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What Is The Gift Of Discernment

What is the Gift of Discernment?

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 ---james5375 on 11/14/06
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discernment is good judgement.
so how come there are reports of abuse in the church. boys & girls are victimized in the name of OBEDIENCE. those in authority in the church exploit the innocent who use the word obedience in the name of servanthood & humility.
and when you exercise good judgement by saying NO, you are accused of arrogance, selfishness.
the gospel is replace with fear, shame,blame fear & guilt to exploit the innocent
---mike on 1/25/10

what is good judgement?

Pat robertson always point to sin when disaster strike.

he said that

the PM of israel ariel sharon suffered a stroke bec. god striked him down for giving land to the palestinians.

that 911 was caused by the liberals, abortionist, & that god is removing his protection. (I thought saudis flew the into the WTC & not liberals/gays)

the earthquake in haiti was due to having 'pact with the devil'.

does pat robertson have discernment when he makes comments like 'god is punishing us for our sins'.

that is not discernment but like the pharisees who are 'quick to look' for something to accuse.
---jim on 1/25/10

Mark: "There is no debating between the light and darkness."

Your humility overwhelms.
---atheist on 1/25/10

If one has a gift of discernment....lots of luck explaining what you discern. Others wouldn't see it, not will they want to listen.
---Rod4Him on 1/25/10

Luke 18:35-43 blind man was begging when he heard christ was passing by
he shouted 'jesus of nazareth have mercy on me'
people rebuked him, telling him to be silent
christ healed his sight & said 'YOUR FAITH HAS SAVED YOU'

which is discernment? the blind man practice 'SELF DENIAL' or cry out for healing.

finally, christ said 'YOUR FAITH HAS SAVED YOU'!
many have FAITH, but others tell you to be SILENT, to shut up.

many christians are experts in quoting the bible but they could not give the proper answers to life's suffering. they just point to sin, disobedience & pride. and that is why many miss the blessings opportunities in life because of 'religious answers'
---mike on 1/25/10

Athiest, I am not here to debate anything with you. There is no debating between the light and darkness. When God brings you to the light then we can talk about God. For now I leave you. Maybe one day God will bring you to your knees, and you will beg for mercy. Right now enjoy your life in rebellion to God.
---MarkV. on 1/25/10

luke 13:10-16 - jesus healed a crippled woman on a sabbath.
the synagogue leader was irritated said 'there are 6 days of work, come on those days to be cured, not on sabbath day
jesus said 'hypocrites! does not each of you on sabbath untie his ox & lead it out for watering?

WHICH IS DISCERNMENT? healing or following the sabbath?

there is too much 'religious arrogance in the church' that many do not have discernment. like this pastor, he was concern about being too holy & sinless, that he cannot give good teaching & judgement & show compassion

malachi 2:7-8 the priest causes many to stumble bec. they lack knowledge.
---mike on 1/25/10

MarkV Don't be silly. I have not taken the side of Atheist, and I have not trashed the word of God.

The human perception of the words, "just, deserved, punishment, & disobedience", and the way in which our justice system applies them, is virtually the exact opposite of your perception of what God means by them.

So again I ask ... how come God gave us those words and the meanings we as humans understand ?

When have I ever said that I am a "wonderful guy?" Another of your "imaginations". When you come up with that and other lies, you are being mean, but I don't complain about that, I just point out continuing habit of making false statements about those who disagree with you.
---alan8566_of_uk on 1/25/10


"...everyone else is in believing in an Almighty God."

"An" almighty 'god'---which one would that be. It should be "the" almight 'god'. If there were a 'god', with his omnipotency he'd have the ability to make clear the 'he' was the one and only. But that is not the case.

