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George Bush's Legacy

What do you think George Bush's legacy will be?

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 ---mima on 11/27/06
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George Bush has caused a lot of deaths of folks who shouldn't have died starting with the Texas gas chamber.
---John1944 on 10/23/07

GWB has two years to clean up the mess he has made of his office.

Let's give him that chance before your question is answered.
---Jack on 10/23/07

Elder ... the comments I am making reflect the admissions by Bush & Blair about the way the war and the victory were prosecuted.
They acknowledge that huge mistakes were made ... which should not have been made, after what we had previously learnt.
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/22/06

Elder ... An eminent member of the British governmewnt has stated that the Cabinet that started the invasion KNEW that there were no WMDs with the capacity that was calimed as being a justification for the war. That means lies were told ... mind you so many lies have been told about so many issues by the present governing UK party, that it no longer surprises me.
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/22/06

They have a religion called the Bushmen. They deal in transformation and beast fables. An encyclopedia or Google will tell you a little bit
---Tonne on 12/21/06

Cond #2
I will tell you this I do have some access to some activities that you don't and I still don't know everything. But, I would rather condemn the activities of the enemy, to both of our countries, than to continue to bash our leadership as if I could do any better than what has been done.
Too many think that if we just walk away all of this will stop. That thinking will be proven wrong.
---Elder on 12/16/06

Alan I don't have the access to all the secret and private military papers and documents that you quote from and have access to.
What I know is that Iraq was/is a training ground for Terrorist.
Maybe this is something that will have to be brought to your and many others doorstep to understand.
Cond #2
---Elder on 12/16/06

Elder ... As far as I have seen there is no evidence whatsoever that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11
And the reports I have seen ... produced for the US goverment, and indeed Bush and Blair noth say the same things as I say about the mistakes in which the post war operation was prosecuted.
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/16/06

President Bush's legacy? I'll always remember him as saying the most memorable moment of his life was when he asked Jesus into his heart. He's a very strong man, never backs down. He's kept America safe since 9/11. He was thanked by an American/Iraqi woman for freeing her country. Drive-by media doesn't let us know the good things George Bush has done. Knowing he's a Christian is why I voted for him.
---Nellah on 12/16/06

Alan all was has its flops. War always takes peace so peace can be established.
Peace is not the absentence of terror in your home. It is absentence of the ability of terror to be in your and your neighbors home.
Why does evil prevail? "Because good men fail to do anything."
You would never live in either of these evil countries and say the things you do. You would not have a tongue to do so.
Again, remember, We are going to fight these Terrorist either there or in our own streets.
---Elder on 12/15/06

John T ... Yes the same mistakes as were made by the British not so long ago, and by the Russians in Afganistan within decades.
Doomed to failure?
had we tried the other way (Maarshall Aid, at least we would have tried the proper way, instead of imposing a very selfish kind of Victor's grab.
It has come to light that the British in fact were overuled bythe US in how the country should be governed, and that it is now acknowledged even in the US that theis was a mistake.
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/15/06

Bush is following the EXACT, HISTORICAL mistake the Brits did there. Let's not throw stnes at Bush without casting a few at our allies.

Both try imposing peace on an area that has 1200 years of wars between Islam sects. Its fallacious to believe that like Germany and Japan the Marshall plan can succeed again.

It succeeded in Germany because it has a Chrisatain heritage; it succeeded in Japan due to its unconditional surrender.

Neither exists in Iran. Therefore good intentions fail.
---John_T on 12/14/06

Elder ... I say what I say because the "Allies" have made a total pigs ear of the "Peace".
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/14/06

Alan, how can you say the things you do? Notice I asked you a question. I did not criticize you.
In your example of remembering the WWII countries maybe you should go back and see what was happening before WWII. It was the same things as now.
Do you fight terrorism by waiting for them to come to you or by going where they are?
We do not hear the bickering from the terrorist that we do from ourselves.
The whole problem is we have done too little to late no matter how you feel.
---Elder on 12/12/06

Elder & Jerry ... # 4 Recent statement and report in the US have made it clear that the present situation was caused by the removal and alienation of the very people who could have kept the country under control, and had the US and UK given proper resources to Iraq after victory instead of grabbing all the reconstruction contracts for themselves, we could have kept the people on our side
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

Elder & Jerry ... # 5 Elder it is great news that three cells near you that are deterred by being watched, and it is great that cells in the UK are similarly deterred. But that has nothing to do with the mistakes that were made in Iraq.
How is it that you regard my criticism of the conduct of the Iraq war as being sympathy for the terrorists?
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

