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He Is Black And I Am Mexican

My boyfriend is black and I am Mexican and now I am pregnant. I am scared because my father told me that he would never speak to me if I married a black person. What should I do?

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 ---Lupe on 11/27/06
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Lupe: You are not afraid. If you were you would not have done what you did. Are you dependent on your dad for support?Or anything? What does he have against other races? I hope he knows he cannot go to heaven with that type thinking. You were sleeping around with this man. You should have married first. People are people. Color does not matter. What is your feelings about the man and the baby? Is the man willing to marry you? Only you can correct this problem. With the help of the Lord. When we go against God's teachings, we usually, suffer. My prayers are with you.
---Robyn on 7/1/10

Trav of course she can close the door after the horse has already bolted, and there are other ways of saying yep your a racist dad and the bible states the wall of partition has been broken down.... ---Carla on 4/19/10

The wall of partition was between the divorced nations of Israel and Judah. This is why the New Covenant reads in Heb 8:8....the House of Israel "and" Judah....
---Trav on 5/6/10

Trav. RE: your 4/13 post. First of all I do not presume or assume the ability to teach anyone anything that is spiritually based. That is the responsibility of The Father's Spirit set apart for that purpose.
The way I understand "Balaam's error," It was his tendency to instruct with the motive of monetary reward, thus causing the children of Israel to sacrifice to an image, and to practice idolatry.
Perhaps I have misunderstood this, If so please explain what his error had to do with marrying someone of a different skin tone or nationality. Read Num. 31:18 and you will notice that the Israelites kept for themselves the virgin women children of Midian.
P.s. Thanks for at least using the word "unaware":o)
---Josef on 5/5/10

"Maddison 1101 She said her boyfriend was black not he's black and ain't got no job!"
Carla on 4/9/10
Carla take a look at the date on this blog. The child is almost old enough to get a job himself. Plus, Madison never said anything about the black father not having a job.
Her question was valid. If the lady could support herself and the baby it would give her leverage in her delima.
We don't even know if this is a real question or not.
---Elder on 4/19/10


the bloke I fancied was so heavily into botox and sun tanned lotion I though it was him until he had a shower LOL
---Carla on 4/19/10

Trav of course she can close the door after the horse has already bolted, and there are other ways of saying yep your a racist dad and the bible states the wall of partition has been broken down.... not just been built up, I am having your grandchild whether you like it or not I'ts black. not that it matters now, Doh!!! since fornication was the first thing you should have warned me against not the colour of a persons skin!

Skin colour is only skin deep and loads of americans are somewhat tanned!
---Carla on 4/19/10

---catherine on 4/13/10

Genesis 28:8
And Esau seeing that the daughters of Canaan pleased not Isaac his father,
Yeah, he did it anyway. Good advice cathy. Not. When you love em you chastise them from wrong.
Exodus 20:12
Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.
Leviticus 20:9
For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother, his blood shall be upon him.
---Trav on 4/19/10

YOUR FATHER SHOULD BUTT OUT! When are parents gonna start lovinmg their children? Isn't this world messy enough? Love your children, no matter. Love them. Defend them when they are right, correct when they are wrong. Ofcourse, this takes JESUS. Who has Him today? Come on, raise your hands.
---catherine on 4/13/10

Lawrence, the term "race" is an outdated concept, we are all Human.
The only distinctions between us are superficial. Skin color, nationality, culture, religion, personality and mindset.
---Josef on 4/11/10

The distinctions are enough that GOD warned against it. Noah was spared because the was perfect in his generations. Noah is mentioned in the N.T.
Israel was chosen as a a racial lineage of and warned to stay separate as Lawrence noted. Who beget, who beget who would not be noted otherwise. Balaam,sought what Josef (unaware)promotes a loss of blessing by intermingling.
Balaam's error is mentioned in the New Testament.
---Trav on 4/13/10


Did the Cuckoo bird come with papers?
---Lawrence on 4/13/10

Well, there are white, gray and black mice and the same can be said for rabbits. When I was young, I tought that animals had more sense than people until I found better. For example the Cuckoo bird is "Mommy Dearest"!
---Nana on 4/12/10

The salt & peppers (races) mated without instinct & should have. The status-quo which is the majority of the Man-nade relig-org's churches & other do anything you want (not only spiritually but carnal-nature also) it's okay because of the devil being like the pied-piper tickling peoples hearing. There's a way that seems right unto man, (go ahead & frolic) but it will lead to your destruction.
I'm Not of the status-quo & I'm not going to say things to tickle peoples hearing for what they want to hear.
---Lawrence on 4/11/10

Lawrence, the term "race" is an outdated concept, we are all Human. The only distinctions between us are superficial. Skin color, nationality, culture, religion, personality and mindset. The only scripturally valid restriction to the intimacy of marriage, is confined only to one's 'religion'-as concerning whom one worships, as opposed to one's method of worship-although all the aforementioned should be considered.
Lawrence the examples you have given, mouse/rabbits, doves/crows etc. are non sequiturs'. Animals mate based on programed instincts alone, for the sole purpose of reproducing and has nothing to do with mental discernment, realization, or recognition. What is a pure Jewish race? Judah's children did not marry one another.
---Josef on 4/11/10

Thank you Mary. Good grief, the suggestion that its a good idea not to marry interracially is fleshly not holy and probably a hidden facade for hate and prejudice.
Its not a good idea to marry or even date anyone if its not in God's will.
Plenty of people the same race get divorced which God hates.
Again, the only biblical reference to interracial marriage in scripture is Numbers 12 starting with verse 1.
---larry on 4/10/10

