc.) were a breaking of the law themselves. If the person who committed suicide were in a time of mental darkness that veiled his/her innocence in Christ before God (Colossians 1:22), then that is not murder because the person sees him/herself guilty and worthy of nothing more than death. Watch out who you judge. You reap what you sow.
---Linda on 3/28/08

Sometimes it's hard to open up your hearts to someone. To the person that just stated that "there is help out there," and that's cowardly,what? You couldn't open up if someone you loved or were acquainted with came to you and expressed they didn't want to live? I can just see the good if someone already desperate hears "You can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven" Like you're the one holding the guest book. They already believe that they're not worth their grain in sand. hmm. Good job.
---Nicola on 3/27/08

I think it's selfishness on both our parts.
---Nicola on 3/27/08

Funny I see very little here dealing with suicide, most of you need a support group to sort out your own projected feelings, and ego. Suicide isn't about you, you didn't cause it, you couldn't stop it. The person had a choice and choose the one they thought best. RIP
---dan on 3/27/08

This person was a gentle, very sensitive (too sensitive) highly intellegent young man who would never hurt anything or anybody. Belief in God. Was taught in Christian school from Kindergarten to high school. He committed suicide in college, I think because he suffered from a mental illness which caused him shame, he thought he was a failure at age 19. I hope and pray he's in heaven with Jesus.
---sue on 3/26/08

Yes and no! When God saves a person from hell, he gives that person a sound mind. When you get to know God you can decern what is of the devil and what is of God. This is why it is so important when a person gets saved to get close to God. And learn scriptures so you will know when the devil is lieing to you. A lot of times it is common sense. But we can be tricked. Perhaps not as easley as you grow.
---catherine on 3/26/08

Sue: God gave each of us a conscience. There are people who have not heard of God. God judges their conscience. If they have a good heart, treat people with kindness, respect, love, (things that Christians does) God looks at that. If a person is mean, hateful, hates everyone around em', (how a mean sinner acts) God looks at their heart and judges accordingly. These people that hasn't heard of God won't hear his voice, because they are not his sheep and God says my sheep knows my voice.
---Rebecca_D on 3/25/08

Rebecca: But, what if the person who committed suicide had no idea or heard nothing from God that it was wrong? What if they actually thought they heard God calling them home? By your own words, wouldn't this person then not be sinning because they did not hear anything from God that it was a sin and they were a Christian, baptised, educated in Christain school, deep belief in God etc.?
---sue on 3/25/08

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Corrie: If you feel your friend was murdered rather committing suicide, that is a huge difference. The person taking another one's life is murder just as a it is for a person to take their own life. Murder is murder. So since you feel this female done this to your friend, she is the murderer. And she will stand face to face before God when her judgment day comes.
---Rebecca_D on 3/25/08

Yep, read that verse. Still doesn't explain it to me. I understand what you're saying but if I knew my friend he probably asked for forgiveness over and over right before the gas knocked him out. He was being tormented by someone. She was the possessed one and at the time, and sometimes still today, I feel he was murdered. It's just such a confusing subject.
---Corrie on 3/22/08

No murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.Nuff said!
---benja5736 on 3/22/08

Corrie: The bible says "Thou shalt not kill". Suicide is murder. Self-murder. A person can't ask for forgiveness when their already dead. So there for it will be an unrepented sin. Yes God does judge the heart of man. But actions like this comes from the heart, and into the mind, by the deceiver of all lies, Satan.
---Rebecca_D on 3/22/08

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Part 1: 85 words or less to answer this question is ridiculous, but because this particular question is something I've been dealing with for almost 5 years I'll try.
The question is literally asking if it is a selfish act in ... most.. cases. In the Bible it is not a selfish act in most cases. I only found 3 instances where the Bible even refers to suicide at all. Two were soldiers throwing themselves on their swords and one was Judas.
---Corrie on 3/21/08

Part 2: I grew up being taught that suicide was a sin and those who committed it went to Hell. At the age of 28 I experience a friend of mine committing suicide and another friend threatening it. Now that you know my history, here is my answer to that question: There is no answer here on earth. God is the only judge and it is up to him what happens to them.