So you see the choice between 'an alimight god' and no 'god'? Interesting, that shows an almost paganistic liberalism toward one's choice of 'god' or 'gods'. Didn't think you had it in you...
---atheist on 1/25/10

Alan, you don't understand the word of God because you don't make it a point to study, then you answer questions lacking a fear of God. You question the ability of God hardening someone's heart. In fact you question anything God does with His creation and even question His Word many times.
1. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge" Prov. 1:7.
2. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths" Prov. 3:5,6.
Alan, your problem is that you lean on your own understanding, because you have no fear of God. You don't study because you really don't care. If you cared you would know God.
---MarkV. on 1/25/10

discernment is good judgement.
but many ignorant pastors teach & preach verses that destroys good judgement because they tell you to obey. one good ex. is tithe, & the faith of sowing seed. they will use fear & guilt to follow that teaching. 'give your $100 seed & it will become $1000.' in the book of proverbs, it tells you to work hard & sharpen your skills which are the ingredients of success. pastors do not teach that anymore. so when you fail & suffer poverty, they will say that 'you lack faith'. good judgement is to work hard not rely on fantasy.
---mike on 1/25/10

Alan, #2: Again you took the side of Athiest next to a brother in Christ. That is very commanding of you to do that. You decided to not ask me, but to make a statement again. Instead of asking me a question, that you don't understand my comments and want me to explain, no, you sided with him again as you have done before. A person who is here to trash God anyway he knows how. Then later you act as a brother in Christ who is innocent of any fault. Then turn around and complain why people treat you so mean, that you are a wonderful guy.
---MarkV. on 1/25/10

discernment is good judgement

proverbs says, 'work hard & you will have abundant food'
televangelist say 'give your $100 seed & it will become $1000.
which is discernement

eccl say 'sharpen your skills'
pastors say 'i can do all things thru him who strengthens me.
which is discernment?

self is a person that is needed for relationship, doing one's responsibility.
pastors say that self is sin, deny self
which is discernment

serving others will perpetuate laziness, abuse
pastors say 'run another mile for your brethren.'
which is discernment
---mike on 1/25/10

Mark says "Athiest, God could be working in you right this minute, hardening you heart even more"

So, God is deliberately causing Atheist to become even more certain of eternal damnation.

And then God will meet out His Just Deserved Punishment for Disobedience

Thus showing that our use of those four words is quite the opposite of God's use of them.

And yet God gave us those words. Why did He not tell us in the BIble what He really means by them?

---alan8566_of_uk on 1/25/10

atheist>>>I won't do anything. Because I know who I am. "The righteousness of God". Boy it's so easy to preach this stuff. I mean it. So easy!
---catherine on 1/25/10

Athiest, God could be working in you right this minute, hardening you heart even more. And no, you cannot change me, only God can, that is why I think He is changing you. You are not like most Athiest who just don't believe and live their lives happy in their rejection of God, you are one who wants everyone to know how wrong everyone else is in believing in an Almighty God. Like God's hardening of Pharaoh's heart and his servants, so He does with those who make a mockery of Him.
---MarkV. on 1/25/10

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So what if two discerners disagree, what do you do then?
---atheist on 1/24/10

Discerning of spirits: One of the gifts of the Spirit. A God given ability to tell whether a prophetic speech came from God's Spirit or from anouther source opposed to God. Amen!
---catherine on 1/24/10


So 'god' could be working through me right now?

Is that so I change or I help change you?
---atheist on 1/24/10

Jerome, I suspect you are a real nice guy and have good intentions but I want you to stop and think about this.
The Holy Spirit is working all around us, and all over the world even in you. How could you possibly know in whom He is working in? You would have to not only be Omniscient, "knowing everything, but Omnipresent, "be everywhere at one time." The gift of discernment is not for those purposes.
I answered you because when I read what you said, the first thing I thought of, was, How could he know no one in the church was ready to commit His life to Christ. The pastor didn't know so he made the call, probably even the one who was going to commit didn't know that was his time.
---MarkV. on 1/24/10

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I wouldn't expect someone that doesn't have the gift of discernment to understand what it feels like or how I know that the Holy Spirit is working on someone or not. Because without this gift, it would be impossible to understand. All Christians can feel the Holy Spirit working in themselves, but it's different to feel it working in someone else. I don't believe that all Christians have this particular gift. What I'm hoping to accomplish with this blog post is to find folks like me that have this gift and find ways to glorify God and spread the word of Jesus Christ without creating 'drama' in a church setting, so your comments have been very helpful, sorry about sounding condescending, that's not my intent at all. Yours in Christ....
---Jerome on 1/22/10

