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Giving, Tithing And Offerings

What is the difference among giving, tithing, offerings, the shekel of the sanctuary & first fruits?

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 ---Ryan on 11/6/06
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"Yet Christians depend on keeping neither works, nor law, in order to gain grace."
Glenn on 11/11/09

Of course, you are totally wrong and the opposite is the way it is. You say, "Here, here, this way...!". I say, 'Do not follow that dude!'
---Nana on 11/16/09

giving= good to give, brings blessings.
tithing= abolished O.T. way, brings a curse.
offerings- good to offer, brings blessings.
shekel= 31 1/4 mites (=about 7 3/4 cents).
first fruits= feast in O.T., but good principle to consider God first in all ones ways before self.
---Eloy on 11/12/09

Galatians 5:4 You have been severed from Christ, you who are seeking to be justified by law, you have fallen from grace.
---Bob on 11/12/09

If you are saying that we are to follow the moral law, as verses the ceremonial and the full (Mosaic-Israeli) civic code, I agree with you. Yet Christians depend on keeping neither works, nor law, in order to gain grace. But depend on the Lord and his complete work - dieing in our place. Also, Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Matthew 22:36-40, Mark 12:28-33.
Please read Galatians 2:11-5:26, especially 3:1-5.
---Glenn on 11/11/09

"Preachers who try to place others under the curse of the law violate scripture"
Glenn on 10/31/09
To grow up by the Law is not a curse, it is a blessing, but to die by it, that is a curse. How could a thing which the Christian led by the Spirit "establishes" be a curse?
When you theafter "going potty" wash your hands, are you led by the Spirit? Why do we chastize and or are being chastized? Is it not to break the will of the flesh that the Spirit may rise and guard us against temptation and sin thereafter? Therefore he said, "Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good."
---Nana on 11/11/09

Any person that willfully sins is under the Law. The wages of sin is death. To be free of the curse you must be under the blood and in right standing with God.
---exzucuh on 11/3/09

Preachers who try to place others under the curse of the law violate scripture *1. Tithes were salaries paid only in Israel by Israelites, on comestible crops, and clean domesticated animals (Leviticus 27:30-32). Tithes were not always accepted, Deuteronomy 23:18. Tithes were not paid on money owed, Matthew 5:23-24. A "Tithe" used for other than salaries, or exceeding the median salary, or excluding some workers, is a Malachi 3:9 curse, and was a form of theft. For the first few centuries, most giving was to the poor *2. Also, many church ministries, like many government ministries, are both extravagant and unaccountable to the common folk.
---Glenn on 10/31/09

The Roman Catholic church prohibited asking for tithes for centuries. The Protestants, until the nineteenth century, also shunned the practice. In both cases, the custom was started in order to build an edifice. Christians give voluntary offerings and alms with joy *3. Acts 15:20, 29 do not mention tithing. However, Romans 14.
*1 Acts 13:39, Romans 3:20, 28, 8:1-17, Galatians 1:6-9, 2:16, 3:10-13.
*2 Job 36:15, Psalm 12:5, 72:4, Ecclesiastes 7:7, Ezekiel 22:7, 29.
*3 Romans 15:26, 1Corinthians 16:1-3, 2Corinthians 8, 9:5 (covetousness), 7 (necessity = obligation, commandment).
---Glenn on 10/31/09

I dont think there's much diff. Jesus said,
Matt. 22 v 21, Caesers is taxes - other. God's Is Tithes & Offerings.
---Lawrence on 10/30/09

I guess you will never give up. When Satan is out devouring, he keeps on and on until, it will come to an end..You really need to ask the Lord for a clean heart...To only be used by the Lord..
---james on 2/1/08

Robyn: So, and tell me you heard this one before, you are robbing God when you don't give of the first fruits of what you receive. You don't feel guilty because you don't have the Spirit in you. God knows what your needs are. Didn't you read about the poor women who gave? Didn't you read about the husband and wife who dropped dead who kept a portion of what they promised? Don't you trust God to help you in your time of need?
---Steveng on 7/3/07

Robyn: Remember: the NT didn't exist when the Apostles were spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Just because you think tithing isn't mentioned in the NT means that you shouldn't tithe. There are a few things not mentioned in the NT.
---Steveng on 7/3/07

Pierr5358: You have earned $100 and your rent is $300. Do you pay tithe out of that?Where is the other $200 coming from to give to your landlord/lady? Certainly not from the church. Unless you belong to a very unusal church. Tithes are not for today and in this dispensation. We are to give according to what we have not what we do not have. I try to have an offering each time I attend church but if I do not I don't feel guilty, as I have in the past. I feel free and I enjoy my salvation much more.
---Robyn on 7/3/07

