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Have You Seen A Demon

There was a blog on here already asking has anyone seen an angel. So I will ask has anyone ever seen Jesus or has anyone ever seen a demon?

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 ---Jeanne on 11/11/06
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I have personally seen demons (green, red, black and 'milky') about a dozen and a half times throughout my life. They are very real and influence the world far more than we'd like to think. They have used fear and greed to manipulate the world to where we find ourselves now. The other posters are correct in recommending prayer against them. It's important to not react with fear, when you finally see them, but to remember the grace of God and finished work of Christ.
---Terry on 8/27/09

I used to know a guy who saw demons all over the place, constantly, in people. I believe he was able to see spiritually inside people. He was a businessman and happily married. The problem was that his witness to the church made everyone think he was slightly (or quite badly) mentally abnormal. Again, if Jesus was living as a human now, he would see demons in many people. He would not tell us about them, but would order the demons out.
---frances008 on 10/13/08

When Jesus returns we shall all see him.
As for demons I watched a program once although I don't recommend it unless you seriously want to have disturbing thoughts.

The point being they claimed that they had encountered a Ghost but I figured it had to be evil spirits they seemed to be a type of mist,dust like appearance.

I can feel them when someone in my area conjures them up, or if they try to oppress someone and dwell in their house other than that I have learnt to leave them well alone, unless they cross my path as others know they sometimes try it on.

Leave them well alone there are better things to do with our God given time.I really don't think we should be discussing demons unless it is to protect each other.
---Carla3939 on 10/13/08

I didn't see one but I sure felt it. It sat on me (for what felt like an hour) one night.
I was lying in my bed asleep when I felt this huge pressure on my chest, arms, and legs. I woke up and couldn't move, so I started praying and when I did, it was like this mist or fog was coming out of my mouth. It was almost like I could see the words I prayed to God in the air. I prayed without stopping and after that I was able to finally move. I was afraid at first but I just kept my mind on God. When I was able to get up, I checked my clock, it was 2:45 in the morning.
To add to this, earlier that day, I was baptised by water to re-affirm my faith in God.
When I got home, and I cleaned myself up, and went to bed, then this happens.
---ginger on 10/13/08

The second time it was a sunday morning when I was 9 I had woken up and was laying in my bed when I heard a deafing thunder, before me appeared a figure around 30in tall. It wore a blackrobe and its face was a normal flesh color I was paralyzed and could not move. I remember asking something to the effect of what it wanted, and it answered but I do not remember a distict answer. I remembered my parents telling me that from the last time if it ever happend again that all I had to do was say "Jesus" name. When I said "Jesus" its face went from normal to red, to a VERY VIVID purple as it RAN out of my room in again a very deafing thunderclap I head again. I'm looking for others like me.
---Michael on 10/13/08

Yes I have seen what appeared to be Satan and looking not much at all like any of the pictures that depict his image. And I did see all black horses-big horses with his legion sitting on their backs holding black flags and they draped all in black. And I did see the sky was red and it appeared they were on a battlefield with smog everywhere. And I did see him as he looked so red and naked and black eyes and pitiful looking but I did not see wings or horns or a tale or hooves on it.
---Maria on 8/26/08

******This is why God said NOT to make any images of anything. But read how John describes him in Revelation. This is probably more accurate than the earthly images.

If anyone says he saw Jesus, do not believe him.*********

Steveng so very true... Even Paul was blinded by the brightness of His Glory, and that was a most rare occasion.

Because of all the ICONS of Mary, many think they have seen her too. The dead as is Mary( although She is now asleep in the Lord)) cannot come back to communicate with the living. Such things are witchcraft.
---kathr4453 on 7/22/08

frances008: "I have seen demons... I mean literally I saw horns and green faces and it sounds silly but I cannot help what I saw. "

You have been watching too many horror movies and reading too many of the same books decribing demons. Only in your vivid imagination did you see a demon that looked like what you saw. A demon was, in fact, deceiving you. Satan, the devil, and his demons are angels - Satan being the most beautiful of them all. Satan and his demons come as angels of light to deceive even the elect, if that were possible. The first images of Satan as ugly wearing a red suite and holding a pitchfork came from the Catholic Church as all the images of Jesus, Mary, the saints and angels.
---Steveng on 7/8/08

Virginia: "I never did and never hope to, but a weird thing happened on writing a mail message to my brother. When I hit the number 6 a tiny red devil head appeared and then next to it it said devil icon. I have no icon program.
Haven't a clue where it came from and it scared me."