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Elder & Jerry ... # 6 There is a parallel in recent UK history. We were attacked both in Ireland and in England by ruthless and indiscriminate IRA terrorists (from Northern Ireland) Would it have been right to mount an overhwelming attack on Eire (the separate Irish contry in the south of the island, because of the action of the terrorists from the north?
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

Elder & Jerry ... # 7 That questions the rightness of the attack on Iraq, since 9/11 did not emanate from Iraq
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

Elder & Jerry ... # 8 But another parallel comes from 60 years ago, when we beat Germany. What happened then? We, (particulary the US, because you still had wealth whereas our longer fight against Hitler had bankrupted the UK) poured resources into Germany to rebuild the country, and existing systems were used to run the country ... and it succeeded and Germany has become a bastion of democracy.
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

Elder & Jerry ... # 9 What happened in East Germany? The Russians seized control, and the local people became puppets ... and what happened? It failed miserably, and eventually the system collapsed when the people at last had the chance to rebel against the Russian inspired communist rule.
We seem not to have learnt from that ... our actions in post war iraq have been so heavy handed, that in a couple of years, we have alienated what was originally a grateful people.<
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

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Elder & Jerry ... # 9 What happened in East Germany? The Russians seized control, and the local people became puppets ... and what happened? It failed miserably, and eventually the system collapsed when the people at last had the chance to rebel against the Russian inspired communist rule.
We seem not to have learnt from that ... our actions in post war iraq have been so heavy handed, that in a couple of years, we have alienated what was originally a grateful people.<
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

Elder & Jerry ... # 10 Now Elder ... you say you have the 3 cells near you, which are kept quiet because they are under survielance ... tell me, what on earth does the war in Iraq, or my comments about the mistakes which have been made, even my queries as to whether the war was justified, have to do with that fact?
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

Elder & Jerry ... # 1 I am sorry not to have replied before... I have only just seen your posts.
The fact is that the war in Iraq has not stopped the terrorist attacks in the UK ... in fact the major attack which occurred is probably because of the war. And the anger of Muslims here has escalated because of the war.
I was just stating the fact.
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

Elder & Jerry ... # 2 I do not see that as "terrorist appeasing", because it seem pretty certain now that Iraq was not the force behind 9/11.
I do not want to appease the terrorists, they should be fought as much as possible, but it is the terrorists that should be fought, not peoples and nations who have nothing to do with the terrorism
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

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Elder & Jerry ... # 3 I am not condemning the war against iraq. Saddam Hussein was evil, and deserved to be removed (whether the West was the right agancy to do that is another matter) But the prosecution of the war was very faulty, and wrong decisions were tasken immediately after victory, which has left an ungovernable country, in which the UK and US are embroilrd in an unwinnable situation.
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/12/06

Steveng: hi; I don't know if you'll still see this by now lol; I just wish we had a president that put America first! Especially OUR veterans, OUR soldiers, OUR elderly and handicapped--and not put his nose in the middle of another country's affairs
---Mary on 12/11/06

Thank you Pharisee, let's let common sense prevail. Love you bro.
---NV_Barbara on 12/2/06

"A good part of the world HATES him like crazy."

This is true of the attitudes of many about Bush as well as other politicians...problem is, haterd is nothing but destructive, and is blinding. Remember the plank in our eye???
---Christina on 12/1/06

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Alan how can you make your statement? What do you know that those of us who work closely with our State Governments in the USA don't know?
I know for a fact that there are three cells within 2 hours driving distance from where I live. They know they are being watched closely.
---Elder on 12/1/06

Alan: Are you sure you are from the UK. Your terrorist appeasing stance sounds more like the French.
---jerry6593 on 12/1/06

When we look back on all this terorist stuff, it actually started back in the 80's and no one else would deal with it. I believe Bush has been doing exactly what he was supposed to do. He has also stood firm in his profession of faith against all the odds. I believe he has been quite brave and undeterred in what he felt ws right. How many others were as firm in their stance.
---Terri on 11/30/06

Mary: we had same problems and the money before we went to war and nothing was being done. So why would now be any different?
---Steveng on 11/30/06

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Bottom line we are "there" now how do we get's like gum on your shoe the more you work with to remove it the more sticky it becomes.
---Jeanne on 11/30/06

