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Gemstones Falling Into Church

A church in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is experiencing gemstones falling into the congregation. They find them in their yards, angels are appearing, too. Diamonds are splitting in two, all colors of gemstones falling. Signs and wonders? What do you think?

Moderator - Make believe to demonic.

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 ---Cindy on 10/25/06
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Elder my name too is in the bible, and also in the lambs book of life. if you ever read the bible you would know that you shouldn't judge whether someone elses name was written in the book of life or not. If you want to limit God go for it. but don't try to beat spirit filled believers into the ground for experiencing God's Glory. If you don't believe pray that God would show you... ever tried that? Well let me tell you God is a personal God and He will God bless you, oh you of little faith.
---Jsohua on 9/3/09

Robert your name may not be in the Bible but mine is. It is also in the Lambs Book of Life. Sign gifts and works have passed.
If you are in a place where you are seeing gold falling what's it worth? Why can't it be sold?
If you are in a place where you are seeing feathers falling you need to get outta the chicken house more.
---Elder on 9/10/08

Yes, gemstones falling from Heaven IS Biblical. We often put God in a box and limit Him (committ idolity, and have a religious spirit in the process). To us (up is up and down is down), to God (up is down and down is up). We often see God as being human, rather than spirit and supernatural. God is spirit. We need to look through God's supernatural eyes, NOT human eyes to see the reality of things. God does things differently "strangly" to us, but to God it is NORMAL.
---Leslie on 9/10/08

#2 - Most of us look at a Picaso painting with our foreheads pressed on the painting, and only see the colors of the painting, not the painting itself. When we step back off the painting, we see what the painting truly is. So it is with the supernatural things of God. Look through God's eyes, not human eyes.
---Leslie on 9/10/08

Hi, Something that is extra-Biblical in not necessarily UN-biblical. Your name isn't in the Bible, or your personal testimony. The US isn't mentioned, is it automatically from the devil? John said the miracles of Jesus would be too many to write down--each one with its own story and detail and method. So everything "biblical" isn't listed in the Bible.
I've seen gold/feathers. Most of the circles where this is happening is in the healing/prophetic churches, where miracles are happening continuously. A few weeks ago a woman's knee/knee cap grew back under someone's hand-instant healing. The same church where gold glitter or feathers show up. Not every service, but it's cool when it happens. We call them God kisses.
---Robert on 9/9/08

When there is a question on doctrine, belief, signs, wonders we as Christians must go to the Bible, no where else. Especially not to human reasoning, justification. What does the Bible say? Jesus was clear on signs believers SHOULD EXPECT. Mark 16:17-18 And THESE SIGNS will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will take up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them, they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." Gemstones, golddust, oil, feathers, and other false manifestations pales in the face of salvation and healing. Jesus commissioned us to preach the gospel, heal the sick, not to get caught up in lying signs and wonders.
---Lillian on 8/3/08

Shocked and Appauled

maybe you should read Gods Word more carefully ...believing in signs in wonders is exactly what many Christians will do especially now as we are living in end times ...Christ said MANY will come in my name wearing sheeps clothing who are wolves ...even Satan and his demons can transform themselves into ministers of light
---Rhonda on 5/30/08

Call me judgmental if you want to, but I am not afraid to say that whoever believes that all this signs and wonders nonsense is of God is either 1) not saved, 2) backslidden, 3) ignorant of the Word, 4) has no knowledge of God's character, 5) extremely gullible, or 6) has no discernment whatsover. Yesterday it was quacking, barking, and mooing. Today it's gems and gold falling from the sky. The Church must wake up, grow up, and stop participating in and sanctioning the devil's foolishness.
---shocked_and_appalled on 5/29/08

Just want meme to know that you should not feel left out of what is happening with these gemstones! The Bible says there will be all kind of lying wonders. It also says that God will send a delusion because he is testing to see who really loves truth!! Read the word for yourselves. These preachers are leading people to the ant-christ! Please see our youtube video "Ye Are Little gods,Satan's Lies Exposed!
---Elizabeth_LaChance on 5/24/08

