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Ted Haggard And Christianity

Ted Haggard has stepped down as Pastor of his church. What should his church and the greater Christian community do to help him through this personal time of trouble and should he ever be a Pastor again?

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 ---Alan on 11/4/06
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Last year, I read that Ted Haggard was appealing to Christians to donate to help pay for him and his wife to go to a school for some further education.

At this point in my life, I can't afford continuing education, but if I was making the kind of money that Ted Haggard had been making the last two years of his ministry (not to mention his severance package), I would have a comfortable nest-egg that I would be able to live on quite comfortably for several years, and also be able to put myself through a couple of years of school.

When I hear someone appealing to me to give him money to pay for something that he should already be able to afford (but that I can't even afford myself), I find it very hard to work up a lot of sympathy.
---StrongAxe on 7/10/08

He got caught and he lied about it to the church investigators. I would say his credibility is shot. Sure, he can cry some crocodile tears now, but we can never know the true condition of his heart. Men of God are called to a higher standard, and should be forced to face the consequences of their sin. If he were employed in the secular world and got caught up in a business scandal, he might never work again except as a used car salesman. In the church, he walked with a year of so of six figure "severance" pay for not working. Did not deserve that for sure.
---obewan on 7/10/08

The state of this man's heart and soul is between him and God. If one fall's(some never even "fell", they were never "saved" in the first place, just "going through the motions"), Christian's should encourage one to honestly repent.In regard to fallen minister's getting back in the pulpit,God speaks of "disqualification" (1 Corinth. 9:27), many have carried on like the devil,claimed they repented, went back into the pulpit, but God is not with them.
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/10/08

We should be forgiving of this man but he did some very terrible things that he needs help with. He will be able to step back in the pulpit one day by the grace of God. He does not need to be over anyone, right now. Christians can pray for him to be delivered and set free from these demons. Only God can do the work in him. The flock need a Shepherd who has self-control, vision,able to lead and guide others, in the Spirit of Love. The man needs to be guided himself. He is sick spiritually and mentally.
---Robyn on 10/13/07

I am grieved at this development for the hurt and bewilderment inflicted on Haggard's family and congregants.

We should make a careful distinction between forgiveness and acceptance of the man on the one hand, and restoration to ministry on the other.

We can hope and pray that the time for this latter will come by God's providence.
---Jack on 10/10/07

Let us pray for all Pastors. They are a prime target for the enemy. I have seen myself fall way too many times to ever be forgiven and backslide, with my out there personality, it is easy for me to sin every day. However I am still learning not to give place to the Devil, he is the accuser of the brethren, and he wants to take us out. I was a filthy wretch, after I got saved, I used to think if I am saved by grace, I can sin like all hell, wow!! what disillusion! THANK GOD I did not die in my sins.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/30/07

Hey, thanks again, for pointing out all the details with glee. I hope you can get help for all of your personal demons.
---Dave on 11/11/06

He admits to sexual sin, paying a gay male for a massage, to being a "deceiver and a liar" and warring with a "repulsive" "dark" side. Also that, while some of the allegations his accuser made aren't true, some are. Donna, I think about the apostle Paul when he said that he does what he doesn't want to do. I agree with Jared on another Haggard blog that now he can be held accountable which, with prayer and counseling, I'm confident will help him conquer his demons at last.
---AlwaysOn on 11/11/06

Perhaps rather than standing in judgment of this man, we should take a good hard look at ourselves and our own secret sins.

Lord have mercy on ME, a sinner!
---Tina5349 on 11/11/06

Not sticking up for him I dont know him and you can read my other blogs about him but even Jesus said did I not pick you all and one of you is a devil?
---Jeanne on 11/11/06

** I have to question if Ted Haggard knew Jesus in the first place. How could one sin such an abomination over and over again...**

Donna9759, tell us everything you know FOR SURE that Ted Haggard did.

Not what you THINK he did.

Not what you GUESS he did.

Tell us what you know from reliable sources what Ted Haggard did.

Otherwise, apologize, because you don't really have a clue and are just spreading slander and gossip.
---Jack on 11/10/06

I have to question if Ted Haggard knew Jesus in the first place. How could one sin such an abomination over and over again and not believe it's sin and the wages of sin is death. Did he know Jesus in the first place? He needs to get to know Jesus and what should our prayer be? Father, forgive him for he knows not what he's done, but Father, please make sure you show him the error of his ways. I can't comment on whether he should be Pastor again.
---Donna9759 on 11/6/06

Folks, let's not forget something. Judgement begins in the house of God. If God is cleaning house, then we need to agree with God that he should step down, get restored, get to know Jesus, and maybe after 5 years of counselling and why he did the things he did while on the pulpit, then maybe go back to being a pastor. Just my thoughts.
---Donna9759 on 11/6/06

Jones, the "gay escort", failed a lie detector test. Haggart denied any sex, said he bought some meth from Jones...for himself...didn't use it though,...had second thoughts. So WHO knows? He will face drug charges. Probably best he resigned his church (10,000 members) and avoid the spotlight.
Colorado has a "gay marriage" amendment on the ballot. Jones says he wanted to show Haggart as a "hypocrite".
Pray for pastor,family, and his Church...that no Christians stumble.
---Donna2277 on 11/5/06

Hopefully, his ministry is a calling and, therefore, not up to us to speculate on what he should and shouldn't be allowed to do in the future. That's God's call.

As for his congregation and the rest of us, we should pray for the restoration of all that the enemy has sought to destroy both in and through him.
---AlwaysOn on 11/5/06

Never hear of him till this question poped up so I looked him up on the net, and this is some of what I found.Jones said he was a gay escort, and Haggard contacted him for sex, using a fake name. Haggard denies these accusations.Nu32:23
But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out
---Rev_Herb on 11/5/06

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