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Benny Hinn A True Healer

Hello. I'd like to hear any opinions on Benny Hinn Please. Is he a true healer with Gods power or a false prophet in the last days?

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 ---Cindy on 11/21/06
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I interviewed a man that had work for security at some of Benny Hinn's meetings. What he saw was miraculous but not by him. There are people that pray for the sick before the meetings. That is where the miracles happen. He was some things that would make you shout and some things that would make you cry. Benny Hinn is not what he appears to be. Merchandising the gift of God for his own gain is wrong. But you can not deny that miracles do happen and there are people with the faith to make them happen. Benny Hinn will answer to God whether right or wrong, the ones who work in the background are the real heroes of faith.
---Bob on 2/18/10

Craig, before you start saying stuff, you need to get you 411 right. BH DOES NOT CHARGE for the healing crusades. They are usually free..
---lala on 12/12/06

Kay, correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't remember anywhere in the bible where Jesus would invite himself in people's homes to heal them, this would happen in public places (so that God can be glorified), unless one would personally invite Jesus in their homes.
---mbasa on 12/12/06

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, judging each other like that in a public web page. where is t he love of God, what if you are wrong about Benny Hinn? Is it worth Hell fire??????????????????????????
---mbasa on 12/12/06

Benny Hinn is not Jesus Christ. He does not say he is the healer. Why would you lay the responsibility for healing the world on a man's shoulders? He's not the Holy Spirit.
He believes that God still heals today.
Everything that's done in secret/dark will be revealed in the Light. If you believe that the healing crusades are false, steer clear. We had one in our city, there was not a charge to get in. He charges for ministry conferences for pastors, etc. for materials.
---Paul on 12/11/06

"If BH is a true healer, why does he only heal people at his conventions. Is it because he can charge them to get in first? Why don,t we hear of him going into hospitals, or or healing out in the streets. Why is only at a convention that you have to pay to get into?"

craige, I agree. If he's a true healer, he should visit childrens hospitals and heal those poor children of cancer and the many other illnesses they have.
---Kay on 12/11/06

If BH is a true healer, why does he only heal people at his conventions. Is it because he can charge them to get in first? Why don,t we hear of him going into hospitals, or or healing out in the streets. Why is only at a convention that you have to pay to get into?
---craige on 12/8/06

God bless guys. One thing I do know is that all of us here commenting on this blog have failed God and saddened his Spirit a multitude of times. There are times where I've broken promises I made to God...
---Sergio on 12/8/06 know in those moments when we go as far as saying something like "no, if [this] happens I swear to God/ God knows I'll do [that]"...things like that you know. And what I do know is how terrible I felt when I failed him and spoke, to be honest, in the flesh. But the what's awesome about our God is that he makes us feel loved after we pray as we feel his presence and forgiveness.
---Sergio on 12/8/06

...No matter what we do or say to insult the name of Jesus sometimes, I know that God forgives us and by his mercy calls us to repentance to use our lives and change our mistakes and faults into blessings. The same way the King david (a man after God's own heart) once killed a man and took his wife, Bethsheba. I mean if he was a preacher nowadays his life would be severely critized; but what people don't know is that after The Lord forgave David, David went back to Bethsheba and slept with her again....
---Sergio on 12/8/06

...The amazing thing: the word says they had a child (Solommon) and the Lord loved the child. The key word there is "the Lord" because to the entire nation Solommon most definitely still looked like a product of Sin, yet to the Lord, he was special... Since David had surrenedered his error to the Lord, God looked beyond it and was able to make out of him a good father and husband regardless of his previous horrible, horrible sins....
---Sergio on 12/8/06

...AND... that's why I believe that yes, we need to test the spirits (like the Word says) but at the same time not condem any preacher or anyone when they fail God, because in God's eyes a preacher whose failed him drastically in the past (Benny Hinn for example), might actually be loved and approved by the Lord...
---Sergio on 12/8/06

...I guess that's why the Bible says touch not my anointed (and who can say he is or not is expect the Lord?... that's why it's so delicate my brothers and sisters). Why don't you and I just do our part and preach the beautiful Gospel and let the Lord correct, forgive, and restore the men and women he created. God bless.
---Sergio on 12/8/06

Benny Hinn is not a Healer, But he is a true servant of god. God uses Pastor Benny Hinn to heal and pray for those who are in needs of prayer. I was blessed in his way of teaching and the father of my friend got a mallaria desease but when i join pastor benny hinn in prayer i lifted up to god to heal the man and restore his body. The prayer warrior join us also in prayer. The man healed by the Lord God Jesus Christ. The man who is almost died bec. of the bacteria in his blood still alive untill now.
---Norma on 12/1/06

Jerry, I am sorry about your wife's friend. I believe in the entirety of the bible and I believe in the healing power of God including miracles; however, not every christian believe that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
---Lala on 11/29/06

"I know a man who said that he would cheerfully and with pleasure kick the head in of anyone who said his mother died because he didn't have enough faith."