My God shall supply ALL your needs according to
his riches in Glory. (phil) I wonder if we get to heaven and find out the word was true there were definately riches in His Glory. Maybe the word is true? Hmm.... How sad if that will be the case. We will be sorry we doubted the Word.
---sarah on 5/9/08

God is in control. It could happen. Who's to say it is not true. Even if I saw with my own eyes, I would still want to know what was happening.What do these congregants do when they gemstones start to fall? What size are they? What do the angels do? Those type questions I would have.
---Robyn on 3/24/08

I think to deny that this could be God would be foolish. If God wants to drop gemstones from heaven it is well within His realm of capability. I think to assume all things we hear are true would also be foolish so don't get me wrong. This phenomena is much more wide spread than Idaho now,however,so, chances are the masses aren't plotting this hoax. If I experience it praise God.... If I do not.... Praise God!
---Melanie on 3/23/08

I pray in tongues, have been to tacf before, but have never seen gold dust. Why is God leaving me out of this? I spend time with Him daily. Has He forgotten me? Why does He give gold dust to some and not to others. Personally, I only want Jesus and don't need any gold dust, but feel left out. Also, what about Glenn Miller planting gems in meetings.
---meme on 3/20/08

If it's a question of either demonic forces or a particular revelation from God, then one would have to ask whether there has been any strange unknown occurrences at the church. At my old friend's church there were several 'gold dust' experiences and they also were plagued by strange noises and things in certain rooms. I believe there could possibly be a connection between the two. If a church experiences both or has experienced both, then that would clarify things a bit.
---Daniel_Prince on 1/23/08

Gilbert Vineyard recently had a number of people catch Glenn Smith 'seeding' (i.e. tossing down) gems fradulently. He was confronted and admitted to it. Unfortunately there is not space here to publish the complete letter from their Sen. Pastor.
---Jerry_Bender on 1/10/08

Every book of the new testamet speaks w-a-r-n-i-n-g-s of false signs and wonders... are we ignore that and just close our eyes, pretending thats what Jesus meant about "child like faith?" he said also to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. why would he tell us to be wise if we were just to blindly believe anything with the name of Jesus on it???
---Chris on 12/31/07

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Pay attention to the ones that said "Lord, Lord, Did we not perform many great miracles in your name?"

He said He didnt know them.. the fact that they said "Lord Lord" and performed these things in His name should be a red flag that these things will take place ~within the church~. its crystal clear to anyone that is not choosing to keep the eyes shut.
---Chris on 12/31/07

Jesus said a wicked and adulteress generation seeks signs and wonders.. remember back in egypt when the pharohs men were able to duplicate some prety amazing miracles if you ask me.

stay in your bible!, you will realize the emphasis is ~not~ to look to these signs and wonders but to look ~forward~ to Christ. While spreading the Gospel.. which iS that God has ~Saved us~ from our sins.
---Chris on 12/31/07

the gospel has been perverted by the masses into a message of idolatry, self help, and teaching that gain is godliness.. keep your eyes open and read the whole bible .. not just the verses your pastors and traveling speakers are highlighting for you. God bless the study of his word!
---Chris on 12/31/07

Thank You Helen.

Did you notice Richard said the scriptures are pointless, do not even have any logic, and off the topic.

If this is the case, why are they even in scripture.

It is all about what these sripture tell us. Not to add to or change anything which is in the Word of God.
---Rob on 11/6/07

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Richard - Proverbs 30:6 says "Do not add to His words, Lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar". God's Word is complete, and we are not to add to it. Are you a Mormon?
---Helen_5378 on 11/6/07

Rob.....Look at what you wrote. The scriptures you listed are pointless. Actually they are not even logical nor on the topic. I didn't say ANYONE was adding to the Word except God adding to HIS word. Nothing I wrote said that any human was adding to it. Read closer next time before you throw out worthless retoric and misquote scripture.
---Richard on 11/5/07

Richard, have you ever read Deuteronomy 4:2, Proverbs 30:5-6, and Revelation 22:18-19?
---Rob on 11/5/07