Canada,India, Australia and New Zealand free without war. God can provide freedom without War, and he did with the Gospel. Christians didn't need war to control the Roman Empire. If we think War is the only answer then we are not much better than the terrorists. I love my country I love the Freedom we have,but freedom did not come from war it came from God, working in the hearts of man to make a better world. We would be free even if the Revolutionary war didn't take place. Humans are just impatient.
---Jared on 11/29/06

steveng: hi; do make a good point there :) I do have to admit that lol! But look how much $$$$$ is being spent for us to be involved in another country's civil war! That's $ that could be used to fix OUR country's problems, and take far better care of our veterans who deserve sooo much better than they get. God bless :)
---Mary on 11/29/06

Gene ... the terrorists were never in Iraq.
The war in Iraq has not stopped a single terrorist attack on the USA or on the UK, or elsewhere.
---AlanUK_quent5969 on 11/29/06

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if george bush had not been brave enough and took the initiavte to go to iraq and stop the terroists we would not be here right now we owe a lot to him for his courage no other one would do that when
osama bin laden blew up the navy ship we did nothing i think that it was god intervening to save us from destruction
---gene5435 on 11/29/06

Mary: What is the purpose of the president? The governors of states and the mayors of each city. Are they not responsible for what is happening to America? What about the people themselves? Must we put the blame only on Bush? Why? Because people want someone to blame besides themselves. I'm not for or against Bush, I just pray that he does well and allow the Lord to control events through him.
---Steveng on 11/28/06

We cannot isolate ourselves from the world. Whether you like it or not, we depend on products made from other countries. Oil for instance. President Bush, or any president for that matter, must try to make peace with other countries. If not, our gas will be ten dollars a gallon. Our medical supplies would literally cost an arm and a leg. We wouldn't have computers in every home or anything else that is made of plastic which is made from oil.
---Steveng on 11/28/06

We, as Americans, depend on oil more than you think. Maybe a little too much. But Bush is trying hard to protect our interests. We have governors and mayors who are trying to cut crime, violence, and gang violence. We are fighting against people who celebrate death. Who dont care for anyone else but themselves. Could you do better as the president, as a governor, as a mayor? I believe these war protesters should do something about the wars going on inside our cities and let the president do his job.
---Steveng on 11/28/06

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And one more point, The wars that we have in our cities are killing more people each year than the entire Iraq war.
---Steveng on 11/28/06

I'm afraid I'm one of the "Bush-bashers" myself, although I try not to be too rude about it. I wish he paid attention to the problems in OUR country, instead of invading Iraq and getting the whole world hating us while our country falls apart at the seams!
---Mary on 11/28/06

What will your (our) legacy (effect, impact on the nation/upon the world) be Mima? God's will be done in all things whether or not man is a proactive (supportive) or just a reactive (passive) part of it.

Amen RJ!
---Leon on 11/28/06

Well said Pharisee. Bless you brother.
---Debbie on 11/28/06

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I don't know what GWB's legacy will be. All I do is pray for the man, according to scriptures, for God's wisdom, discernment and protection during these challenging times.
---RJ on 11/27/06

let's not forget the perscription drug plan...I'm glad to pay that too.
---Jared on 11/27/06

Nan: Senseless war? Would you consider the Revolutionary War senseless? The Civil Rights war? World War Two? War is terrible. Killing is terrible. Throughout all of history countries needed war to free themselves from tyanny. America wouldn't be who we are without that war. The Israelites/Jews wouldn't be here without war. Christians would be here without war. And the last war to be faught will be between good and evil. Unfortunately, it's man's destiny here on earth.
---Steveng on 11/27/06

A good part of the world HATES him like crazy. The war in Iraq isnt helping matters either. I think he staked his entire legacy on a war he was certain would be easily won. But if I were him, I wouldnt worry what the world thought of me. I can assure you some of the loudest Bush Bashers are merely jelousy hypocrites themselves. Bottom line, positive or negative legacy, its his 'legacy' with God that will matter in the end.
---pkay on 11/27/06

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I agree with Jack, history will judge what he did, his cabinet, the congress/senate. Right now it looks like a mess but in 2 years perhaps things will turn about.
---Jeanne on 11/27/06

His legacy is that of the man who unknowingly triggered God's plan for the anti-Christ to raise up under a single religious banner.

One that says "peace peace" and shows a very different agenda of global domination when no one is looking.
---Pharisee on 11/27/06

I agree with Nan. No one will remember that after 9/11, he did protect the country from further terrorist attacks. I know he has 2 more years, but he did a great job in protecting us from further terrorist attacks so far here in the US, right?
---Donna9759 on 11/27/06

The senseless war in Iraq that is costing taxpayers billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost.
---Nan on 11/27/06

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