If he got any cheer or pleasure out of doing that or even gave in to the temptation of such, I would question where his faith is. His very actions would prove the object of his, not the Lord Jesus Christ.
---Linda6563 on 11/29/06

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That sounds like a really angry man. A man who would beat someone's head in because his faith is in question.
---Joyce on 11/29/06

**My wife had a friend who was like that, when his faith became in question, being a sick and broken man, killed himself.**

I know a man who said that he would cheerfully and with pleasure kick the head in of anyone who said his mother died because he didn't have enough faith.
---Jack on 11/28/06

lala, you have used passages the was for Israel during the time of Christ. With all the sick, hurting and dying, and some of them have greater faith than others, since they are still sick, are you saying their faith is weak? My wife had a friend who was like that, when his faith became in question, being a sick and broken man, killed himself. Be careful that you don't drive others like my wife's friend.
---Jerry on 11/28/06

Alan U.K., I was thinking it would be really easy to look you up with only 56 residents. Do you watch the waves break on the rocks close to your home? That sounds pleasant.
---R.A. on 11/28/06

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Please accept my apology Rev. Herb . I just did (what I should've done in the 1st place) a Google search regarding the 1997 interview & am presently reading the disturbing transcript.


I pray God's revelation into the heart of this matter beyond what appears to be on the surface.

I won't try to rationalize Rev. Graham's comments; but, I believe the answer to all questions are in God's Bible.
---Leon on 11/28/06

Benny Hinn has now bought himself a private Gulfstream Jet so he can take his message all around the world.

Isn't it wonderful? Commercial airlines have stopped running, you know.

Too bad it never occurred to the Apostle Paul to buy his own private ship to go around the Mediterranean.
---Jack on 11/28/06

Your faith is what heals you, not Benny Hinn. Yes, I believe that God has given us the authority to heal (Matthews 10:1). Please read the following on faith and healing: Mark 6:1-12, Luke 6:19, and James 5: 13-16. Do not believe in Benny Hinn,for he is just a man, but believe in God, in the word of God... I hope these scriptures answer your question.. IF Benny Hinn is Fake, it's between him and God.. I hope you are save..
---lala on 11/28/06

Bruce5656: Purported, as you know, means alleged. Rather than allegations, I'm trying to find out from Rev. Herb did Billy Graham actually say (verbatim) what has been alleged. For someone who is so firm about what he believes Rev. Graham has said, Rev. Herb has given no substantially credible data to support the allegations. In fact, I find his explanation to be curiously evasive.
---Leon on 11/28/06

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Herb is not making that statement. He is quoting what it is that Billy Graham is purported to have said.
---Bruce5656 on 11/27/06

These were Grahams words, I found on the web which has a 7 min. clip with it. So what more can I say? It was a recorded interview.
---Rev_Herb on 11/27/06

Benny Hinn is neither, he is a scam artist. He is just like Oral Roberts. Using God's name to make a fast buck. Had a good friend go to 3 different locations Benny Hinn was doing his thing. Some of the same people got healed 3 times at the different places. Why did they need to be healed again? Who did Jesus Christ sucker punch to heal them?
---Jerry on 11/27/06

**I think everybody that loves Christ, or knows Christ, whether they're conscious of it or not, they're members of the Body of Christ.**

How can you "love or know" Christ without being conscious of it?

Could your wife (if you're married) know or love you "unconsiously"?

Please elaborate, Herb.
---Jack on 11/27/06

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I meant 56 Million!
---AlanUK_quent5969 on 11/27/06

Rev. Herb: Just curious. Is your data source by way of a written transcript, a VHS, DVD or audio recording of the Schuller interview? Are you quoting Rev. Graham's comments verbatim (word-for-word)? I'd appreciate a reply. Thanks. :)

MikeM: I agree 100% with your comments regarding Benny Hinn. Wolf!!!
---Leon on 11/27/06

Mima ... Since there are 56 residents in the UK, that should not be difficult.
Do you persist in your statement that Billy Graham tells those who have accepted Christ to return to their Buddhist temples and continue to worship there? Maybe it was the way you phrased what you said that misled me?
---AlanUK_quent5969 on 11/27/06

Part 3
He's calling people out of the world for His name, whether they come from the Muslim world, or the Buddhist world, or the Christian world or the non-believing world, they are members of the Body of Christ because they've been called by God. They may not even know the name of Jesus but they know in their hearts that they need something that they don't have, and they turn to the only light that they have, and I think that they are saved, and that they're going to be with us in heaven.
---Rev_Herb on 11/26/06

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Part 2
I think everybody that loves Christ, or knows Christ, whether they're conscious of it or not, they're members of the Body of Christ. And I don't think that we're going to see a great sweeping revival, that will turn the whole world to Christ at any time. I think James answered that, the Apostle James in the first council in Jerusalem, when he said that God's purpose for this age is to call out a people for His name.

