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Ted Haggart's Leadership

If the charges against Ted Haggart are in part true, should he step down from his leadership position at church and the Evangelical Association and never return?

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 ---Susan on 11/3/06
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A single mind of a certain mindset combined at a time with certain ideas with a mass of prayers is just as dangerous as a single individual with their own ideas of god with a bomb on their person to destroy ideals of other beliefs. Neither really understand what god is!
---Brett on 5/20/07

I think it is too early to respond to this type of question until more details come out. Is this politics or sin?
---John on 5/7/07

I never heard of him before this so I am totally unbiased. I feel so sad for his wife & kids. His kids from what I heard are all school age & we all remember how cruel they can be. I guess his wife will have to have an aides test now too for the safety of her health. But God turns even the worst mess in to good things. The one good thing when these "falls" happen it reminds us all to keep our eyes only on God, men/women are human and do fall but God can not.
---Jeanne on 11/8/06

I agree, Jared. You always know when someone is dipping into the till.
---R.A. on 11/8/06

I will only say this about confession, true you choose what you confess but what you confess you are held accountable for. If you don't confess your sins to others you will still struggle with them because we need accountablity. This is what Ted needed. If he had accountablity and was honest about it then he would still be in his possition of leadership (and when you become intamate with another they can tell if you aren't being honest)
---Jared on 11/8/06

Psalms 118:8 It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.

In these days it is becoming more and more common to see our leaders in moral failure - Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swagger, now Haggard, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

The Christian should be more careful and follow Christ and be careful of our church leaders as if they do not have moral failing, they will fail you when you need them most.
---lee on 11/8/06

Yes, he should step down and as far as I know he has already stepped down. However, the most important thing we can do as Christians is to forgive him! A person fell once, and the Church still brings it up which shows unforgiveness. We need to pray for Ted and help him get back up. Then we need, to the best we can, purpose to forget and not bring it back up again.
---Helen_5378 on 11/7/06

Jared, how does confession hold you accountable when YOU choose to confess? Please don't divert this topic into a Roman Catholism versus Protestant debate; they're other blogs for that.
---Okebaram on 11/7/06

About Ted Haggart, he has actually finally admited to all the accusations. We lifted him up in prayer at out church and all I could say was God let you will be done in the area of mercy. I wonder if he was rebelliously living in sin, or was trully struggling with this dark side of his life. I wonder about the darker aspects of his life that we don't know. I wonder if God sees a genuine, suffering heart, or a heart that he has rejected. God, have Your way, remebering, though, Your covenant of mercy.
---Okebaram on 11/7/06

Donna9759: I couldn't agree with you more. We don't preach the Cross..I am crucified with Christ....we don't preach or teach Romans 6. I've taken quite a beating here on Christianet for saying so. I will continue to say it, no matter how anyone thinks. True Christianity is about the evidence of the saving life of Christ in us. Is your life evidenced in the scriptures for not just salvation initially, but continually. Peter said, "check and make sure you are in the faith".
---kathr4453 on 11/7/06

Yes he should step down and he has. but we as the church need to be gracious and accept him back as a brother that has stuggled. he has a problem of sin, which he could have been freed from if he had someone to hold him accountable. this is one reason the Catholics have confession, it holds us accountable someone else knows our sins and will stand with us as we try to over come. too many protestants struggle and hide in sin because we don't confess to our Brothers.
---Jared on 11/7/06

His sin and his fall from "grace" is really our sins. We all have sinned by not caring enough for our Brothers and Sisters to help them in their sin, to become more like Christ. We assume that all Christians are perfect but we all have struggles weither it is overeating, chacholate, Tobacco, alchohal, ect. all these get in the way of our relationship, and we should help each other come closer to christ.
---Jared on 11/7/06

"We are sugar coating the gospel and letting satan devour people."

Amen, Donna!
---AlwaysOn on 11/7/06

Always On is right! "Apparently he's been tortured by sexual sin and tempted by drugs for years." I heard this too.

This is why the church needs to start teaching what Jesus meant when he said, "I came to set the captives free." Ted was wrestling not against flesh and blood, but against spirits and principalities in his life, but I bet he never studied or taught how to get deliverance from his demons. We are sugar coating the gospel and letting satan devour people.
---Donna9759 on 11/6/06

I feel for this man. The portion of his resignation letter that I heard read on CNN this morning really tugged at my heart. Apparently he's been tortured by sexual sin and tempted by drugs for years. I'm glad it's all come out and hope he can begin a true healing process. I'm especially proud of his congregation for the forgiveness and compassion they speak of even though he's not allowed to return. They certainly aren't hanging their heads in shame, nor are they condemning him personally.
---AlwaysOn on 11/5/06

The man who accused him of wrong doing says he deliberately waited until just before the election to expose him. How evil do you have to be to plan something like this? There's a saying, "with another level, comes another devil". Were it not for his political connections, he may not have been exposed. God meant it for good though as now he can repent, we can pray for him and he can be helped. I imagine he feels relieved not to have to burden this secret any longer.
---AlwaysOn on 11/5/06

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Apparently our leaders spend far too much time condemning people that have sexual problems instead of trying to help them overcome their affliction. Romans 1 focus much of the immorality of people but then points the finger at those who would be judges stating that they often do the same things as those they accuse.
---lee on 11/5/06

He resigned from his position yesterday after being charged BY HIS CHURCH of sexually immoral conduct.
This is someone who, for years, has condemned the very behavior he now stands accussed. Sounds like hypocracy to me.
---NurseRobert on 11/5/06

Wow.. perhaps you haven't heard the news that he has admitted to several of these accusations ~ he has nothing to vindicate! I believe that we should concern ourselves with how this reflects on Christ. Paul warns us about our (self)righteousness stating that we should be careful lest we fall.
---Ruth on 11/5/06

Haggard's church just called for his removal from the ministry as apparently the allegations are simply too evident to ignore and he has even admitted to purchasing drugs.

Our church leaders have been rather poor and something should be done about it.
---lee on 11/4/06

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Has anyone stopped to think that no matter whether the charges are true or false (and how does he DISprove them?), not only Ted Haggard himself, but his family, his congregants, and many other innocent people have been hurt deeply by this?
---Jack on 11/4/06

There's no double standard here for those of us who prayerfully cast our votes for biblical principles.
---anonymouse on 11/4/06

In any case, it will take time to him to vindicate himself and that will be after the election has been completed. Leaders really need to be ulta careful about assocations and go to the extreme to "avoid even the appearance of evil" 1 Thess. 5:22.
---lee on 11/4/06

You know, if Haggart had been a liberal democrat and he did something like this, a lot of people on this site would be jumping up and down about him being a hypocrite and should be resigning... There is a double standard in play here.
---NurseRobert on 11/4/06

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I had heard of him in some TV show (maybe pbs, but I may be wrong) about megachurches in general and this o ne in particular, and how it seems to be very active on the campus of the Air Force Academy.
---Jack on 11/4/06

First of all, his name is Ted Haggard. Second, he stepped down immediately after the accusations came. Third - never return? I don't know - do you believe that King David should have never been restored?
---Cindy on 11/3/06

He has stepped down. Frankly I'd never heard of him.
---NV_Barbara on 11/3/06

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