Gift of discenment is to enable us to know what spirit is in operation in situations. This enables us to take authority over evil spirits,rebuke them to and bind them in the realm of darkness in Jesus name. We are given power,Luke 10:19--and over all the power of the enemy,-. Discernment is a tool of God to equip his people to deal with any situation,through empowerment given by the Holy Ghost,that Satan will not be free to do as he pleases among Gods Children. We are the Army of God and are to fight the good fight of faith realizing we are empowered to the pulling down of stongholds in the name of Jesus for the Kingdoms sake 2 Corinthians 10:4 For our weapons are not carnal,but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.
---Darlene_1 on 1/18/10

Jerome, you said,
"Sometimes, our preacher held an alter call when the Holy Spirit was NOT working on anyone in particular," Here I ask how did you know that the Holy Spirit was not working on anyone?
then you said," and I was confused when the minister held the alter call when it wasn't needed (or stretched it out longer because no one came forward), as a child I thought the preacher should have known that" not needed you said, How could you possibly know if it was time for someone to commit their lives to Christ or not?" The preacher didn't know either that is why he made the call. He cannot see the hearts of others. And you know after the fact that no one went forward, but you didn't know before.
---MarkV. on 1/18/10

Mima, I agree with you 100%, wish we could chat sometime, I need some mentorship
---Jerome on 1/17/10

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The gift of discernment Is given to those so they can know if they are being deceived. You can have this gift without the knowledge of the word of God. But it is much better to operate with the knowledge of the scriptures so you can back up your spiritual accusations
against false teachers. If you have no knowledge then you are without the tools you need to reveal them. And you will be the one that suffers if you cause trouble. The gifts of the Spirit are nice but they are trouble makers by people who do not know the word. The only authority is the word. But the word by letter alone is also a trouble maker it must be accompanied by the Holy Spirit to bring life.
---exzucuh on 1/17/10

To the question, the Gift of Discernment is as Pastor Jim and Steven-007 said, it is given to all Christians to keep the believers from wolfs, which includes not only preachers but material that is not good for the Christian.
Second I am with Exzucuh on the issue of pastors. No one knows where the Spirit is working and on whom it is working on. When an alter call is done, there could be one person who truely wants to commit his or her life to Christ and it is the right time for them. It could be that person has been hearing the gospel for a long time and is ready to commit. Of course some answer alter calls and have never heard the gospel. That happens many times so they answer time and again.
---MarkV. on 1/17/10

That is the most hypocritical thing I have ever heard to judge a pastor for giving an alter call. The only reason someone would be offended is because they needed to be in that alter crying out to God for forgiveness for being a gainsayer. And quenching the Spirit of God with their hard heart.
---exzucuh on 1/16/10

---Jerome your pastor sometimes gave an altar call when it was not needed simply because he did not have the gift of discernment. I sometimes think that many pastors were called by their mother.

I have been asked to give a altar call many times. And I have found that the most answered altar call, after announcing that your giving an altar call, is complete silence. We wait longer at a stop sign than we wait on the Holy Spirit to move!!
And that is ridiculous. All of the above of Course should be done as the spirit leads.
---mima on 1/16/10

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I first noticed this gift as a child when, during alter call, I could tell if someone needed salvation. I didn't have to see them, I felt the work of the Holy Spirit, it was absolute knowledge, not a gut feeling. Sometimes, our preacher held an alter call when the Holy Spirit was NOT working on anyone in particular, and I was confused when the minister held the alter call when it wasn't needed (or stretched it out longer because no one came forward), as a child I thought the preacher should have known that.
---Jerome on 1/15/10

I first noticed this gift as a child when, during alter call, I could tell if someone needed salvation. I didn't have to see them, I felt the work of the Holy Spirit, it was absolute knowledge, not a gut feeling. Sometimes, our preacher held an alter call when the Holy Spirit was NOT working on anyone in particular, and I was confused when the minister held the alter call when it wasn't needed (or stretched it out longer because no one came forward), as a child I thought the preacher should have known that.
---Jerome on 1/15/10

