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Taped Evangelism

A person who can not muster up the courage to openly verbal witness to others suggested that I prepared a tape for him and that he will play this tape for others and get their reaction to it. What do you think of this different idea?

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 ---mima on 11/27/06
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Sounds like he needs the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. That puts boldness into people. Playing a taped message isn't a sin and it's a valuable way of spreading the word. Maybe he needs to hang out with you for a while to see how easy it really is. Maybe you can encourage him if you laid hands on him to impart a spiritual gift and a blessing.
---john on 3/22/08

Go for it. God uses the written word on the Internet and His Word that comes in a variety of media to bring people to Himself.
Saturate this with prayer and watch God work.
---maria5484 on 1/8/07

"I am shy, and can only express to people fully through writting."-Leslie

Same here.
---Kay on 1/7/07

I am shy, and can only express to people fully through writting. God gave me this gift of writting. The Holy Spirit gave me the idea to minister the Gospel to people using written letters. This has made a tramendous impact on how I witness to people. If God has given you video to witness, then more power to you. I pray that you get good seeds of 100 fold.
---Leslie on 1/7/07

When I was knew in the Lord I wanted very much to witness to people bout His goodness but I couldnt memorize scriptures and the best way to witness is how the Lord has change my/your life.Then as you go along read about the life of Jesus. First 4 chapters of the bible Matt, Mark, Luke and John. start from there. JOHN 3:16; why Jesus has to be born, etc..john 1:12; John 3:5;
---ana8864 on 12/15/06

Jack, so funny.
---Shiela on 12/15/06

Boldness comes from intimacy with Jesus. There were two disciples who spoke with such great boldness that the people perceived they had been with Jesus.
---Linda6563 on 12/15/06

I like Johns answer. The babtism of the Holy Spirit is definatly needed. A recording is definatly different but wherever the name of Christ is lifted up, the potential is there for the Holy Spirit to prick at someones heart
---craige on 12/15/06

If someone isn't interested in hearing a sermon delivered live, he will probably have LESS interest in hearing a canned one.
---Jack on 12/9/06

Tell him that you will teach him how to witness to someone. If someone walked up to me with a tape recorder and played a tape, my first reaction would be, "Why don't you just tell me about Jesus." Could you see if John or Peter or Andrew walked up to the woman at the well and started playing a tape with Jesus saying things on it? I doubt she'd listen. I don't believe that's an effective way to witness at all.
---Donna9759 on 11/27/06

1 Corinthians 9:22, "To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some."
---Bruce5656 on 11/27/06

Straight up? Mima, you asked. I think you're treading in prideful waters. Be careful. You've revealed much about yourself, more than we need to know. But pride and position are two powerful tools of the enemy. Pride comes before the fall. I hear too much "Mima", and not enough Jesus Christ in your recent exploits for God.
---Shiela on 11/27/06

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