TO all who are saying, "where is it in the BIble?" WHat makes you think God was done writing the Bible? Maybe he is adding to it now and waiting for new revolation to be written? Why can't God ADD to the Bible? We don't have all of it anyway!
---Richard on 11/4/07

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where does say in the bible that, gemstone fell from heaven.
---bob on 11/1/07

It really did happen in Brunswick, I was there for 2 services. I saw the diamonds though, only about 1/4 carat, they were so brilliant and clear in color,amazing.A friend went with me and she went right up to alejandra and lifted up her hair. She said, and I quote, "I saw it manifesting from her scalp." There's no doubt in my mind that this wasn't a work of God. The Bible says "you'll know them by their fruit" and alejandra definetly is serving God. She has a very powerful gifting.
---Janet on 10/27/07

Another church in Brunswick, Georgia, has experienced gold dust, precious stones and diamonds falling during worship. It occurred with the visit of Alejandra Martinez from Guadalajara. Gold dust has fallen from her hair day and night since October, 2006. But the greatest miracle is still salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.
---John on 10/25/07

Albert, Yes I do think there is a connection but my thoughts are not entirely collected. God has not given me clearity yet. Please read the blog of the firey stones and see what you thind. thanks and God Bless. Jody
---jody on 8/12/07

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I have a question for you all. If all you skeptics think this is a hoax or of the devil how would explain all of the fruit that has come of this? Such as: salvations and healings. Don't see with religious eyes. Come to Jesus as a little child and believe. I have been in revival and God has totally transformed my life! God bless you all, Tina
---Tina on 8/10/07

jody, read this blog. Do you think there's a connection with your question?
---Albert on 8/1/07

I read a site that seems to show that these particular gems may be cubic zirconias and may have been purchased from Ebay. If so, this is a hoax. Not to mention that Emma does not fit in with the typical naming of angels found in scriptures or tradition.

Such events must always be tested, and are usually found to be false. I do believe in miracles, but never blindly. God can outwit a skeptic any day, but hoaxters and demons cannot.
---lorra8574 on 7/2/07

Rahab, are you Rachel Reiter?
That is an odd choice for a blog name and touchstone is a witchcraft object.
So, is that you out there?
---Tim on 7/2/07

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(Sarah - "He sprinkles gold and gems hoping this will cause her to rise.") -- That is not Scriptural. Only the Holy Spirit can make Jesus' Church rise.
---Helen_5378 on 7/2/07

(Chris - "Signs point to God not to man.") -- The signs of stones certainly do not point people to God, but to the wonder of the gems themselves. The signs are false.
---Helen_5378 on 7/2/07

I can't believe how Christians have allowed themselves to be deceived by these so-called signs and wonders. 2Thessalonians 2:9 says "The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders". That is what these "signs and wonders" are, of the devil. And Christians are being fooled by them all over the world. If it does not point to the Cross of Christ, it is false.
---Helen_5378 on 7/2/07

Rahab - (" the Lord spoke to me and said, I have a commissioning present for you.") -- That I believe was not the Lord speaking to you. It does not line up at all with Scripture. You need to repent.
---Helen_5378 on 7/2/07

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Recently I was in Phoenix, AZ and was given a stone by the Lord. It looks like a rough, uncut diamond. During a time of prayer and dedication in a meeting, the Lord spoke to me and said, I have a commissioning present for you. I looked next to me (I was sitting on the floor) and saw a glitter. It was just a sliver and as I held it in my hand it grew. I watched it. For me, this is a touchstone. I know the Lord spoke to me and gave me a tangible to hang on to.
---Rahab on 7/2/07

God is a romantic. He is Love. We are His bride..scriptures dictates. His beloved. In an effort to wake His beloved for the wedding day..He sprinkles gold and gems hoping this will cause her to rise. To let her know ...Get Ready my love I am coming soon...prepare yourself for our wedding day.....are you ready my love. Rise.
Quit all your striving and rise to where you should be in Him.
---Sarah on 3/7/07

