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Beat Up Car With Blessed

Why do people drive around in beat up cars with a license plate that says blessed? Will this make sinners think that this is the only kind of blessing that God gives?

Moderator - Should they drive an expensive car with the label "Broke" or maybe "Worldly"?

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 ---judit5347 on 11/13/06
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I believe that riding around in a car that says "blessed" is a great way to express what the Apostle Paul said. In whatever condition he found himself in, he was content. Some people do not have an automobile. We are blessed if we have one that runs and gets us where we need to go. Glory to God
---Barbara_L._Watkins on 2/25/08

Or "I named, claimed it, this baby's mine".
The payments are $600.00/month, my credit cards are maxed, but I'm stylin'.
---Cindy on 2/24/08

Cindy, I had to smile when I read that. It reminded me of an Amway salesman I knew once.
---NurseRobert on 2/25/08

Driving a new car does not mean you are blessed. anyone(including the devil) can work hard and at a good paying job and drive a new car and live in a nice home. You can be blessed and drive an old car and live on the streets. Has nothing to do with material things. It is the state of one's mind and heart. Your heart and mind is definitely in the wrong place.
---Robyn on 2/24/08

Yes, I said that, too.
For those of you that never knew I existed in 05 or 06.
---Cindy on 2/24/08

Or "I named, claimed it, this baby's mine".
The payments are $600.00/month, my credit cards are maxed, but I'm stylin'.
---Cindy on 2/24/08

What the unbeliever thinks about the blessings of the Father is about as relevant as what he believes. I would think that those believers are able to recognize that true blessings are not sensually perceived, but rather internally realized, acknowledged & shared. Conveying this thought. That which you most value will consume the focus of your mind & what ever absorbs your mind & consumes your thoughts is for you your God. Happiness does not abide in the "things" we possess. It abides in Christ.
---joseph on 11/17/06

People take things so serious! It may be what is holding the car up! It could have been a gift. It also may mean blessed in other ways it could mean she/he has a car last week they walked or took the bus. They may have been from a 3rd world country & they dont have cars or nice ones so that is blessed. It might mean blessed healed from cancer & alive & here it could mean tons of things ways they were blessed lets face it we are blessed every day our names are not in the obiturary so that is blessed!
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

I like the beat up hoopty with the bumber sticker or license plate frame that reads:
"In Case of Rapture Cars Yours."
---Ryan on 11/14/06

They are blessed. Just because they drive around in a beat up old vehicle, doesn't mean their not blessed. I don't have alot of money, but I'm blessed. God blessed me with a car to drive, (1998 blazer), a home, clothes on my back, and food on my table. Yes I'm blessed. Everything that God gives me is a blessing. It is a blessing and a privliage to call upon his name. Alot of people can't call God their Father, their choice. but to me and my family were are blessed.
---Rebecca_D on 11/14/06

Daily bread is as blessed as Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. And Heaven would be just as wonderful with dirt roads instead of streets of gold. Jesus is enough!
---Geraldine on 11/14/06

Maybe whoever was driving the car can't afford another car and is just thankful for what they have. As long as it runs I say don't knock it.
---Norma7374 on 11/14/06

Some of the least wealthy people I know are the most blessed and some of the wealthiest people I know are not blessed at all. I wouldn't be concerned about it. If you really want to know then just go and ask them and they will tell you. On the average, poverty is not a blessing but we are told to be thankfull in every situation and those poeple are obviously thankful for their old beat up car.
---john on 11/14/06

Why do Americans assume blessed means being rich with material things? We can spin this anyway we want to, but what it comes down to is this: I think you're thinking too much into what other people are thinking.
---Kate on 11/14/06

maybe it will help them realize that money isn't the only kind of blessing. i think it shows an attitude of apreciation. i know what you mean though, it does propogate this mentality that Christians are pathetic. some people even think that of our God.
---tony on 11/14/06

Since I'm on disability and cannot afford a car, were someone to give me a beat-up one that ran well, I would indeed consider myself blessed! :-)
---Jack on 11/14/06

I like other signs for such vehicles. "Don't laugh, it's pair for". or "My other car is a ....." or "All this and I still have money in the bank". or "Jesus sees my spirit, not my car". Yep I know, too long for a one word tag but hey, there's the back window... I would be more concerned about the people driving foreign cars with tags saying "Buy American", they really don't know what's happening to our economy.
---mikefl on 11/13/06

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Judit, which of us is NOT a sinner?

People are going to think what they want to think.

The real problem is the question of "bumper sticker theology" which inoculates people with little bits and pieces of the Gospel (or its buzz-words) making it harder to catch the real thing later.
---Jack on 11/13/06

Judith ... are you saying that Christians should be rich and boast about it?
---AlanUK_quent5969 on 11/13/06

As a single, I drove a police car I purchased from a city auction for 6 years. Had all the markings, everything except the lights. I stood out like a sore thumb. My bills were paid, and I didn't have a lack of dates. The cops would smile as I pulled up to the light. I never had a ticket, and that cruiser ran like a scalded cat. I had to drive through wide open spaces for 100's of miles, and I always felt safe on the road alone. I was a blessed woman of God, my car ran on air when my tank was low.
---Raine on 11/13/06

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