I first encountered this gift in the hills above Beattyville Kentucky. Sent to a country store(where you can buy ready-made ham sandwiches and chips and soda) I was shopping there when I happened to notice the woman behind the counter face pulsating at me! Instantly I knew what I was looking at and I said to her I must tell you what I see on your face, okay she said, what do you see, I see the glory of salvation I said, and she said yes, I got saved three weeks ago!! I have seen this many times since on others faces usually women but men also. I am also able to discern who speaks in tongues many times. For believers this is very interesting for nonbelievers this is crazy.
---mima on 1/15/10

To "discern" is to recognize or perceive clearly not ONLY those spirits that are of demonic origin but also the spirit of God. It could be in regard to an individual, a congregation, a community, even a nation. This is UNDOUBTEDLY a gift and a great need in the Body of Christ. If you believe you have this gift then PLEASE seek the Lord so that you will be able to use it for HIS GLORY. He has not given you this gift for the starting up or building of your OWN ministry but rather for the FINISHING of His...The ministry of reconciliation...of bringing His children back into right standing with Him. It's what the cross was all about.
---Emily on 1/15/10

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I have this gift. (Thank you LORD!).

It is the gift of discerning the wolfs in sheeps clothing.

When the Spirt of God makes me aware of them, I am then obligated to exposed them. So it makes me very unpopular in some cases. Even on this very blog.

It helps to remember the prophets, Christ, apostles, and Martys before. How they suffered when they spoke the words of the Holy Spirit and shined the light on darkness.

That is my yoke and I thank God that he chose me to have a gift. One I will never deserve on my own.
---PASTOR_JIM on 1/14/10

I am so glad I found this blog! I have had this gift since I was saved at 12, and I have been praying to GOD for info about this gift, but I think He knew I needed to hear that others have this gift and experience the same thing as me! You all have renewed my faith in know that there other spiritual warriors out there fighting the fight!I will be praying for you all to have strength in the LORD and please pray for me as well!
---Aisha on 1/14/10

is rightly dividing the word of truth by the Spirit of God.

Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

2Ti 2:15 Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
2Ti 2:16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.
---steven-rem7000 on 12/11/09

I was in shock when I first received the gift cause one gets to see so much truth, now I thank God for it cause I can intercede for others and I have seen results! Knowing what is inside a man helps protects me. With this gift I can no longer doubt the existence of God and demons. This gift comes in many form, our God is a creative & we're unique to Him. I believe the main purpose of this gift is intercession for His people & for us to be thankful for our salvation. It is definitely not something to boost about, keeping my mouth shut is something I'm still learning.. as I know, we're not suppose to speak about it unless the Holy Spirit has prompted.
---Donna on 12/10/09

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I have the gift of discernment as well. It kinda runs in the family but we all have different aspects of it. I can feel and see demons that is the major part. I agree that it is hard to live with. I have even prayed that God would take it away. I am afraid of alot of things so I didn't understand why he gave me this gift(talk about stepping out of your comfort zone). I'm glad now that he made me keep it because I know now that he knows what we can handle. The Lord told me that he would be with me and that through him I was strong enough to make them leave. I have never faced a demon alone and I know I never will.
---Hilary on 9/28/09

The gift of discernment is given to believers .according to 1 corinthians12,10 the ability to distinguish between true ahd false prophets .False prophets troubled the early church {1 john. 4,1-3}and so the church needed people who were gifted to discern the nature of the messages spoken in Gods name.This gift along with the others God has given to men for the profit of all. The gifts help the children of God so they wont be tossed to an fro with every wind of doctrine and sleight of cunning craftiness of men liying in wait to deceive.
---laverne on 6/4/09

From the description of your experiences I would have to say that you definitely have the gift of discernment,
---mima on 6/4/09