My friend and I created a computer virus (not the malicious viruses you hear of today) that after pressing the "m" key a monster appears on the screen. At that time these type of "viruses" were more of a practical joke than to do harm to a computer. This was a few years before the home computer became popular.
---Steveng on 7/8/08

As for seeing Jesus...

If anyone sees Jesus these are false images. They are the figment of your imagination, stored in your brain from the earthly pictures and movies you have seen. There are all sorts of man-made descriptions of Jesus. I've seen pictures of Jesus having black, brown, red hair. Long curely and straight hair. Green, blue, black and brown eyes. Brown, black and white skinned. Most of the pictures show him as handsome or beautiful (but the Bible describes him differently). This is why God said NOT to make any images of anything. But read how John describes him in Revelation. This is probably more accurate than the earthly images.

If anyone says he saw Jesus, do not believe him.
---Steveng on 7/8/08

Jesus knew when people had demons. Perhaps God revealed them in visual aids like I had. Perhpas not. I suppose we will never know. Would it make Jesus evil if he was able to see demons? Didn't he meet Satan whilst in the desert for forty days? Maybe God does it for some people to let them see that there really is another world, a spiritual one, and it is mixed in with ours.
---frances008 on 7/8/08

Jesus is all around us. If you don't see Jesus then you don't have Him and never knew Him. A demon is the devil. No, I never saw a demon, unless it uses someone. But I did see Jesus. If you read His word, then you will know if you seen Him or not. If Jesus come knocking at your door, will you recognize Him or take Him as a demon? If you're a christian, then you will know the difference.
---antoa7855 on 7/8/08

I have seen a spiritual entity in the street. (I described it earlier on this website.) Also, I have seen demons in people showing up in their faces. I mean literally I saw horns and green faces and it sounds silly but I cannot help what I saw. At the time I was around 20 and again in my forties (one time). I really wish I had not seen it in one case. I told the person and he was very angry with me. But demons inside people can go away. It is not necessarily a permanent state.
---frances008 on 7/8/08

yes, all three.
---Eloy on 7/7/08

If ever I am tempted to brag this is it. I have seen the resurrected Christ, twice. Once the upper part of Him the front [tortoe]. And on a separate occasion, full form. I promise you I do not lie. God did raise Him from the dead. Demons>>No I haven't. However, sometimes you can really see them through a human-being. Perhaps it is the workings of the demons. Demons can also, do awful things to one's face and to one's body. I know when I got saved I got better looking. I look better than I did ten years ago.
---catherine on 7/6/08

Twice I have had a demon in my room in Japan, and once in the UK, I had what I think were two angels. All came at night. The demons were invisible. The angels were silent and visible and I perceived them to be a man and teenager, but I cannot describe them as I saw them in the spirit realm, ie. like I was dreaming. I woke up. I knew that two people had come into my room. As for the demons. They were very scary. But the second time less so. The first one was breathing heavily in the corner. The second one (might have been the same one) was crying. Even now I get goosebumps thinking of it. My sister in Scotland had the same breathing ghost the same year. Three people heard it.
---frances008 on 7/6/08

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i have seen it and felt it a couple of times, it started when i payed the Ouija board. no joke, it was just a game that went wrong no joke! the following story is true: i am not sure the year or why we were at my aunts, but my lil cousins are no more then 5 & 4, but we were playing hide and go seek, and i went into papa's room, and i didn't even get into the room, when i felt kinda sick, dizzy, and i looked up, and then i saw this grey figure pass by with RED glowing eyes, he just went into a wall. i ran downstairs and talked to my aunt about it, she asked me if the boys put me up to it, i didn't know what she was talking about, then all of a sudden, she told me the boys had seen it also. they moved a month after so i haven't seen it since.
---se7en on 7/4/08

This is honest to God, a true story, The summer after graduating high-school, I woke up because I heard laughter in my room. I thought it was my friends waking me up, but then the laughter became loud and taunting. I opened my eyes and looked it in the eye... He was staring at me, waiting for me to wake up. He appeared to be half-man, and half-beast. He had a man's face and body shape, but he was covered in dark fur and he had freakishly huge muscles, like a steroid freak.
---wade on 3/11/08