Partial answer and yes I know EVERYTHING belongs to God. BUT...
If I earn $ 100.-, 10% (tithe) especially belongs to Him and I am to give it back
so the preacher can be paid. IT IS NEVER MINE!
Now I have $ 90.00 left. From this money I give OFFERINGS to support the programs of the church. There is no set amount I am expected to give. IT IS MINE! However if I am wise I will give generous offerings! Not to give an offering == poor stewardship! Not tithing == thievery! P.
---Pierr5358 on 7/3/07

Ryan: I gave you the correct information. What you do with it is up to you. It's no skin off my nose. Like they say: you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. ; )

(whoever "they" are)
---Steveng on 11/18/06

Steveng, I don't believe your information concerning the shekel is accurate. In Deuteronomy 273 firstborn are ordered to pay 5 shekels a head to Aaron as a ransom. The shekel of the sanctuary was instituted in the law. silver and gold and fine jewels were certainly used in the form of currency. Wouldn't have Egypt, being the metropolis that it was, have had currency? Didn't Israel receive payment in silver, gold and jewels from the Egyptians as they left?
---Ryan on 11/17/06

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Ryan: The Shekel was originally derived from the weight of 180 grains. The skekel as currancy didn't happen until centuries later.
---Steveng on 11/16/06

Thanks Rodney,Be Bless. As God said, by there fruits we will know them.God says he will bless you if your tithing, as he comands, through faith in him and his word. Literally hundreds of case histories may be cited to show that God certainly does bless the tither even in material ways.He may not always do so immediatley. but obey and have faith and serve him,God will keep his part of the bargain.
---winna on 11/14/06

#4 Steveng, There economy (Like today) was not based on barter and trade it had a form of standard currency.
"I will pay you eight shekels and five gerahs for that tent."
The shekel of the sanctuary is another form of payment that was based on money not barter and trade. Nice try my friend but your position is a bucket full of holes, so it holds no water.
---Ryan on 11/13/06

#1 Steveng, Jesus mentioned tithing once, when He was admonishing the Scribes & Pharicees. Your confusion is you are equating tithing to giving, they are not the same.
---Ryan on 11/13/06

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#2 Steveng, It is interesting you bring up bartering because If you read the first several chapters in Numbers you find that there was a ransom paid to AAron for the firstborn of Israel (It was five shekels a head). So I do agree that there was bartering but it was not the main form of currency and it is not what there economic structure was based on.
---Ryan on 11/13/06

#3 Steveng, As a matter of fact bartering still exists today I have traded many times for services and goods that does not mean that one system trumps another. So your premise is incorrect because along with bartering (Which still exists today) there was an accepted form of currency (They called it the shekel we call it the dollar).
---Ryan on 11/13/06

Ryan: Many people, if not most, in the old world bartered more than using money - "I'll take two bushels of grain for this goat."

Today, money is the exchange for goods. Without money, how do you suppose the poor would receive food and clothing? Do you want that on your conscious?

As Christians, we give from the heart, not the mind. Any child can tell you that. But adults are too educated to know such things and rob God thinking that Jesus didn't mention tithing.
---Steveng on 11/13/06

#1 Pierr5358, I am not having problems with this subject, by reading scripture it is appearant to me that God never transferd tithing, in any form, to the Church. Concerning I Corinthians 9:14 I did mean to say 'of' not 'off'.
---Ryan on 11/13/06

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#2 Pierr5358, We must look at the gospel as spiritual nourishment and this is the point Paul is making in I Corinthians 9. Those that praech of the gospel live in a manner according to the gospel and by preaching the gospel you have a right to partake of its spiritual nourishment. I don't think employees of God clubs/indoctrination centers should be paid.
---Ryan on 11/13/06

#3 Pierr5358, Concerning tithes and offerings. The tithe was of the land, the seed of the land, fruit of the tree, the herd and the flock (Leviticus 27:30-34). The tithe was taken annualy and was of the excess. The tithe was to be an inheritance to the tribe of Levi (Because they had no inheritance of land).
---Ryan on 11/13/06

#4 Pierr5358, There are 5 offerings (Found in the first chapters of Leviticus) they are: Burnt, Grain, Sin/tresspass, guilt & peace and they all had special significance in different ceremonies. Tithing and offerings were never from monetary income.
---Ryan on 11/13/06

Ryan, I don't believe you need to meditate and pray for understanding on this points. I don't think you were refering to a man's heart anyway. You were speaking on behalf of what Scripture talks about. I understand your points very well because I always want to judge things by Scripture. But what you have to understand is that when a person is changed, and he is convicted of something he is not doing,
---lisa on 11/13/06

