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What Is A Open Door Church

Does anyone know what an "Open Door" church is? I don't think its really a denomination, but there are many scattered in the states that are connected in some way.

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 ---NV_Barbara on 11/16/06
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Everyone's favorite copycat Salem Kirban was a member of something called Church of the Open Door.

While there may be a denomination or quasi-denomination named this, I think it's more likely just a favorite name of independent churches.
---Jack on 2/12/08

I think I still have the book by the founder - in Maine, I believe. Will get back to you. Hoping to find a congregation in Venice, FL
---Sarah on 4/16/07

One of my old friends use to visit a church called The Open Door, which might be one you're talking about. I can't recall what she said they taught, but I remember her saying that they were very aggressive when it came to witnessing and had no qualms about breaking the law to do so. As a matter of fact I think she said the police shut the OD church in her town down.
---augua9846 on 11/20/06

While I have never been to any "Open Door" church, I believe their main focus is to avoid "denominational" distinctions, which, in itself is not a problem. J. Vernon McGee(?) was a pastor of a church called the Church of the Open Door in Los Angeles many years ago, and he was a good teacher of the scriptures. He can still be heard on radio today on Through the Bible, which can be found on any BBN station.
---tommy3007 on 11/19/06

I haven't seen any here in the panhandle but the concept seems wonderful. There are so many churches preaching "us 4 no more" now days. If you get a ph.number give 'em a call and let us know...
---mikefl on 11/18/06

Many people downgrade or make fun of "church hoppers". However I'm very proud of having been a "church hopper" because it was during the church hopping that I came to understand what the different churches believe and teach.
---mima on 11/17/06

i assume an open door church would be just that, a church with an open door policy. i don't see a problem with that.
---tony on 11/17/06

The Welcome sign might be a beacon for church hoppers and newcomers. I do know some Christians go in and out churches like there's a swinging door.
---R.A. on 11/16/06

I checked it out online and found there to be a number of OPen Door Churches of all kinds. Some are Baptist and some Community and some just Open Door Churches. From what I gathered it's just a name. I didn't check out their doctrines. None of them have their door open all the time.LOL. There are quite a few in Pitsburg. You can find more info by searching for open door church at Yahoo or Google.
---john on 11/16/06

Not sure what you are talking about - there is an organisation called Open Doors, which was founded around taking Bibles into closed countries during the Cold War ...
---laure5759 on 11/16/06

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