The question I present is what does the Bible say about suicide?
---Corrie on 3/21/08

Remember God looks at the heart. We will never no why a person takes his/her life. What we do know is that God allowed it to happen.God is the judge, we have another trial, we can learn from it or remain bitter.
---mike on 3/19/08

Eryn: As hard as it may be, you have to forgive your deceased husband. If you don't and you carry this grudge against him to the day you die. God the Father will not forgive you. You need deliverance from this situation. You and your children are letting Satan have this stronghold on you to where you can't move on. No grudge is worth going to hell over. As far as for the suicide people, they sent themselves to hell. There remains no more forgiveness after death.
---Rebecca_D on 3/18/08

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No in most cases suicide is not a selfish act, but an act done out of confusion and illness.
---Eloy on 3/17/08

Nana! :O Eryn is in a great deal of pain and you say things like that to her?! :(
---Mary on 3/17/08

So you had a husband that killed himself, and now a
husband that you've "turned the tables" on to the
point that he wanted a divorce... Hopefully your
new husband learns from the lesson you've taught
him, rather than flip his own switch, lights out!
---Nana on 3/14/08

Suicide is a very selfish act. When a man (my husband) decides to take his own life leaving two children behind without even a goodbye or I love you. The suicide note talked of his dogs not his kids. They are now going through therapy to understand why their father did not love them enough to stay alive. As for forgiveness, not possible for all the hurt he has caused two babies, Im scared that I will never be able to forgive.
---eryn on 3/13/08

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The cruelty that Man committs that leads to the pain & scars that causes one to committ suicide is the most hateful & selfish act!
---Anya on 1/7/08

Suicide is an act of despair.

The last I heard, despair wasn't an unforivable sin - blasphemy against the holy spirit is.
---StrongAxe on 12/11/07

Romans 9

For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

It is imperative that we remember who we are and Remember who God is and what he has said HIS ways are not the same our ways and HIS thoughts are definitely not anything in comparison to our THOUGHTS!.
---Carla5754 on 12/9/07

It is an evil act, the deception of satan...far from the will of God
---lisa on 12/8/07

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Matthew is right about demonic spirits. Judas took his life when the devil entered him and the swine did likewise. It's satan's way to make sure a person never gets a second chance at eternal life.
To the unbelieveing it is a way to stop any chance of them believing in the future.
It may appear selfish but it is a snare of the devil.
The final manifestation of disbelief that the Lord is not able to preserve you.
---Frank on 12/7/07

I feel if someone believes in God they could not commit suicide.Also if a person loves their family how could they do that? The family always think it is their fault.What a horrible thing to do to loved ones.I was in horrible depression at times but my fear of Hell was worse than my depressed thoughts.If I wrote what I sufferd through in life you would be shocked.I have been happy now for years since Jesus came into my life.
---shirley on 12/7/07

People who commit suicide are generally in a lot of pain, so they don't have the energy or focus to think about anyone else.

Ask yourself this: If someone drove an ice-pick through your foot, how much of your thinking would be about your friends and family, and how much would be about "JUST MAKE THE PAIN STOP!"?

But because the pain is internal, most people can't relate to it, so they are dismissive of it.
---StrongAxe on 12/7/07

It would seem that way. However it would be best to know the facts behind such actions, before making too "general" a statement. P.
---Pierr5358 on 12/7/07

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I am pretty sure i wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for God. When I was in my teens i suffered from severe depression. Everything was utterly grey and meaningless. When I was 17 God entered my life with a burst of colour, energy, magic, wonder, love .. I will never forget. Have lows still like other people, but also amazing highs. My point is that there are a lot of people out there who need our Love and Support. Above all: not to judge them. Just to Listen and Love.
---Ed on 3/24/07

My goodness, Dick, I guess you have never had a loved one take their own lives to say such a flip thing. My brother took his own life in 1969 at age 34 and it was very painful to my mother, who died of cancer and a broken heart 3 months later, and the rest of us too. Yes, it was selfish but, we have to forgive him and realize that he was a very confused and sad person. The saddest thing is will he be in heaven. ?
---marya3575 on 3/23/07

I think that we live a very nasty life when you campare how people treat people today compared to how your Grandma and Grandpa who has had a long marriage and bakes cookies and pies! I think also that people are too self absorbed and if we were to do things for each other as Jesus said then the bad times would be evened out by someones good times
---Ian on 3/23/07

selfish, I don,t know.I would say its more a act of desparation,usually accompanied by pain,whether physical or emotional,and can be induced by drugs.I agree with one poster who stated until you have walked in their shoes how can you know?many people are weak,and can,t deal with life,especially when severe pain for years is experienced,not meaning that they are weak ,just that are flesh is weak.
---tom2 on 3/23/07

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The family gives more than a "rat's ---".
It devastates the family that's left behind.