The Gift of Discernment is actally called the Gift of Discerning Spirits. It is basically where you know what spirit a person has (of God, or of the Devil), you can also see into the spirit world with this gift (Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, Jesus, Satan, etc.). ALL Christians should desire this gift, so that their spirit eyes would be opened. O.T. Prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles all prayed for peoples spiritual eyes to be opened.
---Leslie on 6/4/09

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I'm not sure if I have the gift of discernment, but I have often been able to know or sense good/evil, or issues in people, such as lying, anger, hatred, etc. the moment they walk in the room. I have learned to trust these intuitions, as I feel that God often tells me how I can pray for or minister to a person in a short space of time. I have also on occasion been able to sense the presence of many demons without knowing why, a gut feeling of "something's-not-right." Once was when I stumbled into a Masonic lodge by mistake, another time when passing a crystal shop, and once very strongly at the "Toronto Blessing" church. The message was clearly *GET OUT!* In all three situations, no one else noticed anything wrong.
---Sara on 6/3/09

said,"Susan you are demon possessed." She said,"I know. " I said,"Go to any church that will help you. The story is long but I have since seen another woman and when she simply looked at me. I saw a demonic face appear in a flash. But, nobody else could see it. Having a gift like this threatens Satan and don't think he can't destroy us, he can. That is why I am posting here and having this gift is not something to brag about or be thankful for. It's hard to live in a world where you see and know what others have no idea of. Demonic spirits are real and extremely frightening and dangerous. I will appreciate any advice or answer any questions any of you might have Thank You David 188 words is not enough bye :)
---David on 5/19/09

I am not sure what others have experienced, but here is what I have experienced. In my business I talk with alot of people in the course of my day, and have this ability to know if that person is lying or not, I can tell by voice reflection, there have been times I have backed away from business decisions due to this gift and the Holy Spirit protected me in the end. It's like it's not the same gift kind of gift that everyone receives.
---George on 5/11/09

Sometimes the spirit of discernment will show me on a person's face if they are saved or not! I'm aware that this sounds wild, yet I've had it happened to me several times. Generally it is on the face of women but also sometimes men.

Let me try to describe what happens. While out witnessing I will approach someone and before I can get any words out of my mouth I will see something(like the glow of a light) on their face. And I will know that that person is already saved.

Also, but very seldom I will sense a darkness, a forbidding darkness on someone and I will know not to witness to them!!!

Have others had the same type of experiences?
---mima on 4/27/09

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Has anyone experienced this gift more generally in terms of sensing different things in different environments/neighbourhoods?
---nt86 on 4/27/09

Discernment (perceive, perception) is seeing a sister in tears and offering her comfort. Checking up on a brother when he hasn't been to church for a few Sundays. Asking a usually cheerful brother or sister if something is wrong when they have a sad face. Checking out why someone is not their usual self. A born again Christian receives the Holy Spirit and has a hot line to God. If God wants you to speak to someone and comfort them in their affliction, He will relay the message. They might refuse your help but you were obedient to His calling. When someone asks us how we are doing, we most generally say OK. Sometimes we have to ask twice.
---Bob on 2/17/09

Though we call it a gift...we forget that God is presenting spiritual revelation, not ourselves. To prove this point, when ever the the revelation occurs it is always unexpected and will require prayer...if it had been an extension of your own abilities then you would recognize and control the situation. We are to lean on the Holy Spirit for understanding, not our own.
I've found no mentors or very few willing to help cope in the growth or maturing in this gift...reading books on disernment is helpful. God is in control! There may come a day when the rules do not apply and God gives you full maturity for a special battle ( for that day alone ) must lean on and trust God or the battle is lost.
---Ed on 2/17/09

The gift of discernment is not only for discerning demons, demons, demons.

The gift of discernment enables you to see when and how the Holy Spirit is moving.
The gift of discernment allows to see when angels or demons are manifested.
The gift of discernment operates as a warning against fall doctrine and false prophets.
The gift of discernment is God's alarm system for the Church.

---Michelle on 10/13/07

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It enables you to know when someone is lying to you and it's not by natural knowledge - looking into someone's eyes, all the usual things people do to try and catch someone in a lie.
Ananias and Sapphira fell dead because they lied.
Acts 16 tells about the damsel possessed with a spirit of divination.
Paul knew it was a familiar spirit by the gift of discernment.

