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Repentance And Forgiveness

Must repentance precede forgiveness, both from God and man?

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 ---curious on 11/6/06
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To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

Repentance is the wages paid in order to RECEIVE the forgiveness that has already been pre-given.

Our Lord is a forgiving God and has pre-forgiven all that needs to be forgiven since before the foundation of the world.

Remember, God created & set in motion all things in the first six day of creation and then on the seventh day took rest from His Works. He's still at rest, setting on His Throne in Heaven watching all things unfolding just as He has foreseen them.

...and take note that I said foreseen not predestined. God did not choose our fate for us. He has foreseen it. Our fate may not seem predestined to us, but it is predestined because God have foreseen it.
---Shawn_M.T. on 11/9/08

Obedience is that type of repentance.
---Mima on 1/21/08

Repentance precedes obedience.
---Ryan on 1/21/08

2. you should not only believe in Him but also suffer for His sake" Philippians 1:29. And the third passage,... God may perhaps grant that they will repent and come to know the truth, and they may escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will." 2 Timothy 2:25,26. Here are only three passages that explicitly say that God grants the opportunity for us to repent. In the case of the lost, the Holy Spirit has to come first to them, and convict
---lisa on 11/9/06

3. their hearts in order for them to repent. In the case of the women at the well, it was Christ who came to her and asked her for water. The women like Nicodemus did not realize that Jesus was talking about her spiritual needs. Instead she wanted such water in order to avoid her frequent trips to the well. Jesus began's with convicting her with, verse 16, "Jesus said to her, 'Go call your husband and come here." The women answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said to her,
---lisa on 11/9/06

4. You have well said, I have no husband, for you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband; in that you spoke truly." The women said to Him, "Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet" she recognized that He was speaking with authority and understood about the Messiah coming, and that He would tell them all things. In verse 26, Jesus said to her, "I who speak to you am He."
---lisa on 11/9/06

5. She was not only convicted, Jesus told her who He was and she very well believed. The Samaritans did not know God. They did not have the full revelation of Him, and thus, could not worship in truth. The Jews did have the full revelation of God in the Old Testament. This is what I read from Scripture to your answer. She saw her condition that she was living wrong with a man that was not her husband. It also indicated that Jesus had a supernatural ability, and made clear He was the Messiah.
---lisa on 11/9/06

6. Did she have to say yes? No, because she knew who the Messiah was and believed He would tell them of all things. Jesus only confirmed that point by telling her it was Him. She knew he was called Christ when He was to come. Jesus had such in impact on the women that she was eager to share the news among the townpeople whom she had previously avoided because of her reputation. Her witness and condor regarding her own life so impressed them that they came to see Jesus themselves.
---lisa on 11/9/06

Repentance is a mind change. That Samaritan had a major mind change because she laid down her natural waterpot that the used to draw from an old well once she asked Jesus to give her living water. If she had asked Him living water and had still continued to try to get past Him to draw out of that natural well, then that would not have been repentance. That is akin to asking and not believing you receive. She asked, believed she received, laid down her waterpot, and went and evangelized her city.
---Linda6563 on 11/9/06

I love Jesus in this story. He knows everything about her yet only reveals it to her and to no one else. Love covers, the Law exposes. True repentance is a laying down of one thing to take up Christ and His cross. Even the woman taken in adultery repented (had a mind change) when she answered the question, "Where are your accusers." She said, "None, Lord." That's repentance.
---Linda6563 on 11/9/06

Mima, I would like to answer your question. It is a good example of how God works to bring someone to repentance. Otherwise they will never repent. First I will give you Scripture to what I am talking about. "When they heard this they were silenced. And they glorified God, saying, 'Then to the Gentiles also God has granted repentance unto life". Acts 11:18. the second passage "For it was granted to you that for the sake of Christ
---lisa on 11/9/06

Mima - I agree with you. The woman at the well later says "Could this be the Christ?". It is that that makes me believe that she was not saved. She did not go and say "this is the Christ" as she would have done had she been saved. She did not say "yes" to Jesus at the well either. There are people who, I believe, that if Jesus stood in front of them they still would not believe because they have already determined not to believe. Sad but true.
---Helen_5378 on 11/9/06

Mima - There are quite a few occassions where we would say there was no repentance. You remember when Jesus told the paralysed man to take up His mat and walk? He asked which is easier, to say 'I forgive you', or to say 'walk'? I think there is something here.
---laure5759 on 11/8/06

she repented.
---Jared on 11/8/06

After considering this post I would like to ask the following question; Where is repentance in the story of the woman at the well??? I believe Jesus offers her salvation(everlasting water) before any repentance on her part takes place. In fact I do not believe she ever repents in this story. Any comments
---mima on 11/8/06

(2 Peter 3:9) (2 Corinthians 7:10)
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/8/06

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Yes you must first turn from the sin and enter into a new life. that is repentance. Forgiveness deals with Reconsilation. We need to restore relationships. God restores the relationship between God and Man, we must restore relationships among ourselves. if we aren't willing to do this then we haven't repented, we just think we have. Didn't Jesus say our we should leave our offerings and go and reconcile ourselves with our brother and then come back to truly worship?
---Jared on 11/8/06

earl - God does not sin, so no, God does not repent.
---laure5759 on 11/8/06

When we "Repent",we ask GOD to forgive us of our sins.One main point....Have you forgiven yourself?
---JIM on 11/7/06

You repent, which means to turn away from your sins, and you confess your sins according to 1 John, "if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness", then you receive forgiveness. However, with man it can be different. Try to get someone to say they're sorry they sinned against you or hurt you deeply.
---Donna9759 on 11/7/06

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I believe that we must be prepared to forgive our brother even if they do not ask for pardon. Because if we do not forgive, then God cannot forgive us. Many of us do not ask for forgiveness. But only if we forgive our brother/sister and repent, will God forgive us.
---laure5759 on 11/7/06

greetings.does God repent?
---earl on 11/6/06

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