In the Last days God said that He will give the world signs and wonders. The 50 carat diamonds and gemstones came to a poor looking humble christian couple, in Couer d'Alene, Idaho, It happens, Yes and even in the churches, God is doing a new thing on this earth, and yes they even split in two, I never doubt God and the new things he is doing. If you don't beleive these very lovely signs and wonders he is giving us now, God forbid if he should drop a lion into your yard, or your churches.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/5/07

I have had no such experience so I have no right to say anything for or against it. All good and perfect gifts come from God. Elisha made a man's axehead swim back to him from the river bottom,Elijah made a woman's Jars fill with oil and make her rich, God made cattle speckled for Jacob, and made Egyptians give their riches to Israel, Peter got a gold coin from the fishes mouth. I guess God can do whatever he wants.
---Exzucuh on 3/4/07

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The people I have seen who have received or witnessed the gems appearing at their feet or in their hands, did not look at it as a proof of their faith or something to worship as an "idol." They saw it as a part of a sign that points to the glory of the Lord beyond our human confinement of theology. To quote a godly man, "the exit sign means nothing if you do not go through the exit door." Signs point to God not to man. See what you have the grace to see.
---Chris on 3/4/07

I wonder if those who accept the gems/gold appearing would be so accepting of someone showing stigmata or of a crucifix bleeding? If not, what is the difference?
---Bruce5656 on 2/16/07

Eric, you're right about judging. Some will explain away the five loaves and two fishes; saying they had huge loaves in those days. Well, they must have had a whale to eat along with them, if that's the case.
It's been said that the Word of God is so simple, you need an idiot to help you misunderstand it. Miracles, signs and wonders. Walking on water, drowning an entire army, turning water into wine, cancers falling off, and severed ears - restored.
---R.A. on 1/12/07

God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and God chooses the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty.
My measure of understanding tells me that everything God did and does makes perfect sense. He fed the hungry, saved(s)Israel, healed the sick, and gives us a glimpse of heaven on earth through Jesus Christ.

So Eric, we all know in part. With my mustard seed of faith, I have yet to recognise God's greater purpose behind gold dust and jewels.
---R.A. on 1/12/07

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R.A. - well, that is interesting. I really don't know what to do about that. I would be inclined to be skeptical of that, if (and this is the important point) everything else they did and said told me that this was a false sign and wonder. I know one thing; I serve an awesome God who can part water, who can transport people from place to place, who can heal the sick and who uses actual angels to do His bidding. He is so awesome!
---Eric on 1/9/07

So with that, I want to applaud your desire to test the signs and discern what His actual works are/are not. I would say this, if you will allow me; I can see that you want to follow the Lord so please don't allow your skepticism to miss something that really is God. I know that this discussion is about the gems, but I just think that Christians should be far more concerned about missing God than being deceived. History shows us that Christians are far more able to stop a move of God than the enemy is.
---Eric on 1/9/07

Eric, I believe in healing. However God chooses to heal someone, I will not question Him. It would be grand and glorious if people were being healed in the streets.

Eric, I tell you and the world this with caution. A lady came through our town (to visit friends in the area); her bible is filling up every day with gold dust. She fills little glass vials with it. She visited a bible study.
---R.A. on 1/8/07

Eric, folks said it had the consistency of plastic glitter. Very soft, very lightweight. They touched it, rubbed it into their skin. It sparkled for awhile, but within an hour's time, it disappeared. Vanished, no trace of it.

OK, Eric, now it didn't really move anyone. They felt nothing. Jesus was not revealed to these people through the gold dust.

The lady traveled on, and her bible is probably still filling up, and she's placing it into bottles. What do you do with that, Eric?
---R.A. on 1/8/07

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R.A. - Who can know God or His ways? I know people who have been healed of incurable (documented) conditions - who can explain that? Can one explain how belief in Jesus brings eternity with Him, while refusal of Him brings eternity separated from Him? Walking down sidewalks and healing people is "something you could wrap your mind around", likely because it's in the Bible, right? Can one explain how God did that? Miracles that do not explicitly follow a Biblical pattern all not all hoaxes.
---Eric on 1/8/07

R.A. - A couple specific responses It's amazing how 85 words is too short....

