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Can You Feel Prayer

My daughter told me the other day that lately she feels like no one is praying for her. Do you think you can feel when others are praying for you? Do you feel more at peace and more sure of your way?

Moderator - Yes, so please keep ChristiaNet in your daily prayers. Thanks.

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 ---grace3868 on 11/10/06
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Yes, I have felt prayer for years. lately I can even feel the energy of the person who is praying for me..
---Destiny_B_Denney on 1/14/20

Those IN CHRIST do feel the prayers of those IN CHRIST. We are a spiritual body..the very body of Christ.

Yet we are not to live by feelings. There is the spiritual, and then the human emotions manifest feelings. Feelings change with the wind. Learn to discern between human emotions ( feelings) and the SPIRIT, which works in us completely different.

When we are living IN CHRIST, and our faith is IN HIM and His promises, we do have peace with God and the peace of God. We can have these riches without depending on others for them.
---kathr4453 on 12/7/19

So glad Innas is finding many of these old blog questions to resurrect.

---kat453 on 12/7/19

We live by facts and faith, NOT by feelings.

I'm not saying that there are some people who cannot tell if people are or are not praying for them, but I doubt this daughter is one of them.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 12/6/19

There is nothing in God's Word that says we are to know or not know when others pray for us. It is common for people to say: "I know you were praying for me. I could feel your prayers." No. You might have experienced gratitude knowing that someone was praying. But you didn't FEEL anyone's prayers. Feelings cannot be trusted. They come and go. However, the God-breathed scriptures of the Bible CAN be trusted. Find out all you will ever need to know about prayer on those pages.
---david on 12/6/19

Feeling that no one is praying for her.. is a feeling. It's not an insightful inner awareness. You can't possibly be aware of something that no one is doing. At times like that she should pray for herself.
When you've been praying for her and she doesn't feel like anyone is praying for her, she's wrong isn't she.
When you've asked for prayer from someone then you have confidence that your request is supported in prayer by them. But you won't be inwardly aware that they are praying for you, when you are with them, or when you're not.
What you are to seek for is to be inwardly aware of promptings from the Holy Spirit to pray for others.
---Ianns on 11/30/19

"She feels like no one is praying for her." I feel that way also. Even if a pastor was saying a short prayer in my presence, I feel that way. I sometimes wonder if people pray against me. The prayers which God is listening to and responding to appear to be the prayers of my enemy. Those who are blessed through me, but have been a curse for me have everything they wanted from God THROUGH me, and I get the OPPOSITE from God THROUGH them.
---mike4879 on 1/26/17

Real quick he did not take any contraband it was his passport papers from Southafrica.not done properly too many a stamp he was refused entry into France ...I was shocked,we be ok thankyou all.for your of jesus!
---Elena95555 on 3/7/16

I have a big favor to ask you all pray for me & pray for my husband,he did something I told him please not to do but he did it anyway.I very upset about it and he is being right now detained by immigration in France.I am sad beyond words he bought something contraband something you not to bring out of the country or on a plane he never been in trouble but he is not been release or nothing just there pray he csn get home.he probably bought something and did not let them know now he being held.I dont know what to do but pray.thankyou if you will pray for us please.God bless you.
---Elena95555 on 3/7/16

It sure would be nice to feel a prayer for me & my own here
I'm just don't know what to do pray for me,we don't lose the apt.I ask my husband can't his boss help us.he told me,I can even just forget about him leave do as I can't imagine my pain my sorrow I love him.I pray he will take this before God get it confess before and not just tell to go on and forget n be alone. we are a family.God knows our hearts..I'm hurting so much Lord knows my of jesus! help us O God.I beg you Father God
---Elena95555 on 3/7/16

I used to attend a home prayer meeting and we had a chair in the middle of the room and if you wanted prayer you would sit in "The Hot Seat",yes there are several different ways you can feel God and the heat is one of them. You can feel when other's pray for you,especially lay hand on,then the anointing of God flows upon the person and to you.
---Darlene_1 on 2/24/16

HeavenlyFather we know we can feel.your presense when we truly open.up just want to take a leave a prayer for my dear friend Sister in.the Lord Sis.Rita,love knows no boundaries so we know God loves you and You might be feeling weak,you may be having some after effects you know I had Chemo my hair kinda ha ha peach fuzz but I'm alive and praise God will be alright I got great faith you be alright in jesus name.Elena
---Elena95555 on 2/24/16

