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U.S. Marines Toys 4 Tots

The U.S. Marines Toys 4 Tots program has refused acceptance of a donation of 4,000 talking Jesus dolls which would have been distributed to needy children. Refusal is based on the Marines being a non-religious organization and the dolls having a religious nature. Your thoughts?

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 ---AlwaysOn on 11/14/06
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They're exactly right to do so--how would you feel if you were a poor person and your child got only an Isis or Thor doll that you wouldn't/couldn't let them have? Pretty horrible, I'd think.

Besides, even many Christians would take offense to the Savior being made into a toy.

(And the blogger who said that government organizations cannot promote religions was absolutely correct. But the above arguments apply to any organization who acts as you mention.)
---Nancy on 12/7/07

The U.S. Marines are a branch of the U.S. Military, a part of the Department of Defense. For them to distribute religious toys like that would communicate that our government is promoting that particular religion. I support their stand.
---Madison1101 on 12/4/07

Well I got book one books read( For the Perfect man) and candy that has no suger in it and i have 200 families that was going to serve this Saturday. and now there is not going too be a Christmas program. i need help. if you can call 614-261-8810 Jynette
---Jynette_Hartfield on 12/15/06

Sadly, most people dont even realize that the actual holiday of thanksgiving, according to the proclamation given by Lincoln in 1863 which led to a national holiday, is "a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens."
---tofurabby on 11/20/06

Ok Jack, and say that day offends someone else... do we change it? That is what's happening with Christmas. How often do you see Jesus represented in Christmas celebrations? or easter for that matter.
---tofurabby on 11/18/06

Jack, he/she was being facetious (sp?) when talking about American-Canadians, and you were too harsh with Jeanne, but whatever. I can't change the way you think or speak.
Jeanne, you are an amazing woman! I believe you have a lot of wisdom to share with us, and many experiences at that. I found your answers facsinating. It sounds like you've experienced a lot of turmoil, which I'm sorry for, but it has made you who you are today. Praise God for you!
---Kate on 11/17/06

At least thier hearts are in the right place. I would never judge people for trying to do something that brings so much joy to children.
---sue on 11/16/06

My goodness me! It definitely sounds like the Marines are the religious ones, not the dolls.
---Helen_5378 on 11/16/06

**For example, July 4th, our independence day is infringing on the beliefs of many canadian-americans who would prefer to celebrate canada's establishment.**

Who's stopping them from observing Dominion Day?
---Jack on 11/15/06

How many kids are going to use the talking Jesus doll as Barbie's new boyfriend? Or a soldier with G.I. Joe? So adults get offended because their kid gets a religious toy and then other adults get offended cause the toy isn't played with the right way. It's not a child's toy but a debate issue for adults. And therefore not an appropriate Christmas toy because it causes division not salvation.
---grace3869 on 11/15/06

While they are at it, maybe they should supress the true meaning of all our other holidays as well. For example, July 4th, our independence day is infringing on the beliefs of many canadian-americans who would prefer to celebrate canada's establishment. Veterans day infringes on all the draft dodgers. I guess holidays should all become "everyone celebrate everyone and everything" days.
---tofurabby on 11/15/06

A talking Jesus? How vile can the world get? Does this thing really exist?
---Susie on 11/15/06

** Jack walk a mile in a persons shoes before you speak. You do not know them or their experiences.**

Of course, I do not know your experiences. You did not make it clear that by "Orthodox" you meant "Orthodox Jewish."

There are Orthodox Christians, too: mostly Eastern, but some Western as well.

Since these are Christian blogs, I had no reason to believe you were not speaking of Orthodox Christians.
---Jack on 11/15/06

Someone on the news brought up an interesting point.

Imagine yourself a poor parent whose children received gifts from Toys for Tots or some similar group.

How would you feel about your children being given a Muhammed doll that quotes verses from the Quran? Or a Krishna doll that recites the Bhagavadgita?

Think about it.
---Jack on 11/15/06

toforabby I agree it is sad but nothing surprises me any more I answered so much because Jack challenge my view I grew up as a Jew there is much hard feeling on that end. Not all many Jews dont care and celebrate all holidays. U are right It is the day we celebrate His b-day but we are only concerned any more w/being politically correct and the ACLU hits hard and most dont have the money to fight them.
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

tofuruby- toys for tots gives yes on Christmas but many non-Christian kids see their friends go & they have nothing, & want to fit in w/their friends.They sneak in later get in much trouble as I did, cousins, friends. U just want a present too, cake, the pretty songs even see Santa. The issue is not stupid to little kids trying to be like their friends, I was asked to give point by point by Jack so I did. Kids want to fit in especialy needy kids to have cookies, juice a toy it is like magic to them.
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

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Guys you need to remember that this is a gov't agency they can't push one religion over another, they aren't taking Christ out of Christmas but they are respecting the beliefs of others. Besides isn't the Marine's creed God, Country, Family?
---Jared on 11/15/06

Sorry, but it disgusts me when people take Christ out of Christmas. ...and when people support it. Christmas is a religious holiday. Jesus is the central focus.