The Gold - I think you missed my point on this. I wasn't saying this was "magic lightweight gold". I'm just saying that simply because gold is everywhere doesn't mean that it's worth $1000s of dollars. I must not have seen the video with a "roomful" of Gold, so I can't even comment on that. What I was referring to was the thin flakes on the guy who found the gems.
---Eric on 1/8/07

Joy of the Lord: I agree the last video was more sober. If you assume that this is real, wouldn't YOU be sad that people are calling you a fraud? In the context of the video, maybe they desired to show themselves as "sober, normal people", rather than flakes making up stories about heavenly gems? I don't know. Shoot, the guy is excited, then starts crying over finding gems and he's a fraud. Now, he's sober and not showing enough joy and he's a fraud. What exactly are you looking for?
---Eric on 1/8/07

For Mike M.
Mike, are you still out there? you stated on 11/26/06:
That church claims
instant weight loss,
hair growing on bald heads,
dental fillings turning to gold
money supernaturally appearing,
golden rain,
People floating in church,
heavenly gemstones,
Please clarify for us: what golden rain is and what is meant by people "floating" and do you have testimonies of these that can be viewed or is this hearsay? Thanks
---inspiredmom on 1/7/07

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Alan, I'm sure those people don't want the attention of news people camped at their house. It is a worldwide program, millions have watched it by now. I am surprised they decided to go on TV at all.
---R.A. on 1/7/07

Hello Eric and Alan. I watched the new gemstone program, too. (Wanted to visit with you, Alan).

The couple seemed to be under a great deal of stress. The older gentleman said sceptics had given hurtful comments, etc. It was not a program filled with joy.

That's been a real marker for me. I don't see the joy of the Lord on their faces, at all.
---R.A. on 1/6/07

What move of God would bring you heartache and tears, like that man had in his eyes? The gold is lightweight, the gemstones are enormous. Signs and wonders of this nature, are they really saving people? What can you say about them. They didn't mention the lady angel Emma this time. The young man with the house that fills up with gold was not on again. I assume it must be the lightweight kind. Alan, is correct. That refrigerator full of gold would need an armored car.
---R.A. on 1/6/07

Eric, why can't we fall more in love with Jesus without gemstones and golddust?

What happens to the 'doubting Thomas's' when the gemstones stop? Those people seemed sad. Maybe even bewildered as to why it's happening. It appears the man is still picking them up in his front yard.

It the man was walking down sidewalks and his shadow was healing the sick, that would be something I could wrap my mind around.
---R.A. on 1/6/07

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Eric ... "All this notoriety"?
Where? In the public media?
Where is this magic gold? It would still need to be stored, and the gemstones if made of some inexplicable material would become priceless, and most sought after.
It seems to be the production of cult leaders to the gullible
---alanUKquent64534 on 1/6/07

A note on "gold everywhere" comments. Gold can be thinned down to the micron level and still retain its integrity (i.e. a gold-filled cathedral has a small amount of gold very finely hammered). Gold manifestations have been gold FLAKES - not nuggets/bars. So, the amount of gold that appears is likely such a small amount that it could hardly be used to feed the poor. Same with the gemstones; they've been analyzed by gemologists and are WORTHLESS because they can't figure out what they are!!
---Eric on 1/6/07

Everything I have seen in the videos (on Extreme Prophetic) tell me this is completely true. The couple getting the stones are clearly simple working-class people - I don't think that they could pull something like this off without being caught - especially with the notoriety that this is getting and all of the skeptics lurking.
People are getting saved and healed. Christians are falling more in love with Jesus.
What more are you looking for??
---Eric on 1/5/07

Gold is one of the heaviest elements, Had it filled the room, it wouild be so heavy the cleaners could not have moved it.
I echo what others have asked. Why did the church not use the gold dust and rubiels to do God's work?
The same applies to Jan's church.
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/30/06

