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Hindu Dating A Christian Girl

I am a Hindu dating a Christian girl for the past five years. All of a sudden she wakes up and says this isn't right. I am very hurt now. What am I suppose to do?

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 ---Naveen_Ravinder on 11/16/06
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(Amos 3:3)
---Mrs._Morgan on 12/18/07

Naveen, what would your religion say about being unequally yoked with a Christian? It is painful I know but couldn't you see this coming when you began courtship? Christians can not accept other religions into our fold unless they convert just as yours can not. India is a good base for Judaism it is not a far path to Christianity, go for it (HIM).
---mikefl on 11/18/06

First, forgive her and reveal that there is true love in your heart, that you truly want her to be happy, even if it is with someone else. Find that you cannot? Then Jesus invites you to get to know Him. Read the Bible and you will find a Savior that loves us even when we choose to reject Him. God reveals that which meets the need of our soul--a Savior, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. May He bless and guide you is my prayer. You will never regret knowing Jesus.
---Wayne87 on 11/18/06

Naveen. It is better that this has happened now than if it would happen later when marriage and children are in the picture. Because you and her are spiritually different it was only a matter of time before it showed up with physical separation. If you are willing to embrace Jesus you will have a chance to reconcile with her. I pray all goes well with you.
---john on 11/17/06

We humans do not pick our birthplace.
I wonder how much we really desire to
convert other faiths?

At times like this I always recall the
two halves of "The law and The Prophets";
God and Neighbor. Next I recall the Samaritan
and how much Jesus used them for example.
He even exalted their devotion; even in
light that they were despised by God's people!

---Nana on 11/17/06

no offense but there is a Bible verse that talks about how Christians should not marry outside of their relgion. what fellowship does darkness have with light. it's called being unequally yoked. like when you have two oxen in a yoke and one doth all the pulling.
---tony on 11/17/06

You need to repent and be baptized. That will be the only thing that will save you from a lake of fire (hell).
---Susie on 11/16/06

Mrs. Morgan has given the correct scripture. As to what you can do perhaps you could consider becoming a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ thereby saving your soul regardless of whether or not you save your relationship with the girl.
---mima on 11/16/06

Read John 3:16
---ralph on 11/16/06

She's right, but should have told you that it isn't right 5 years ago. Did you love Jesus in her? Why not become a Christian? Repent, be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins and come to Jesus, you won't regret it. You will love Him, He's wonderful, awesome, and can do wonderful things in you and through you. Come to Christ, don't delay, the time is short, the tribulation is upon us. Do it today.
---Donna9759 on 11/16/06

Well, with all due respect, she has finally come to her senses. The Bible teaches that believers are NOT to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. In fact, it asks the very poignant question, "What fellowship hath the darkness with the light?" If you reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah and she embraces Him as her Lord and Savior, what do you have in common? Almost nothing. Move on, and find another girl to date.
---Crystal on 11/16/06

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