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When Are We Holy

Christ tells us to 'be holy, as I am Holy'. At what point are we wholly holy. At conversion, at forgiveness, or when we die and go to heaven?

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 ---laure5759 on 11/7/06
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Holiness is not the absence of sin, it is the amount of the Presence of God in your life. The more of God in your life, the less presence of sin you will have. We were made Holy by the Blood of Jesus, "you were sanctified, you were washed, by the blood of Jesus."
---Donna9759 on 4/11/08

We are to live a holy life while alive, that means we are to avoid sin as much as possible, but we will never be truely holy till we have a new body. This could happen at the rapture or resurection. Our soul is holy and redeamed, boutht by the blood of Christ, our bodies have not.
---Rev_Herb on 4/26/07

Correction: (2.)laure5759, (Hebrews 10:29) Speaks of "not resisting the Blood of Jesus". We must CONTINUE to humble ourselves daily before God...
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/10/06

(2.)laure5759, (Hebrews 12:4) Speaks of "not resisting the Blood of Jesus". We must CONTINUE to humble ourselves daily before God, obey Him in order for His Son's Blood to CONTINUE to flow in our souls, in our life. "...the blood of His Son Cleanseth us from all sin ..." (1 John 1:7), The "eth" in cleanseth means to continue of cleanse(flow).
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/10/06

(3.)laure5759, If one carries around willful sin(darkness), that divine Blood CAN'T FLOW anymore in their souls, in their life(Hebrews 10:26) , and sincere godly repentance is required(Psalm 51:17 )(2 Corinthians 7:10). God can only SANCTIFY us through His TRUTH(John 17:17),(light and darkness can't mix, truth and deceit are contrary to one another) so we must abide IN GOD'S TRUTH(John 15:1-10). God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/10/06

(1.)laure5759, "At what point are we wholly holy. At conversion, at forgiveness, or when we die and go to heaven?". The Blood of Jesus makes one holy clean, immediately, when one truly accepts Him in their heart, but in order for that precious Blood to CONTINUE to flow in our soul, in our life, we must NOT "work against It".
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/10/06

(I.)Okebaram , It's hard to explain to some because many Christian's DOUBT God's overcoming power,that is available to them, through the Blood of Jesus, and some don't know that It(God's overcoming power for them) even EXIST. Some Christian's believe God about "some things", but not ALL things(Matt. 8:26)(Matt. 14:31)(Habakkuk 2:4), Doubt and lack of godly knowledge(Hosea 4:6) is like a BRICK WALL.
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/10/06

(II.)God says that we must humble ourselves and "Be still, and know that I am God...."(Psalm 46:10), Only then can we see clearly and receive and discern His Uncompromised Truth(2 Corinthians 6:17,18). Jesus said to the young rich man, "If thou wilt be PERFECT, go and sell that thou hast...."
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/10/06

(III.)God knows our heart, If we are truly loyal to Him/His will or not(our loyalty to Him, to the Gospel of Christ is often tested/tried by God) This is good, a real EYE OPENER, for some! Many have things that they just refuse to give up, that they put higher than God's will, whatever it is, it is counted as sin. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/10/06

Esther, I understand what you mean but many people on this blogs will not understand you because they have never come to the point of complete surrender to the Holy Ghost were they live above sin. And what you said is so true, because even when you get there, you always see yourself still as a low as a sinner because you see all the righteousness of God and you know your shortcomings which make you humble in His sight, and make you irresponsible and weak...sorry, it's hard to explain.
---Okebaram on 11/9/06

2Cor.5:17, Ehp5:8.when we come to Christ in repentance, he justifies us. He forgives us so that it is just as if we had not sinned. However, that places us on the road called sanctification, which is the process of developing God's character in us, through moment by moment obedience.This way,we eventually stop sinning, but we will not be even aware of it. We are humbled because we feel that we are sinners, because we have sinned in the past.
---Esther on 11/9/06

Well, Donna, I know what you are trying to say. But what I mean is that holiness = the absence of sin. The reason none is independently holy is because all have sinned. If I never sinned, I will be holy whether or not I accept Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. It is also important to know that after being cleansed, we ought to live holy lives. And when the bible says be holy, it is saying abstain from sin. I believe you know this but someone else may misconstrue your statement as implying otherwise.
---Okebaram on 11/9/06

Donna9759, (1 John 1:8)Pertains to one who is IN SIN, in darkness(partaking in the devils works) yet they are in DENIAL about it. Jesus came to reveal the works of the enemy and destroy those works(1 John 3:8) but some Christian's try to cover those works, or justify them(so they remain in darkness) God can't save them. Yes, the Blood of Jesus makes us holy, but that divine Blood will not mix with sin, unrepentant sin is NOT covered by the Blood. God Bless you sister!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/9/06

Okebaram - if you read my answer slowly and carefully, you will see that I'm saying the same thing you're saying, just in a different way. If we say we have no sin, we are a liar, etc., We are made holy by the blood of Jesus. The absence of sin isn't what makes us holy, that's what I was trying to say. Please forgive me.
---Donna9759 on 11/9/06

There has only been one who walked this earth that was/is perfect. Yup, Jesus. We as carnal beings can never be holy but thank God, He washed our sins away. He has taken on our sins past, present, and future so we may live in His eternity. That, my brothers and sisters makes us HOLY. It is our spirits that matter. This flesh will die and decay. Praise Him. He is Holy so we can be Holy.
---mikefl on 11/8/06

We become holy when we are born-again, and we remain holy when we walk in the Spirit and pray without ceasing. Please read Galatians 5:16; I Thessalonians 5:17; John 14:20.
---Eloy on 11/7/06

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greetings.To be completely whole one must have achieved perfection status.If one finds their self in eternal paradise,the domain of the three,the Infinite Father ,the Infinite Son,the Infinite Spirit ,it is understood that perfection has been achieved.
---earl on 11/7/06

We are not going to be wholly holy until we get all of God and don't sin anymore. So I think it's going to be in heaven before I'm going to measure up to that.Even my mortal body isn't wholly whole down here. I'm looking forward to the resurrection.
---john on 11/7/06

Herb, how are you going to avoid sin without avoiding yourself? Sin lurks in your very members. Surely there is a better answer than the one you gave. That answer is Christ and Him crucified. And, by the way, your soul did not get saved when you were born again. Your spirit was saved. Your soul (mind, will, emotions, and thinking faculties) must be renewed to the truth of what happened to your spirit when you were born again. Your body will line us as that takes place.
---Linda6563 on 11/7/06

Holiness;as in Jesus' holiness certainly was the absence of sin. Revelation 15:4"Who shall not fear Thee, O Lord, and glorify Thy name? For THOU only art HOLY. For all nations shall come and worship before Thee, for Thy judgments are made manifest".This Scripture seems to limit holiness to only one person, so if we have holiness we must get it from that person, the Lord Jesus Christ!
---mima on 11/7/06

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Donna, holiness IS the absence of sin or guilt. It's a technical word. God's presence brings grace, forgiveness and rightesousness. The blood of Jesus takes away our guilt and makes us holy. There's no need to make a spade out to be anything else. It's that simple.
---Okebaram on 11/7/06

Jack, I'm going to fall off my chair over here...LOL. You actually complimented my answer! Whoo hoo, miracles do happen. I'm razzing you. I love you in Christ Jesus!
---Donna9759 on 11/7/06

Donna's given a good answer--and it's something that will continue in the next world, too.
---Jack on 11/7/06

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