---Michelle on 10/13/07

The gift of discernment is available to all believers. It is one of the revelation gifts - word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and discernment - available to all believers. The measure that you yield yourself to the Holy Spirit of God is the measure that the Holy Spirit will use you in the revelation gifts.

---Michelle on 10/13/07

The "gift of discernment" can't be found in the Bible but the gift of discernment of SPirits can. Discernemnt means to see. One with the gift of discernment can see both angels and demons. Basically they can see into the spiritual realm as God wills. It's a rare gift. It's helpful as a minister or when witnessing. It allows you to see the demons surrounding someone in bondage and therefore more likely to help the person in bondage.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/12/07

I have this gift, but I tell you, its not always a good one. Especially since I get scared when I sense an evil spirit(s). You see, people who have this gift and don't use it for a Godly purpose can use it for self-gain me. Discernment is knowing yourself and the people and spirits around you. Lets try and keep it to use for the Holy Spirit, and not ourselves.
---alex on 10/11/07

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"It is the ability to look into the eyes of the soul and know what someone is really thinking before they answer. The eyes cannot lie. They reveal what is present in the heart."
---ashley on 4/16/07

This is called witchcraft/mindreading. Ashley would need this type of occultic gift because authentic gifts of the Holy Spirit are not in operation were false prophets and the devil has set up his domain.
---Kelly on 8/1/07

Discernment is to be aware of what is going on around you in the spirit realm. Not to be taken in by every wind of doctrine, every teaching, sermon. Every prophecy is not from God. Everyone that says God told them to tell you this or that. If God told somoneone something about you, He will reveal it to you, as well. Also discernment could be another word for spiritual wisdom.
---Robyn on 7/31/07

It is a gift of being able to sence the presence of a spirit around you... unclean spirits are all around us, they come to you and wait for a door to open for them.. when it does they attach to sin handles and they slowly take over until your life suffers.. at that point only the Grace of our LORD GOD and the power of his HOLY SPIRIT and WORD can bring you back... I'm sure there are many forms of the gift, this one is the truth for at least one form..
---justin on 7/31/07

Ashley, i would have to disagree...i would say that that is the gift of knowledge
---mark on 4/25/07

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There are differnt kinds of discernment based on your other giftings. One who is an intercessor might have discernment of what to pray for or against. One with administration, what to do to prepare or organize. Discernment of Spirits is what the Bible mentions and refers to knowing the reason or influence of why someone says or acts a particular way. Discernment in its truest form simply knows something without any prior knowelage. Discernment also may be given only in particular area's.
---Eric on 4/24/07

Mature Christians "have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. However this gift is the ability to know that purportedly good behavior is in reality the work of Satan. Also to note: This gift can operate on several levels. Thank you my Lord and my God for your help today, and everyday.
---catherine on 4/16/07

Being able to see if something is right or wrong or if a situation is genuine.
---gynn8435 on 4/16/07

The gift of discernment is one of the gifts of the spirit. It is the ability to look into the eyes of the soul and know what someone is really thinking before they answer. The eyes cannot lie. They reveal what is present in the heart. You know when you hear truth and also when someone lies to you. Jesus said, "whatever is nurtured in the heart will be revealed in words, thoughts and actions." You cannot serve two masters.
---ashley on 4/16/07

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i think about what isn't the gift of discerning spirits. if it's observation or reading people, u should probably discount it. If have preconceived notions due to appearance or how u feel about them for logical reasons its probably not the gift. it may even have nothing to do with them but what mood u were in that day. also, having these gifts have nothing to do with whether ur ready or mature and do not ever justify ur theology or understanding EVEN of the gifts themselves. again, i'm just guessing.
---dvd on 4/16/07

I'm sure the discerning gift can be different for different people. I'm sure there are some with it that can only discern through feelings rather then what they see. Maybe there are some that just know. I myself don't have the gift. I am still maturing spiritualy and I know God doesn't want to throw that on me because I am not ready for it. Really the truth is I don't deserve it yet.
---Matthew on 12/2/06

