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My Daughter Is Teased

Are there any other parents out there with a Christian daughter with aspergers syndrome that is facing or has faced teasing and persecution at school? My almost 13 year old daughter is facing so much and I would love to hear from another Christian with experience in this matter.

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 ---Michelle on 11/28/06
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Michelle, i do not know which State you are in, however there is an Anti-Bulling Law. In almost, if not all schools.Speak with your local school district, the teachers, principal(s). There should be in your daughters school certain programs/classes and teachers who are trained/teaches students with aspergers/autism. please know that Bulling is against the Law! if i know which state you 're i can tell you more. God bless you and your daughter.
---BB on 10/1/08

People often tease or torment out of ignorance. Information is the key. I am not saying it will end all the teasing, but it will shed some light on your daughter's condition and in turn will hopefully turn some people over to thinking they should help defend your daughter. There is strength in numbers and more strength in the cross. Lay your concerns at the feet of Jesus. I will pray for you.
---Bernadette on 9/29/08

May the love of God and the peace of the risen Saviour Jesus Christ surround and cover your darling child from this day forward. In respect to the teasing, take action affirmative. Write an essay/speach about Aspergers have your daughter help you as much as she can and then with you and teachers behind her have her deliver it to the school in assembly, let them know.
---Bernadette on 9/22/08

Don't know if this will be helpful....
But I vividly remember being teased as a child because of my noticeable overbite and glasses...not on a par with Aspergers, but kids will pick on anything. My parents knew they couldn't end it, but they tried to teach some coping skills, (after all, even in later life, adults can sometimes be cruel).

I was told if people laugh at me, laugh too and try to joke with them about whatever they laugh at. Or simply ignore their their teasing, receiving no response, will cease to be entertaining. I was told not to show anger or other emotion because that's what the tormentors wanted. It wasn't easy advice to follow, but it most often worked. And I got some early education in human behavior.
---Donna66 on 8/23/08

Point out to the teachers and the principal--and make sure the teachers tell the children and parents that teasing like this is BULLYING, and it's against the law!

And if it's not stopped, the school can be sued.
---Jack on 8/22/08

Hello Michelle, My heart goes out to you, Both my son and daughter are high functioning Autistic, But they are young(2 and 5). Have you considered home schooling(at least temporarily) or other alternative schooling options? God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/15/07

Dear friend, I don't know exactly what is happening in your life, but from experience I can see that your family is held down by the enemy, do you know what a generational curse is, I believe if you purchase the book "free at last" by larry huch, The Lord will open your eyes to the destruction that is being caused, I speak from 30 yrs experience in this matter and I know the symptoms first hand, believe me lady the truth will stop this from happening.
---Stephen on 3/3/07

I have a severely autistic grandson. Kids can be cruel because they don't understand. Tell daughter autistic people are extremely intelligent. I told my daughter today that one day he will stand in front of her, fully healed, able to talk, not wearing diapers, and his brilliant mind will be unlocked. Teach her forgiveness and that the ones who tease her are the ones who need prayer. They are her prayer ministry.
---Marlene on 3/3/07

I've been diagnosed with Aspergers. Can't say how much it was the reason for my teasing in school. Kids will make fun of ANYTHING! I'm aware of few cures (yet) for the syndrome, beyond what I've learned. I don't think it's chemical, but behavioral in nature. Fundamentally it's a communication disorder. The biggest cure factor I believe is in cultivating good listening/observation skills. Encourage such by rewarding listening with pleasant consequences, (rather than unpleasant ones). My opinion.
---Jason on 3/3/07

If it is any consolation, I heard recently a prophet spoke and said that this is the year when autism will be healed by God, keep the faith, I beleive for you it will be very soon, God sees what you are going through, and He is working, just beleive, any thing is possible with faith. I will be in prayer for your needs. Bless you, Cynthia 1
---Cynthia_1 on 3/3/07

It is good to hear that a teenager knows that God is what changed her life. It is very good that she and you give God the glory, praise and the honor. Keep standing on God's promises, and he will bless you without end.
---Rebecca_D on 3/2/07

I just want to report that God has been so good and that my daughter is doing much better socially. We have been praying about this matter and she said that she knows God has been doing the work in her situation. It's awsome that she can see the difference and because of specific prayers...she can confirm that it's the hand of God at work.
Thanks again for all of your prayers.
---Michelle on 3/2/07

Thank you for the advice. She is so conflicted on how to handle these matters. She lashes out after having all she can handle and she says mean things and then she comes home feeling guilty for the things she says. But there is a difference if being strong and being mean. I am trying to help her find that courage to be strong without compromising who she is. I always tell her that she has every right to stand up for herself. Kids sence that she is mild and they run with it.
---Michelle on 12/6/06

my son also got picked on - bullies pick on those who look like theyre weak. which makes the bully actually weaker than those they think are weak. so if your daughter can get mad.. then she can get strong. keep praying. school her in who she is in Christ that is superior to what anyone else thinks of her.