I don't know if the suicidal one's thinking is selfish. They are in complete torment. Unless we have stood in those shoes, we do not know what depths they were/are in.
I have an elderly friend, who's husband committed suicide in their garage.
---Raine on 3/23/07

They're finances were in shambles. He did it so she would be better off. That's what he thought.
Was that being selfish? He was at the end of his rope. They lost their business through circumstances.
No, he wasn't a selfish man. He was completely tormented and fearful of their future.
---Raine on 3/23/07

It is a selfish act. but their not thinking of anyone but themselves. Because if they were thinking of other people, most if not all wouldn't go through with it. They think in their mind, Poor pitiful ME, no one cares about ME, there is no hope for ME. Oppresion plays a huge role in why a person wants to comitt suicide. but according to some they will end up in purgtory and we can pray for them and their sufferings.
---Rebecca_D on 3/23/07

Suicide is an act of the desperate and prompted by satanic influence. The one who commits suicide is in a weekened state no matter what the motive. It is not a matter of selfishness at that point as when one cares so little about his/her own life, how could he/she care about anyone elses?
---Jody on 3/23/07

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Once your gone, who gives a rat's if you've been selfish.
---Dick on 3/23/07

There is another reason people are led to suicide. Demonic influence and oppresion. Unfortunately most people end up going to a mental hospital when all they really need is a deliverance minister to lead them to Christ and free them from bondage and oppression. If someone you know says they are being troubled by real evil spirits. Christian or not you should take them seriously.
---Matthew on 11/27/06

There are many reasons why people commit suicide. Some are just plain stupid, others are because of medical problems. Until you walk in the shoes of someone who suffers daily, every movement causes terrible pain. You can't sleep well do to the pain. Looking at 4 walls 24/7. What is more selfish, letting someone go, or letting them suffer?
---Jerry on 11/27/06

Mary dont beat yourself up we live & learn- life is a "survival course" not a cake walk. I am fine, strong & you will be fine & strong again too. Mary we are like boxers you will get hit, winded, bleed even fall to the mat- but we dont just lay there for the count. No we get back up, shake ourselves off & go on. Be strong & take courage even when U feel all alone you are never alone. God covers U w/His love, He cant help but love U Mary nope He is that much in love with His Mary!
---Jeanne on 11/27/06

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Thank you Jeanne; bless you but this man barely knows I'm alive; I'm afraid it's a one-way street, pretty much :( I fell in love with him a long time ago; made the mistake of being vulnerable to him when he was drunk--agh! He's in a VA hospital so I'm praying he can get well somehow :)
---Mary on 11/26/06

part 2--I'm sorry about your ex, Jeanne :( It's so hard when you love someone so sick, isn't it? :( Hope you and me both can find a good, healthy man to love--we'll share him lol! :D Seriously, God bless u :)
---Mary on 11/26/06

Mary my ex is a manic depressive and he tried on many occasions. Just becareful like my Pastor and his Doctor said that he is not "controlling" U thru these attempts. They went on to say some "use" that as a way of keeping the other person and so they will not leave which is very selfish at the core. Sorry about your situation its not easy I know but becareful. He needs to seek help ASAP
---Jeanne on 11/26/06

I dearly love a man who is suicidal. He breaks my heart everytime he rips open his flesh trying to die! But God loves him and I pray yet that God will one day heal his heart and his mind. I consider "J" a "wounded bird"--not a selfish man.
---Mary on 11/25/06

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When someone really wants to commit suicide it will get done unless they are in a hospital. My son has tried to take his life twice and failed. His was a call for help. Only God knows the state of anyones mind when they die from suiside.
---Linda on 11/24/06

I think that most people have contemplated suicide at one time or another. To me suicide is the cowards way out, when there is help available and is a selfish act.

What about the person who finds them and look what it does to a persons family and loved ones. They are left behind to suffer the loss. Besides the person who commits suicide will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven because he killed himself.
---Norma7374 on 11/24/06

Don't beat yourself up, Virginia.
---RJ on 11/24/06

Virginia My cousin had asked to come & live with me a while and I said no. I did not know he was having problems & was getting psychiatric counseling. I ask God over & over to forgive me for being so self centered, tho it's too late now.

If your cousin was having psychiatric problems that went to the point of suicide, It's possible a hospital would of been a better place for him then your home. God may have been trying to protect you from what He knew was going to be inevitable.
---grace3869 on 11/24/06

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RJ..thanks for your reply. My cousin had asked to come & live with me a while and I said no. I did not know he was having problems & was getting psychiatric counseling. I ask God over & over to forgive me for being so self centered, tho it's too late now.
---Virginia on 11/24/06

My condolences to you Virginia & Lawrence who have lost loved ones to suicide. It's so important to try & reach ones who are in such depths of gloom before they make that fatal mistake. As one who's experienced that kind of lows, I did have a chance to talk this past summer to a woman who tried to kill herself by swallowing pills & alcohol and just woke up later rather than dying. She is doing better and hasn't attempted suicide again. Suicidals need hope & encouragement!
---RJ on 11/10/06

