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Sinful Satan With God

How can Satan, full of sin, can come unto the Father and God talk to him if we can not come unto the Father but through Jesus?

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 ---Linda3939 on 10/31/06
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The Son provides our RECONCILIATION with the Father.

Satan, so far as we know, will never be reconciled with Him.
---Jack on 6/3/07

greetings.for Laure.Jesus saved a world that was lost.Among many reasons one can say what Jesus did,he did remove Satan from the coruption he and others caused.Jesus even visited a prison to preach to those involved in the rebellion.This world is with many problems attatched to the rebellion,especially fear and spiritual tardiness but now with the Spirit of Truth it is on it's way to an eventual recovery.If Jesus saved it then it will eventually shine on the darkest day.
---earl on 11/10/06

Earl - This world is full of bitterness, envy, murder, rape, war, hatred ... do I need to go on? All these are NOT fruits of the Spirit, but evidence of the sinfulness in the world. In other words, Satan is very alive and well! When Jesus died and rose again, it was not the physical that He redeemed and changed, but the Spiritual.
---laure5759 on 11/8/06

greetings.for you remember when jesus said he saw satan fall?do you just read that jesus went to a prison to preach to spirits?is this evidence to state that jesus not only cast out demons as they were refered to but now await in a prison.this world was once lost but now is saved from spiritual extinction of the Father's will to spiritual deliverance for whosoever will.if satans's will continued what would this world be today?
---earl on 11/2/06

Earl, I don't mean to be sarcastic, but, exactly WHAT earth do you live on? The one where I reside knows no real peace, except in the hearts of believers. There is war and strife everywhere.
---tommy3007 on 11/1/06

greetings.God's eternal existance has always been in paradise .the misconception that heaven is paradise is common.only those who are found perfect may enter took time but satan became a failure in the eyes of God and jesus.sin has never entered into the domain of perfect paradise.if it did then it would not be is of record that jesus went to a prison and preached to the spirits.we now have peace on wise in heaven.
---earl on 11/1/06

Linda, Mima has a blog that poses the same question and this is what i just posted to her:

"Satan can still enter heaven. He still goes there to accuse us. He hasn't yet been banned from heaven where he was. The passage in Rev 12:7-9 is usually mistaken to refer to a time before adam and Eve but it actually refers to a future event when Satan will be cast out of heaven."
---Okebaram on 10/31/06

** I believe it's key to understand that Satan was summoned (ordered) to appear before the Lord.**

Please give the exact verse where it says that Satan was summoned.
---Jack on 10/31/06

Linda3939: If you're referring to Job 1:6-12, I believe it's key to understand that Satan was summoned (ordered) to appear before the Lord. The sons of God (the remaining 2/3 of the heavenly angelic host) were called by the Lord to bear witness to the Lord's holy judgment (trial) of Satan.

Remember, Satan was created an angel. We aren't angels (contrary to the popular believe of some). The Bible clearly shows God has different rules for us versus the angels.
---Leon on 10/31/06

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