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Coming To Church Late

Why are people willing to walk in church late and have no second thoughts?

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 ---Ralph on 10/27/06
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whenever you are wherever, be there whatsoever.
---aka on 9/15/11

Eloy, great, you said it all. Very good answers you gave. I'm proud of you. Praise the Lord. People should stop judging those who come late. Some have great reasons. It's might be a matter for the Pastor to ask in case they do need assistance.
---Mark_V. on 9/14/11

Makes me wonder if the ones who are late for church would be late if they had a meeting with the president. Bet they would be dressed and on time.
---shira3877 on 9/14/11

Rhonda, a member who is on time compared to one who comes in late is the issue. Neither should be judged a "busy body". If the late-comer has issues preventing them from arriving on time, then the Christian thing to do is to offer assistance so that they can partake of the full service. And the nonChristian thing to do would be to do no thing, there are too many hypocrites whom are barren trees among the body, these need to repent, get saved, and DO the works of Christ. If the late-comer is saved then I am sure they would be happy if a brother or sister offered them assistance. And if the only way they can be on time is to move the service ahead 30 minutes or an hour, then it should rightly be done, so that each sheep is blessed.
---Eloy on 9/13/11

adults make choices ...mankind has free-will ...whose "second thoughts"?

you suggest BABYSITTING adult "church-goers"? placating their every whim ...problems showing up on time so "find out" why they can't get there and help them? for real?? next up the minister will be changing the service time to accommodate a FEW

RESPONSIBILITY is a very difficult concept today

Seems you missed the point of my post ...busybodies are always LOOKING at everyone else FAILING to see their own short-comings

if one is not seeking salvation then the CHURCH has misled it's members and it is simply a social gathering with a god slapped on it
---Rhonda on 9/11/11

Rhonda, the poster is not asking about the salvation of the late arrivals, but instead is asking why people are willing to arrive late to church and they display no second thoughts. It could be that they have problems preventing them from arriving on time. So if I was concerned, I was ask the people if I could help them so they could arrive at the start of the service and thereby not miss any of it.
---Eloy on 9/10/11

why are people always attempting to work out someone else's salvation when Holy Scripture instructs True Believers to work out our own salvation

why are so many self-professing christians such busy-bodies forever entangled in someone's life dictating to them how they should "be a christian" because they believe they are better than others because they show up on time to church??

clearly if one is so worried about those walking in late they are NOT paying attention anyway ...hence why we are to work out our OWN salvation
---Rhonda on 9/10/11

If concerned, ask them if you can offer yourself to help them somehow to be able to arrive earlier.
---Eloy on 9/8/11

this is realy a no-question, here in africa noone (not even the pastor) starts church on time
---andy3996 on 9/6/11

Well, it is like the poem says,
Better late at the Golden Gate,
Than to be on time in Hell.....
---Elder on 9/6/11

hi,first,got be honest I am one have been late now & again(not always) felt very bad. health conditions... many times... Thanks! Mark you made the point. It really can be such for people as myself.
---ELENA on 9/5/11

I believe Jed's answer is the best one. It really is none of our business. It is between them and God. There is many reasons why some come late. Now if one person comes late all the time and it bothers you so much, after services you can ask the person, if it bothers you so much. He might tell you and he might not. I believe most of the time they will tell you why they constantly come late.
---Mark_V. on 9/3/11

at one church i went to the sermons were meaty. the start of the service had a 'praise and worship' session that lasted about a half hour.

i did usually get there when the music was done. there was no time management problem. In my thirties, i was legally blind and my hearing now is still quite good. The volume was way too loud for me. plus, we'd stand, sit, sing, hum, raise our hands, and bow our heads, all at the "leading of the spirit'.

i praised and worshiped the Lord along the sixty mile trip because I had an extra half hour to get my small children to church.
---aka on 8/30/11

Good way to avoid shaking hands with gross people you don't like!

(Usually this occurs in the beginning in the "Lets Greet one another part" of the show.)

So if you just want to see the show and avoid that ritual you go late.
---John on 8/27/11

Because they stayed up to late or got up to early to go to the football game on Saturday. Because that is a priority.
---Scott1 on 8/26/11

The late-comers could be baby christians (immature), just don't know how to manage time, use to doing their own thing, don't want to answer to anyone. Something they are dealing with, so leave them alone. Show love and compassion. I am sure they will appreciate that from you. Something has hindered them an made them late. Intentional or not, it is none of our business. If you are that concerned, why not befriend the latecomer. Find out why he or she is consistently late. Then offer to help them to be on time to church. Offer to give them a wake-up phone call, ride to church, just a friendly reminder during the week. The late-comer may not receive this type help but is worth a try. Prayer is powerful,too. Bless ings
---Robyn on 8/26/11

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It's really none of your business. If you don't want to be late then make sure you're there on time and don't worry about everyone else. I'd rather someone come late and hear the gospel, than not come at all. It is not your place to say anything to them either. People are at different places in their relationship with God and he will take care of them if he needs to. Saying something could make them not come back at all.
---Jed on 8/25/11

