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Who's Planted A Church

Who here has been involved in planting or starting churches and how did you begin?

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 ---John on 10/28/06
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We started a church three years ago. We actually bought the property and started the church ourselves. Turns out that everyone in that town was already saved--at least that's what they said.
---Susie on 6/4/08

Just yesterday the representative of a pastor in northern Michigan asked me to become involved in planting a new church in a city near him. But I believe we need less churches and more salvations. Those who are saved will form their own groups.
---mima on 6/2/07

Mima, Okebaram: It's easy to be saved on the spot, the difficult part is maintaining it. The only way is by fellowship, by joining a church. There is continuing encouragement especially in a small church, a home church. A church where everyone knows each other intimately and a person is not afraid to tell others about what is in their hearts, not afraid to tell others that they have sinned and need encouragement.
---Steveng on 10/30/06

Mima, doesn't he need a church to in order for him to retain his salvation, and grow spiritually?
---Okebaram on 10/30/06

Small. That's how we began. I wasn't the one who started the church, but I attended 2 churches that newly started. Unfortunately, neither of them took off. They ended up closing down after 3 years each. I believe the WORD of God draws people and the word was watered down word and the people were clicky. I stayed till the end, till each church closed.
---Donna9759 on 10/30/06

---Okebaram: yesterday I witnessed to a 17 year old carryout boy at a grocery store. And he accepted the Lord in less than five minutes. He immediately got happy and told another clerk had just gotten saved. Where was a church involved in this? Is he not saved until he can get inside a church and follow their doctrine? Contact me at penpals
---mima on 10/30/06

I have been involved in a church plant, well I was the a pastor that came in when everyone else gave up, so I am not a good testamony on how to start one. But what I lacked was a core group of commited people that wanted to see the church plant take. A church plant needs several families (perferably not all related) and they need to be soley commited to that church plant. not willing to go somewhere else if they get tired.
---Jared on 10/29/06

Our denomination is starting a church and they have 8 families and they are each commited to the new church. That's the key commitment, and the 2nd thing is direction. what to do: Pray pray pray and then MOVE and go where God leads.
---Jared on 10/29/06

Steven, I am very familiar with the new testament churches. I just haven't seen many in these days that are actually making it work. Most just drift away after a few months or years. I jst wanted to hear how you are making it work. One of the main reasons I believe they do not continue faithfully is because they are not tithing. God honors the tithe. Maybe you are doing it differently. Thank for your input.
---Jason on 10/29/06

Mima, how do you suppose such salvation will come about? With discretion and balance, planting churches is necessary to reach the lost. The presence of churches around may not eliminate this need.
---Okebaram on 10/29/06

Jason: you should be familiar with home chuches just by reading the NT. That's all they had. I believe that home churches do much more good on a personal level than large organized churches.

Home churches are between eight and twenty. Over the years these churches splintered into other churches, dropped out altogether or have continued (very few). I still contact a handful of Christians from twenty years ago.
---Steveng on 10/29/06

Steven, just out of curiousity, not out of disbelief, are all of the over 200 churches still established? I'm not too firmiliar with thes home church system. How many are in each and how does this work? thank you for your replies.
---Jason on 10/29/06

I am a church planter in a Latin American Country. My advice would be sure God has called you to do this work. It is hard on the body and requires patience and faithfullness. It won't happen overnight. You are looking at a longterm project. If your not going to see it through, don't even start. Be careful where you start one. I only start churches in where there's not Biblically Fundamental work established. There's no sense in robbing someone elses members to appease our numbers. Be faithful!
---jason on 10/28/06

I start seven or eight churches each year. I start by teaching English to immigrants and high school/college students using the front page of the Los Angeles Times. After a couple of months, I start interweaving Bible prophesy with the current news. They become interested more about Jesus. I then introduce that person to a home church (I don't care too much for organized churches. I found that Home churches are more personal). I've been successfully using this strategy for over thirty years.
---Steveng on 10/28/06

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