Actually I had same question... so I was googling & saw ur comment.
I had this experience that when someone is praying for me I felt some parts of my body becoming heat(warm to hot)...
Is it just me or if any one experience too???
Also I am wondering...
If someone is sick, stressed, or if they are cursing you( bad talk, gossip)
Can you fell it ???Is it God asking you to pray for that person.
Please need advice in Bible term.
Thank you & #128591,
---Grace on 1/3/16

Michelle,yes,pray,many Countries in Africa need prayer,we would probably do well to pray for all of Africa. Africa has some horrible wars,Africans mutilating or killing Africans,and always has,it was Chiefs of one village who captured and sold whole villages into slavery,capturing and selling into slavery is still going on now,its horrible. I recently received a prayer request,nearly the whole African family of the person was being hunted and would be killed if found,it was political I suspect.
---Darlene_1 on 1/10/08

The Holy Spirit has been been impressing my spirit to pray for "Darfur", loud and clear.
Darfur and those there need prayer and protection.
---Michelle on 1/1/08

I am also praying about the days now before the year ends. I'm praying for those in high positions and the middle east. God is knocking on the doors of hearts.

We are commanded in 1 Tim 2 to pray for our leaders, they are in desperate need of prayer and it is our responsibility as Christians to pray for them. They will receive strength and guidance from our prayers. We are to pray without ceasing.
Pray for our soldiers as well, Psalm 91.
---Michelle on 12/27/07

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Many prophets are busy condemning our nation and warning us that God has forsaken the U.S.
Judgment has not come yet and God has not forsaken us, the U.S.

Isaiah 26:9

My soul years for you, O Lord
in the night, yes, my spirit within me seeks You earnestly, for only when Your judgments are in the earth will the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness, uprightness and rightstanding with God.
---Michelle on 12/27/07

The Church in America is dry, asleep at the wheel, a spiritual desert.
God said He will come and strengthen our feeble knees, encourage our hearts, heal the blind.
Our politicians need God.
Although God has assigned a measure of judgment to the nations, He will also fulfill of all of His promises and reveal His Glory.
---Michelle on 12/27/07

The Church will begin to awaken out of its slumber and those that awaken will provoke a revolution in the Church. A new spiritual freedom that will affect governments and bring great Glory to God.
There are pockets of Glory breaking through but we patiently wait for the big wave to move across the nations. God promised that He would in His Word.
---Michelle on 12/27/07

Judgment begins in the Church before it ever moves to the world. God's mercy and grace is still here.
A revolution in the Church that will affect the oppressed and bring spiritual freedom will move to the world.
---Michelle on 12/27/07

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I can feel prayer when I am praying and when others are praying, for instance, at church. Don't exactly understand what your daughter is saying. I do not know when others are praying for me. I don't feel anything. But I would like to believe others are praying with and for me. It is a matter of belief, on my part. Whether it is true or not. I don't know.
---Robyn on 7/5/07

We can not base things on feeling as feelings are subject to change and not always reliable. Sometimes we can feel a tangible power of prayer.
There are Intercessors that pray for people everywhere. Most encouraging of all is that Jesus intercedes for us. Now think about that. We know God hears and answers Jesus' prayers. So how can we lose knowing that??
---Tsuanne on 7/4/07

When you feel that no one is praying for you that is when GOD is the closest. I know this from experience. I survived a house fire in 2001 and alive today to be a witness for those who feel down. Read the poem, Footprints in the Sand. That should remind you that you're special to GOD.
---Heather on 7/3/07

The Word says that the Just shall live by Faith. Living by "our feelings" is a recipe for DISASTER. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/3/07

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This is a trick question, because the answer is yes and no. At times you can feel prayer in great ways, and at others you can't at all. and in both cases your spirtitual life can be right where it should be. I think emotions change, and at times we feel more.
---Jared on 11/14/06

wow Kate that was really beautiful. Your prayer touched my soul. Thank you.
---grace3869 on 11/13/06

(#1) Let's agree in prayer! I'll start...Lord, we ask that you be with Grace and her daughter as she is at an uncomforatble crossroad in her life. We ask that you fill her with a holy fire that burns bright for you, that she will stand firm in her childlike faith, and not waiver. Put your hedge of protection over her. Be her strength and her guide. Remove the confusion within her, and make clear the right path.
---Kate on 11/13/06

(#2) Teach her the difference between conviction and condemnation, and help her to walk in your grace. Separate truth from error. Give her inner joy and peace that transcends all understanding. Keep her safe, Father, and help her to acknowledge you in all her ways. Help Grace to give this concern to you and trust in you. Help Grace to not be moved by what her eyes see, but to continue to lift her daughter up in prayer, and remain in your rest.
---Kate on 11/13/06

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Jeane, I liked your story. I think my daughter is still a baby in her faith. She's at a precipice and in real danger of going the wrong way. She pushes me away because is not ready to live by faith. Which is why prayer is so important for her now.
---grace3869 on 11/13/06

If your daughter feels like no one is praying for her, why doesn't she pray to God herself ....