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2. or something he feels he needs to do, many times comes from the Spirit directing us to help in many ways. Some have gifts of helping and others for other reasons. No one knows the heart of a person but God. So in giving, even if they don't know what it is use for, in their hearts they have to do it because of who they are and what they feel. But I sure understand your position on this with no problem. Just my opinion brother
---lisa on 11/13/06

Ryan: Sorry you are having such a hard time with this subject!
NB You say that 1C9:14 has nothing to do with making a living by the gospel but means "you live of the gospel" Did you mean "off" the gospel? If not, how to you suggest church employees be paid?
NB don't forget the other texts in support of good stewardship.
Q: What is the diff beween TITHE & OFFERINGS? P.
---Pierr5358 on 11/13/06

#1 Here is what I find hilarious. I disagree with a church doctrine that has no scriptural proof and people are telling me I don't know how to study scripture!?
---Ryan on 11/12/06

#2 So let me get this straight. Paul is completely silent concering tithing, Jesus mentions tithing once, as an example, when He is admonishing the scribes and Pharicees but, Christ is relatively silent on the subject of tithing & not once in the bible is tithing associated with or mentioned in the same paragraph as money & you are telling me I need to meditate, because I believe the bible over men, preaching from pulpits, owned by corporate churches?
---Ryan on 11/12/06

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Steveng, I agree with you 100% when it comes to studying the Bible by Meditating and not just with paper and pencil. Ryan seem not to understand that it takes more than looking up a scripture and using it against someone because he does not believe in tithing and such. He really needs to be rooted in the Word of God. Meditate and Pray..
---rodney on 11/12/06

Pierr5358, !!THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING I CORINTHIANS 9:14!! When I did a word study on this scripture a door blew off the hinges in my mind. The word that is translated, "Should live" is 'zao'. The word 'zao' has nothing to do with making a living by the gospel. It means you live of the gospel. Those who preach the gospel (Every Christian shold preach the gospel it is commanded of all Christians) should also live and act in a manner according to the gospel.
---Ryan on 11/11/06

#2 Once again it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with living the testimony of the gospel; BEING THE GOSPEL!! BEING SALT!! BEING LIGHT!! Thanks again my friend, this scripture is a treasure.
---Ryan on 11/11/06

Ryan: do you have a guilty conscious? God in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament never made the distinction. The end result is the same and has every bit to do with the poor and needy. You aught to study the bible. (and I don't mean with paper and pencil like people do in school, I do mean to meditate for understanding).
---Steveng on 11/11/06

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I am sorry to all of you who are taking offense to what I say. I have never, nor will I ever, speak ill of giving. Giving and tithing are not synonymous.
---Ryan on 11/11/06

#1 p\Pierr5358, I could ask you the opposite question. Where in scripture does it say to tithe the excess of your monetary income? I suggest reading the Torah because that has all the Law's concerning tithing.
---Ryan on 11/11/06

#2 p\Pierr5358, Constants always mentioned about tithing are
1)It was of the land, the seed of the land the fruit of the tree the flock and the herd.
2) It is an inheritance to the tribe of Levi, for they received no inheritance of land.
3) The tithe was holy unto the Lord
---Ryan on 11/11/06

#3 p\Pierr5358, For specific information concerning tithing and offerings refer to Leviticus. Anything man has tried to develop and add to concerning laws of tithing and offerings are an abomination and not from the word of God. You people of such little faith, do you truly believe that God is dependant upon money and that He would need something fashioned by the creation?
---Ryan on 11/11/06

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Steveng, when did I ever say not to give? Wow!! How confused are people when the think tithing and giving are the same thing?
---Ryan on 11/11/06

Don't Tithe.
Don't Give.

What will happen? The poor and the needy will die of thirst and hunger. They will die of cold because they don't have clothes or a place to stay during the cold, lonely nights.

So what. As Scrooge would say, it would cut down on the overcrowding of our planet.