And that's what God is doing today,
---Rev_Herb on 11/26/06

Part 1

SCHULLER: Tell me, what do you think is the future of Christianity?

GRAHAM: Well, Christianity and being a true believer--you know, I think there's the Body of Christ. This comes from all the Christian groups around the world, outside the Christian groups.
---Rev_Herb on 11/26/06

"Billy Graham's Apostasy", cont'd: Answering the age-old subtly loaded question Rev. Graham said, "Those are decisions only the Lord will make. It would be foolish for me to speculate on who will be there [in heaven]...I don't want to speculate about that."

After "60 years" of uncompromisingly preaching & taking a stand on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, why should/would Rev. Graham have to speculate ? I believe his stand on scripture is clear!
---Leon on 11/26/06

"...Graham's Apostasy", cont'd 2: Because Rev. Graham wouldn't speculate (theorize, give an "opinion" -- which unfortunately is what a great many people, saved & unsaved, are really interested in) he was labeled an apostate. Incredible! I believe he's still the same man of God he's always been. He's just much older, he's sick & very tired, & not given to foolish speculations. Nonetheless, the devil relentlessly attacks the man of God; but, to no avail!!!
---Leon on 11/26/06

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Rev. Herb: You know the saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." In actuality, all one can do is hope to make the horse thirsty; but, he must then choose for himself whether or not to drink. Life in Jesus Christ is all about us individually choosing to drink His living water, isn't it? :)

For over six decades, Rev. Graham has humbly led millions of horses (figuratively speaking) to Jesus' living water. How many have really drank? Only God knows!!!
---Leon on 11/26/06

Mima, regarding your 11/25/06 comments: First, what do you mean when you say, "they are told to answer to the altar call...? After Rev. Graham has given the altar call, is it not appropriate for the Evangelistical Association ministers (counselors) to immediately come forward to serve & meet the needs of all who come down to the altar hopefully to receive salvation in Jesus Christ? Also, how do you know what their counseling consists of?
---Leon on 11/26/06

Through not his religion I may not agree with Billly Graham is a good man and in my opinion a great American, and the country is better for him. He is not a kook or does he have a history of scandels, like some others.

This blog is about BH, a 100% scam artist, the REALITY of that fact some are in denial of, people shield themselves from the truth, yet Hinns whacky statements themselves condemn him, false prophacies, made up theology, etc. etc. etc. P.T Baurum was right.
---MikeM on 11/26/06

To Alan; if I ever travel again to the UK I will try to remember not to come by your house. You called me a liar(and I do understand that I am a liar, however I'm not lying about this particular matter or about Billy Graham. I was asked to become one of the counselors I attended the meeting and refused to become one, when told how they would operate. Nevertheless I still think I should avoid visiting with you.
It is my prayer that God open your eyes.
---mima on 11/26/06

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In my "opinion" Rev. Graham is as far removed from Benny Hinn as light is from darkness. Furthermore, Rev. Graham DID NOT say, "all religions are going to heaven..." Please read the WorldNetDaily (Aug. 10, '06) opinion piece, "Billy Graham's Apostasy", written by political columnist Tom Flannery.

Flannery said the Newsweek managing editor asked Rev. Graham whether persons in religions that reject Christ as savior...will be saved.
---Leon on 11/26/06

We were talking about Benny Hinn, and Billy Garham came up. I know that if a Catholic comes to one of his meeting and goes away a better Catholic instead of getting saved, some is wrong somewhere. Billy Graham has said that all religions are going to heaven, even people who don't know they are saved are going.
---Rev_Herb on 11/26/06

He does go into the hospitals,mostly childrens did so in Florida and I believe in Memphis and when abroad. He does pray for them again it is not him, God works thru us but God heals, he goes many places in secret just in and out for that reason not to draw attention at certain times like that.
---Jeanne on 11/26/06

I know there are many healings in the U.S. I have personally seen them. It's just that these evangelists seem to always be telling about something fantastic that happened overseas where there were no videos being filmed at that moment. Sounds fishy to me. Benny Hinn isn't and never will be a healer. Jesus Christ is our healer and he doesn't have to blow on anyone to heal them.
---Susie on 11/25/06

