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How To Outreach To The Lost

What are some ways for churches to outreach to their community?

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 ---KENYA on 10/28/06
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Note: We should not lable people as "lost"
Outreach: Visitations, Bible Lessons, Lit. Ministry, Meals on Wheels, Marriage Seminars, Day Care, ChEd/school, Cooking classes, Pathfinders etc. P.
---Pierr5358 on 4/30/07

Our church's outreach programs 1. Volunteers in Medicine, we have a clinic manned by professionl medical staff, and state of the art medical equipment, etc. 2. Food Bank, where those who need this service get groceries and clothes. 3. Various mission trips by both young people and adults. 4. Trailers equiped with showers, washing machines and dryers to assist disaster victums. 5. Annual outreach programs, such a dramas, concerts, etc. No charge for any of this and ALL done in he name of the Lord!
---wivv on 10/31/06

My church is part of a local interdenominational organization that mans a community soup kitchen and provides shelter for the homeless. Members from all the participating churches volunteer their time and services.
---augua9846 on 10/30/06

Go door to door, introduce yourself to them and to the church folks. Invite them to church. Ask them if they want to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Bring them food once in a while. Ask them how you can help them. Do they need a winter coat? or a scarf or gloves? Take them a little present. Reach out as much as you can by being friendly with them, showing them the Love of Christ inside of you.
---Donna9759 on 10/30/06

We can go out and witness to the people who may be lost, and tell the goodness of the Lord. We have to go and reach out to them, because some are afraid and if we reach out to them, many will come. We cannot make them come to the LOrd, but we can only help them. They have to make their own decision, they have to have that made up mind. Going out witnessing to people..Going in your neighborhood and knocking on doors also helps. People are hungry for the Word of God.
---stephanie on 10/29/06

My church has a food pantry where needy people can come get a box of food. We also have a Thanksgiving feast where all of the families that contacted the church for food in the past year are invited to dinner on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. When they leave, they are given a laundry basket of food and household cleaning items.

At Christmas they collect toys and give them to the needy. In August they collect backpacks and school supplies and give them to needy kids.
---Madison1101 on 10/29/06

LitMinistry: Distribution or sale of Ch. books, magazines or pamphlets. P.
---Pierr5358 on 10/29/06

Pierr5358, hi can you explain what Lit. ministry is for me. Thanks
---bethie on 10/29/06

Preach the gospel of salvation to their congregation. There are a lot of lost people in churches, and some are church members.
---ralph on 10/29/06

We have an open house on Satardays and we have free drinks and soup and hotdogs. People come in and hang out in an atmosphere of love. There is usually live christian entertainment and people giving their testimonies. A separate room is available for personal councelling and prayer. It has been a very fruitful ministry in our church.
---john on 10/29/06

With love, and example.
---sue on 10/29/06

Well at our church, we have started a collection of mittens and hats for our local food bank. Every mitten or hat has a scripture and an invitation to church attached to it. Our men go door to door around the neighbor every couple of months to tell people of what's going on at our church. We have childrens functions and youth things.
---bethie on 10/29/06

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