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What Is The Gift Of Faith

What is the Gift of Faith? Do all Christians have that gift?

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 ---David on 11/28/06
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Miracles don't prove faith for many people, but they are a reminder that the world isn't always what we expect it to be.
---Emily on 5/26/08

Miracles are fascinating because it introduces the unknown and the unexpected to a society that is desperate to keep the material borders intact and the spiritual realm at bay.
---Emily on 5/26/08

Religious people want religion to be tidy and organized. Miracles can be too zany and unpredictable for those who want their religion cut and dried.

I like the miraculous because it is authentic.
What good is religion if it doesn't upset our assumptions and make us think again?
---Emily on 5/26/08

Wherever religion is real, it allows for the miraculous.
Miracles don't prove a religion's validity or truth, but they do indicate a transaction between the earthly and heavenly realms.
---Emily on 5/26/08

Miracles are authentic because they attract ordinary people.
I am suspicious of any religion that is the refuge of only the affluent or theologians.
A religion that excludes ordinary people is set of table manners.

I like the God of surprises.
---Emily on 5/26/08

God likes upsetting our preconceived mindsets about the nature of the earthly world.

Miracles are given not to prove religion, but to remind us that the world is not so solid and real and dependable as we think.

It's all much more angelic, with an unspoiled sanctity of heavenly fragrance --and more unexpected.
---Emily on 5/26/08

#1 The gift of faith is given or some specific situation or event. It may be given for healing in a very serious situation. it also can be continuous in the case of a ministry, etc. The gift of faith can hold the enemy at bay for some troubled soul. "It is by the Spirit as He will." Joshua's place of authority and Paul's apostleship are examples of a continuous gift of faith.
George Muller's life work is an example of a continuous gift of faith.
---Debbie_Jo on 5/26/08

#2 Other good examples are Joshua's faith to stop the sun - Josh. 10:12-14, and Paul's raising Eutychus to life at Troas: Acts 20:5-12, but they did not continue stopping the sun and raising the dead.
---Debbie_Jo on 5/26/08

Jesus told some of the D's, (who tried to help a person W/a unclean Spirit & Could'NT)
It's because of your unbelief,
HOWEVER, THIS kind ONLY comes OUT W/Prayer & Fasting...

Let's stick to my Brothers words,
NOT the Imaginations of Men & Women.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/26/08

(II.)David, Many Christian's believe prayer and fasting is required if one seeks any of the 9 Gift's of the Spirit(I Corinthians 12), and God disperses His Gift's to whom He sees fit. God gives special anointings to His people, an endless supply of holy Anointings are available for God's TRUE people, all they have to do is ask. A true child of God can ask for a special anointing of Faith for a specific situation. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 5/26/08

I agree w/ Mrs. Morgan because 1Corinthians 12 shows what the gift of faith is. That gift is 1 of the 9-gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is a ministry gift. Faith itself isn't complicated. We all have faith.(Romans 12:3) Different folks show it more because they meditate on the word & do it.(Romans 10:17) To grow in faith get in the word.
---Rickey on 11/28/06

C'mon over Mima.
The Gift of faith is a heightened overall Kingdom awareness. It has God's heart on speed dial and is accompanied by a hyper-sensitivity to sin. Many people have the Holy Spirit but still endure sin, often not understanding that they do so.

It's not just a gift to have prayers answered, that's a partial understanding. It's the gift that realizes the Kingdom and stands in eternity now.

Pray for spiritual gifts.
---Pharisee on 11/28/06

Romans 1:11 offers a hint to recieving gifts.

"I long to come to you that I may impart some spiritual gift to you..."

Let the naysayers emerge, but HONEST fellowship in the Spirit develops gifts. Many are they that cannot live outside of their own minds and enter the secret place where faith comes alive, but the few who do melt away self and become one with Christ inheriting first the fullness of his mercies, and gaining ground to greater gifts for the service of the body.
---Pharisee on 11/28/06

The gift of faith is when I go out to start my truck that it will start. There would be no need for me to even try if I didn't have the faith it would start. Yet, we put our faith in so many things, but is lacking when it comes to serving God.
---Rev_Herb on 11/28/06

A person having the gift of faith can pray the prayer of faith whereby healing takes place. This gift of faith I do not believe is a "constant" in a person's life. Should you know the person who has this gift as a constant state(always with him or her) please notify me as I will immediately start out to see him or her.
---mima on 11/28/06

FAITH is Beleiving with all of your HEART the WORKS JESUS ACCOMPLISHED FOR US ON THE CROSS.Through this we are given EVERLASTING LIFE by the GRACE OF GOD. JESUS is LORD !!
---JIM on 11/28/06

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(I.)David , God gives EVERY man/woman "enough of a measure" of Faith to find Calvary(Romans 12:3). Christian's can have different measure's of Faith. The Gift of Faith, is one of the nine gifts of the Spirit, and not all Christians have this, It's the kind of Faith that "moves mountains" according to the Word.
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/28/06

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