He overflowed with wickedness. He was hunched over like he was carrying a terrible burden on his shoulders, or a curse. He leaned towards me and opened his eyes really big, just to show me that he was real, and that I was not dreaming. He was very keen and aware, and he knew that I was scared. All I could do was scream, "GOD, HELP ME!" but as soon as I made the "G" sound in the word God, the demon disappeared. Since then, I've been convinced that the supernatural world exists.
---wade on 3/11/08

Yes and i have no clue if it was a demon or evil sprit of some kind its has been coming to my door way at night and watching me im 21 years old and i have told my parets but they do not belive me if you would like to send me in the right direction
---Eric on 2/13/08

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God is a Spirit and requires that we Worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. Satan is a serpent and crawls on his belly eating dust!
---Carla5754 on 5/6/07

Yes and No to the second question. I have seem a vision of Jesus twice. Once from the torso up and another occasion a full vision of Jesus one night by my bed when I called out to Him for help because the devil was attacking me. Jesus did the work as always. Keep the human shrinks away from me. The devil I can certainly see him in people. Note>>>The devil is a Person. God is a Person.
---catherine on 5/5/07

It most definitely was not the same photo as the ones on the web but it had virtually the same pose, I guess it was a fake cos it was framed and on her aunties dinning table. Why should she have such a big copy?
---Carla5754 on 5/5/07

Carla I saw the same picture. I got it from someone who gave me the same story. I brought it to school and showed it off at show and tell. One of the kids came and up to me and said I was wrong because they have the same exact picture on a prayer card. It's not a real picture.
---Matthew on 5/5/07

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I don't see any reason why Jesus would reveal Himself in a picture. It is where demons like to show themselves. If God did that he would be convincing people to start taking pictures hoping to capture a glimpse of Jesus in a photo. The demons would be having a ball with anyone in such activity.
Please google "picture Jesus clouds" I can almost guarantee you that one of the pictures there is the one you saw.
---Matthew on 5/5/07

Once a friend of mine said she saw a picture of Jesus in her aunties house, so after school we went to her aunties house and there was this picture that didn't look like Jesus at all it was a picture of clouds. On close inspection after I looked hard but far away I made out two arms a long gown,a rope at the waist that fell by his side and shoulders but his face was not visible his head was a in a lighter patch of cloud and not visible at all.
---Carla5754 on 5/4/07

She explained that her cousin in Canada took the photo but was deaf and couldn't speak saw something in the sky and took the photograph one day. When his parents developed it, this was the image. I saw it with my own two eyes and this imaging photography was not even invented then 30 years or more ago. I was just about to say I disbelieved any account of seeing Christ when I remembered this picture! and yes I don't know what to say now!
---Carla5754 on 5/4/07

It was never publicised or any big deal made of it she just told me the story out of the blue and I went to have a look for myself. I will however ask her if I can go and see the picture again. I don't know if her auntie is still alive she was elderly then and never batted an eye lid to tell the story about the picture? How it came to be or what?
---Carla5754 on 5/4/07

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I have seen Jesus in dreams and I have known many old time Christians who said while praying Jesus walked in the room, rare mind U but they never forgot and even though they were old their eyes lit up like a child. I have heard of missionaries casting out a demon and "seeing" a mist like thing come out and the person set free and did not remember the thing at all.
---Jeanne on 5/4/07

Emcee - Christ gave no spiritual mandate or immunity from error to any ecclesiastical group including the church at Rome.

Scripture tells us that the heart of man is deceitfully wicked. As such man seeks to control as much as possible, other people and their possessions.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and ecclesiastical establishments are not any different.

We need to strive to build in to them, as many checks & balances as possible.
---lee1538 on 11/28/06

Lee::Exactly were the wolves from above or down under???I choose down under & hebce not Gods doing.
---Emcee on 11/27/06

Emcee - *The greatest TRICK the devil performed to prove he does not exist By creating Denominations & setting them at Variance ...*

The reason God permitted denominations is bec He knew that any single organization could easily become corrupt in practice as well as doctrine - the problem with the Roman Church going into the Middle Ages.