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Cindy: Rather than anyone's opinions read Acts 8:9-21.
---Leon on 11/25/06

No man is a healer, Ron. BH doesn't lay claim to being a healer. Jesus Christ is the healer.
I find it interesting that everyone zeros in on BH, while the other 400 TV preachers conduct fundraising programs. At least he's out there in the world having a crusade.
---Cindy on 11/26/06

If he were a true healer, why doesn't he go into a childrens hospital where they are dying of cancer?
---Ron on 11/25/06

Both my parents were saved thru Billy Grahams ministry my mom a Jew my dad a Mennonite they were sent to the local body and given a list. I then years later worked 2 of his crusades and never heard Primming the pump. It was many people all colors, faith, languages praying and coming together to change their city thru revival. Plain and simple.
---Jeanne on 11/25/06

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Mima ... From my own expereince I know you tell lies about Billy Graham
---AlanUK_quent5969 on 11/25/06

Jolly, many people do get healed in his meetings in USA, but so much fewer than in foreign countries and sometimes I hear him say things that imply he would rather minister abroad alone (which I don't actually support). The truth is that we will always have the pharisees to condemn the servants of God. By the way, what country are you writing from?
---Okebaram on 11/25/06

U should not make fun if U agree w/him then agree if you dont then do not but either way he is a soul so pray for him.It doesnt matter if "he" changes what matters is "we" change when we begin to pray for others.
---Jeanne on 11/25/06

** Honestly, I have seen Benny Hinn, and believe God is with him;he is a man of God, Benny Hinn is from USA, a prophesy is not respected in their country,just like Jesus himself,was not respected while he was in Galillee, so do not be suprised if you dont see people healed there. **

I hope that Mr. Hinn should not be pleased to see the implication that he is on the level of Jesus Christ.
---Jack on 11/25/06

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You can say you're a Christian. You can be a woman, pretend you're a man. You can present yourself as having the "Victory", when the slightest setback throws you into a "needy" tailspin. You can be the neighborhood perv, or so depressed you wonder why God put you here on earth. You could be famous, or a deceiver with no education. You could be totally alone, and we're the only friends you've ever had in your life. You could be smoke and mirrors, with only a few days left to live.
---Raine on 11/25/06

We all have people that we like and defend. There are people here that you probably would not want to meet in real life. You can't stand them. There are some you would like to pat on the back or squeeze tightly. Tell them that God sees them crying in the night, unable to sleep. Tell them you're praying that God provides them a car and good food to eat.

To the great pretender, what if God said to you today, who are you, I don't know you, I thought you were Benny.
---Raine on 11/25/06

I am not going to argue or give point by point that doesnt matter but I personally know the man and did for years. He loves God very much. Does he fail? I am sure he is human- and yes I know there is a different "set of rules" so to speak for those in the public eye/or in ministry. But what I saw day in day out for years was a man that loved Jesus even when "no one" he thought was watching. So whether I agree or not I leave him in Gods hands.
---Jeanne on 11/25/06

Oh Mike I am sure there have been fake tent meetings and the like. But there have been many "real" I have know people healed by God in similar meetings. I also think a lot happen abroad as 1 mentioned because they do not have a doc/clinic/ or can buy an aspirin etc. on every corner they come from a pure heart seeking help. John is right too it is never the person but God who heals.
---Jeanne on 11/25/06

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This "priming the pump" is practiced by the Billy Graham evangelistic Association. They are called counselors, they are told to answer to the altar call given by Mr. Graham. Once onstage they turn around and offer counseling to the others who come. They're counseling consist of directing you to whatever your church affiliation is, for example you could be a Buddhist, Baptist, Catholic, Jehovah witness and still be counseled to go to representatives of that organization.
---mima on 11/25/06

I declare from my uttermost parts I am anointed from on high! 'Do not touch mine anointed' thats what the scripture means and that means me! what is most anointed is my hair, anointed with 90 weight oil! I need money for my fancy cars, suits and cars. Send that money and be saved!
---BennyHinn on 11/25/06

My grandfather told me how as a teen when tent revivals came to town (Nebraska) that they would pay get several youths to come to their meetings, pay them a buck to come to the alter, cry and be saved. (its called priming the pump) When others came up to get saved the teens were not needed anymore, but the traveling clergy still had to pay them a buck a night so they would not heckle.

