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How Are You Perceived

How are you perceived by others whom you witness?
1. Authority?
2. Accountably?
3. Affection?
4. Acceptance?

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 ---Linda3939 on 10/28/06
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Here's another opportunity to stumble. You can blow yourself up as big as a Blimp, or make yourself lower than the head of pin - so low that if you sat on a dime you couldn't swing your feet. We're not to be men pleasers.
---Anonymous on 10/22/08

Most believe I am authoritative. But in reality I have little authoritative knowledge on the other hand what little knowledge I have is authoritative. That is to say my knowledge of God is authoritative to me and I tried to obey that knowledge. I've had people tell me that they do not like me because my arguments box them in and force them to make decisions, at which time I tell them that's exactly what I'm trying to do, to offer them a clear-cut decision. I call it witnessing.
---mima on 10/27/07

"So live that you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip."

Will Rogers
---R.A. on 10/31/06

This question appeals to the flesh. People pleasing, co-dependency. It's a lure to reveal more about yourself, and let others analyze you.
---anonymous on 10/30/06

Heres what my husband said, easy going, easy to get along with, caring, spiritual and smart. Now, granted, I was right there when he was saying all this so take with a grain of salt! If I describe myself it would be more like, shy but friendly, sometimes dumb, open minded and Christian.
---sue on 10/30/06

Friendly, outgoing and warm hearted. As far as authority, I speak the words of Jesus and they said he spoke with authority. I tell people what Jesus said, not what I think. Accountability? I don't know how others perceive me whom I witness to. Affection? not sure. Acceptance? Do you mean how they accept Jesus when I witness to them? or do you mean how they accept me witnessing to them?
---Donna9759 on 10/30/06

(I.)How people perceive a true born-again child of God(one who is being lead of the Spirit) "not self", depends on the person, and what type of spirit they have, some don't desire God's Truth, it really depends if they are letting God reason with them or not. God's people are not meant to be "man pleasers", the focus should be on pleasing God, letting the Holy Spirit witness through us to other's, not "self"....
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/29/06

(II.) ...people must see Jesus, Only the Holy Spirit can draw someone to Jesus(John 6:44).When Jesus walked the earth only the honest hearted(Matthew 5:8) were drawn to Him, only they were blessed, received knowledge of the mysteries of God's Word, that are hidden from the resistant/arrogant "wise" one's. Many get offended by God's Truth, this is nothing new! We are to speak God's Uncompromised Truth with God's love....
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/29/06

(III.) ....not man's flemsy love, man's love won't work won't bring the results that God want's. When I heard God's Truth in my teens, I received it, I didn't fight It, debate It, or get offended. The Word is plain only to the honest hearted. Once again it depends on the person, if they are honest hearted or not.(Matt. 11:25,26) God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/29/06

The original question also said, how did Jesus come to you? and how do you come to others?

This question was asked by a Bible teacher. The right answer should be: acceptance. Jesus accepted me. Did not push around His athority,accountably,... He should me He accepted me. Like the woman at the well. He did not preach to her how bad she was. Infact, He stood up for her and said, you who are...then, to her - go and sin no more.
---Linda3939 on 10/29/06

This is a good question to ask. Personally, I try to serve others, with Jesus' help. I do not know what others think of my, and sometimes I prefer not to know. At the same time, I do not know who's lives I touch. But I try to obey God, and let Him reach who He will through me.
---laure5759 on 10/29/06

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