The Apostle did not lie when he stated -

Acts 20:29 I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock;
---lee1538 on 11/27/06

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Yes, I see Jesus everyday in all His creation in nature and in you and me. I see Him in the clouds, I see Him in the waves, I see Him in you when you smile and when your crying, I see Him everywhere. Demons? theyre scared of me cos Christ is by my side all the time. lAmen
---lily on 11/27/06

RIght on Mike B. Once the Devil and his demons know you know they exist you fall into a spiritual battle. Things moving across the room and seeing dark figures and being paralyzed in fear is all part of this battle. It is really nothing more than scare tactics and an attempt to make us question our authority over demons. The Devil loves 2 things. 1) Believing demons don't exist and it's all in our mind.
2) Being very afraid of demons.
---Matthew on 11/26/06

The greatest TRICK the devil performed is to prove he does not exist By creating Denominations & setting them at Variance with each other,while he sits around watching the Pantomine
---Emcee on 11/26/06

The devils greatist trick is to convince the world he does not exist. He loves the religion of atheism.

But once he knows your aware of his existance, all bets are off, he will try other means to gain control of you. I know God exists, thus so does the Devil. I have seen what are 'shadow people' in my home. These are low level demons. Dont tey to photo them or communicate with them, that is playing with them. ONLY call on God and they will flee.
---MikeM on 11/25/06

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R.A. - *Be sweet to your wife. I hope you treat her well...*

Like a queen, but the point is that the mind is something that we do not fully understand yet and visions whatever they be can be solely a product of the mind alone.

My wife sees our son, recently left home for the Marine Corps and of course, she misses him greatly. And then she saw some of her other relatives as well as some man she could not identify.
---lee1538 on 11/24/06

Be sweet to your wife. I hope you treat her well, lee1538.
---R.A. on 11/23/06

The mind can do really odd things. My wife just got out of surgery and takes medication for pain. As a result, she has been seeing people and all kinds of things. Fortunately, no demons or angels or jesus yet.
---lee1538 on 11/22/06

Keep in mind people that demons can appear as an angel or Jesus himself. If you have good discernment and you can tell me for sure you have seen angels or Jesus through discernment than I won't argue it. However, if you base what you saw on how it appeared or how you felt(I had demonic encounters that tried to trick me through feeling) then you need to ask the God himself for the truth. Everything you think and see that may be revelation should be tested.
---Matthew on 11/21/06

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R.A. or it may be that since they are the weaker sex, they also have the weaker minds!

I do know that from a statistical standpoint, mental health is more of a problem with women than men.
---lee1538 on 11/20/06

No I still watch my charmed shows. doors will open from Satan only if I let him. And when this happened, I wasn't watching charmed then. So what I experienced wasn't because of a t.v. show. It was and still because me seeking to get closer to Christ.
---Rebecca_D on 11/20/06

Oh, I don't think so. Women probably have more guts to speak up, not fearful of looking less than brilliant in front of their peers. They utilize more brain cells, are more mature, and drive better than men.
---R.A. on 11/20/06

One thing that I have noticed over the years concerning stories about demons, visions, dreams, angelic visitations, etc. is that nearly all of them are from women.

Not to say I do not believe but I have wondered why these things are more from women than men?
---lee1538 on 11/19/06

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I saw the same demon twice, long story but seeing it lead me to a confrontation with a person who was attending church but practicing occult etc... on the side. Later witnessed his repentance and cry out to Jesus. I believe I saw Jesus in a dream, I could not look directly at him, he said nothing but hugged me, I was going through a tough time. Angel, once, a miserable failure and humbling experience for me. Learning something of how shallow I am in some areas and need to grow.
---Linda32708 on 11/18/06

I never did and never hope to, but a weird thing happened on writing a mail message to my brother. When I hit the number 6 a tiny red devil head appeared and then next to it it said devil icon. I have no icon program.
Haven't a clue where it came from and it scared me.
---Virginia on 11/15/06

3rd many occultist get a kick out of trying to spook others especially Christians remember they can not hurt U unless U let fear take hold then fear will hurt U. It is all about power. Some are actually curious and will try & send their guides or do a spell to see it it will work against a Christian U see most occultist know magik doesnt work against a true Christian but they try again- power play.They want to manipulate love lives, work, things etc.
---Jeanne on 11/14/06

4th as an ex-witch we know there is no legal rights against U. The goetia/demons is about rank, run like heaven w/rank Arch angels etc. I did magik but not to a Christian it intrigued me that a God loved his people that much.Annoint your house w/oil, keep Bibles open, hang the cross no these are not magical but they remind the Devil his outcome. Dont let sin take root in U.The reason they are in the occult is they are hungry they "get" faith, spirit, power so pray they R looking.
---Jeanne on 11/14/06