1 Cor. 2:12. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. It is through listening to the Holy Spirit within us that give us discernment. The Holy Spirit is the gift we are sealed with.
---ShawnM.T. on 12/2/06

1 Cor. 2:12. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. It is through listening to the Holy Spirit within us that give us discernment. The Holy Spirit is the gift we are sealed with.
---ShawnM.T. on 12/2/06

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Many people and spirits wear guises, facades or fronts. And when a person is given the gift of discernment they are shown the truth behind the guise. I once recalled talking with an old employer, and during our talk his face was superimposed with another face of a demon, back-and-forth: his face, then the demon's face, his face, then the demon, continually as we talked, but I'm sure that he was not aware of this as we talked. I later learned that this is what is called the gift of discernment.
---Eloy on 12/2/06

discernment is being able to know the differnce between right and wrong. it is also the ability to see the right way to go, like God's will. Those with this gift are very helpful when a group is struggling with a direction to go where several options look to be equally good.
Also it is the abilty to distinguish truth from untruth. have you ever listened to someone and gotten that weird feeling that they were wrong. (it might be discernment).
---Jared on 12/1/06

Side story; my friend prayed Tuesday for the gift of discernment(this was totally unknown to me). Tuesday night while speaking in prison my friend suddenly became aware of certain people that were in prison congregation. He says nothing. When I spoke I said that I felt a certain person was going to be come a preacher. Immediately my friend confirmed this saying I did not say anything before but I discerned the same thing while I was speaking. Interesting huh
---mima on 12/1/06

1 Corinthians 2: 13Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

14But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

15But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.
---kathr4453 on 11/17/06

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My first knowledge of having this gift happened to me in a country store in the oil fields of Kentucky. I was somewhat startled as a young lady turned to face me I saw salvation on her face. I told her so, and she was very happy or she said she had been praying about whether or not she was saved!
---mima on 11/17/06

Discernment is something the Lord wants all to have. We are to discern the spirits of false teachers. It has to do with knowing truth and lies. One must be in the Word, and growing in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus.
Hebrews 5:14
But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.
---kathr4453 on 11/17/06

It's for the naieve..just kidding. I have this gift, and thus can speak regarding it. It is a GIFT from God to be able to discern a spirit in another person, whether it be lust, pride, resentment, a brokenhearted person, a hurting person, a bitter person, a person void of God's love, etc., The purpose for this gift is so that you can intercede for that person and pray for them because you have "discerned" something in them that Father wants to set them free from or heal them.
---Donna9759 on 11/16/06

Unlike "copies" in the secular world (esp, vibes, necromancing, etc.), the gift of discernment comes with much prayer & scriptural understanding of God. Just as the scripture says, "The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much", we must be "right" with God to truely experience His gifts to us as believers. Discernment then becomes the ability to use the word of God as a filter in the things ones sees or hears. A way to rightly divide the truth in the things around us.
---mikefl on 11/14/06

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I wont requote what others wrote. U discover good/bad thru the Spirit or even your natural eyes or mind God can use, good old common sense but heightened in a Christian level. It is similar to the gift of phrophecy in that "you know that you know" that is what I mean by that so please no 100 blogs saying it is not prohecy I know that. It is hard to explain in 85 words & quote all the scirptures but simply put- To understand or know something thru the power of God.1Corn.2:14,tons more.
---Jeanne on 11/14/06

It means that you can read someone's spirit. If they are hurting, mad or whatever a person with this gift can read thier spirit.
---Rebecca_D on 11/14/06

A gift that most churches lack. Many believe that prayer and fasting is necessary if one is seeking any of Gods 9 gifts of the Spirit.God disperses His gifts to whom He chooses.Many claim they have it, but don't. Fanaticism has robbed many.Discernment of spirits entails discerning what is from God and what isn't and other important information from God.This gift is extremely beneficial for the edification of the church,because the devil often works undercover and subtly.(1 Cor.12).God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/14/06

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