I don't think you can afford to be late on your job or to meet with your boss. You anticipate not to be late or you will get fired. But what about the One who created you for His purpose. The One who would decide if you can enter heaven or not. Can you afford to be late to give due respect to the One who holds the eternal Life? If you don't anticipate and long for Sunday Worship service to honor God and always come late, then there is something wrong with your christianity! You need to be born again.
---butch_mapeso on 8/25/11

Better late than never showing up.
---a_friend on 7/24/10

Who says they're late? Unless the sermon is being taught they're not late. Some might not prefer the worship music, nor want to hear annoucements so they time it right before the pastor speaks with the sermon.As long as they get there & can hear the message ,they're on time by Gods standards, not mans.
---candice on 7/23/10

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If a person shows up at church a few minutes late (either due to unavoidable circumstances, or due to something that is their own fault), what do you expect them to do? They can either come in late, or they can leave empty-handed.

I don't recall "being late" mentioned in regards to the Unforgivable Sin. Nor is it mentioned in any of the several catalogues of sins that would separate one from the Kingdom of God (murder, idolatry, etc.)

Sure, showing up for church late may be a more visible sin than fudging on one's taxes, but guess which one the Bible actually speaks negatively about?
---StrongAxe on 7/23/10

Sometimes being late is unavoidable. You don't know why the person is late. Please leave the judging to God as He has said in His Word time and time, again.
There are many reasons. The devil gets very busy on Sunday mornings. He does not want God's people to attend church. Hinderances comes in all forms everyday,especially on Sunday. The person could have awaken late. Some women have to fight their spouses off, to even leave out of the house, to go to church. I can give you many more reasons. But we should be on time when we can. I have gone to church late because I did not have money to buy gas for the car. The person I was waiting for arrived late with $2. I barely made it to church. But I made it!
---Robyn on 7/23/10

I agree with you. There seems to be no respect for God's house these days. It should be treated as sacred, holy ground. Unfortunately, it is not. We have people that come in late repeatedly every time the doors are open. People are rebellious against God. I've never seen so much disrespect as I do nowadays in church. It's sad. I, myself, can't wait to get to church to hear the word of God.
---Angela on 10/18/07

Being late is a sign of immaturity and a don't care attitude. People don't value the house of the Lord as they use to. Pastors don't do their jobs of preaching against these type things either, anymore. So no consequences, no second thoughts. We are on time for our jobs, why not be on time for our church service? God deserves this respect.I feel awful when I am late to church. There is no good reason to do this all of the time. Maybe sometimes we are late, but not all of the time.
---Robyn on 10/17/07

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I would be asking myself why I am giving this a second thought.
---Linda on 10/17/07

Would you rather they turned round and went home?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/17/07

Why are you worrying about someone else being late? Worry about you and your family it is not wrong to come in late I'd rather someone come in late than to not come in at all. A lady at our church comes in late every service and I respect that because as she explained it to one who asked her is that so she don't get caught up in the gossip and as soon as it is over she leaves...nothing wrong with that.
---DREA4454 on 10/30/06

How did you get the position as the official time monitor at your church? Give up on trying to control folks and just love them for being there.
---Annie on 10/30/06

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If your so worried about it, why don't you ask them why they are late and if they need help. Maybe you can help them by not being late.
---Rebecca_D on 10/28/06

The reason for arriving at church late are many, some avoidable and some not. God knows each reason and we have to leave it with Him. It is, however, noticeable that it is very often the same people who are late and this makes me think 'why don't they just leave home a little earlier?' Most of us wouldn't dream of keeping our doctor or dentist waiting once we have made a firm appointment so why arrive at church late (if it can be prevented) and disrupt a service which has already started.
---emg on 10/28/06

I agree with Faith, in this regard.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/27/06

Ralph: My sister-in-law is the head of the Preschool Department of our church. She is always late, if she gets to the worship service at all, because she has to make sure the Toddler and Pre-K classes are staffed, and that they are going to be okay before she can come upstairs to worship. Many Sundays her staff does not show up at all, and she misses worship and Sunday School classes altogether.

Who are you to judge what is in the hearts of people who come to worship?
---Madison1101 on 10/27/06

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HOw do you know they have no second thoughts, Raplph?

Did they tell you this themselves during coffee hour?

Can you see into their minds and read their thoughts?

Or are you just assuming the worst about others and their motives?
---Jack on 10/27/06

Don't worry about it. God knows why they're late for church.

He knows their hearts. He knows if they come because they love him or because they want to look good in the eyes of men.
---Faith on 10/27/06

Many people don't take appointments very seriously and come late all the time.They could make an improvement. Some people have things happen beyond their control and would have normally come on time. I think it's better to come late than not at all and if we are going to comment to any of them because they are late then we better make sure of the reason first.
---john on 10/27/06

I guess they're thinking, "Better late than never".
---sue on 10/27/06

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