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I have had that. Witches are not peace/love but cunning/try&wear U down by sending their "guides/demons- battle on the astral field even pretend to like U to "steal" powers. Demons have rank so example my "demon" is stronger I will try/take your gifts. Jesus said this by bind the "strong man". When they lay on u if U are a woman that is an incubus/male it is a sucubus. You cant even talk but in your mind kept pleading the blood of Jesus It will leave.
---Jeanne on 11/14/06

2nd part pray,even fast if U have no med. probs. Clean your house have no astrology, foreign art can be gods, no ouja boards it is not a toy yet sold as won. Dont watch horror/violent/sex type of movies.Some Christians are liberal & due. When U sin as we do repent ASAP. Be quick to forgive no grudges. Watch your friends if U witness to an occultist pray so no critters follow U to try & cause fear. They dont have legal rights over U but if they can cause fear they have a foothold.
---Jeanne on 11/14/06

I haven't seen any demons but I have been harrassed by some. Not long after I received Christ I was harrassed by a cult member. I spent hours studying my Bible in order to present the Gospel Truth to this individual. I believe I may have made the demons of hell upset by exposing the lies and anti-biblical doctrines of the cult. One morning while lying on my back in bed I felt a strong presence on top of me. I couldn't move; I felt as though I was glued to the bed. I couldn't open my eyes or even speak.
---Kay on 11/14/06

I believe the spirit was punching me or slapping me in the face because my head was being forced from side to side. While this was happening, I could hear a voice speaking in demonic tongues similar to the babblings done in occult groups. After about 5 minutes it was over and everything was back to normal. I believe with all of my heart that I upset a few demons by sharing the Gospel Truth with that cult member.
---Kay on 11/14/06

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Rebecca, I hope you have quit watching that creepy Charmed show. It opens door.s
---Anonymous on 11/14/06

Ralph, I am glad God delivered you! Demons are... I mean if they have the chance, they are just mean. But thank God Jesus defeated them and set us free.
---Okebaram on 11/14/06

I haven't seen a demon, but I have seen shadows. One night a demon was on top of me, I couldn't move. I rebuked him and he left for a while. I had a dream the other night about snakes, snakes represent Satan. If one is getting closer to God, Satan is going to raise his ugly head.
---Rebecca_D on 11/14/06

i would be more interested in what Jesus said than in what He looked like...... that said, i've dealt with demons but not seen them.
---JaeR on 11/14/06

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lee, Jeanne, what is the difference between a familiar spirit, fallen angel, and demon?
---Roberta on 11/14/06

2. I would cover my head and try to sleep and I could not. But at times, it felt like something was above me or beside me. I saw nothing but such felt it's presence.

On another occasion, I had a voice telling me...I am going to kill you. Yes, I was fully awake and aware. I replied, you will not. But yes, I almost did go into witchcraft. The voice occured after I got saved.
---Ralph on 11/14/06

Tony, I know what you are talking about when you wrote what you wrote. When I was a child, I heard footsteps too. I would get up and see if anything was there. When I went to check, the sound stopped. I would not sleep very well at times. But the sound started toward the end of the hallway but would stop near my door. But at times, it felt like something entered my room.
---Ralph on 11/14/06

the youth pastor in my old church who appeared to be a stable, honest person told me about when he was lying in bed. he heard someone walking down the hall with boots on. it opened the door to his room. he became paralysed on his bed. he couldn't move his head to look at it and could only see ouit the corner of his eye. it could down on the floor and crawled over to his bed. then he saw a skeleton hand reach up to grab him. he shut his eyes and prayed. when he opened them, it was gone
---tony on 11/14/06

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Jeanne, I didn't know what scrying was, looked it up. Those old Persian (Babylon) ways. The devil counterfeited God's miracles with witchcraft. I don't think it's wise to delve in too far, there's a hook. Did you throw out all of your old references?
---Shiela on 11/13/06

Woaw, Jeanne, you ought to take up a job as an FBI agent :)

You seem to have photographic memory: such detailed description of your visions. I think you saw the exact same look that I did the times I saw Jesus.
---Okebaram on 11/13/06

The 1st time I saw Jesus in a dream was in one that had begun as a demonic nightmare! In the dream I remembered a message on faith and changed from terrified to bold. I approached my 'dad'-turned-monster, pushed it and then shouted 'Jehovah' calling on God's name. I was a new convert, prior Jehovah's Witness, hence the use of 'Jehovah' not 'Jesus'. It didn't fall at my push but at the mention of God's name, the huge monster fell. Then I turned and saw Jesus sitting on the bed. 'Well done, my son' He said
---Okebaram on 11/13/06

