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Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me but im not sure. Should I ask him or leave it alone?

Moderator - How is he cheating on you? Are you engaged?

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 ---angelina on 11/9/06
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Ask him? Trust is important in a relationship. If you don't have that your relationship is doomed for failure.
---grace3869 on 8/24/07

RA- Do the rest of you wonder why someone gives the blogs a flyby, not to be heard from again. Wish they would come back and respond to the thoughtful answers.

Because they are sitting at home alone and depressed and desperate searching for answers. Sometime during the night God has comforted them and they have a grip on life again or they are embarassed by their lack of control in their lives.
---grace3869 on 11/24/06

Do the rest of you wonder why someone gives the blogs a flyby, not to be heard from again. Wish they would come back and respond to the thoughtful answers.
---R.A. on 11/24/06

Then why is he your boyfriend still? tell him to take a hike.
Peace be with you
---Kent on 11/24/06

There is a guy out there who will treat you like a queen. Until you find him, dont waste your time on guys that will hurt you.
---sue on 11/21/06

Get rid of him.
If he does it now, he'll do it later.
Better to cry now, then to be devasted later.
---sharon on 11/20/06

If you are not a "couple" and are allowing each other to date others then no. If it is exclusive then ask because if U are feeling timid, shy asking a rather easy type of question what will U do when the whooper doozy's come and they will! Comunicate always as friends, family, married whatever it U are having trouble doing that then maybe U both should see others. Christianity is fun, lively, an adventure dont be afraid to ask such a thing as this.
---Jeanne on 11/11/06

If this is exclusive dating heading towards serious things then a big yes ask & if he is not honoring even something as simple as exclusive dating then leave him. Even the world has exclusive dating they dont date every Tom Dick or Harry must focus in on one they are most interested in to get to really know that one person to see if they are the one. Most dont like serial dating. If it is an open dating relationship like hey you date who you want and I date who I want then no you have no grounds to ask.
---Jeanne on 11/11/06

When we "love" someone and hope to marry them someday, it doesn't mean that they feel the same way. Love must be awakened in their heart for you as you reveal your value to them. They aren't cheating on you by having other friends and even looking elsewhere for a mate. Only when there is a commitment to you should you have any feelings of them "cheating" on you. Our part is to reveal our value so as to win the love of the other. That is what Jesus does in seeking us.
---Wayne87 on 11/11/06

If you suspect it, find out for sure. This is your life! If you think he is cheating on you DROP HIM!!! If he loved you he wouldn't cheat. No other way around that.
---marietta on 11/10/06

Whether it be dating, (courting-most of us relate that to our grandparents) - the Moderator is asking if you're engaged for a reason. A very good reason. If you're not, your 'boyfriend' may be dating you and others. I'm going to meet you headon, if you've 'joined' yourself to the boyfriend, I can see why you would pitch a fit. That's the heartache that comes with it. If not, and your boyfriend is messing around, he is not the one. God doesn't bless a mess.
---Cindy on 11/10/06

You do not explain what you mean by cheating, so will just share some general principles. Communication is vital to a relationship. Feelings may not be based on facts, but are real; so if you cannot let them go, then definitely share them. Be sure true love is revealed--you wanting him to have what is best for him and what he really wants, even if it does not include you. It is always safe to ask yourself, What would Jesus do--how does He treat me.
---Wayne87 on 11/10/06

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