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Poor Man And Wrong Woman

What about Job? He was rich and then he was poor and then even richer. But he was always faithful. I think women want security. And just to add a kicker, Job's wife was a nagger and wanted him to curse God. So in a way being poor can protect a man from marrying the wrong woman?

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 ---clay on 11/14/06
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Do you always think out loud Clay?
---Pharisee on 12/28/07

1 Tim 5:8
But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
Being financially challenged can prevent you from being married at all. Rachel***
---Rachel on 4/28/07

Jobs wife was not a nagger He loved her are U a woman? Men/Women each love their kids but diff. I gave birth 4 times,pain is horrible/long, the child is born w/U shedding your blood. U then nurse that child the man back then had little to do w/a child until weaned. It is your milk that makes them strong they even bite at times while nursing & believe me it hurts! Job understood that she was talking from a mothers wounded heart. She blamed him for her children's death out of her pain.He loved her thru it.
---Jeanne on 11/14/06

Clay, life is full of ups and downs and nobody can predict what's going to happen from one to the next. I think if a couple is wanting to get married they should try and save so they can at least pay the first months rent and buy groceries. If the man is not working, now that's different. The man is suppose to be able to support his wife, but if there are financial problems there's no reason why the woman can't go out and work to help provide. I'll probably get a lot of static about what I just said.
---Norma7374 on 11/14/06

we dont know if she was so bad a wife. but anyone when they get squeezed by life can at that moment say the wrong thing.
---JaeR on 11/14/06

Nice argument - in theory! But, the truth is that any man who veils his true motives and remains "poor" to protect himself from marrying the wrong woman is simply making an EXCUSE not to work. The bible is clear in its instruction to men. "If a man will not work, let him not eat!" Of course women want security, and it is a husband's job (in God's eyes) to provide it. Of course, this does NOT mean that the woman should sit on her hands and do nothing. She has responsibilities too.
---Crystal on 11/14/06

Sorry Clay. Statistics prove beyond a doubt that as poverty increases so do marriage breakdowns. Don't make a doctrine out of one case. And Jobs wife wasn't a nagger just because she had a hard time handling the death of all her children and the destruction of all her belongings. I wonder how well you would do in that scene? His wife was equally blessed with more children and riches so it's obvious God din't hold it against her.
---john on 11/14/06

clay, it should be a "spirit to spirit" attraction and should have nothing to do with being rich or poor. What if the MAN is poor? and the woman isn't? I married a poor man and bought him a truck, clothes, paid for his education in college, should I have NOT married him because he was poor? Your theology needs to be fine-tuned, get some spirit and life inside of you. Job's wife was not a nagger, she told him once to curse God and die, then you never hear from her again. How is that a nagger?
---Donna9759 on 11/14/06

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