We all walk through dark seasons in life, but those times will pass too. Hopefully the dark times make us stronger and help those who go through same trials. But seeking to exit this life before the LORD actually does call us Home to Him, really isn't the answer.
---RJ on 11/10/06

I think suicide is the most hateful thing a person can do to others in the family. On the other hand ony God knows their intention..from pain, anger, confusion, whatever. I have to trust that God is fair and just and will make whatever eternal judgement of them without our opinions. And, I for one, am glad I do not have to make that decision. I hope & pray that my cousin who committed suicide will be forgiven by God and that I will see him in heaven someday.
---Virginia on 11/10/06

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I agree with you Elder about Lynn's comment which is off the wall. A soldier's mindset and a depressed person who doesn't want to live to the point of INTENTIONALLY killing themself are two very different things. A military leader's objective in going to war is to bring back his men alive. It's not rocket science to know that some won't and soldier's know this, however, they WANT to come out alive and in one piece!
---RJ on 11/10/06

Lynn so what you are saying is that All soldiers are trained too commit suicide?hmm so by that logic getting into your car and driving down the street has trained you to commit suicide because there is a chance of you getting killed in an accident, or for that matter makes you a murderer if you hit some one while driving. Wow!
---willow on 11/9/06

Lynn please tell me what branch of service you were in that taught you to commit suicide.
I never taught that and never was taught it. Everything I learned and taught was to survive, adapt and overcome in any situation. A dead Soldier is no use to anyone. Gen. Patton said it best. Those who have been there know what he said.
---Elder on 11/8/06

What about Terry Shaivo? I think about Terry and her family. What do you think that was? I have a hard time wrapping my mind around what they did. Her family loved that girl and was willing to take care of her. Why did her husband 'whatever' do that?
---Shiela on 11/8/06

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Soldiers are trained to commit suicide.. They go into war knowing that the will probably die, thats suicide.
---Lynn on 11/8/06

My wife's sister committed suicide. She had a chronic illness and was miserable and in pain. I don't think what she did was right but I will not judge her. That is not for me. I truly don't think what she did was selfish, it was desperate. I think the quality of mercy should guide us in these matters.
---Lawrence on 11/6/06

Alan, I did later see your quote on the other suicide blog after I had already posted what I did on this one. Apology accepted.
---Rivka on 11/6/06

Again we can not just lump or box all people together. Suicide can be a selfish act, but it can also be an impulsive act done in extreme mental pain w/out thinking. I heard of a 12yr old that did this later it was found out they were being molested. Selfish? No- scared, shamed, guilty feelings, rejection-yes. A cry of pain out in the dark that no one heard. Things are not alway cut & dry each case is different, each person different.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

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I did post my thoughts together, but some were before I saw your reply on the other blog. I did apologise!!
Yes ... Alan is Quent is Alan and if you are on PenPal you could write to me & I will explain why.
Incidently I don't like to be called Quent, and so people can still call me Alan, I am now signing myself ...
---AlanUK_quent5969 on 11/6/06

So Alan of UK is now quent the scot? In the first place, you should have posted your new comments in addition to those on 10/30/06 when you wrote them. Just so you know, I HAVE suffered from suicidal thoughts, and depression so I have been there. I never carried it out because of the trauma it would cause family.
---Rivka on 11/5/06

Rivka -- A suicidal person frequently believes that their family and friends would be better off without them. They don't consider for a moment that they could be WRONG. If you mention that other people could be worse off without them, they will often strenuously disagree. They won't risk checking with these other people to see if they are right..which might HELP them! It's a very strong delusion.
---Donna2277 on 11/4/06

Rivka ... Until you have been there you will not understand.
of course I did not ask that of myself ... my state of mind was such that I KNEW.
But of course NOW I know that my thoughts then were all wrong ... my sense was destroyed for a time by my illness.
I pray you will never have that torment ... but meanwhile do not judge upon what you have not expereinced and do not understand.
---quent5969_the_Scot on 11/4/06

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Alan, have you ever asked your family & friends if they'd be so happy that you wanted to kill yourself imagining that they'd be better off without you? Would they be so thrilled that they'd never get to see you again on this earth?
---Rivka on 11/4/06

Yes Bruce ... the results are the same ... tragic, and anguish for those left behind.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/31/06

I think I know what you mean. In your mind you were considering something that would benefit them not cause them grief.

Do we agree that no matter what the motive, the results are the same? Grief and heartache for loved ones left behind.

Last night my girlfriend told me that one of her neighbors committed suicide the other day. What a tragedy.
---Bruce5656 on 10/31/06

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