This would be like having a birthday party and crossing the birthday child's name off the guest list. Rediculous.
---tofurabby on 11/15/06

Jack walk a mile in a persons shoes before you speak. You do not know them or their experiences. I could tell you more I knew a very rich Jewish man he threw a Christmas party for his servants all Christians. He was disowned, sat shiva on My friend Rachel was thrown out on the St.w/the clothes on her back, her kids screaming for Ema/mom she could not go to them, the women formed a wall. They do not go to the Police it is like the Amish/handled by the community.She was given a NT & was secretly reading it.
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

Jack-I did say "may" these Jesus dolls given to needy children. Well needy children come from every where/all religions like Hindu I work for them they would not except it but see it as imposing your religion on them. The same with Islamic people I work with 3 of them & told me clearly they feel anything Christian to them feels like you are forcing them to accept Him. The Nigeria doctor said once when someone offered him a wooden nativity thank you but no it would offend my household.
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

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Jack-I try & see the good -God has a reason. How would U feel if Hindu people said we are giving out 4000 talking Gnesh gods to needy children? Or Islam saying 4000 Mohammed dolls praising Allah to needy kids. Or Haitians saying 4000 voodoo dolls that talk for the holiday? I could go on U are harsh but smart & see my point. We are now a melting Pot w/tons of religions. I can disagree w/U w/out making it ugly/personal, A person that differs is not on trial to prove they are not a liar as U made me feel.
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

I have known many my cousin Naphtali who was beaten for going to vacation Bible school and came home singing a Jesus song and colored a Jesus picture. Henry my Uncle they sat Shiva on him had a funeral he is dead to them because he refused to take down Merry Christmas on his porch that a Vet who saved his life in Korea gave him. My mother when she married my Christian Dad some sat Shiva on her would not look at her, talk, and when my daddy walked in they said oh the pig the goy has come in.
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

2nd my niece Rifka had a cross given to her at work PolyAnna my Aunt spit in her face and said how dare u wear that they killed our people.I was never held by my Gram Hadasah because I had a favorite toy of a lamb that played Jesus loves the little children when U wound it given by my prek teacher who did not know I was Jewish. I was 4 and never allowed again in her home. High holidays had to be at others and no b-day or hanukkah presents from her to me, I would cry not understanding.
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

Ummmm.... Why is toys for tots in business???? Isnt it to give CHRISTMAS presents to children whos parents cannot afford to buy them?? Christmas??? Do the muslims celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts? This issue is stupid, the ones who are upset about religious infringement dont even celebrate Christmas. Remember... it is a celebration of the birth of Christ. If you support Christmas, you support the birth of JESUS!
---tofurabby on 11/15/06

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**So it may be a good thing though because in strict Islamic homes/Orthodox/cult type of homes some kids may have been beaten or accidentally killed even by a swat to the temple**

Jeanne, how many cases do you know of children from Orthodox homes who suffered this fate?

Give names, dates, and places, please.
---Jack on 11/15/06

The dolls never should of been offered to them. There are plenty of Christian charity organizations that could distribute gifts like that. To offer the dolls to the Marines was to engineer news so you'd have to wonder whether this organization was trying to promote Jesus or themselves.
---grace3869 on 11/14/06

Not suprised, sadden but not surprised. Gods people always find the good in things. So it may be a good thing though because in strict Islamic homes/Orthodox/cult type of homes some kids may have been beaten or accidentally killed even by a swat to the temple.If this child is to come to God nothing will stop it not w/hell at the door and the Devil as the waiter serving up all his schemes. Gods light can be seen in the darkest tunnel. So again just keeping praying for souls.
---Jeanne on 11/14/06

Well said Madison 1101. I agree.
---lynet on 11/14/06

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Good for them. They are right to do that because if they used those dolls it would demand their using dolls from any other so called religion and that could have been real harm to children. There is a time and place to promote Christ and a branch of an organization that has to be unbiased isn't the place. They don't have the freedom to choose what they use. Laws govern that.
---Darlene_1 on 11/14/06

A Jesus doll, whether talking or not, is in very bad taste. They are also dangerous and counterproductive.

They teach children to associate the Lord with make-beleive, and when they grow up, they will put away such childish things as believe in Jesus.
---Jack on 11/14/06

This is an issue because?
---RYAN on 11/14/06

It's a shame, but it doesn't surprise me. We are living in a PC World. I'm sure there is a Christian charity out there that will embrace that generous donation, and whoever is donating has probably already connected with one.
---Kate on 11/14/06

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