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Did Jesus Break The Law

What do you think of this statement? "Jesus has indeed broken all of the law, just as every single born-again child also breaks all of the law, because Jesus has given us his New Law"

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 ---Bruce5656 on 11/28/06
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It is a shame the Jews failed 2 remember that it was Christ who commanded these laws. Same goes with many 2day who prefer 2 obey what they want 2 obey. Jesus is the Law n Word John1:1,2. I say this cos the bible says, these commands help us 2 conform 2 His very image by obeying all His 10 Holy commands..and these 10laws guides us in2 righteous living.
---jana on 1/16/07

Shes not blaspheming Jesus did break the law , that's what Grace does is break the law of sin and death, his stripes breaks the curse of the law concerning sickness, He broke the Law of gravity by walking on the water, and when he went up into the sky to meet Moses and Elijah, He broke the Law of death by being resurrected and raising Lazerath, yes he broke the Law with Grace.
---exzucuh on 1/16/07

Kay, when I asked you "Now which Law did Jesus break? Scripture please!"

You responded with John 5:18. Are you siding with the false Jews? Were they right that Jesus broke the Sabbath? NO! Were they right that He was not equal with God? NO!

What do you think of Gina's reply: "And ye know that He was manifested to take away our sins; and IN HIM IS NO SIN"-1 John 3:5?

You make a serious allegation! Don't blaspheme!
---Geoff on 1/16/07

Jesus broke no commandment, he was perfect. If He was not perfect, he could not be the perfect sacrifice, the Lamb without spot or blemish. 1 John 3:5 "And ye know that he was manisfested to take away our sins; and IN HIM IS NO SIN".
---Gina on 12/8/06

Do you think that that was the intent of God's law re keeping the Sabbath day holy? That there be no form of ministry or expression of compassion? After all they were allowed to helping an animal in trouble on the Sabbath: Luke 14:5-6, "And answered them, saying, Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the sabbath day? And they could not answer him again to these things."
---Bruce5656 on 12/7/06

They allowed for this but, due to their hypocrisy, would not tolerate Jesus healing someone.

No He did not break God's law but rather he offended the hypocritical standard of the Jews.
---Bruce5656 on 12/7/06

Bruce, I don't think they were falsely accusing Him of breaking the Sabbath. In the same passage (John 5:18) it says that they wanted to kill Jesus not only for breaking the Sabbath, but also for claiming that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God. So did Jesus really claim that God was His Father or were they looking for an excuse to accuse Him of something?
---Kay on 12/7/06

"He did not 'labor'."

John 5:17-"My Father is working right now, and so am I."

Bruce, do you think Jesus was admitting to working on the Sabbath?
---Kay on 12/7/06

That verse tells us that in the Jews opinion, Jesus broke the law. That is not to say he did. He healed a man on the sabbath. He did not "labor". It was the faulty interpretation of the Sabbath law that was the problem here, not Jesus breaking the real Sabbath Law. Remember, they were looking for any excuse to accuse him of something no matter how ridiculous.
---Bruce5656 on 12/6/06

"Now which Law did Jesus break? Scripture please!"-Geoff

John 5:18
"Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making himself equal with God."
---Kay on 12/6/06

Helen, "he takes away the old and replace with the new" it means: "Jesus took away the old ceremonial things..the sacrificing of animals for our sins...and replacing it with the new: He replaced the old sacrificial acts with Himself. He became the sacrificial Lamb of God..the old is the Sac System and the new is Jesus Himself.
---max on 12/6/06

Mima, Mt 12:1-8 doesn't say Jesus broke the Law. Furthermore, Jack is wrong! Jesus kept the OC and then the NC without conflict or sin-Dan 9:27, Gal 3:14-16, Heb 4:15, 2 Cor 5:21, 1 Jn 3:4. Now which Law did Jesus break? Scripture please!
---Geoff on 12/5/06

Danie - Oops! Must have got a wandering finger! Thanks for the correction.
---Helen_5378 on 12/5/06