withstanding attack is not easy but if one practices being strong in confrontation then the bully will back down. see phillipians 1:27-28
---JaeR on 12/5/06

I must have typed her name in where I was supposed to type in mine. I kept doing that on accident, but catching myself. Guess I didn't catch it that time.
---Michelle on 12/5/06

Michelle, did you use Jeanne's name accidently? It sounded similar to the other blog. Regardless, your daughter is precious. Resolution is needed ASAP.
---Raine on 12/5/06

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Jeanne,(Part 1)
They still have not done the face2face session. As far as how she feels when she is teased,I have watched a happy enthusiastic child turn depressed,negative and moody. She lashes out now and breaks down crying and saying that she hates herself, that no one likes her and that she wants to die. I continue to encourage her and pray with her. I keep telling her that God is doing a work and we just have to trust him and know that he is there with her and will bring her through this.
---Jeanne on 12/5/06

Jeanne, (Part 2)
I'm trying to be positive and encouraging but inside my heart feels like it is being wripped out. I am praying and fasting and I know that God will use this for his good and we will have a testimony out of all of this. But in the time being, I feel as if this is more than I can bear. I trust the Lord, I need answers.
---Jeanne on 12/5/06

I wish I could get her to do that with her class mates, however, she is unwilling to let anyone know. She said if kids will find out that they will tease her even more. And she said that classmates make fun of others and she hears them talk about thier conditions and call them freaks. Lord help them.
---Michelle on 12/4/06

Michelle when is this face to face session? Let us know how it goes and if it changes things in the weeks to follow. When your daughter is teased how does it change her behavior in your eyes? That is a hard age any way and teasing doesnt make it easier. I am a mom too so I know it must break your heart so hang in there.
---Jeanne on 12/1/06

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Michelle, my son has Prader-Willi Syndrome & had problems jr Hi. Our state has student advocates that supercede principals & will intervene. What helped the most though was we were allowed by the Supt.of Schools for our son to "share" his Syndrome in meetings with other classes as educational material. It did require that he spoke in front of several classes but he decided it was worth it. It really worked. He gained respect & a type of exposure that kept the "wolves" from his door.
---mikefl on 11/30/06

Michelle, you are a great Mom. I hope the trouble stops after the meeting. I think they should take a look at the other child while they're at it. They need to.
---Raine on 11/30/06

She currently is mainstreamed and only receives help in math, however it is in a regular ed class and the parapro basically helps everyone so that the special needs children do not stand out to the others. I am pleased with the services that she gets, but the bullying just follows her. I'm thankful that a witness came forward to the office this week and verified my daughter's side of the story.
---Michelle on 11/30/06

(Part 2) Raine,
So now they are coming down on this girl and the principal let her know that he looked into her records and that she has been bothering my daughter for the 3rd year! The school counselor is pulling the 2 of them in for a face to face session. I pray that it ends here and now! Only God can do the work.
---Michelle on 11/30/06

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(part 3)
I have been getting my daughters up to pray a half hour before they have to get ready for school. It just seems like ever since then, the enemy has really been coming against us. (Ephesians 6:12)For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. I know that I am doing something right and showing my children where to find their strength.
---Michelle on 11/30/06

(I.)Tim, God bless your heart! I had to laugh when I read that, though! I wasn't the top of my class in school(smile). Tim, I continually seek God's precious wisdom, and He has blessed me, I count God's wisdom/Truth much more precious than silver and gold. My writing is a reflection of ALLOWING God to reason with my mind, Which doesnt have any thing to do with "mans version" of intelligence.
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/29/06

(II.)Tim, I dont allow ungodly stuff to clutter my mind(which includes ungodly reasoning), and I believe this has helped me tremendously in regard to being more "sensitive" to the Holy Spirit, growing in the Lord. Yes, I feel that there are undiagnosed intelligent Autistic people on my Mom's side of the family.
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/29/06

(III.)Tim, I know there are MANY undiagnosed people on the autistic spectrum all around the world. Some autistic people "fit in" more than other's, but those are usually considered "loners" introverts . God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/29/06

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Mrs. Morgan, you're highly intelligent. Does Aspergers or Autism run in your family? Your writing is unique.
---Tim on 11/29/06

Michelle, the school bully moves into the workplace. Similar situations. Does your child have a paraprofessional (No Child Left Behind Act)? Is this a public school or private school setting?
---Raine on 11/29/06

Thank you all. I have gone to the principal, counselors and teachers. They have been supportive. It gets better for a bit and then gets worse. The kids tell their friends that she got them in trouble and then THEY start to pick on her. I would love to home school her, but I can't afford not to work right now. Please pray that if it is God's will for us, that he will open the door.
---Michelle on 11/29/06

As Mrs. Morgan stated my heart also goes out to you and she has a point if U can maybe try home school, or as Jack said bring it to the teachers/school attention and I wouldnt let up- the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Perhaps U could meet and talk to some of the parents also. Keep your chin up!
---Jeanne on 11/29/06

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