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Should I Divorce My Husband

Divorce or not? My husband left for the third time to live with another woman but keeps coming back home when he start missing the family. Married for almost 20 years and two teen kid who are upset. I love him but he hurt me. I don't want to upset the kids. Please give me some advise.

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 ---Margarita on 11/3/06
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Jesus prohibited divorce except for adultery, that included lying about ones virginity. The non adulterer could remarry. The adulterer, and anyone marrying one, is entering a prohibited marriage. A divorce without cause, was no divorce, and so, another marriage was a type of bigamy. The exception is in 1Corinthians 7:15. If the unbeliever departs, the Christian can remarry because the marriage was not 'in the Lord'. Matthew 19:9, 1Corinthians 7:27-28 allow remarriage. Pray for wisdom.
Deuteronomy 22:17-19, 28-29, 24:1-4, Proverbs 2:17 (forsaketh husband), Isaiah 54:4-8, Jeremiah 3:1, Malachi 2:14-16, Matthew 5:31-32, 19:3-12, Mark 10:2-12, Luke 16:18, 1Corinthians 6:15-16, 7:10-17, 27.
---Glenn on 8/16/09

I don't think you should get a divorce because doesn't the Bible tell us not to do that? You and your husband should go to a Christian Marriage Counselor and get Counseling to help you guys grow closer together. That's what I think.
---Lindsey on 11/27/06

Sorry, but the track record is not looking good. I feel it is time to cut him loose. Why should you keep getting hurt when he keeps straying. It is time to find someone who will treat you like you should be treated, not as a passing object. I will be praying for you
---geraa7578 on 11/27/06

I would tell him to leave and don't come back. There is a saying, you burn me once, shame on you, you burn me twice, shame on me. How long are you going to continue to be his crutch? You don't want to upset the kids, but yet you let this sleezeball back into your life and letting him hurt you again, again, again. I'd say get a backbone, and tell him to go back to his mistress.
---Rebecca_D on 11/5/06

Pray and ask the Lord to help while you make decisions that will affect your family for a lifetime.
Your spouse has not honored the marital vows. He is abusing your love and dedication to your marriage. You have biblical grounds for a divorce, but thats a personal decision. You have a responsibilty to show your children that this type of behavior is not acceptable, and will not be tolorated, so they will know how to treat their spouses, and what to expect from their spouses in a Christian marriage.
---lynet on 11/3/06

Pray. God will guide you as to what His plan is.
---Rosa on 11/3/06

**I love him but he hurt me. I don't want to upset the kids.**

I'm not denying that he hurt you, but your kids will soon be grown and on their own if they are teens; it's not like they are still children. That would be another issue.

Let's be honest. You want to divorce him for yourself--not your kids.
---Jack on 11/3/06

Oh dear; I am soooo sorry!! :( If it were me, I'd dump the guy faster than a hot potato, though!! :( He's broken his vows and keeps coming back for his cake--he's not good for you or the kids and biblically, you can divorce, hon; I would. God bless you; Mary
---Mary on 11/3/06

i think she should move on
---marcia_laporte on 11/3/06

What do you want from the marriage? Is it possible for him to contribute to the marriage, or is he just using you and the home front for convenience? Can you say that you have a marriage at all?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself at this time. It is not for me to tell you to divorce him, but to encourage you to search your heart and scriptures about it.

Pray and seek the Lord for this decision.
---Madison1101 on 11/3/06

If you still love him as you state, who am I to tell him to pack his stuff! But may be it is "dependancy" rather than love.
I suggest you talk to your teens and ask them what they think of the situation and how they feel about giving him "one last chance"
My next move would depend much on their reaction! P.
---Pier5358 on 11/3/06

Margarita,You don't deserve this!Allow God to give you His peace,Assuming you have not been breaking your marriage vows too,You are allowed to divorce him and remarry(if you choose, many women prefer to live alone).I would MOVE ON and explain to your kids why you decided to do this(they probably already know the answer). He doesn't honor God,His holy Institution of Marriage,just pray for him, let God handle him. Has you husband abused you physically?I will pray for you.
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/3/06

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