Helen, First this is NOT a comment on my beliefs about Law and Grace, nor Bruce's question. I only wish to point out that where Hebrews 10:9 (not 20:9, obviously) talks about a second and first, it's not about the whole Law! This verse is specifically about ANIMAL SACRIFICES for sin having been replaced by Christ's ONCE FOR ALL TIME sacrifice for those who believe in Him! Though Hebrews calls it a 'new' and 'better' Covenant, I don't see ALL previous covenants as being completely abolished by this!
---danie9374 on 12/4/06

Helen, I better clarify what I mean by my last remark: Those covenants (or promises as many call them) which depend only upon God Himself for fulfillment have certainly not been abolished by the New Covenant! Ezekiel and Paul both speak of a time yet in the future when the Shekinah Glory of God will once again dwell with Israel.
---danie9374 on 12/4/06

Max - You need to read the whole Book of Hebrews before you pass judgment on what I said. In particular Hebrews 20:9 which says "..He takes away the first that He may establish the second". The Old Covenant has been done away with in Christ.
---Helen_5378 on 12/3/06

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Bruce5656 - (In response to your post to Mima) -- Yes, Jesus did break man's law! That is because the Jews had added hundreds and hundreds of their own "laws" to the Law itself!
---Helen_5378 on 12/3/06

Helen, sorry dear, but I am shocked at your statement. Christ never broke His own Laws for He is the Law and He is the Word...Lord have mercy.
---max on 12/3/06

That is a quote from eloy in the What Religion Was Jesus Blog 11/27/06 (under Salvation heading)
---Bruce5656 on 11/29/06

greetings.The jewish rulers kept man under religious bondage.By their interpertations man was in chains to think freely,just like today as denominational rulers apply their traditions.New law was not a God of revenge,paybacks,hatred,tempter,sacrificer,the chosen race,the wealthy,the healthy,or the prosperous.The royal law is goodness,mercy,love,kindness,brotherly and Above all Fatherly relationship with all his creation with each other.Is this real truth revealed?
---earl on 11/28/06

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Jesus Christ Himself took the whole of the Law on the Cross and abolished it. Born-again Christians do not break the law themselves. It is already broken by Christ, and in Christ we live under the New Covenant.
---Helen_5378 on 11/28/06

Hmmm, reading it again from a different perspective puts a whole new spin on the meaning behind this sentence. Perhaps it's not so much a false statement as it is a bad choice of words to express oneself, or perhaps it's simply taken out of context. Without hearing the entirety of the person's speech, it's really hard to interpret the manner in which is was meant to be received.
---Kate on 11/28/06

Don't you agree that Jesus may have "broken the law" as man interperted it but not as God originaly gave it? If this is the case, would it not be true that it is man's law he broke not Gods?
---Bruce5656 on 11/28/06

I would like to know who made the statement and in what context before I can have a useful evaluation of it.

Can you oblige me?
---Jack on 11/28/06

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Jesus absolutely broke the law. The law as man understood it. Read Matthew 12:1-8 for a complete understanding of why he broke the Sabbath.
---mima on 11/28/06

I think it is heretical and promotes sin. Where did that come from? Jesus broke no law but instead fulfilled and completed the Old that He could usher in the New. If a person is born again they will not break their word to Christ,the promise to love Him and obey His way. Being tempted isn't sin but acting on that temptation will take a person straight to hell,if they don't repent and ask for forgiveness. Jesus died to deliver us from sin,not let us live in it.
---Darlene_1 on 11/28/06

I think that's a bunch of hogwash. Jesus didn't "break" any laws, He did undermine quite a few of men's traditions, though. Jesus fulfilled all of the law of God, which was His purpose in coming to earth, thereby earning the right to be the prefect, sinless, sacrifice for us, who were unable to keep the law no matter how hard we tried.
---tommy3007 on 11/28/06

It's a theological mud puddle, why not just say Jesus set us free from the penalty of the law by fulfilling the requirements of the law?
---pharisee on 11/28/06

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I'm not familiar with who made that statement, or in what context it was said, but Jesus said he did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. Also according to the Bible, Jesus was perfect and never sinned. The Bible says to obey the law of the land unless it goes against God's precepts. So drawing from this, I would conclude this statement is false.
---Kate on 11/28/06

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