Is that what Christians think?
---Steveng on 11/10/06

i don't know that there is a difference. giving to the church in the old times was a way of giving to the people in the church. the word church actually means the people of it not the building. so i would suggest you give to the church. no set amount as if it is out of compulsion.

and remember if you don't take care of yourself you can't help others. if you give everything away then you will be a burden to those around you.
---tony on 11/10/06

Ms. Winna, I too, had those same scriptures, but after hearing Ryan's theory, there is no such thing. yes we have robbed God, even though everything belongs to him already..Some people need to understand that God does not owe us anything, it is only an act of obedience. He OWNS EVERYTHING..
---rodney on 11/10/06

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Winna and Lisa, I just want to say thank you both for making it pure and simple, because I did not think that it was right for him to say those things concerning Pierr who was trying to explain about the things he asked about. God knows pierr's heart, and how he was trying to explain the differences..
---rodney on 11/10/06

Ryan, I don't think that it is a perfect example of ignorance when someone wants to give from their heart. You make a wrong arguement only because you don't find Scripture to support someone giving from their hearts. It is the condition of the heart that wants to give to support not only the pastors who are counting on some help to continue the ministry which you yourself don't want to do.
---lisa on 11/10/06

2.tithes and money are not in Scripture but the meaning behind helping the cause of God is. I support all followings of Scripture and yet Scripture to the believer is God's Word. While many want to stiff the people, the people with the heart for God do it because they want to do it. You can seat back and say, "what dumb people" but they had a reason for giving that showed the fruits of their spirit. The one deceiving them will have to answer to God for their sin.
---lisa on 11/10/06

In Malachi 3, speaking to modern-day Jacob or Isreal v.8 GOD declares: "will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me! But you say, In what way have we robbed you? In tithes and offerings" GOD whom we must obey. modern English-speaking people for robbing our very Creator and his work today! No wonder there is so little true religion left on earth today! No wonder there is much confusion and deceit going about in the name of Christianity! God said, you are cursed v.9.
---winna on 11/10/06

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God almighty has all power. He can and will bless any person or nation that obeys him, keeping his solemn promise to bless those who faithfully pay him the tithe that rightfully his. Remember, God.... cannot lie. Titus 1:2. And the scripture cannot be broken.Somewhere on earth are true ministers of God,by there fruits you will know them.
---winna3836 on 11/10/06

Pierr5358, You Do not owe Ryan any kind of explanations or proof of anything, you cannot satisfy an unbeliever of tithing, offering or whatever. Just do what is acceptable in the Lord's sight, and be obedient.
---rodney on 11/10/06

Ryan: Can you prove your point by giving me chapter & verse(s) showing me that "tithe" is not about money. I will grant you that it is NOT only about money. If you have increases in crops, cattle etc you would be expected to give 10% of that also.
---p\Pierr5358 on 11/9/06

Pierr5358, there is no biblical support for your answer because tithes and offerings were NEVER money.
---Ryan on 11/9/06

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Pierr5358, while I do not see any problem with people making a living from the gospel (I Corinthians 9:14) I do wish more people would follow Paul's example (I Corinthians 9:18).
But the issue here is not if it is right or wrong to pay pastor's, the real issue is the ignorance and lack of knowledge of the Word of God.
---Ryan on 11/9/06

Bible support for my answer:
Tithe to be used to support the gospel ministry
Num. 18:20-24/cf. 1 Cor. 9:13-14
Jesus implicitly endoreses the tithe principle.
Math. 23:23
Tithe is to be placed in the church treasury for the support of God's work. Mal. 3:8-11/cf. Neh. 13:10-13.
Read also: 2 Cor. 9:7> motivation/attitude
and Mal. 3:10-12/cf. Prov 3:9-10/Luk 6:38;16:10-12. P.
---Pierr5358 on 11/9/06

#1 rebecca, while praying is a wonderful tool that we have been given, it is not necessary to use when looking for the truth of tithing. What is necessary is literacy. Study what the bible says about tithing, giving, offerings, the shekel of the sanctuary and first fruits. Everyones reaction on tithing should be the same because we all should receive the same Spirit and have unity, unfortuanately Satan has done quite a job deceiving people about tithing and offerings.
---Ryan on 11/8/06

#2 rebecca, Answer me this: Can you give one example in the bible of someone tithing of their personal income? God bless you.
---Ryan on 11/8/06

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You need to really pray and ask God to help you instead of trying to figure out what everyone's reaction on tithing or ofering etc..Give the Lord what is due him in Tithing and let God do the rest. I hope you sleep good at night.. It is God who wakes you up.
---rebecca on 11/7/06

james, are you suggesting I am of Satan because I am challenging the false tithing doctrine perpetuated in congregations across the world?
---Ryan on 11/7/06

James, you are correct I will never give up when it comes to biblical accuracy and truth. Look at Pierr535's answer it is a perfect example of ignorance to scripture. His entire response is based around money, when only one, maybe two, of the things I asked about deal with money. It is this biblical ignorance that allows people in pulpits to extract money from good hearted people, make false promises & misuse scriture. Just for the record tithes, offerings and first fruits have nothing to do with money.
---Ryan on 11/7/06

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