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Jan - You have let the devil mess with you, and now you are angry at me!! Get real. When somebody like you comes along and proposes an outright lie like that I do not take it laying down. Gold dust is not of God. Period.
---Helen_5378 on 12/30/06

Jan - I would also like to say to you that the fact that you are angry that I have opposed you seems to show that your "gold dust" is a bit of an idol to you! Christians are supposed to at all times look to Jesus.
---Helen_5378 on 12/30/06

Helen, then why isn't the blogs on Christianet in God's word? You support this!!?????
---jan on 12/29/06

"The gold dust was swept away by the cleaners"

What a supreme example of bad stewardship! How can you expect us to take this serious with a statement like that!!!

IF there were real gold dust
IF it were swept up and thrown away

How does this go with 1 John 3:17, "But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?"
---Bruce5656 on 12/29/06

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Why couldn't you go deeper into the presence of the Lord without the gold dust and rubies in the first place?

If you ignored them, and you think they were of the Lord, then why did you ignore them?

You wouldn't ignore the Holy Spirit, so do you really believe this was the Holy Spirit. Your response to the gold dust and rubies is saying 'No', even though your mouth says 'Yes'.
---Joel on 12/29/06

Jan, one more thought. If the gold dust was swept away by the cleaners and it was a move of God, how does that bring Him Glory? If the Idaho church saves all of their gemstones, (they believe genuine), is that not dishonor to the Holy Spirit to throw your gold dust away? Why would you sweep a move of God away?
---Joel on 12/29/06

Jan- if the gold dust was actully gold, then why not give it to a poor family or use it to spread the gospel? Sounds as if its just glitter- a man made manifestation. I think someone is messing with you.
---craige on 12/29/06

We paid no attention to the gold dust and rubies..we got deeper into Gods presence.The gold dust was swept away by the cleaners! Glory to God!!
---jan on 12/29/06

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Alan, you need to crank up your google box. I cannot list web site addresses. It is on the GOD network.
---R.A. on 12/29/06

God doesnt use gimmicks, He uses spiritfilled preachers preaching the cross of Christ to get peoples attention. God doesnt need people to start coming to church just because they think they are going to get something from him- unless its something like salvation, or the Holy Spirit, etc. etc.
---craige on 12/28/06

Jan - Hi, I am from Australia too. Given the importance placed on this "gold dust", why do you think it is not in God's Word?
---Helen_5378 on 12/28/06

Jan, everything God does or ever will do to or with us the Bible testifys to.
You are trying to say that what you have seen is greater than what God has said.
Satan has got you and others confused and you say we are abusing you.
Gold, diamonds, silver and a lot of other things have value only because our greedy hearts say they do. They are no more than dirt to God.
You accept deceit as a blessing.
I guess your church can quit supporting missionaries and the poor and just send gold dust.
---Elder on 12/28/06

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Jan I am so sorry you were abused by anyone on here. I will never judge anothers experience ,how could I when I'm not there to try the Spirits in operation,for sure I won't demonize it. I think it's very easy for those who haven't seen the power of God move in a mighty way in Holy Ghost led services to understand the possibilities with God's move are limitless. Christians,Judge not, that ye be not judged with the same judgement. You can't know for sure what is happening.
---Darlene_1 on 12/28/06

RA ... Can you let us know the name of the programme where you saw this?
It is most strange that this did not make the media? After the man is so so rich now.
Helen ... It filled the house ... too much to go in the fridge!
Come to think of it ... that amount of gold would have been sufficient to wipe out poverty worldwide, install water wells in every 3rd world village, and print a Bible for every man woman and child in the world.
Wonder why he did not give some to God for those purposes?
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/28/06

The so-called gold dust phenomena is absolutely no different from the demonic crying and bleeding statues of Mary. Not sure, but aren't they always of Mary???? There is absolutely nothing in God's Word to suggest such a thing as gold dust. The last I remember hearing about gold dust was that it was at the bottom of the garden with the fairies. Watch out what you believe or you will get sucked right in.
---Helen_5378 on 12/28/06

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