She does do that some but she feels it is selfish to pray for yourself.
---grace3869 on 11/13/06

Kate - your daughter's comment sounded more like she was discouraged, and searching for a feeling instead of standing on the truth of God's word. .... I will pray for her, okay?

My daughter is 17. I'm sure some of it is that she is feeling discouraged and down - but that's when we need God the most and I think sometimes when we feel He is furthest away. Her faith is being tested by other things she wants - that's why she feels lost. Thank you for your prayers.
---grace3869 on 11/13/06

If your daughter feels like no one is praying for her, why doesn't she pray to God herself? It's more fulfilling for me to intercede for others, but there are times I am heavy-hearted and need to pray for myself. Read the Psalms and see if David ever prayed for Jonathan, his best friend. God wants YOUR heart, and there's JOY in the Presence of the Lord. Wouldn't you rather go into God's presence and pray to Him and get a direct touch, answer, etc., from Him alone? It's awesome, try it.
---Donna9759 on 11/13/06

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Grace, I don't think I expressed myself well. I did not mean to discount the belief that one can sense peace, and know someone is praying for them. I was just thinking that your daughter's comment sounded more like she was discouraged, and searching for a feeling instead of standing on the truth of God's word. Sometimes our feelings deceive us, and rob us of our joy, hope, peace, etc. May I ask how old she is? I will pray for her, okay?
---Kate on 11/12/06

Jeanne, I've heard that story too, only slightly different. It's a wonderful illustration, isn't it? Sometimes we just need to trust that the Lord is with us because his word says he is, and keep on keeping on.
---Kate on 11/12/06

God allows things for many reasons. I heard this story,3 women were praying at the alter. Jesus walked by the 1st one he hugged, the 2nd he just patted, the 3rd he walked right by didnt even look at her. The person said to the angel Oh Jesus must really love the 1st one, like the 2nd and care nothing for the 3rd. The angel said the 1st is a baby and needs to feel Him a lot, the 2nd is further along and a touch is all she needs the 3rd is so strong and believes even when she feels nothing.
---Jeanne on 11/11/06

Well, all I can say is that when my first born son died at age 19 I would have gone insane with grief if it weren't for people praying for me.
---sue on 11/11/06

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mrs. morgon, God gave you feelings for a reason, not to be led by them all the time, because faith pleases God and he wants faith. But if out of nowhere somebody feels that burden being lifted off, I wouldn't doubt that could be God, or possibly someone's prayers.Like feelings are from God, their not totally irrelevant, or they wouldn't be there.
---Roxy on 11/11/06

Yes, I can feel when somebody is praying for me. The first time it happened, I was a baby Christian. I was asleep and felt a presence physically lift right off me and leave. A friend "happened" to tell me she had been praying for me. When I asked what time, it was then. I have felt it lift up and leave since then too.
---Helen_5378 on 11/11/06

I know prayer works, and I've seen the results of it working. I feel more at peace when I pray. My daughter just needs lots of prayers right now.
---grace3869 on 11/11/06

I feel at peace and more sure of my way when I am spending time with the Lord on a regular basis. How could one know what someone else is doing, or not doing for them if they are not within one's company? Perhaps your daughter was feeling down, and like nobody cared?
---Kate on 11/11/06

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Absoultely you can feel prayer. When you are going through something and someone begins to call out your name in the throne room of Heaven, something happens. You gain strength, courage, and in some cases the power to endure. Prayer Works... on either side of it.
---lacy5495 on 11/10/06

I really do think that a person can feel when others are praying for me. I do feel more at peace. But, at times when I am more distressed than usual I don't feel it. I think it is because I don't personally take the time to relax and listen and meditate. i do understand how that feels and it can be frustrating. Tell her to hang on...the peace will come. God is faithful and just. I will keep your daughter in my prayers. God Bless You!
---Bev on 11/10/06

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