1st cliff, what do u mean imagination is a wonderful thing? I agree some may be that. Job said an evil spirt passed by and my hair stood up on end. Jesus spoke of them and cast them out, the disciples the same, Simon the magician wanted to pay for the power because he was a warlock and strong but the Holy Spirit was stronger. The slave with powers that they cast out her masters beat her and took her back and said we made money bring back her guides!
---Jeanne on 11/13/06

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When something is "spiritual" evil/good U sense, remember it differently. You get what I mean we all do have gut feelings about things. Jesus said there are demons/angels. He even said havent I picked 12 of U and one is a demon? Like one person said some U can see thru the eyes, the old saying the eyes are the windows of the soul, some super strength, foreign languages never learned.
---Jeanne on 11/13/06

Police use mediums that are proven not the fake ones the ones w/familar spirits, guides. Police dont even get this & shake their heads cant figure it out. In Certain Covens/or solo practitioners invoke the Goetia/demons by name/rank & they manifest all see, smell, hear them.These are not dumb people the ancient texts are difficult expensive handed down even, ancient riddles,symbols, spells & languages most are educated wanting ultimate power. They think they are in control but are fools being controlled.
---Jeanne on 11/13/06

Jesus appeared to me in 3 dreams. I only saw the figure of a tall man, dressed in a white gown, with a gold belt around his waist. I never saw his face. In each dream, he gave me instructions to do something and I carried them out to the tee. How did I know it was Jesus in those dreams? Because the things He said to me and told me to do could ONLY come from The Lord Jesus.
---Donna9759 on 11/13/06

Jeanne you can see Jesus,when obey the word
of God,love is all in your life, so you show Jesus to others people through your attitude.
---Nilceclea on 11/13/06

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one was quick just his face he was angry w/me,brown or dark hazel eyes flashed anger,scowled- brown hair. not long but not short-- like Johnny Depp length, neck length but not on his shoulders. No bangs parted in the middle,trimed facial hair, light olive skin, like an Italian,Greek,Israeli. A long Jewish type nose, high cheekbones, well formed mouth, bowed lips. The reason I was mean to someone and did not make it right. I did after that the next day.
---Jeanne on 11/13/06

2nd dream/pop died & I saw pop in a field. Jesus was around 6ft,broad shoulders, long white robe, bare foot, dark hair parted in the middle not long but not short, wide eyes brown/dark hazel,trimmed facial hair, olive skin. Nice looking. My Pop before his death could not walk he ran to Jesus was happy a wide smile, white teeth, masculine face, He was standing but when pop ran to him he bent down/slapped his thighs thrilled that pop was thrilled that he could run again both smiled & laughed.
---Jeanne on 11/13/06

Told to me I was a baby. My ear drums were bursting from an infection, nothing worked. My Jewish relatives were in the palor as I lay in my crib crying. I stopped. They came up to see I was standing, smiling, and said in toddler talk. "A man w/boo boo's on his hands touched me." No pix,movies, crosses in a Jewish home. My relatives were amazed knew something happened and later all came to Jesus could not dismiss my healing or a toddlers pure words of a man w/boo boo's in his hands-Jesus.
---Jeanne on 11/13/06

I have seen the manifestation of a demon of lust in the eyes of a man that I worked for. I was actually scared when I saw it manifest. His face contorted, his eyes were piercing out at me, I actually ran out of his office and started to pray, that was all I knew to do back then.
---Donna9759 on 11/13/06

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yes, I have seen flying angels, and Jesus also has personally come to me, and I have also seen Beelzebub and demons.
---Eloy on 11/13/06

Tough crowd. Just because you have not experienced the spiritual realm in this nature, does not mean it is folklore or imaginations running wild. To the one asking the question, if you are tempted to seek out this type of experience, I would advise against it. God will show you things in the spiritual realm if he so chooses, but to seek it out yourself is not a good idea. Not trying to put words into your mouth, just some unsolicited advice...
---Kate on 11/12/06

I have a beautiful picture of Jesus hanging on my bedroom wall that I purchased years ago. It was painted by a lady that often testified that she often saw Jesus in her visions / prayers.

Interesting also about her was the fact that she had gone through 5 failed marriages and had problems getting along with people.
---lee on 11/12/06

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