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I've just found the apostate e-cards! Do the "name it & claim it" people actually say things as the illustrated pastor says "I named and claimed this $1m dollar home"?
Do they really think it is right to expect God to give luxury just because we ask for it?

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 ---AlanUK_quent5969 on 11/13/06
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I absolutely believe in having faith. I know God hears us and our attitudes. I also believe what we ask for needs to be in line with the Bible, not the world. Just as faith to move mountains or survive snake bites has been mistakenly used for carnal purposes, other things have too. If you are absolutely doing God's will, nothing will keep you from it. That is "name it and claim it" time. It doesn't mean you should ride in a Roles...
---mikefl on 6/7/08

God is our father,do we giveour kids everything they request ir demand?I hope not.we are told to expect trials.Paulcontent in any state hunger inprison etc if the namne it claim it teaching was true surely he would have named and claimed food andliberty etc?we need adversity to enable us to grow spiritually strongest people those who have come through adversity and not been defeated or embittered by it/Jobsufered much and grew to knowand trust God as a result,satan failed spectacularly as a result.
---doree4573 on 5/11/07

Alan UK Quent, this is different but the same principle. I had a friend who would tell me when I was sick,a headache,or anything else to "don't claim it". It never made sense to me how any intellingent adult could believe the words they spoke had that kind of power. Another friend and I would ask "how do you not claim whats going on already"? People do believe that but are forgetting the only power we have comes from God not our words. More important things to ask for than luxury.
---Darlene_1 on 5/11/07

Anyone catch popular news program last night. It was all about your success poster board. Did you see it, Jack?
---Jonie on 11/17/06

** I see that Jack needs a car, if I was able, I would give him one. He would even settle for a beat up hoopty.**

Thank's for your prayers, Jonie.

Actually, while I can't go where I want to go the minute I take it into my head to go there, I can plan and get where I NEED to go.
---Jack on 11/16/06

Alright, now. Good preaching. Are certain people blessed with more business saavy, and their gifts went awry? Heaped up for selfish gain rather than God's purposes? Love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 Tim 6:10
---Jonie on 11/15/06

I see that Jack needs a car, if I was able, I would give him one. He would even settle for a beat up hoopty. Why aren't we as the body of Christ able to help those in the Church who need it? Jesus and the disciples had enough on hand to take care of taxes and basic needs. I want to know why this is so distorted. I want to know why just a few ministers have made it to the top, like a pyramid scheme - and it stays at the top?
---Jonie on 11/15/06

If Jack puts a picture on his fridge for a hoopty, will he get one? I doubt he will do that. So let's all pray Jack gets a car, it's the least we can do as the Body of Christ.
---Jonie on 11/15/06

Jack, as your sister in Christ, I know you're having a hard time. I love you, brother. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
---Jonie on 11/15/06

Some do practice/preach that. It isnt a sin to be rich-poor. Some preach that or say U didnt give enough or no faith. Some act like God serves us instead of us serving Him,like He is our Butler, a Casino boss. Put down 5 on red/win 100! I even heard a TV Pastor say tell the Holy Ghost to "sic" em if they say U shouldnt be rich.I tell my dog Sic em God is Holy so be careful they act to familar like he is one of the homeboys! The angels go around His thrown saying holy all day yet they say sic em?
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

They believe that God wants Christians to have wealth, health, all prosperity. They just have to have the faith to claim it all. Sin in their lives is what prevents them from this goal. Sin is a lack of faith. They also have the people send them $$$ for their prayers, "seed" money, for the cleansing of sin & more faith. It is like saying all sickness a person may endure is because they have sinned against God. Such deceitful lies of evil one to keep them in bondage.
---Linda on 11/14/06

Jonie, Jesus said, the sun shines on both the good and evil. David asked God, "why do the wicked prosper. God reminded him, remember your end and know the end of these. David had peace from then on. You know, this life may be the only heaven some will ever know. What a shame to trade only 70+ years for all eternity.
---kathr4453 on 11/14/06

Kathr4453, very true. Do you think God picks certain people (raining on the just and unjust) to have it all? I won't name names. TV talk show hosts that are billionaires (from a talk show); casino owners, news network owners. Does God pick these people? Some claim to be believers, others are new agey, and others say there is no God. Mountains of blessings. What do you say, Kath?
---Jonie on 11/14/06

Yes, they believe the power is in faith itself, not faith in Jesus Christ. They re-arrange the words in Hebrews to say, by faith God created the world. The bible says "By faith We believe God created the world". You really have to know your Bible, to catch them in all kind of lies. The devil can bring things to pass,but if things don't line up with scripture,it's of the devil. Remember the two magicians that gave Moses a hard time. They could imitate just about everything Moses could do. Beware!
---kathr4453 on 11/14/06

What do you think of dream boards? Make a poster for your fridge with cutout pictures of the house, car, airplane, clothes you want. Many claim that's exactly what you should do and it works. Why are people getting all their prayers answered this way. Would this work for the poor in third world nations. One wealthy woman on TV claims this worked for her. Was God going to bless this woman regardless of the poster? Are there certain people God picks to be super rich all the days of their lives?
---Jonie on 11/14/06

Alan - The "name and claim it" false teachers do teach that. We all have to be so very careful as to what we listen to in this age of apostasy. If you are going to have a listen to them, be careful because it might rub off onto you.
---Helen_5378 on 11/13/06

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