Maddison 1101

She said her boyfriend was black not he's black and ain't got no job!
---Carla on 4/9/10

Are you married or just pregnant from fooling around? The principle concern here is over where you stand with God and his will, not your earthly father's.
Your dad will have to decided between his ideology and the relationship with his daughter.
Satan is at work here so this will not be resolved without great pain.
If you are already married and the marriage is within the God's will then look to him and not your earthly surroudings.
The only bible reference to an interacial marriage is Number 12. HOpe that helps and I will be praying for you.
---lalrry on 4/9/10

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Even when it was time for the all the animals to go into Noah's Ark, they went as matched pairs, he & she lions, he & she zebra's, camels, tigers, even the birds etc. I've not seen a robin with a blue-jay, or a cardinal with a finch, a mouse with a rabbit. It seems like these animals have More sense than some humans.
Sure, if it was to keep the Jewish race pure not to marry a pagan, then it makes sense Not to marry into other races.
---Lawrence on 4/9/10

Lawrence, that was because God wanted the Israelites to stay faithful to Him and the other countries were pagan, not because a crow isn't good enough for a dove lol
---Mary on 4/9/10

God spoke against mixed marriages, He forbade
the Israelites to marry the pagan peoples. Deu.
7 v's 1-4.
---Lawrence on 4/9/10

Lupe: Since you asked this question in 2006, I am interested to know what you finally did. If you are out there please let us know how you are doing, how the baby is and weather or not you married the father. Whatever the state, I pray you are all well and know the Lord:).
---jody on 4/8/10

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Shame on you Lawrence :(
---Mary on 4/8/10

"In the first place you should have known better.
God did Not put an white dove with a black crow together or a swan with a buzzard etc. The devil entices peoples minds to do such." (Lawerence)

Are you saying that Mexicans should only marry other Mexicans? Whites with others whites? Blacks with other blacks? Latinos with other Latinos? Asians with other Asians? What about those who are mixed (ie., half Latino and half black)? Should blacks and whites co-exist in a city? Are you saying we should have Racial Segregation again in the US?

WOW! And just when I thought we had enough racist bigots in this world..........

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 4/8/10

In the first place you should have known better.
God did Not put an white dove with a black crow together or a swan with a buzzard etc. The devil entices peoples minds to do such.
---Lawrence on 4/8/10

Its a little late now to take your father in account he is going to be a grandfather bottom line. Does this man want to marry U? Color is not a factor right now a new life coming in the world that is most important.The rest is already done. My own belief -no color does not matter but U must focus on what is best now for the baby.
---Jeanne on 12/28/07

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Seriously, 'shotgun totin' father's would say, "she [he] was good enough to sleep with, she's [he's] good enough to marry". Made sense for generations! More to relationship's than ones epidermis. The question is one about 'spirituallity' & his abillity to support you & your fathers grandchild. Your father is revealing a racist 'dark' side, especially since many negroes [black] Americans can/do look like your people. Talk to your mother, pastor & G-d most of all [Adam was right in Gen.2:24].
---bob6749_[6749] on 6/6/07

color is not important just keep going in your mind.
---welcomtothehell on 12/21/06

Whover is using the name of Jason here besides me, please add something to your name so people will know the difference in our blogs. Ex: Jason2. I'm sure it is a mistake. God bless.
---jason on 12/9/06

Pray for your father!
---ShawnM.T. on 12/1/06

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Is it about race, Lupe? Or are you afraid to face your father...because he won't be pleased with your behavior...would your father would be glad you're pregnant if your boyfriend was mexican...if Not...than you are using race as an excuse...and it is time to "own up"...rachel...
---Reiter on 11/29/06

Lupe, How old are you and your boyfriend? This is important to help answer your question. Thank you.
---jason on 11/29/06

(II.)Elba's kin were Catholic's, ours Christian. It depends on each family, some soften later, others don't. I just hope that you two are "saved", and if you are, you should consider marriage, It's not good to just "live together". Race shouldn't divide people, that's just plain wrong. I want to add a little joke, some of Elba's kin thought that some of my family were Spanish too, one even talked in "Spanish" to my brother! We are ALL humanity! God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/28/06

Your father will cool off. He was trying to get his way because he has a very unGodly opinion of people who God has created in His own image. Go and make things right with your boy friend and ask your fathers forgiveness and blessing. He will melt with love when he sees his grandchild and you and the dad happily married.
---john on 11/28/06

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(I.)Lupe, I come from a multi-ethnic "Black family". My cousin Jerry married a Spanish woman named Elba, this was in the eighties. I don't recall any problems. Sadly Elba passed away about 5 years after their marriage. Both Black and Spanish family members came together ONLY at her funeral(I never met Elba's kin before then).
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/28/06

Just keep on going. Let him know you love him and he's more than welcome to part of your new family. Have a gut feeling that once he's a grandfather, things will get better. Just make sure you keep the door open so he feels welcome to be part of your family. That will put the 'ball' in his court, and what he does you can't control except to pray for him.
---wivv on 11/27/06

Too late, you already did it!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 11/27/06

Repent of sexual sin, and confess to your father that you are pregnant. How old are you? Do you have a job that would allow you to support yourself? Where do you live?
---Madison1101 on 11/27/06

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For some reason, I really don't believe you. Why is that. So if you're pulling our leg or whatever...I believe your father knows what you've been up to long before this. How old are you, 16, 17, 18? A few more details would be helpful.
---Tim on 11/27/06

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