Mr. Hinn has been caught 'priming the pump.' Its all online.
---MikeM on 11/25/06

Honestly, I have seen Benny Hinn, and believe God is with him;he is a man of God, Benny Hinn is from USA, a prophesy is not respected in their country,just like Jesus himself,was not respected while he was in Galillee, so do not be suprised if you dont see people healed there. America islucky; you have a lot of anointed pastors, whereby only got opportunity to see them as from last year on TV. Its just as if you are use to them and use to the word of God in such away that you do not see the importance.
---Jolly on 11/25/06

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I always find it interesting that the most fantastic healings like new limbs grown, etc., always happens in faraway places. It seems like everytime I meet an evangelist who has seen these types of healings, it is always in another country other than U.S. It makes me wonder if these stories are true or just someone trying to build themselves up.
---Susie on 11/24/06

As Christians we are to reveal false prophets so the new Christians don't fall into their traps.

In the beginning, Mr. Hinn was a man of God, but something replaced God - money. Jesus never charged for healing the people or the miracles he performed. He prophesied in truth. Hinn, on the other hand, made false claims that Jesus was coming to his conference last year in Africa. Did it happen? No. It's written that if someones says that Christ is in the desert, don't believe him.
---Steveng on 11/24/06

Amputees? Yes, he prays for them. Do you? Blind seeing, deaf hearing, cancers and hearts healed, lame walk, prisoners are set free and Jesus gets the glory. Some of you remind me of the pharisees with your unbelief. Jesus himself said we will do greater things. Sure, Benny isn't perfect. I think it's dumb that he sells all that stuff. But don't you get a little excited when you see a million salvation cards filled out in India at a 3 day crusade were no offerings were taken?
---john on 11/24/06

Benny Hinn has always said he is not a healer. Jesus is the healer. I hear him say this over and over again. "Don't believe in me" believe in Jesus". He's just doing what we are all told to do. Go and preach the Gospel, make disciples, baptize. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, etc. Are you who criticize Benny doing that?
---john on 11/24/06

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There are two or three Cindy's, we all share the same page. Oh well.
---Cindy on 11/24/06

**I declair with all my rightness and my holy name I am a special servant!**

And if we don't believe you, all we have to do is just ask, and you'll tell us so and remove all our doubts, right, Benny?

BTW, have you ever prayed for an amputee who has grown a new limb?
---Jack on 11/24/06

Thanks for that site. I always wondered cause the he advertises tapes etc for such a hight cost. If he is truly working for God, he would hate money as much as God does. I wonder if his dwelling is as big as the Popes? Yes it is strange i never seen anyone go up there blind and come out seeing again. But the Bible does say the satan will come as an angel of light and decieve many.
---Cindy on 11/24/06

Not Benny Again! I note most everyone here knowsd he is fake. I note on the web its the fundamentalist themselves, not the secular people who are most voceriferious in their attacks on him. Just look him up on the web. Any clear thinking person can see he is fake. To be honest, his appeal is to the very, very, uneducated in America and elsewhere.
---MikeM on 11/23/06

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I, Benny Hinn do not take lightly these attacks on my good servive to the Almighty! I am anointed from on high! You can look at my hair and see it is anointed with holy oil, lots of oil! I declair with all my rightness and my holy name I am a special servant!
---BennyHInn on 11/23/06

if he is a true healer let him heal someone who has a physical diformity. like the people who Jesus healed. let him give sight to the blind, make crippled people walk and cure people of cancer and seizures. not just cured people with problems that you can't see. let him heal for free like Jesus did.
---tony on 11/23/06

Donna9759, God bless you!
Another Cindy, God bless you too!
Lisa_Dobbs, why do you falsely accuse the Holy Spirit of things He did not do?
---Okebaram on 11/22/06

Thankyou Lisa Dobbs. I somehow agree with you and would like to go in to further discussion on this.
Thankyou to every one else, who are each equally right that we should not judge, but the bible also says you will know them by their fruits, but i think there is something more to Benny Hinn than the good things he does. I dont wish to be judgemental, just careful in who i trust.
---Cindy on 11/22/06

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Benny Hinn is a false prophet who is getting rich off the gullible.
---Susie on 11/21/06

As has been stated numerous times before. Look up Benny Hinn Ministries on Ministry Watch. There is a three page donor alert there for major financial improprieties associated with the operation of his ministries. He is operating a scam ministry with a lot of relatives on the payroll at very exorbitant salaries and perks.
---notlaw99 on 11/21/06

God can use anyone He wants to heal people. It's God's power flowing through someone, but it's God all the time that does the healing. I don't know what Benny is and I'm not going to stand in place of judgement regarding him. I did that once when I was a baby Christian in 1983 and God rebuked me for it. I repented QUICKLY!!!! God Bless!
---Donna9759 on 11/21/06

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